POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  7:25 pm

From last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County… Wretched wants to be friends with the other Housewives… Slimey ain’t gonna make peace with none of them!

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  1. Do you not get it Gretchen… man that loved you would do this to you. He cares more for his wounded ego than you. He is so immature and not worthy of you If your roles were reversed and you were doing this to him what would his reaction be?

      • Some say that Jo is a bar tender today who is happy with her lot in life. I really enjoyed her during the first season of the OC.

        • Well she enjoyed partying so I guess the bartending gig would suit her. When she was on the show the tone was fun and glamorous.

    • maybe even more than a little. what a pair of self-absorbed “well, what about me?” people. they are an awesome couple! have fun you crazy kids!

      • Yes, they both sounded drunk..kinda not cool for Bravo to allow that and film it. It sends a message that it is ok to drink and argue and drive…..and if either of them ever get dui’s it will show a pattern of that…

        • That’s the first thing that came to mind with me when he started talking (other than the fact that he talks like a Valley Girl). BOTH of their speech patterns were slower and slightly slurred.

          That, and he’s looking at her entirely to much while DRIVING.

  2. Slade isn’t my favorite but I can understand his vengeful ways. He’s a putz but the OC gals are tough on him. That said, Slade would be every mom’s nightmare … you wouldn’t want your son to be that guy and you wouldn’t want your daughter to bring home that guy.. feel mean saying that but he is a tool! :(

    • I had the first 3 episodes?? dvr’d and watched them all last night, zipping through commercials. I agree with you 100% Joan. Slade’s a dirtbag but the women have CRUSHED the guy for being a loser, dead beat dad, womanizer/opportunist. Is it deserved?? Sure but the saying about “people living in glass houses” applies here. Question, why is Slade NOT workinging in the escrow/title/mortgage industry? I know people that know him and he can get a job making a “decent” living. It’s not a mid 6 figure income but it beats embarassing yourself at the Improv or carrying Gretchen’s bags. Dude, you’re NOT going to be a Hollywood celeb. Sack up, get a shave, and start off with 60k. I’m sure it’s a 10th of what you used to make, but it beats walking the dogs, carrying Gretchen’s makeup. Where is your dignity? I really want to dislike the new cast member, Heather Dubrow, but I can’t find a reason yet! Sure she’s superficial, materialistic, and seems shallow, but she makes fun of Alexis for not being very “cerebral” lol… That’s an UNDERSTATEMENT. How UNEDUCATED is Alexis? It’s NEVER too late to enroll at OCC (Orange Coast Community College) to start your pursuit of an AA dgree! Did Vicki have work done to her face?? Not that she’s hot or anything, she’s just not as “offensive” this season. Her ass is slightly smaller but her skin looks tighter?? Tamra is my LEAST favorite cast member.. She’s so disgusting.. the very definition of white trash. Everything out of her mouth is vile and inappropriate. How many years of therapy are her little kids going to require when they’re older. She’s 100% self absorbed. That whole childish argument between Eric Estrada and Vicky?? That was SO embarrassing! Your man and your best friend are just KIDDING around and you FREAK? Someone is extremely insecure. Gretchen’s outfit, the pink top, white shorts, boots?? I’m ALL for dressing sexy but you’re in your 30′s….. Lets dress like a WOMAN.

  3. I wonder who came up with this “lady doth protest too much” storyline for Wretchen. She knows conflict gets airtime and this was a savvy way for her to look like she was mending fences while still trashing Vicky and Tamra. Let’s face it, we sat through a scene of Slade driving home. If Wretchen can get that on camera, she knows she found the right formula.

  4. Will someone just kick Slade’s azz and get it over with already? I nominate Brooks! He looks like he’s got some fire in him. Tape it Bravo! ;-)

    • i like your scripted reality so much better than bravo’s. i nominate romo new producer in charge of all bravo programming.

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