POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2012  8:00 am

Wendy Williams clarifies her statement re ‘no more reality TV’…

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  1. Ya know….I have a problem with this. I certainly don’t want WW to boycott RH but I expected more from her since she likes to say that she ‘tells it like it is’. Can’t remember who said it but I would have respected her more if she had said no thanks to an interview with Shana. If Shana’s PR people had WW that handcuffed, there was no point in the interview.

    It’s too bad…I was a WW fan.

    • I don’t think WW has a lot of control over who she is going to interview…I believe that the networks and production companies do have major influence over who gets on the different shows. That is why WW told Shana that it must be nice to have friends in high places. I think there are some people pulling the strings on the Shana banana tour and with very few exception almost everyone has had to say yea to her. If you say no to her, then other important quests you do want to have on your show will be denied.

      • Wow, if that’s the case I’m surprised. WW has always portrayed herself as in charge. If she doesn’t have final say on her guests I guess I’ve been snowed again. :-(

        I still maintain that if she had no choice on Shana as a guest there are ways that she could have conveyed to the audience that she was on to Shana’s game. The icing on the cake for me was today WW was praising Dr. Drew and saying how smart he is. Obviously I have way too much time on my hands! I need to step away from the TV and get back to reading books. (at least with books they tell you that it’s fiction in advance…most of the time)

        • @Beanthere – LOL, a causal watcher of RHOBH said he and his wife watched the reunion, epi 1, and how sorry for the felt for Taylor. I shared TMI about why they shouldn’t and realized I, too, am watching far too much reality tv (and reading SH, eeeek!) and must get back to reading books, etc. Glad I’m not alone :-)

  2. I actually like how Wendy just lets loose on a variety of subjects. I’m sad that she is stifling herself in an area that many people find interesting.

    Beanthere, I totally agree with you: WW should have, upon reflection, said “No” to interviewing SHAFT. That would have been a very clear message.

    • ‘xactly. This way WW’s message comes across as supporting Shana because she wasn’t lumped in with WW’s opinion of what bad reality tv is.

  3. In her first Hot Topics saying she wouldn’t watch reality shows she was very careful to say not all but only some. WW says she tells it like it is but only when it is a lower rated show like Basketball Wives. Shame on her.

    • Yes!!! Shame on WW for only ( choosing ) a low rated show like Basketball Wives, and then she has Big Ang. from Mob Wives on ( which is so violent) and is happy??? WTH ? WW is a Flip Floper… Shame on her is right!!!

      • Oh Ms. SH, I had already watched the video on SH! I’m dedicated to this site! The first thing I noticed was how WW skated on her “no reality shows”. I realize she has to give people what they want but if she is going to take a stand against degrading and hurtful reality tv she should have started with Taylor and her trashing Russell. The man is dead and certainly no saint but his children, including Taylor’s own daughter, survive him and there are just things that kids shouldn’t have to deal with and the bs Taylor is putting out is at the top of the list. WW’s supposedly telling it like it is would be admirable if it were true.

  4. I think she might have been forced into making this statement.
    The way she feels about those shows is how I feel about the HW shows. They may not be physically hitting each other but the things they do repulse me just as much.

    • Me too Annah! And now I’ll refrain from watching WW’s show, after seeing the clips of her Shanna interview on here. She (Wendy) didn’t seem like her tough, tell-it-like-it-is personality while interviewing Shanna. What comes over these interviewers?? Does Shanna cast some magical spell on them, or does she have dirt on EVERYONE??? I’m just waiting for the day for interviewers on t.v. to out her or at least ask her tough questions!! Bleh! I’m done………

  5. Wendy needs to check SH before she starts giving “scoops” on the housewives…this is where the real scoops are. It’s either going to be fact or fiction….come on Wendy!

  6. She was very subtle, but she did say that the RH franchises were on a ‘slippery slope.’ Did she mean that RHs are getting close to the riduclous level of the 3 shows that she claims that she will no longer watch or was she sending a message that RHs could be next? I don’t know. Never watch her so I’m not sure, but I think it’s one or the other.

  7. Wendy will talk about whatever gets her ratings. Since saying she’s “done with reality TV” got her some notice, she’ll continue saying it while talking about reality TV.

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