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  1. This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. This guy needs help and a real job. What a disgrace. BTW did you guys see Witchen without make up on tonight’s show? Yikes, I couldn’t believe it was her. Make up was invented just for her.


    • She looks like a pageant princess with all that makeup. So unnatural, it makes you wonder about the people who would buy it. Circus clowns and old rodeo queens.


  2. Omg so stupid. He’d get a big laugh if he’d pull his pants down. I’m sure that s worth a small….chuckle. He is the stupidest no talent loser on tv. Jim jumboass blowlino is better. At least Jim takes care of his family. Slime smiley can’t even take care of Wretch en Grossi his brainless uglier than home made soap with out her make up on. They are both Trailor trash.


  3. I don’t get this. Didn’t he use to have a very successful career? Surely he could have found more work in that field? But now he’s really ruined his rep. This just reeks of desperation.

    The irony is that back when he was with Jo (before he lost his job) a lot of people seemed to like him and sided with him against Jo. If he had gone back to work, paid his child support, etc, then who knows, Bravo might have opted for some sort of Bachelor style show starring him (at that time I think he was considered the sexiest “House hubby”) . With the right PR, he could have come out as a sexy, successful bachelor/family man and then parlayed it into getting his own show. Instead, he tried to “manage” Jo (which was essentially just an attempt to stay in the spotlight). That failed, he got out-ed as a deadbeat daddy, lost his looks, and is now a complete joke, always hovering around the camera. We can’t believe he’s genuine in his relationships because he constantly has to be dating a “housewife,” and instead of Don and several other Househubby’s he doesn’t shy away from the camera, but has to be in virtually every other shot that his current “squeeze” is in. And instead of getting a real job (which he is perfectly capable of) he has fake titles. He “managed” Jo (right into the ground), and now he’s “managing” Gretchen (though she admits he is basically a glorified gofer.

    Now we are supposed to believe that it’s his dream to do stand-up. For real? I guess it’s more original than “acting” or “singing,” but still…

    And his act…just when you thought he couldn’t sink more….

    Here’s an awesome suggestion, Slade:
    Go back to work!! As in a real job that you are QUALIFIED for, and pay your child support for your sick kid so your ex won’t have to break her back to hold up your end of the responsibility! And stop trying to become a celebrity/”Housewife”, it’s not going to happen because you are a major jerk, the audience hates you, and no well respecting agency would ever have you, nor would any respectable venue. Said with love, SCBG. *air smoochies*

    Seriously, what’s next? Porn?


  4. oh gee whiz SCBG, don’t give Slade any ideas! He will ignore all the truths and practical advise you gave in your comment and go straight for the porn. He is such a pathetic nasty low life idividual and if he can figure out a way to get money with out actually having to do any real work he is down.
    P.s. I agree with you about his old career, he was in real estate. I know the market ain’t what it used to be but Kyle’s husband Mauricio seems to be doing ok in that biz so I really don’t think he has an excuse.


  5. LOL…I got a big laugh just looking at Slade’s mother’s face. She and Gretchen’s father are too funny. I stepped in a little pile of Slade on the way in…:-D


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