POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  11:11 am

FINALLY!!!  Jimbo’s occupation is revealed!  Jimbo is an “entrepreneur!”


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  1. I don’t know. I’m not an Alexis fan (ok, it’s obvious she’s an idiot) but would you like to be interrogated by Heather? Because that’s how it comes off in this clip.

    • I don’t think she was interrogating her, I think she just had a lot of questions because you can never get a straight answer out of Alexis.

      • alexis is a wanna be and heather is a snob. they seemed to bring out these traits in full force at lunch. alexis just seemed desperate to make herself seem classy, educated, and rich. Heather seemed like she was over doing it to rub it in that she is “better” than alexis.

        • Your point about Alexis seeming desperate to make herself appear like a “classy girl” is SO right on. Heather is a total snob. That line about them living on “billionaire’s row”? Bitch please… YOU’RE NOT A BILLIONAIRE! I play basketball with a plastic surgeon who has better credentials than your man and he lives in Newport Coast in a 2.5mm house. You clowns HAVE to be buried in that house!! Can someone check to see if Dr. Dubrow is making the mortgage?? I sense a Peggy and Micah scam going on. Are they on the brink of foreclosure??? I guarantee you Dr. Dubrow is living WELL beyond his means.. typical for a “doctor” to try to live it up. YES plastic surgeons make good change BUT that’s an absurd house for a guy making maybe half a million a year. There are so many doctors practicing plastic in Newport and Laguna.. plus with the economy the way it is, business is SLOW. He can’t afford that place. I like Heather.. there’s something sexxxxy about her. She has to be bored with Dr. Dubrow.. He looks like her dad.

      • Heather is engaging in the typical social interplay that women who lunch at clubs put each other through, You have to have your answers to the typical questions Heather is asking at the ready. Spinning is what Alexass has to get better at if she wants to play with the big girls.

  2. Fuglexis can’t even look at Heather straight in the eye when she asked about moving to different homes, and Jim being an entrepreneur. Lol. She’s lying through her teeth!

    • She could use some training courses from Traylor Trash, “How to perfect an interview for liars 101.”
      I bet real comedians would kill to be able to jump into the mind of the truly dumb blonde to write jokes that she just (speaks) spews at the tip of a tongue!

    • Wicked, Are you Heather? lolJillian Barberie ‏ @askjillian
      Thank You @heatherDubrow for the yummy Crumbs cupcakes!!!! My kids are in heaven and my ass wants to slap you

      22h Heather Dubrow ‏ @HeatherDubrow
      @askjillian HAHA! My pleasure! Had such a great time with you all!!! Xxx #RHOC #GDLA #crumbscupcakes

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  3. Every rude insult Heather said was an actual description of herself. If anyone has acted “showy” it’s her and her Merv Griffin look-a-like husband with their initials all over their house (that actually resembles a Days Inn), the elevator (what happens in the event of a power outage? We were threatened with rolling black-outs here in CA a couple of years ago) bragging about being a singer in 12 piece band, etc., etc. I’ve never seen or even heard of this woman or the shows (except for “Married With Children”) that she has been on. I think she’s jealous of Alexis, as far as looks go. Heather looks just like the Grinch, especially with her hair straight.
    I still like Alexis the best of anyone on this show. I really haven’t seen her act really mean towards any of them. Maybe she mis-spoke about being an anchor, but she’s I’ve actually seen her on the Friday Fox5 morning show many times. If her husband was so controlling, he would’ve made her quit RHOC a long time ago.

  4. Heather KNOWS all about Gretchen, this was all just an exercise in jabbing. Quite the display of swords play going on there!

    I’ve never watched RHOC but I can tell Heather has, and she was ready to rumble.

  5. look, i get that jim and alexis are a little shady but i have the impression that alexis is innocent in the teresa idiot wife way who just wanted to be taken care of like a princess. but heather is a stuck up b-tch. she married a fugly plastic surgeon. she has ZERO class or manners and is a horrible “actress”.

    • bhviewer: Tree was no innocent party in the Joodice’s financial issues…Tree’s name was on every document, along with Juicy’s. Tree may act dumb, but she is far from it. On the other hand, Alexass is not acting! TFC!!! SH

  6. there is a reason why the town heather grew up in is referred to as jappaqua. my family lives there and it is all spoiled rotten rich people.

  7. I found this conversation very interesting. Whenever Alexis was lying about something or telling half truths she would look all around the room instead of directly in Heather’s eyes. When she was not lying she looked directly at Heather. Her eyes wandered when she spoke of Jim and when she spoke of her job, and how great her life is.

    Check it out.

    • mee, why are you doing this to me? why do you want me to watch this again? at least, i think i already saw it. anyways, here you are trying to get me to watch this again. oh, the humanity!

  8. I don’t know quite how to take Heather yet. I got the impression that she is a total snob and is so “above it all”. Or at least she thinks she’s above it all. Was the line about always having dinner on the table by opening up a can of soup supposed to make her seem humble? If it was, it was an epic fail on her part. Not to mention, the woman in the world takes her husband shopping for a ten thousand dollar plus wardrobe and makes the remark (paraphrased) “We’re lucky that we’re not starting over with me too”.What a pretentious ass!

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