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Etiquette Queen of the ATL… Marlo Hampton had a nice, long chat with the Hollywood Reporter.  

Marlo answered each question as only MugshotMarlo could…  Mugshot chose to answer the questions which would show MugshotMarlo in a positive light… and deflecting the answers to the questions which she did not wish to answer…and, according to Mugshot, other women who dislike her have “low self-esteem”…

Oh, the pain of being a foster child, one of the many obstacles which MugshotMarlo faced and overcame… but, WHO is the 80-year-old white guy…

…and HOW did Marlo manage to accumulate all her wealth…

…are questions which MugshotMarlo skated on…




What was the real cause of your fight with Sheree?
 I would not have cared about her inviting me to the party, because I know that Sheree doesn’t really care for me too much, whatever. But, after we sat on the boat and we’re all like “Hey, we’re going to bond, at least when we see each other we’re going to speak, we’re going to be cordial,” I’m like, OK, we’re starting off on a new foot, we’re connecting. So as soon as we get back to the room, you call Cynthia over and invite Cynthia and not me, really? Sheree, seriously? Where we just left 30 minutes ago saying “Oh, we’re going to try to get along,” so that really just shocked me. And then we started the argument, I guess the part that blew me was when she was like, “Oh don’t go there, you’re dating an 80-year-old white man.” I just lost it.

The source of your money was an ongoing drama among the women. Why do you think Kandi Burruss is so interested in where you got your money?
Hampton: I don’t even know, to tell you the truth, it took me by surprise. Like, say if I meet someone, I’m assuming I’m going to say, “What do you do for a living?,” not “Where do you get your money from?” So, it took me by surprise. Like, I don’t get it, I don’t get it. That one puzzled me, I want to ask her too, why was she so concerned about that?

You still don’t know why?
 Oh I just got it. It’s jealousy and envy, that’s what it was. I mean, it’s got to be jealousy and envy, something, Lord — women with low self-esteem only. The gay men love me, men love me, and strong-minded women love me, who have high self-esteem. Only the low self-esteem women have a problem with me, and it’s like, “Why? What is your problem?” Just because I love fashion, my story is different from yours, my occupation is different from yours, what is the problem?

So, where did you get you your money?
I mean, from work, and I did own and found the Red Carpet Boutique at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta for three years, which I just closed when I started taping with Bravo. And people always ask about my clothing, they love my advice, my style, and it made more sense to go global, so I did the Simply Marlo, Marlo’s Closet online, and I invested my money. I mean, I did have a boutique for three years, and of course, I have been spoiled by my boyfriends. The main part is that I invested my money.

You mentioned gay men tend to be cool with you. How did you explain your use of the gay slur during the fight with Sheree?
Hampton: I feel absolutely awful. When I said the “f-word,” this wasn’t on camera, but I was crying, I was so pissed off and frustrated. I called home to Daniel, my assistant who’s gay. I just told him about the whole thing about Sheree, I mean, I just felt awful, I mean, I was upset like that whole night. Daniel’s gay, my sister’s gay, you know, my whole circle is. It’s like, wow, but the only thing about it, when I talked to Lawrence about it, he told me a “faggot” was a gay messy male. And I did know that guy was being messy, but he’s like “Marlo, you cannot say that, though, you’re not gay. It’s like a man calling you the B-word.”

So, I mean, when it really, really hit me also is when I saw Twitter and the people going off at me. Some people were like, “How can you dare do this? What I went through…” It just touched me, like it really messed me up, seriously. I’m like, “Wow, keep your big mouth closed and think before you speak Marlo.” But it really did hurt me, and I did apologize, my friends love me and they know I was just talking, and I’m just trying to build that relationship back with the gay community, because, I mean that was awful, I really feel bad about that.

