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If you’re in the New Jersey area and want something to do this weekend…

…on March 3 get yourself on over to Bottle King in Wayne, NJ.  Kathy Wakile will be there pushin’ her brand new Red Velvet Cosmo Cocktail for $12.99 to $15.99 a bottle!  

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t make it this weekend.    A list of Kathy’s appearances is included below…  

NOTE:  If anyone can find that ‘national tasting’ award that Kathy received for her red velvet cosmo, please send SH an email with the details!!

From the ParamusPost:

Kathy Wakile of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is known for her delicious desserts.  Kathy and husband, Richie Wakile have played with the idea of opening up a restaurant and even starting a catering business on the last season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Kathy has developed an adult beverage, called Red Velvet Cosmo, and has plans to take her desserts to the next level.

About the drink, Kathy says, “Its a prepared beverage that you just serve over ice or chilled. It’s already mixed and it’s an adult-only beverage! It tastes just like red velvet cake! Sometimes you have to choose between having a cocktail or having a dessert, and this is a way that you can do both!”

“I’m in the process of partnering with a company to put my recipes out for the general public. A cookbook might be down the road, but I really would rather bring my mini dessert recipes to the public.  I’m working with someone to create a package where the consumer can create their own desserts and some of the steps are already done for them.”  (Hasn’t this already been done???  Kathy might want to google “Martha Stewart”… or maybe even Duncan Hines…)  

Kathy took the taste of her red velvet cakes and infused it into a prepared cocktail called Red Velvet Cosmo.

It already won a medal in a national tasting competition.

People who try it say it tastes and smells just like red velvet cake and some even swear they can taste cream cheese frosting. Red Velvet Cosmo will hit the market in New Jersey in March 2012 in major liquor retailers.  The cocktail comes in 750ml bottles 15% alcohol/30 proof and will cost between $12.99 to $15.99 per bottle.

Kathy will also be making personal appearances to sign bottles starting March 3, 2012:

  • Bottle King in Wayne 3/3 noon to 2pm, 
  • Wine Library in Springfield 3/10 noon to 2pm, and 
  • Total Wine in Cherry Hill 3/31 2pm to 4pm.

NOTE:  Kathy chatted with “Cinderella’sGlassCloset“… not much of the interview contained anything that hadn’t been heard previously from Kathy.  This question, however, was interesting!  

Had absolutely no idea that takin’ a slug of a cocktail involved all FIVE of the senses!  Would love to be around Kathy when she starts drinkin’!!!

What would it be like to have a drink with Kathy Wakile? Would you talk about the culinary life or motherhood? What would you like to say to your fans over a nice Red Velvet Cosmo?

Sharing a meal or cocktail is an intimate experience in which we indulge our five senses. I find that it’s a time where we can be ourselves and relax. You never know where the conversation will take you. I love to exchange stories and life experiences. Food and cocktails often do that for me. I tend to associate food with memories. Like how a song can trigger a memory; food has that same effect for me. Sharing stories with one another is how we learn and grow. Hearing other people’s triumphs and life lessons always inspires me. So lets serve up some Red Velvet Cosmo and chat!


  1. my sixth sense is telling me, “i see dead profits”

    why cosmo? a cosmo is nothing like red velvet cake. can taste cream cheese frosting? really? has she ever had a properly prepared cosmo?


    • BSL, it is probably going the way of a martini, a true martini (back in the day) was made from gin, cause (back in the day) gin was all you could get in this country. i.e. prohibition. Eventually vodka found its way into a martini as an acceptable substitue. Fast forward martinis come back to popularity and suddenly any drink made out of vodka, strained over ice and poured into a martini glass was suddenly a martini. I think they are attempting to bastardize the cosmo!


  2. UGH! I was going to type the Bravo network is allowing it’s Real Housewives franchise to become a never-ending commercial with commercials.

    If I want to watch commercials I’ll turn into the Super Bowl or stay up until the wee hours in the morning.

    Undergarments, Skinny Girl, Black Water, Wretched makeup, bags, linens, bracelets, jewelry, dresses, wine, books galore, shoes (crappy if you ask me) etc. Our watching should be enough. Our paying attention to their lying, jealously and bullish!t should be enough. But no they not only want our time they want our $$$. As if they don’t get paid enough to be grown women throwing terrible 2 tantrums.

    *steps down from my rant stool*


  3. Always a good idea to use your underage kids to help peddle your misguided cocktail. Now when that son staggers home blitzed out of his mind, he can mumble that he was just conducting tastings for his classmates.

    Well done Kath – you really are “an eff’n lady”!


  4. Yawn….Some expert had to have done some kind of research claiming the liquor/vino market is the way to go for these HWs. Agree that these shows have become one looong commercial filled with selfcentered folk.


  5. I went to to see the winners and it doesn’t mention Kathy’s drink as a winner of the silver metal even though she a photo showing this to be a fact on Facebook

    I’m not a drinker, but it seems like this would be too sweet of an alcoholic beverage. Plus, the bottle looks cheap … very cheap (In my NeNe voice) LOL!


    • Assuming it tastes good, it sounds like it would be more of a dessert drink. Not something that you’d drink all night long. Those dessert drinks actually make you feel full.


  6. I don’t drink, but it sounds interesting. After bajillion recipes of drinks, it’s almost impossible to come up with something unique. WTG Kathy!


  7. Hello! If you shoot over to Cinderella’s glass closet and read the rest of the article it says that she is working on “sister cocktails” to the red velvet cosmo. So I’m thinking…. Apple cobbler Jager bomb or Creme Brulee jello shooters??


  8. That family portrait looks very martian like. Good luck with this red velvet poop in a can though. Mabye her mafia connections rigged her winning the tasting competition. Why doesnt’ she just go the dessert route and have her line at like Dessert shops? this whole cocktail thing is a total Bethanny rip off. she did the dirnk thing, then Ramona did the Pinot everybody else find another gimmick to make your 15 minutes of fame a tad longer. Something just seems WEAK with all these stunts they’re pulling.


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