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  1. Wow. If Joe Gorga says we will get the “truth” in season 4, my hopes for a great season have been demolished. I suspected with the timing of taping, it would be an amped up version of Season 3. Joe just confirmed.
    Oh Bravo, it’s as if you are determined to make viewers run away…screaming!

    • Don Caro, MeGo and Co. have been using that line – ” Soon you’ll REAAAALLY find out the TRUTH ( about Tree ) !!!” for a while now. Remember, they promised we would ” find out the truth” at the Season 3 reunion too. I’m really not sure what ” truth” they’re talking about. I’m open-minded, as always, but I remain skeptical that we’re going to see something that makes me at least, think ” Wow, they were right after all! Teresa is the worst person alive and they’re all innocent, little lambs with the purest motives. “

    • HW: Well, we already know what happens in season four. Here’s just a couple of tidbits: MeGo is confronted by her old boss/manager where she used to work…at Lookers… and this ENTIRE scene, which took place at the Posche Fashion Show was a setup. Despite any other site reporting otherwise… EVERYONE (HWs, Looker’s employee, Bravo, etc) was in on it and MeGo knew it was coming. Tree and Juicy renew their vows in a HUGE wedding ceremony, which includes a horse-drawn carriage. BOR-ING!!!!

      RHONJ, season four, will premier in April. Watch for ALL the NJ HWs to o start popping up all over the place in mid-March. TFC!! SH

      • I guess that’s why Lauren Manzo is JUST getting around to opening up her latest store. If Season 4 premieres in April, that’ll work nicely . She’ll get a lot of attention and interest if the opening coincides with the beginning of the season.

        I do tend to think Season 4 is going to be boring because as you said, not only do we already know many of the big plot points, we also know everyone’s motive and how they want to be portrayed and how they want everyone else to be portrayed. It’s SO naked with the Jersey cast. Their motives I mean. MeGo will be pushing her ” I’m just a simple girl who wants to sing and get along with my sister-in-law, who is pure, pure evil. Kathy will be shot making desserts 90% of the time and like MeGo, will talk about how she wants to be closer the evil, evil Tree. Don and Tree will….etc etc blah blah blah. Come to think of it, is it even worth watching?

        • I saw the store from the front. She took over the Chateau salon! That is gone now. I am shocked because you would think with all of the publicity that salon would have done well. Cafface is a “beauty bar” whatever that means.

          • It’s so annoying. They all have their motives with businesses and product pitching. Yawn. I’m glad that we have season premieres on other networks for non-reality shows to get me through. This one looks like a major snoozefest.

  2. Fur!! I dislike her even more now..UGH. The truth about Tree?? If there was anything earth shattering it would already be out there..MeGo’s full of it.

  3. Not a fur fan…unless it’s on the animal that grew it! Evidently no one told Mego that the masses aren’t terribly tolerant of fur-wearers. (hope she doesn’t mind having paint thrown at her.) And besides that I thought Mego and Joe were having money problems?

  4. Well, I have a gorgeous long blush mink that was custom made, with a lovely hood. And when it is frigid and I have to be outdoors, I am very glad I have it.

    But I have to laugh at the video; it’s like everywhere this couple goes, there’s some cheap, tawdry production crew filming them asking them inane questions! I wonder if they would go to an opening of a gas station and call Long Shot Productions to film it?

      • I inherited a fur coat ~ since I wasn’t comfortable wearing it, I ignored it for the last six or seven years. I didn’t take care of it and recently pulled it out of the closet and it’s falling apart. I don’t know what to do with it! Any thoughts?

        • Sell it for parts, or if you are crafty you can make something out of it. For example, cut a small strip, put an elastic on either end and make a headband, cut smaller strips and sew them as a cuff on a pair of gloves that you like. You could pretty much add it to any item, trim on a hood, even cuffs on your pants if you’re more of a funky type. Depending on your personal style you could use it for anything, trim on a picture frame or a doily on your coffee table. I think fur is appropriate almost anywhere, I love fur, fake fur, I have a lot of it. I don’t feel comfortable wearing real fur but I don’t judge those who do.

          • Brilliant ideas, Creative Annah! BTW, LOVE the “h” at the end of your name!

            Glad to know you’re not judgmental. I love my fur coat because it is the only outerwear that keeps me warm when the days are absolutely frigid and with a wild, bitter-cold wind.

            CC/MC: I am loving the cozy picture in my head of your two kitties lying so comfy on the fur coat! Makes me want to be a third cat in your household! :)

            • Thanks :)
              I have heard from others just how warm those coats are. I’m not judgmental at all, I feel like the most important thing is getting information out there, regardless of the cause, then people can make informed decisions. It doesn’t matter to me what decisions people make as long as they know all the facts. BUT, there are two sides to everything, and I like to know that side also. A person I know is a trapper and my husband hunts, my only rule is, don’t bring any animal bodies home, do what you have to do and bring home the meat only. Not that I would eat it, but I’m not about to try to enforce my views onto him, or anyone for that matter.While I am an active advocate for animals, mostly farm animals, I have very little respect for PETA… do you know they kill THOUSANDS of cats and dogs every year because they don’t agree with people having pets. They would rather kill them then see them in a good home. Oh no, I better stop here, I feel a big rant coming on and obviously this is way off topic.