And earlier in the season, did you mean to make a jab at Kim Zolciak by referring to your “Big Poppa”?
 No, I wasn’t trying to give a jab to her, because Kim, when I originally met Kim, she was so nice and sweet and talking to me, but I wasn’t trying to pull a jab. It came off like one though, but I really wasn’t. I said I had a Big Poppa. But no, I wasn’t trying to give a jab at her at all. I feel like, it wasn’t even about you Kim. And she has a past herself, and her comments about me have been inappropriate, but it is what it is. But it wasn’t targeted towards her. But her comments about me are inappropriate, that’s what’s crazy.

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    • heather: Um, yeah… that was a little gold mine MugshotMarlo had with her strip mall boutique! But, according to Mugshot, she closed it when she was signed for RHOA… wonder why??? What was going on at Mugshot’s boutique??? Hmmmm…. givin’ the side eye to the whole ‘story’… and givin’ Mugshot Marlo a whole side eyeball!!! TFC!! SH

      • Reminds me of the ’boutique’ in ‘Weeds’. LOL HUGE money maker with cheap, of the rack clothes but only because it was a front for the real shipments. Not saying at all that’s what Marlo’s boutique was. Just made me think of it.

  1. Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a fan of Sheree but Marlo attacking her was uncomfortable to watch. Marlo fighting with Sheree on the vacation are why I refuse to watch RHoA. She’s not glamorous or classy or entertaining at all. She a thug Boo.

  2. Riiiight Marlo, everything that came out of your mouth was misinterpreted by everyone. I wish they would’ve asked her what she invested in that was so profitable for her? Wow, she’s some market insider! Or lucky! ;-)
    Gimmie a break… invested! Surrre

  3. Whatever happened to poor widdle Sheree’s storyline of barely getting by without child support since it was revealed she already scammed all the $$$ from her ex?

      • In a nutshell, Sheree stole so much property from BadEyeBob that it surpasses the amount of child support he was in arrears. She stripped down a house that was joint marital property but ordered sold during the property market bust/divorce of hundreds of 1000′s of fixtures, furniture etc so yes – he doesn’t pay child support but Sheree scr*wed him over. There are pics around the net of the gorgeous house before and after she left just stripped like a crack den.

        Is that a swear word?

  4. In reference to her using the f- word, Marlo says, “It was so hurtful to me…” Bullshit. It was hurtful to others and she was only hurt because she got a backlash from the fans. For women like her, everything is about them and how it hurts “them”. Give me a break. I”d also like to know where she invested her money. Help a sister out here Marlo. Tell me where to put my hard earned money because every time I dump it into the stock market it hits a new low….lol! I’m not beyond parking it in some shady venture if it’s going to give me a good return…lol. Marlo, Marlo, Marlo. Who do you think you’re foolin?

    • Her investment was in herself buying expensive clothing, getting her hair/nails done, etc. Even if the man is 80 and white he does expect his paid date, I mean girlfriend, to look good especially with all the money he is laying out to get . . . well, whatever he is getting. :)

  5. IMO, Marlo’s just a fly by HW to stir the pot. It worked. Sheree is the one who needs to GO! She’s uneducated, unemployed and adds absolutely nothing to the mix.

    • You have a couple of good points, but Sheree seems to be the only one who will spar with other women – keeping it interesting. Her blow up with Nene and Marlo were two of the most entertaining moments of the season so far. Phaedra brings the funny so I hope she stays, I love Kandi but she’s so normal and level headed most of the time, I think she’s the one that should go, she’s too good for a show like this.

  6. Again, money doesn’t buy you class or make you look like a good person and/or renews your image. Marlo comes off as a big bully and makes Nene look like Mary Poppins; Marlo is scary and I think most of us bloggers would run from her like Forrest Gump running from that truck chasing him!

  7. Marlo sounds better in the written form… one can imagine a softer, reseasonable, refined voice…

    The most expert PRing can’t change the public opinion of Marlo… if it walks like a duck etc. :)

  8. Mugshot Marlo… that’s awesome… geese, can we please make her the STOOPIDest housewife friend ever! She beats Damna (which is definitely hard to do)

  9. First, if her shop were doing so well in the last three years (during the worse economic downturn in history besides the Great Depression) no smart business woman would sell it just as the economy is starting to turn around a bit. Second, I’m betting her investments were upkeep of herself to attract that rich old white guy and the football player; remember in the interview with Kandi the football player said he wanted women who had it together. It takes money to make money, especially that way with those types of men.

