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 Neiman-Marcus… Atlanta

Is MugshotMarlo trying to take over where Oprah left off, by listing every little thing that she just cannot live without at Simply Marlo???

The one item that really piqued my interest was MugshotMarlo’s love of Neiman-Marcus Spring Water, which was introduced in 2009.  


  • Home is in….Atlanta
  • I admire dinnerware by…..Fornasetti, not just for their unique style, but for the philosophy with which they are made: I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual.
  • My spirits are always lifted by….Betty Wright (No Pain, No Gain)
  • I don’t cook, but sometimes, someone special inspires me to make….Baked salmon with spinach and mushrooms with garlic
  • Dessert I never tire of…pineapple upside down cake
  • I love the look of a shelf full of….Neiman Marcus Spring Water
  • Self Indulgence is as simple as…a bath, and the beautiful scent of Calgon pearlescent beads

It’s so nice of MugshotMarlo to like the look of the N-M water… ’cause it IS a nice looking bottle of water!  It has all the N-M butterflies on it… who wouldn’t like looking at a shelf full of that?

SO… how much IS the N-M water, of which Mugshot just has to have an entire shelf?  Here’s the breakdown:  one bottle of water is $1.50; there are 18 bottles to a case… a case is $27.00.  

If you don’t live near a N-M, you can have a case shipped to you…the shipping cost is $20.00 to $25.00.   Mugshot probably has someone shlep on over to the N-M cafe and pick up a couple of cases for her… or maybe not, as price is no object for the Etiquette Queen of the ATL!  

Can you just hear MugshotMarlo barking out orders to her “staff” …

“Call up the manager of Neiman’s cafe, NOW!  Tell him I want 46 cases of that spring water shipped to me, NOW!”  “But, MissMarlo, that’s gonna cost $20 a case to ship!  That’s another $920, just for shipping!”  “I don’t care about the cost of anything!  I need my shelf full of that pretty water bottle!!!  Order it NOW!!!”

(Thanks to SH reader “BlueIvy”!!!)

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  1. You know, I find Marlo interesting, different from my personal philosophies of life and living but her’s works for her as we are all individuals. I do not have a negative opinion of her, and I don’t think badly of her for being materialistic. I know what it is to grow up poor, a woman, and black. While I do not get her correlation between materialism and her background, if it makes her happy and she doesn’t hurt anyone then I don’t see any problem.

    • I would respect her materialistic thinking if she worked for it in a job Not just humping a rich man(who is most likly married) she is no better then Kim z and Big poppa

    • Sadly it seems she does “hurt” people. The young woman who became involved with ex-boyfriend (drug dealer) felt Marlo’s rage when Marlo drew a razor across the girl’s face. Marlo has no problem with solving her issues with her fists either.

    • Hi Rahrah,
      So here is why I don’t like. She has hurt someone. She scared a women for life during fight. The women later committed suicide. The fight is in her past and the women she was fighting with was a participant. The one of the reasons I don’t like her is she does not seem have grown from the experience. She still exhibits a very aggressive attitude , probably the same one that led her to scar a women face with a razor. In a few episodes she said something like “she does not know me she better google me”. To me this was like making a reference to her past history of assualt. Do you think I am being to hard on her and she has changed ? I would like your take on it.

      • I’m with you there lurknomore…I get carried away with the emotions that come up as I write and then don’t take enough time to proofread. I also agree with you about Marlo. As I have watched her story unfold this season she just doesn’t match up to her web site. Her writing is totally different from the woman seen in Africa. The constant talking and not listening to anyone and not being able to be part of the group was really sad to see. People should be able to move on from their past but I’ve seen little evidence that Marlo has been able to tame the angry person inside her.

    • Rahrah: It doesn’t matter that MugshotMarlo is black. She is offensive any which way you wanna look at her. Just do a search on SH for all the background re Marlo… black, white, yellow, whatever… she’s a badass with no class, who thinks that collecting ‘labels’ makes her true self disappear.

      Here’s a post for starters: TFC!! SH

  2. She’s the poster child for … “Please somebody, anybody look at me! I can only drink Neiman Marcus water, the other stuff makes me commit crimes with knives! I’m a high class socialite!” NOT! She needs to get a grip

  3. Other than Marlo having some kick-ass fashions, I honestly don’t see her as being much different than Nene. They are both loud, violent people who demand attention be it for good or bad reasons. I actually enjoy Marlo more than Nene this seasons because Nene just seems to carry a dark cloud over her, the “help artist” was right when he said she wasn’t happy. Let’s bring the 80 yr old man into the show and make it even more entertaining!

  4. Dinnerware “frees her inspiration from whe limitations of the usual”

    This woman makes no sense, is tacky, combative and should not throw the word ugly around so casually. In fact She-ray could give her some tips about a decent hair weave.

    And Nene doesnt think she’s a trashbox??? K. I only watched two episodes to see the beauty of Africa. Come to think of it, those are the only episodes of any HW series I go out of the way to catch. Used to live seeing the restaurants and food but even that is getting “low budget”

    So disappointed with the downward spiral of these franchises.

  5. Hey Marlo, cause I’m sure you’ll read this post and all the comments, contact the Manzo family. They’ll probably pay you to plug black water, or at least send it to you free if you plug it, cause I don’t seen Neiman Marcus hiring a convicted felon as a spokewoman.

  6. Thank click. I don’t care how much Nene yells and screams, although she shouldn’t have grabbed Kim by the throat. My personal opinion is that I would never be friends with a Kim just because she is beyond annoying to me and I wouldn’t let it get that far.

    Ms SH took the words right outta my keyboard. This has nothing to do with race/color etc. This Marlo has a problem and I see “her” fighting at the grocery store, in the mall, and on the street corner all the time and I steer clear. She is not entertaining or ladylike at all. Seems to me that “golddigger” should be a new race. Arrogant with no reason and a total lack of the class they’re always spouting about.

    Now if I sound racist I will be happy to provide Ms SH with my ethnicity. SMH.

    • I’m replying to myself I know but a pig dressed in the latest most expensive fashions is still a _____. Please HW stop trying to pretend to be what you’re not.

  7. LEAVE MARLO ALONE!!! She needs all that spring water to fill up her bath tub with so she can put her calgon pearl bath tablets in it.

    • Isn’t that a gem? She forgot the Jean Nate afterbath splash. And a jar of mayo for her “hair” runs about a buck fitty.

      • Sweet pancakes, I wish she’d put something-anything on that mop of her’s! It is a mess. Why have long hair if you’re just gonna put it in a braid and let it look all ragamuffin like? It just drives me bonkers. I’m sure it isn’t very healthy to be this worked up over some felon’s hair, but I can’t help it!

        • LOL cutie pie! We are just outraged by the crap they want us to fall for. Seeing so many trainwrecks back to back can get under your skin!

  8. She can act as high class as she wants, but she’ll always be ghetto, and identified as such. Nice try Marlo, its going to make that a list of silly things to make people think you have class.

  9. Minor point but it proves what a poseur Marlo really is… it’s spelled Fornacetti – with a C not an S
    Good heavens this loudmouth is an idiot.

  10. Marlo would scare me if we flew in the same social circle. Her voice alone sends chills. I feel sorry for her in a way…she can’t get away from who she really truly is & Ms. SH’s comments are right on!

  11. It doesn’t seem smart for Bravo to have a woman on the show with a violent past, especially someone who committed a vicious assault. They are already going to have legal problems with Taylor, why continue to go down this path? What are the Bravo execs thinking?

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