POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2012  5:40 pm

While looking for something else re one of the New Jersey sub-humans… came across the following blind item.  Since New Jersey is between seasons at this time and viewers have become acquainted with the new cast… perhaps the answers to the blind will be much easier to identify!

Since the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s started their new season, thought this blind item would be easier…  (Originally posted April 19, 2011… then June 9, 2011…)

OOHHHHH!!!!  This is just tooo much!

A Cast Full of Fakers

This reality television show’s season premiere is coming up soon.  (The only reality show to premiere soon is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.)  While there will be plenty of drama on the show, there are a whole lot of lies hiding behind the scenes:

  • Cast member A has lost a few pounds. She will  claim on camera that it is from healthier living. The truth is that she had lap-band surgery a few months ago.
  • Although A claimed last season that cast member B was “just like family,” the two now have absolutely no contact with each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. Once B lost her money, A wanted nothing to do with her.
  • B absolutely hates cast member C for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she believes that C had an affair with B’s husband.
  • Cast member C’s family pretends that they are the wealthiest of all. However, their house is under water and they have a huge balloon payment (> $1 million) due in the next year that they will not be able to pay off.  (No longer have $2 million balloon payment–loan mod in April)
  • Cast member D used to work as a call girl in a major US city.
  • Cast member E and her husband are going broke trying to portray themselves as wealthy people for the show. In real life, she is a hairdresser and he pumps gas.

Reality Show:

So… who are they????   Hmmmmm… I know, do you????