POSTED FEBRUARY 24, 2012  11:50 am

 Neiman-Marcus… Atlanta

Is MugshotMarlo trying to take over where Oprah left off, by listing every little thing that she just cannot live without at Simply Marlo???

The one item that really piqued my interest was MugshotMarlo’s love of Neiman-Marcus Spring Water, which was introduced in 2009.  


  • Home is in….Atlanta
  • I admire dinnerware by…..Fornasetti, not just for their unique style, but for the philosophy with which they are made: I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual.
  • My spirits are always lifted by….Betty Wright (No Pain, No Gain)
  • I don’t cook, but sometimes, someone special inspires me to make….Baked salmon with spinach and mushrooms with garlic
  • Dessert I never tire of…pineapple upside down cake
  • I love the look of a shelf full of….Neiman Marcus Spring Water
  • Self Indulgence is as simple as…a bath, and the beautiful scent of Calgon pearlescent beads

It’s so nice of MugshotMarlo to like the look of the N-M water… ’cause it IS a nice looking bottle of water!  It has all the N-M butterflies on it… who wouldn’t like looking at a shelf full of that?

SO… how much IS the N-M water, of which Mugshot just has to have an entire shelf?  Here’s the breakdown:  one bottle of water is $1.50; there are 18 bottles to a case… a case is $27.00.  

If you don’t live near a N-M, you can have a case shipped to you…the shipping cost is $20.00 to $25.00.   Mugshot probably has someone shlep on over to the N-M cafe and pick up a couple of cases for her… or maybe not, as price is no object for the Etiquette Queen of the ATL!  

Can you just hear MugshotMarlo barking out orders to her “staff” …

“Call up the manager of Neiman’s cafe, NOW!  Tell him I want 46 cases of that spring water shipped to me, NOW!”  “But, MissMarlo, that’s gonna cost $20 a case to ship!  That’s another $920, just for shipping!”  “I don’t care about the cost of anything!  I need my shelf full of that pretty water bottle!!!  Order it NOW!!!”

(Thanks to SH reader “BlueIvy”!!!)