POSTED FEBRUARY 24, 2012  9:00 am

Found this video strangely fascinating…

…why is it included on SH?  

Because of the BH Housewife connection… HERE!

(Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis”!!!)

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  1. That was beautiful! I loved it! Thank you MsSH! I’ll watch any and every Whitney tribute bc I’m so sad she’s gone.

  2. I read your site everyday and it was great surprise to come and see this video. It was awesome. Awesome enough for me to post and give a comment.
    Thank you so much for that video. That was an awesome tribute.

        • Actually I didn’t send anything to Ms SH. I didn’t like Whitney and her choice of lifestyle. She be a poster girl for when ghetto gets rich, and I’m talkin’ Nene!! Bobbbbbiiiieeeeee……………..

          • Miles: You are correct… you did not send! I coulda sworn it was you!! But, you did send me the guy who wanted $40 to buy back his gun, which was hysterical… now if only a HW was involved in that, I’d put it on SH!! LOL!! It’s changed to the correct reader now… sorry for any mixup! You can now go back to your race car!! SH

      • Miles: LOL!!! Gee… I don’t know!!! Uh… yeah, wait a second, it was ANOTHER “Miles!” You think that YOU’RE the only “Miles” around here??? Man, you got yourself a big, bloated head… and got yerself all puffed up! Now turn around and go play with one of your race cars!! LOL!!!! OMG!!! Just checked … you did NOT send that to SH!! Gonna change it now… but, you are still all puffed up, Miles!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

        • DAYTONA this week-end. Wretched better keep her skanky self away from NASCAR this year. I haven’t heard any recent news from the Manzo’s about the racecar they sponsor. Miles? Can you help with that info? The BLK car…Geeezzzeeee! Hate the Manzos.

  3. Ok slap my ass and call me stoopid buuuutttt I did not see a connection to the housewives, someone help me out here :-) ps: be kind with the insults ~giggle~

  4. Beautiful. They made a special fountain one for MJ back then too when I was in Vegas. It’s always so lovely…

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