POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2012   11:40 am

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Heather Dubrow entered Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange Countyjust as a good housewife should: Flaunting her money and ruffling some feathers.             Sarah Winchester, Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney… on the Real Housewives of Orange County… Vicki’s Dinner Party

Now, she’s a plastic surgeon’s wife, a mother of four, and a reality star. But while Heather’s cast mates may not remember her acting career, diehard TV addicts remember her from her stints starting in the late-90s, including roles on Jenny with star Jenny McCarthy, Stark Raving Mad with Tony Shalhoub and Neil Patrick Harris, and the lead role inThat’s Life co-starring Debi Mazar.   (Heather Paige Kent in “That’s Life”… here.)

And here are five more things that fans may not know about the new O.C. housewife.

1. Her fourth baby is both a surprise and a miracle. “I keep talking about how I have this surprise fourth child.  And someone online was ragging on me about it last night, and the truth is that I had three children by in vitro. I had a lot of, personally me, not [my husband], but me, I had a lot of fertility problems. So to have a natural child was shocking, and I think I’m still a little shocked by the whole thing and I was ready to go back to work, my other three were in school full-time, and it really changed everything.”

2. Her husband, Terry Dubrow, really, really wanted her to do the show. “He’s been on a couple of reality shows himself, Bridalplasty on E!,The Swan on Fox, amongst others, and he’s very comfortable in that genre,” she says. “And he thought it would be fun, and he thought it would be good for me. He basically didn’t talk to me for two weeks until I said I’d do it. That’s actually a true story. It’s a great platform, I mean, I don’t know, I guess if you ask me if I think it’s a good idea if I did this show, ask me in four months. But I think in general, it was an opportunity, Terry and I discussed it, and we decided that the pros outweighed the cons.

  Heather Dubrow

3. She feels reality shows and scripted shows can live in harmony. “I remember when I was on this show, Stark Raving MadWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? came out that year. It was everywhere, juggernaut, huge hit, decimated everything. And all of the sudden, all of primetime was game shows,” she remembers. “And then it calms down and you realize that there’s a place for all of these shows in television, but it does go through waves.”

4. She isn’t pretentious — if she does say so herself.  “It’s very easy to listen to one comment and make a snap judgment,” Dubrow explains. “I’m actually very jokey, and on the show I tell this story about the way I got proposed to, but it’s a joke, I love my husband. You know I married him, not a ring, not a proposal, but it’s kind of a funny story. You heard a piece of it, so if you don’t think it’s funny, and you think it’s pretentious, that’s all right. But in general I am not a pretentious person. I do like nice things, we do live in a great house, but I don’t choose my friends by how much money they have, or what labels they’re wearing.”

 Heather Dubrow…. from an upcoming RHOOC episode… the DelMar “Mud Run” episode.

5. Don’t expect her to lose her cool… much. “I have more filters than the other girls do,” she says. “Except for one person that I dealt with on the show, who was very irrational, I’m not a yeller. So even though I’m being vocal about it, I am not someone who’s going to get in your face. That’s not me. But, I will very clearly and concisely tell you how I feel.” By the way, Heather says the “irrational” person she was talking about was Gretchen Rossi’sfriend, Sarah Winchester.

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