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                                      Wretched and Slimey…

Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Smiley… He’s Doing Stand-Up Comedy!

Posted on October 4, 2011

  Do ya think I can make it as a stand-up comedian?  Whaddaya think, Wretched???

 ’Cause YOU laugh at my jokes, right?  I hear you laughin’ all the time!  I’m funny, right?

 I’m always laughing… I mean you make me laugh all the time.  I’m laughing AT you, but that still counts as laughing…

To keep the Real Housewives of Orange County fresh and topical, the dumbasses at Bravo have decided to delve into unknown territory… the comedy business.  Yep, the comedy business… and Bravo has handpicked Slade Slimey to represent the OC franchise in this new endeavor… here.

From The OC Weekly…

Q:  When did Slade realize he had the balls to make people hardy-har-har on stage?

Gretchen: I am better at telling this story, so let me. First of all, never did we have that realization. What happened is, Slade came to me and was like, “Honey, there is an opportunity for us to host at the Improv and what do you think about doing that?” I thought it sounded great and the next thing I know he tells me a week later, I forgot to tell you…I’m doing stand-up. Long story short, he decided without me knowing anything about him doing stand-up.

Slade: It’s going to be more of a variety show because I really don’t think I am that funny! We do have some very funny and successful comedians attached to the show and it’s really a little bit of Gretchen hosting and me doing some storytelling and poking fun at what our reality has become because of our association with the Housewives.

We really are monkeys in Bravo’s circus and we are embracing that and using it as an opportunity to give people an inside look into what happens and address all of the stuff that is out there. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Slade made an astute observation in the paragraph above… he and Wretched are merely puppets being controlled by the puppet masters at Bravo.

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  1. HAHAHA! What a douche! That wasn’t even funny or remotely laughable. I only laughed because his jokes were stupid, and I’m laughing at him. Eww. Comedy is not his thing! Alexis was laughing, and she liked it. Haha! Why am I not surprised? Lol.

    • And what exactly made Wretched think she could tell the story better…..uh, lame, Gretchen and for the record…..we don’t care!

    • She probably laughed because she didn’t get it and felt oh I’m supposed to be laughing. I was embarassed for him, just wondering how low he’ll go? watch this and you’ll see

    • I am not a fan of wretched or slimey , actually I can’t stand either. As a mother and a grandmother something I just read irked the chit out of me.I have a question for whoever the SH reader is ,that somehow would think in anyway possible it would be appropriate to make a post on Greyson’s guest book ( or any sick child’s page) stating that they should please contact Stoopid Housewives as “we are all concerned”, blah, blah.
      A friend of mine with a sick child directed me to the site where the comment is. Ms SH is fully capable and responsible to contact who she chooses for information and would not go that route ( posting on a child’s website ! ) in order to inquire about any info. If you “really” are a fan of Ms. SH’s site, that was STOOPID and anal to post something like that ! And to all the SH haters out there bitchin. Stoopid is deliberatley spelled that way by Ms SH… to indicate how stoopid ( say it aloud.. drawing out the O’s) all these shows are..DUUUUUUHHHHH !

      • 1. I am NOT going to watch Slade’s comedy act out of respect for his dear mother, and because I don’t want vulgar humor floating around in my head.
        2. Stoopid Housewives is the only site I blog because it seems to be well monitored by the rules which are posted above under “About SH”. Here’s some:
        > Don’t Threaten. Threats to another commenter will not be tolerated.
        > Be Truthful.
        > Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.
        > Share with SH! We’d love to hear eyewitness accounts…
        > CHILDREN are out of bounds on SH… please keep children out of your comment

    • Yep exactly. So they’re admitting that it was a Bravo orchestrated thing. In a nutshell! He’s not a ‘comedian’ all of the sudden. Bravo elves decided this would make good tv (ew) and concocted the whole thing. End of story. Yawn. And shock value material was fed to him, no doubt.

  2. Misfire housewife hunter, we are laughing at you, not your terrible joke.

    That said, he must be very brave or stupid to do stand up.

