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There has been a great deal of speculation as to which Beverly Hills Housewives will be returning for the third season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

… and which BH Housewives will be gettin’ da Bravo boot.  

SH has given much thought as to which RHOBH will be getting the golden invitation from Bravo … the following is full of conjecture, good guesswork and speculation… or maybe not!  

SH readers are an intelligent group and can figure out what is what and which is which!

Kyle Richards… Kyle-ee still gotz da “Manhands!”

LizardLipLickin’ Kyle Richards WILL be getting the golden invitation from Berwick/MissAndy/Bravo/EvolutionMedia.  

In fact, Kyle-ee is probably in charge of passing out the rest of the invitations to her cast mates!  Kyle, as much as she denies it, is the Housewife in charge of the Beverly Hills franchise.

Kyle has clout in the Beverly Hills franchise… executive producer Dave Rupel felt compelled to write in Kyle’s defense re her portrayal as “mean” Kyle during Game Night.  Dave Rupel has never written a piece in defense of any of the Housewives… yet, Mr. Rupel wrote one especially for Kyle!  

Kyle is a wonderful wife and mother and just an all-around good person. She’s an incredibly hard worker that always shows up to work and always gives 150 percent. Game Night probably wasn’t one of her finer moments, but mostly she was just defending her sister.

Please note, this is not my choosing a side. I could write a blog in defense of Brandi as well.  (RuPaul did NOT write a subsequent piece in defense of Brandi.  However, he DID write further in defense of Kyle!:    Many of you questioned why I wrote a blog in defense of Kyle in the first place. The answer is simple, really. It’s because I felt Kyle needed someone on her side. More here.)

Yes, Kyle is “just one of the BH Housewives”… and she’s really nice… and she doesn’t know anything about the next season of the RHOB… and she doesn’t even know if there will be a next season!  Oh… PUH-LEEZE, Kyle! 

Kyle RUNS the Beverly Hills franchise.  Kyle can deny that on every appearance she makes.  Kyle can also deny that she’s really NOT mean… as she had done, unconvincingly, on every talk show she has appeared.



Kim Richards… “Yeah, my kids keep telling me NOT to do another season, but what do they know???  I never listen to them anyway.  Kyle usually tells me what to do!”

Kim Richards has been a BH Housewife from episode one of season one.  Kim always seemed like the “reluctant” Housewife… because she was!  One of the conditions for the main Housewife, Kyle Richards, to sign up for the RHOBH was for her sister, Kim Richards, to appear with her.  Kim Richards needs the Bravo paycheck and Kyle thought, in her infinite wisdom, that she was doing Kim a huge favor by giving her a role on the RHOBH.  Not only would the RHOBH provide the Bravo paycheck in the bank for Kim; but, Kim would also get exposure as an ‘actress.’… and more acting jobs could possibly come her way.

From the get-go, Kim Richards seemed as though she was not really sold on this “reality TV” gig.  However, to appease her sister AND to get that Bravo deposit in the bank AND for the possibility of further acting roles (better than a part on a “reality” TV show), Kim Richards took the part of playing Kim Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

There was one small piece missing from Kim Richards playing Kim Richards on the RHOBH.  Other than being Kyle Richards’ sister; a mother to four adult children; and aunt to Paris Hilton, Kim Richards had no REAL storyline.  That juicy part of Kim’s life was untouchable and unrepeatable… Kim’s substance issues could NOT be a part of her playing herself on the RHOBH and that was kept quiet until the limo scene in the season one finale.

Kim was shocked when Kyle outed her as an alcoholic in the now-famous limo scene.  

However, by Kyle… being the mean girl that she is … outing Kim’s ‘issues’ was probably the best thing Kyle has ever done for her sister!

Kim Richards spent a few weeks at LeCirque (no, not the restaurant!) Rehab Facility in Utah and spoke about her alcoholism with Miss Andy on the RHOBH reunion show, Part III.

It has been bandied about that Kim Richards wants to spend some ‘alone’ time to deal further with her substance issues and does not want to return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It has been bandied about that even Kim Richards’ children are strongly against their mother coming back for season three.

HOWEVER… Kim Richards FINALLY has a storyline!  Kim can finally speak openly about being an alcoholic and film scenes for the RHOBH which were previously off limits.

Kim can FINALLY portray the real Kim on “reality” TV!  

NOTE:  Don’t be surprised if Kim Richards/Bravo turns this into another ‘branding’ opportunity.  More than likely, the first item to be produced would be a book!



 Brandi Glanville… “I’m tellin’ on you, Kyle!  Yes, MissAndy… mean-girl-Kyle DID say that I would be sorry!  Now, which one of you do I get my golden ticket from???”

Brandi Glanville is cast as  “Friend of the Housewives” on season two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Supposedly, Brandi is a friend of Adrienne Maloof and was brought in the mix during the possible re-casting of Camille Grammer after season one.   (The word “supposedly” is used as we have all become aware of who is really ‘friends’ with whom after Cedric revealed that his ‘friendship’ with Brandi was a convenient untruth…)  

During season two, Brandi was shown to be someone who would speak her mind; was not embarrassed or intimidated by her financial status; was not embarrassed by the fact that she did not live in a $20 million abode in  Beverly Park; and really took Ken’s famous line and lived it!  

Brandi portrayed an authentic person… as ‘authentic’ as one can be on a “reality” show with Beverly Hills as the backdrop!  

There are too many loose ends that Brandi needs to attend to with her relationships on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Brandi NOT to be asked back.  

Brandi has many avenues to take when it comes to her many possible storylines on season three of the RHOBH.   Here are just a few:

  • Brandi has apologized many times to both Kyle and Kim Richards… will Kim Richards ever accept Brandi’s apology?  
  • Will Kim and Brandi ever make up?  
  • Brandi is single.  Brandi’s dating life could be explored.  
  • Will Brandi’s relationship with Eddie and LeAnn become a part of season three?  

Even though Kyle has much to say re who gets a golden return ticket to the RHOBH and even though Kyle would prefer that Brandi just go away, Kyle can see that Brandi coming back to the RHOBH as a full-time Housewife would mean great storylines; great ratings (which mean greater profits) and great potential ‘branding’ for Brandi… all of which Kyle and Bravo get a piece of!

Brandi will be promoted to a full-time Housewife on season three of the RHOBH.  

Kyle tells Brandi “You’ll Be Sorry…”


NOTE:  Next up will be PamDana Wilkey, Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof…