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While looking for something else re one of the New Jersey sub-humans… came across the following blind item.  Since New Jersey is between seasons at this time and viewers have become acquainted with the new cast… perhaps the answers to the blind will be much easier to identify!

Since the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s started their new season, thought this blind item would be easier…  (Originally posted April 19, 2011… then June 9, 2011…)

OOHHHHH!!!!  This is just tooo much!

A Cast Full of Fakers

This reality television show’s season premiere is coming up soon.  (The only reality show to premiere soon is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.)  While there will be plenty of drama on the show, there are a whole lot of lies hiding behind the scenes:

  • Cast member A has lost a few pounds. She will  claim on camera that it is from healthier living. The truth is that she had lap-band surgery a few months ago.
  • Although A claimed last season that cast member B was “just like family,” the two now have absolutely no contact with each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. Once B lost her money, A wanted nothing to do with her.
  • B absolutely hates cast member C for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she believes that C had an affair with B’s husband.
  • Cast member C’s family pretends that they are the wealthiest of all. However, their house is under water and they have a huge balloon payment (> $1 million) due in the next year that they will not be able to pay off.  (No longer have $2 million balloon payment–loan mod in April)
  • Cast member D used to work as a call girl in a major US city.
  • Cast member E and her husband are going broke trying to portray themselves as wealthy people for the show. In real life, she is a hairdresser and he pumps gas.

Reality Show:

So… who are they????   Hmmmmm… I know, do you????

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  1. A: Caroline Manzo
    B: Teresa Guidice
    C: Melissa Gorga
    D: Jacqueline Laurita
    E: Kathy and Rich Wakile

    Do I win a prize?

    • if Mego slept with Juicy Why is Chewy only mad at Mego Juicy had some say in the matter Mego didnt trip and fall on Juicy tallywacker by accident He did have some say in the matter

      • Same reason Alexass won’t blame Jim. Tree would never side with anyone but her husband. She has clearly demonstrated that with her own flesh and blood

        • I guess im the odd one out When my ex cheated i put 99% of the blame on him he was the married one he knew better while the other women was a tramp and wrong..he was more wrong cuz lord knows what my ex told her to get her to cheat with him.

      • I would say it’s something that a lot of people do (not all) – namely blame the “other” more than the partner/spouse. Mostly I think because you think you know your partner/spouse and can’t believe they’d betray them like that – some never get the message.

    • What do you mean? That’s a HUGE step up for Juicy Joe. Mego is an idiot but from the neck down she’s a solid 9.

  2. I just don’t get why MeGo would wanna sleep with Juicy Joe unless it has something to do with her “Single White Female” like obssession with Tree. Tree said she copied everything from clothes to what photog she used for her family pics, maybe she thought she needed to do her hubby too! Gross!

  3. I don’t think Kathy and Rich try to portray themselves as anything but what they are, I think it was mentioned that he runs a gas station, compared to the other “rich” housewives in NJ, their home is relatively modest, but they seem very sweet

  4. No way Juicy Joe would sleep with that feral pig MeHO. As for the rest of the blind items I reckon it all rings true. Seriously they gotta get rid of Kathy & Rich, ManzHO and JacHo. Keep MeHo in so she can keep humiliating herself

  5. I saw and guessed right this last year also, it was funny. Caroline got the lapband surgery (bet anything her husband did also he lost alot of weight quickly) and it would explain why her daughter was talking to her in Carolines closet about her being overweight, she was wanting to get it too and was hoping that Caroline would pay for it. Caroline can’t stand Teresa or her husband Barney Devito because her whole family thinks they are a bunch of Gavone’s (just google it) uneducated, pig-man and woman etc.. Once the money was gone, she was gone. I totally believe that Melissa would sleep with Barney Devito, because he had his business going full bore and the time and her husband/wallet Joe didn’t have anything. From what has been said about Melissa she was sleeping with any man that had major money and/or connections, and if that ment Barney so be it. Melissa doesn’t love Joe Gorga and his sister knows it.

    Jacqueline Laurita being an escort I guessed this more than a year ago, especially when that one NJ blog came out before the first season of the RHONJ that said in their cast 2 of the housewives where strippers and we knew one was Danielle. I still believe that Jacquelines husband was a client of hers and that Chris decided to make her his woman. The Wailkes is correct, the husband own’s or is partnership with a few others in a gas station you can find it online via LINK.

    • Buck: Yes… this has been out for quite a while! It was re-posted twice on SH, as mentioned. However, for SH readers and/or viewers of the RHONJ who may not have had the chance to guess the first two/three times around…and are now familiar with all the players, it’s been given another, last mention.

      “Kiss My Ring” BigAl had the lapband surgery first…remember the episode where DonCaro took him to Barney’s and bought him all those new duds! “Barney Devito” is such a great description of Juicy… all credit for that goes to the “BossLady” at RealFauxHousewives (pls visit “RealFaux”… it’s on the SH blogroll)! Laugh every time I read that description of Juicy! TFC!! SH

      • Ms.SH, It should also be stated that RealFauxHousewife site is a very nice blogger. Not vicious or spiteful, like most of the other people that blog. She has been with you forever, never caused crap like some people, and she is hilarious. I just had to mention that.

        • “like” button. Started off reading this blog several years ago sweet story about how she loved the shows and asked her husband for permission to spend time blogging. Seems like he said if you like it I love it! Nothing dense, silly or hardheaded and no repetitive twits about not understanding fir the thousandth time. Great blog, great lady and same goes for here.

    • wow..I never thought of that buck..but you’re right-Caroline DOES think Teresa and Joe are gavones! And she could only put up with them when she thought they had money-just like now, they are kissing the owner of the Giant’s ass! That trip they all took to Italy-remember how RUDE Caroline was as a guest in the home of one of T’s relatives? I remember her sort of hunched over a plate of food, grumbling about either what she was eating, or where she was sitting..or something! That Caroline is some piece of work

  6. First time poster here…thanks for the site, SH! Was in our local Hy Vee grocery yesterday and was surprised to see “Blk” for sale! $1.99 per bottle…looked at it and read the info on the bottle, but didn’t buy any. Has anyone else seen it or tried it?

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