  3. So The Improv told Wretched she had to host wearing a bikini? They never asked Rosie or Ellen to do that, I bet. I HATE THESE TWO!!! (and I hate using the word hate. I just have too. While I’m at it, I also hate the Satan Barbie and Taliban JimBob!)

  4. Slade is creepy. I don’t watch OC anymore but when I did he was dating Jo (i think that was her name?) So what does he do stalk the set until someone strikes his fancy- or is the relationship a total setup? Anyway I thought he was a controlling douche when he was with that Jo-lady now add housewife stalker- famewhore to the list.

  5. Something terribly must be wrong with Slade…did he suffer a head injury or something? How does a “successful” business man wind up doing this? He is not a painter, he is not a music producer, he is not a good caretaker for his son’s medical needs and his business advice for Gretchen has resulted in lawsuits. Does being on a reality show somehow suck all of the brains out of one’s head? Don’t get too close to those cameras….

    • I don’t know that I would refer to Slade as a successful business man. I think he was a mortgage broker for one of the companies that went “belly-up” when the mortgage balloon burst. No disrespect intended to the honorable brokers or that career field. I think Slade was part of the group that was over loaning to people who really couldn’t afford the mortgage and therefore were getting “interest only” loans. He just got commissions on signing shady deals. I don’t see that as being a successful business man.

      • So would that make him and Jo the scamming couple of the very first show of the very first season? He use to beat up Jo’s attempts at her career and that just use to frost my cookies. Slimey is the best name for him.

        • I’m actually in the minority in that I liked Jo. She was spoiled, but relatively harmless. I don’t recall any malicious behavior on her part and I think she got along with Slade’s kids (she just wasn’t ready to be a mother). I could sort of relate to her tiring of the Coto “housewife” lifestyle and wanting more for herself, even if she winded up “just” a bartender (hey, she’s making her own money honestly and it can be a fun job, depending where you work *please pay attention, Slade*). And I loved her friend (I can’t remember her name, she was so fun and cute). Honestly, I saw Date My Ex. It was terrible (totally scripted and bland), I thought. I would have much rather seen Jo and her roommate explore the singles scene in L.A. while having a good time, watching them at their jobs, whatever. That probably would have been boring to some, but it would have been real (unlike Date My Ex), with little drama, and best of all, there would have been no Slade.

          Slade in my opinion, earned his rep. I would have thought that Gretchen (certainly the Gretchen I saw from Season 1)would have been smarter than to be caught up with him. But then this is the same woman that supposedly pays Slade under the table so he won’t have to pay child support, which is extremely shameful.

          I’m usually on the fence with Tamra, but I applauded her for calling him out as a dead beat daddy. It’s one thing if someone is in a legitimate bind and can’t make the payments (though surely a judge can help settle this issue until the parent is back on their feet) but Slade appears to just flat out refuse to seek actual employment for the sole purpose of NOT paying child support. That’s beyond low.

          • I’m with you there SCBG about Slimey’s lack of desire to find work. Gretchen could be in a whole lot a of legal trouble if that can be proved….she is always saying she is the boss. I lost a lot of respect for Jo on that show “Date My Ex” because she allowed Slade to make that slimy move at the end when she had the chance to do so much better.

          • Well said.
            Gretchen is the gold digger everyone thought and was whether its from a dying man or from star crossed fans buying her garbage. Spade is her gopher that’s about it. And no offense but can u imagine what the kids Wd look like ESP if they take after slimos mom. Oy vey

  6. Ok, this was not the way for me to start my morning, lol. He is not funny. what is with the bikini? I don’t know why he is so offended about people saying he uses housewives to stay on the show because that’s all he has dated since the RHoOC started.

  7. I read something yesterday that Slade and Jo were hired as actors to be on the OC show. Then, they broke up(hence the Date my EX mess)…then they had Lauri date him until George came along…they showed him moving out of his Coto house the following season and then they set him up with Wretched when Jeff died so that she would have a storyline…..can anyone verify this? Because if it IS true, then Slade must have been on MissAndy’s casting couch in the facedown position…..