        • Maggie5, Ask KooKooKelly. She loves crafts. Tweet her if you do twitter. She’s very active on it and says the dumbest things. Remember, she glued the stuffed animals to a chair?

      • Way to go Click, got a realsoft fleece Xmas blanket for mine and they’re both lovin life snuggled in it all the time.No fur in my house, only hairballs..haha

    • Robin–I do too!!! Did you buy it in the late 80’s, early 90’s??? I love mine b/c I’m blonde and I think it looks good. Besides, Minks are icky animals, IMO, so I didn’t feel too badly buying it. Deciding if I want to sell mine since I live in FL now…… but I don’t know anybody who’s 5′ and wants a mink coat!!

      • I bought it at a vintage clothing store for one-fifth its retail price. Fits me perfectly — and I wore it on days that did not exceed 20 degrees with bitter winds — and I wasn’t cold!

        Living in Florida, you will not likely ever need that type of warmth your mink provides. UNLESS: you travel during the winter to much colder climes (New England, upper NY state, Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.). You could indeed sell it. First, though, I’d get it appraised so that you price it accordingly. The object, I would believe, would be to get it off your hands sooner rather than later. If it’s priced right, and you eBay it in Sept/Oct., you should make a swift transaction.

        • Thanks, Robin! I plan on getting it appraised and bringing it for a good glazing and storage until I can decide what to do with it. It’s pretty little (size 2), so I don’t know the resale on it…….. I do go back up to LI a few times a year, so it might be worth keeping. We’ll see. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Not to be a contrarian but I disagree that “the masses” oppose wearing fur. I don’t personally wear it but it is still very popular. A lot of people wear it and consider it the original “green” clothing.

  6. My husband bought me a beautiful black mink with a silver fox fur collar for my 30th birthday years ago. I gave it to my dogs..they use it for a bed. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing dead animals, I don’t live in the stone age, there are lots of beautiful choices besides fur.. makes me sick. But at least I didn’t just throw out the coat. The dogs love it.

    • BSL, I knew you’d catch that!! “Yeah? ‘Cause if you’re not, I’ll do it all again! I LOVE cameras!! And this is how ya do it, babe, doin’ it half-assed at some half-assed fur store meet-n-greet!”
      I wonder if he had to get her the fur (on comp, of course) because they can’t afford to keep the heat on and that basement “studio” probably gets pretty cold in the winter!

      • hey, who! what’s up? you getting all that, too? yeah?

        i’m surprised he didn’t get himself a fur. i guess only one was comped so melissa stays warm and everyone else freezes until they drop a single of their own and can get appearance fees and perks. she is charming, no?

  7. The fur debate, that is a tough one, I do think they are pretty, but I love my animals so much I would really feel guilty wearing fur. I have thought about this so much and I don’t even live in a super cold climate so it would be really vain to wear fur. We have alot of people that vacation here from the north in the winter time, we call them snowbirds. The other day there was a bit of a cold snap, it was in the 30’s in the a.m. but buy noon it was up to 60 which is typical. This elderly snowbird lady came into the store early and I guess she must have been really excited it was cold enough for her to wear her fur cause here she came into the store with a full length fox , a sweat suit, orthapedic shoes and one of those walkers that have a basket attached to the front. Whith in an hour it was far to hot for that fur and it ended up wadded up in a ball in the walker basket, half hanging out. It was so absurd to think that animals died for THAT, it kind of settled it for me personally. I still think they are pretty and I would never get in anyones face for wearing one but I stand by my personal choice.
    I hope when MeGo is 80 she apperciates her leopard/tiger/chincilla/baboon coat enough not to stuff it in her walker.

    • Anyone who buys fur is barberic in my opinion and is supporting a horrific trade. These animals are skinned alive – have you watched any videos on it? It’s sick and nothing to be proud of.

      My opinion has really changed of Melissa now…yuk :(

        • Haha, me too! Funny, I only take in rescued kittens and I take care of all my pets as though they’re my babies. I didn’t think twice about a mink b/c they seem mean and gross, IMO. I’m sure if I saw videos on how they’re skinned or killed, I’d never have bought one, but then again, if I saw videos of how chickens or meat is made, I’d be a vegetarian too!

          • Ha! Really, it looks like “aussie” is quite the hostile, judgmental immature fool. Maybe she needs to hug a tree and save a whale while humans (aborigines) are suffering in Australia. I mean, just recently, according to Amy Cordery (Feb. 9, Sydney Morning Herald), “Indigenous people who suffer a stroke are less likely to receive life-saving care than non-indigenous people treated in the same hospitals.”

            I find THAT “barberic.” Oops, I mean barbaric.

  8. I especially love the “hip event correspondent” interviewing the famewhores. Sadly, if you have to tell people you’re hip, you’re probably not.

  9. How dare she wear fur?! How would she like it if I cut her skin and that nappy hair of hers so I can give it to my dog? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This couple is disgusting!

    FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE! FAKE WHORE! PHONY WITCH! HORRIBLE VOICE! JEALOUS of anyone who doesn’t PRAISE her negative HAIRY ASS! (There’s a reason people don’t like her).

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