POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  11:33 am

Another reason why Wretched is BLECH

She had this conversation in front of her boyfriend’s son.   Did anyone at the table think she was funny???

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  1. How old is Slade’s son? I thought he was a young child. He looks like he should have a job and child support should be a thing of the past. Is this the same child that Slade owes for support?

  2. Come on Gretchen…..I was giving you a chance this season. I am totally amazed….you even edited yourself for a brief moment when you asked Slade’s son if he was OK with the conversation…….NOPE….gotta keep going with the totally inappropriate conversation with everyone but more importantly Slade’s son. uuuggghhh!

  3. wow, everyone involved with this at bravo should be really proud, along with everyone sitting at the table. slade’s son is the only one that seemed to have any clue whatsoever.

    • Can I ask BSL? I am not a real personal poster but, I have been wonderin how your healing process and recovery is moving along?

      • awww, you’re so sweet to ask and remember. i am still in physical therapy but am finally able to take small, slow-paced walks, like maybe three or four city blocks, sometimes without crutches. it is progress, slow but steady. i thought i’d be farther along than this after six months, but my surgeon extended the recovery by three months due to the ankle which is where a nerve, tendons, etc are really messed up and where a plate and screws are creating major problems, too. thanks again for asking, I appreciate your kindness immensely! mwah!

          • thank you! i’ll remember to update everyone when i start zumba, swing dance, or advanced polka dancing classes. soon, very soon.

        • I am just as much a fan of posters as I am of SH. I have thought a lot about your incident/accident that happened in an instant and was hoping to hear good news. Keep up the good work and super funny posts!

        • And that is what makes your getting me on that plane to Fargo on New Year’s Eve all the more remarkable!! Thanks, again, BSL, for all you did that wild and crazy night!!

          • so, are you still stuck in memphis? what about a rendezvous at Rendezvous? we can talk about jimbo’s rib that created alexis.

          • WHO! OMG!…here i am posting about my devotion to BSL and you throw in fargo….I spent 20 years in Fargo….why did you have a planned trip to Fargo?

  4. Last nights episode; Vicki; Jealousy party of one! Alexis; look up insecure and one upmanship and you will see her picture! Slade and Gretchen; they tried but what was showed on the episode was BAD! Okay now for the fence I am on……I think Vicki and Tamara have thrown this guy under the bus the last two seasons on the reunion shows and the way that they treated Gretchen was mean girls; so did all this justify Slade poking fun at them???? I still think about the judging Vicki did with Slade and now she is with a man accused of the same thing??? Now on the Tamara report I was impressed she was not fast tracking the move in with Eddy and she is still seeking her independence. As the world turns in the OC!

  5. geez, that was embarrassing….the poor kid….i just can’t with gretchen…..but i will say that i think the entire ‘comedy club’ thing was orchestrated by bravo…..slade a comedian? really? gretchen working a comic club? so, i think that bravo had a confab with gretchen and slade and approached them about doing an ‘act’ that would involve dissing vickie and tamara….iow just a vehicle to create more drama….you can really see where the ‘story line’ is going…..gretchen and tamra kiss and make up, enter slade to create more drama between them, blah, blah, blah….the so called ‘reality’ wives are seeming more scripted than ever

  6. I’m still wondering how this woman went to a Christian high school and college and grew up to be such a foul-mouthed slut that is SO preoccupied with sex.

  7. Dear God, WTF! That not only was gross and uncomfortable it didn’t even make sense. Gretchen here is a tip, when in the company of professional comedians sit back and laugh don’t try and one up them, you end up looking like an ass.

  8. Gretchen is really low class
    Trailer trash
    She is very loud and cackles
    Not classy
    She is so embarrassing
    So low class uncouth

  9. Isn’t slade looking more and more gay..seriously
    His mannerisms etc..way he was sitting tonight rolling eyes..mocking womens looks it’s all so catty and gay… Gretchen appears to be his cover

    Was probably always bi but has now embraced his queer eye

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