  8. I like Gretchen. I think she’s sweet and her tendency to tart it up is just evidence of insecurity. She actually looks awesome on the few times she’s been photographed with no makeup.

    But Slade. Ugh. What kind of grown, responsible, adult man calls women “ho’s”? Oh wait, Slade’s obviously none of those things.

    You know what I would like to see? I’d like to see Gretchen develop some sort of nonserious endocrine disorder or something that makes her lose her figure. How long do you think Slade would stick around? Getting fat would be the best thing that ever happened to that silly girl.

  9. Bravo is making it easier by the day in assisting me in my self imposed hiatus from these shows.

    I am not watching OC because after 7 seasons what could they possibly come up with that hasn’t been done to death? Neurotic Vicki, trashy Tamra, stupid Alexis, shady Slade? Please.

    I have no interest in the Miami bunch since I did watch last season and it was atrocious. My feeling is that the only reason they were “rescued” is because of Andy Cohen’s “love” for that hideous Elsa who is unintelligible for starters.

    Then another “announcement” that the same cast will be brought back for Season 3 of the BH crowd – INCLUDING TAYLOR! – just reinforced my “exile” even further. This leaves Season 5 of NY and NJ and again, the same old, same old crapfest with a few new members to play the game of “revolving chairs”. I’m out.

    It is almost as much fun reading the commentary here at SH then to sit there watching these fools age. And not in a good way.

    I am probably alone out here with in my thinking, but the nonsense that is “Housewives” has kind of worn off for me.

    Unable to find even one member of these casts to root for is a waste of time. They are all pretty much horrible famewhores and when they all begin to bore me to death it’s time to pull the plug.

    Most of the comments here have come to validate my position since most seem capable of seeing through Bravo and their “stars”.

    Taylor Armstrong did it for me.

  10. His SECOND astute observation is…..”because I really don’t think I am that funny!”……and neither do we, Slimey….

  11. Okay, obviously, I am on my own on this one, but I have to admit these two have grown on me. I kinda like them. I think there is more to these two than they show us. They have been together a long time through a lot of stuff (I would prefer another word, but will follow SH rules).

  12. Jeez that purse Wretchen is carrying is rather plain, boring and nondescript. It kinda looks like a country doctor’s satchel. I wonder why she doesn’t carry her own purses.

  13. You know the funniest thing was that montage of pics with him in Gretchens bed eating a plate of whatever in his boxers and wife beater Tshirt trying to convince Gretchen that he’s a funny guy and people laugh at his jokes. And you where right SH, because she is saying in those expressions that people LAUGH AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! She has tried everything to get rid of him (weight jokes, money jokes, anything that could destroy his sense of manhood) but he keeps coming back. And thats because he has no money and has no job opportunities anymore unless he wants to work at In and Out burger or crap in a box.

    He’s staying and no matter she does he’s staying, she’s his only comfortable nest to stay at. If he didn’t have that place he would be living on the streets. And if she didn’t have him around, she would have hooked up with a rich old guy by now and she and he knows it.

  14. Buck, That was the episode where Wretched took the big boob idiot breakfast in bed. His favorite 3 meat omelet. That was after she spent 2 hrs. with a stylist and make-up artist…I just find it repulsive to share a glass of milk with someone…and I find these 2 horrid.

  15. What a loser & uh nice that both he & Wretched had work done. She had her lips done, so obvious & he has had a peel or something to look a bit younger but he can’t pay his child support for his impaired child. Dies he ever even see his child? he walks those fat chihuahuas with Wretched, he plays with them. Does he do that for his own child. NO!!!
    Not funny, not cool. he’s a complete BUM & a loser. Andy Cohen at Bravo KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB & GRETCHEN”S TOO> They stink up your show. I’m about to call it the BARFO network to everyone I know.

    • What is up with the comment ” DebWeb”: You are commenting using your account? I have no idea!??? So IF I cant log back in…remember I love all of you! mmwahh :)

  16. slade smiley has absolutely no timing and a total lack of skills, but his mother is awesome, and I also wish he would stop speaking like a 20 something female, and picking fights with women. GTFU

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