    As for other women’s low self esteem, jealousy and envy being the reason they don’t like Marlo, bs! Women don’t like Marlo b/c she is overbearing, crazy, unstable and has sliced another woman’s face permanent disfiguring her. Although I hate the expression ghetto chic, Marlo is the walking personification of what people mean when they use it.

  10. Right Marlo…Kandi really needs to be envious of you to make herself feel better….so sad and I believe that has to be the most delusional comment of all the delusional comments HW’s have made on all of the seasons. I was trying to give you a break at the beginning of the season before I got to “know” you, but you took to show to such a deep and dangerous place that I don’t see much of a future for you on TV.

  11. does anyone else think it’s wierd that Marlo and NeNe are bff’s after all those rumors where going around about NeNe and Marlo’s man?

    • Birds of a feather and Marlo’s man was never her man in real life…she was using him just to get on the “show”. NeNe and Marlo had that same hard young adulthood thing going on. It wasn’t until NeNe married Gregg and got down off the pole that she earned respectability Marlo earned her’s after she went to work for the 80 year old dude. They recognized one another in a heartbeat.

  12. While not as upscale as Lennox Square, or Phipps Plaza; Perimeter Mall, with anchors such as Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s is by no means a strip mall. Overhead for a shop there would not be inexpensive. Someone had some money to throw away er… um I mean throw around.

  13. So won’t there be paperwork filed as to who put money in Marlo’s store?
    Seems that courthouse records would show links to her “investors” / who leased the shop, etc.
    But she does have better communication skills in that interview thanks to her PR team.

    • Nope. when you incorpate you in no way have to disclose your investors unless you are being listed on a public market. Its kinda shady, but that’s how biz is conducted in the US. She could have easily incorpated as “Marlo, I’m gonna cut you” and none of her erstwhile investors would have to be named. Now, in terms of getting a lease, until she paid the full value of it up front in cash, which wouldn’t work with a REIT, she would have had to proven some kind of financial stability but, that wouldn’t be public record of course.

      Again, its interesting how biz is conducted in the US, but whoever has the cash, is usually protected:)

        • Thanks, been a long time lurker, but didn’t have anything to add. I know more than I want to about business organizations though! Sorry for the mispellings. my ipad takes liberties with what IT thinks I should write.

          PS, love the site! Team Gretchen, or honestly “team whoever is fighting/pissing off Vicki.” Speaking of, do you think there is something unusual with her first husband, he seems as though he’s trying to clear his name and the things I saw online (now removed) certainl rang true. Is there a place to delve into that?

          • amber: SH is not as concerned about misspellings as before finding out about the problems commenters have with their devices! If there is a major mistake, someone here will try to fix it in a timely manner; otherwise, no worries! Re Vicki: Her husband, Wolfsmith, had his site up for a while… have not checked in on his site lately (too busy with “assassinating” Jimbo’s character and all that!). You can do a search for him on SH. TFC!! SH

  14. Marlo is so dumb–she is getting used like a tennis ball. She seems no where near the kind of person that NeNe would choose as a friend. It’s just that Mugshot makes the other women upset and that makes NeNe happy. NeNe probably can’t stand Marlo.

  15. So…..drugs? Reading between the lines (lines, meant that), Mugshot’s money comes from drug dealing? Generous boyfriends? Dealers. Boutique she had to close when she hit TV? Drug front for the rich. Investments? A few pounds of coke.

    Naturally I’ve got no evidence for this, but it all fits. She’s done time, is a violent felon, has questionable connections, lots of cash and very sketchy about her income. How long until we find out she’s been supplying the RHoA production teams with Colombian nose candy to get them through those long shoots?

    • Ya, and how did Marlo know those guys at the Onyx were drug dealers? Hmm? Did their shirts have the words ‘drug dealer’ on them? I’m going with no! ;-)

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