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While looking for something else, found this item originally posted on May 30, 2011.  

Slimey’s paintings include his artistic version of his two children, Grayson and Gavin…

                                                            Slade Smiley and Gretchen “BLECH!” Rossi…

UPDATE 5-30-11:   You snooze you lose!   Slimey’s two paintings, ‘Fashion Show’ have been sold.  The price for each painting was $750.  The buyer was someone from Texas. 

Hmmm… Wretched just visited Texas on RHOOC.  Wretched has ties in Texas going back to when she spent her college days there.  Slimey’s paintings have been sitting around… everybody’s looking, but nobody’s buying.  Until a mysterious person from Texas buys two of Slimey’s creations to get other potential buyers thinking that if someone from Texas bought one, then maybe it would be OK for me to buy one.

Could Wretched have fronted a friend in Texas $1,500 to buy the paintings and get the buzz about her boyfriend’s ’art’ going’?    No… Wretched wouldn’t do something like that, would she?

Slade Smiley showed his artistic talent on Real Housewives of Orange County when he took Gretchen Rossi to his friend’s art studio for her birthday.  Wretched was less than impressed until Slimey gave her a birthday present that he painted… a portrait of Wretched and she just loved it, of course.  It’s a painting of herself.

                                                        Why thank you, Slade.  It looks just like me!   Now fix my hair the way I like it…

Since that RHOOC episode aired, Slade has created several more paintings… 

Paintings with prices below…

The paintings that are not sold for the stated prices will be auctioned and proceeds will go to Amazing Gray for Grayson (that is not a typo) at a Charity Event to benefit Grayson on Thursday, July 14.

                                               The Golden Child “Grayson”   $750         Guitar Hero “Gavin” $750

                                                                                          ”The Golden Monkey”   $1,100

                                                                   “High Fashion”   $750 each   SOLD!

     ”Bono”  $1,100

                                                      “Our Future”     $750″



  1. I am not a Slade fan, but he actually does exhibit a slight artistic ability. At least he seems to have some sort of substance (just a teeny, tiny bit).


    • I agree. I can see this as something she can do. With that said, I can not fault him for having some talent (the paintings are pretty good) and trying to earn a living. I was disappointed about the comedy act on the new episode. I think it was all conjured by Bravo and even this was hinted about in a recent snippet. In his Jo days, he seemed like a great catch and a guy with substance. I think that is still in part there, just lost with the woman he is currently with. Not a good match in bringing out the best in one another. Woah, that got way too deep for a gossip forum.


  2. The paintings are rather good! What a surprise :)
    I’ve never had anything against him..he seems rather humble since his financial situation changed for the worse. Despite what I feel about “wretched” he actually seems to love her. I think he deserves a chance.


  3. wow. I really like his art, esp ‘Grayson’ and ‘the couple with their child.’
    lots of strong feeling in a few strokes. nice.


  4. quite the renaissance man

    seriously, his art isn’t bad, so i can’t snark on his painting ability….i’ve seen much worse

    it wouldn’t surprise me if someone bought it because of his notoriety though….


  5. Is the monkey Slimey’s self portrait? I can’t stand this man. It’s on StoopidHousewives…his ex Michelle was here before the reunion, where Tamra called her. Help, MS.SH, if you know where it is. Grayson gets his medical treatment paid for by a charity. Michelle and Grayson live with her parents, while Slimey is GlobeTrotting with Wretched. #1 on my list of 100 reasons why I hate Slimey.


    • click, thanks for staying true to the cause, we will NOT go soft on slimey even though he is getting a good edit this year! pay your child support!


      • Actually, I don’t think he is getting too much good editing…he still comes of as a bit of a schmuck. I think even his mother knows it, but you gotta love your own kid! Is it just me or is his mother entertaining to watch? I actually enjoy when she comes on the show because she says what everyone else watching is thinking.

        Nonetheless, the guy can paint a bit…maybe not pay child support if reports are true…but he can paint.


        • here’s the deal, I truthfully think his stuff is ok, very commercial but obviously he can paint better than MeGo sings. I just know that he has the ability to make more money than he does and if he would quit focusing on everything housewives and get a job, any job then he could help pay some of his sons medical bills or if he pays child support it would certainly make things easier for Grayson’s mom. It is just sucky that being on this dumb reality show has become his priority, if he gets a real job then he can’t follow Gretchen around and he will miss out on camera time. That is the reason some of feel the way we do.


  6. As much as I can’t stand him, he does have some artistic talent. I especially like his “Gavin” painting. The other one I can snark at is the painting of Bono. Other than the hair and glasses it looks nothing like him.


  7. agreed Stimey….no likey Slade. Sorta see some talent with his art. I can only base that on the fact that I have NO talent and anything better than my pictionary grade drawings I consider talent.


  8. Wow, surprised. Some of the pieces are really good. I definitely think he’s got art talent. I could put a couple or two of theese on my walls!


  9. the portrait of Bono is not good and certainly can not generate that kind of $$. The art market is extremely tricky and not for the faint of heart. Artist without a good support system can not be successful and I’m not sure Gretchen knows how to support someone…(.I just keep thinking about Slade son sitting at that table as Gretchen with her degree in pyschology says all those things about Slade’s package in front of his son) There is a lot of passive/ aggressive crap going on here between both parties.


  10. His art stinks that picture of Bono looks nothing like Bono. Puh leez. These 2 creeps Slimey & Wretchen have not an ounce of talent between the 2 of them. He needs to get a real job a 9 to 5 like a real man & take care of his children 100%. She needs to drop this a hole & find a decent guy.first she.needs to stop being such an a class asshole phoney. Lose the man tan the hair extentions the 3 pounds of make up the fake bolt on boobs and stop designing crappy ugly bags to support this guy Slmey being a douchecrap dad. She pretty much pays him to stay with her. She’s a loser too.


  11. It looks like the art that Target sell prints of. Not great, but not bad either.

    It must upset Slade’s Mum that her son is good at most things he turns his hand too. Yet he gets caught up in all of this Slimey crap.


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