POSTED FEBRUARY 27, 2012  7:45 pm

                       Kim Zolciak… before she was an ATL Housewife…

                       Kim Zolciak… “Hey, I heard that I got a twin!”

                     Kim Zolciak… “OMG!   She DOES look like me!!!”

KIM ZOLCIAK DOES HAVE A TWIN!  It’s an old photo of…

                                                                    MARY JO BUTTAFUCCO!!!

14 comments on “KIM ZOLCIAK: KIM HAS A TWIN!

  1. Add me to the hostile comment pool. I think Kim Z is spunky, fun, entertaining and quite the lovely looking lass.

    Ms. SH, this is a funny post because there is a resemblance in those photos! BTW, I read that Mary Jo got married this past weekend. Good for her; she also looked quite beautiful!


  2. Wishing her all happiness. She stuck by Buttafoofoo for so long, she deserves the best. As for 90210, go kick bricks that was a ridiculous comment.


  3. Fraternal twins cause at the same age, Mary Jo was prettier. But Kim will beat her in the end since Kim jumped ahead to “80 year old plastic surgery addict” face and will never change.


  4. Hope 90210 isn’t what the violent Marlo will be bringing in; and, because of her support of Marlo, NeNe. Bravo should wake up.


  5. NO , kim looks like poor trash and she thinks the name brand things can buy you class!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and those wigs really make her look like a hooker with no class.


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