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Tree JOO-DICE made her debut on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice…

   Tree JOO-DICE with owner of site “RealityTV.GIF”… from October 19, 2011 post… HERE.

… the cast was split into two teams:  the men v the women… the women took the name “Forte” because it means strength… 


   [fawrt, fohrt or, for 1, fawr-tey]  Show IPA



a person’s strong suit, or most highly developedcharacteristic, talent, or skill; something that one excels in:I don’t know what her forte is, but it’s not music. Synonyms:talent, skill, excellence, strength, strong point, specialty,proficiency; knack, bent.


the stronger part of a sword blade, between the middle andthe hilt ( opposed to foible).

… Forte’s task was to make and sell sandwiches…


NOTE:  No wonder Cheryl Tiegs got da boot!!!

(Thanks to SH reader “cc”!!)


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  1. haha, look at Victoria Gotti, she looks like a corpse in a blond wig and a suit. She clearly does not want to participate in the wacky poses the rest of the women were pulling.

  2. Whoa, there’s so much stanky-skank going on in that photo, I feel the need to fumigate myself and my office!

  3. Why has no one questioned who the donor was who gave $305,00 to the men’s team? Bet it was Senior’s money given by a friend… ought to be interesting to see if Senior can come up with more money in the future tasks…..I doubt he knows anyone that has that kind of money to throw around.

    • Are you kidding..Think about the people and corps he has built bikes for…Most of them are big money people.

    • Senior said that he’d write the check himself if all else wasn’t that great, no one saw where it came from, and the only people shown with Senior were his crew with the bikes…I joked last night that the donation mighta came from Paulie Jr at PJD or the production company…lol…Not many people write a check of that size annonymously…maybe next week when he gives the money to the Make a Wish Kids he’ll shed some light..

      • I give senior and his buddy a lot of credit for the donation. Russell Simmons thought he was a big shot with his $10K. With all the Rush card money he scams off the ignorant and unfortunate he could have done better than that.

      • Senior callled his buddy Carlos Urbaneja…a guy who owns restaurants and a sports car dealership….Senior built him a bike and asked him for a check…

  4. Jill Zarin only paid $500.00 for the hat she bought from NeNe. I meant to say, Jill Zarin paid $500.00 for a spot on Celebrity Apprentice.

  5. Teresa Giudice @Teresa_Giudice

    …but I gave the correct Italian pronunciation in Skinny Italian–”Judy Chay.” You can say either but I like the Italian better. xx

    3m Teresa Giudice @Teresa_Giudice

    I have no idea why they pronounced my last name so weird on CA last night. People Americanize it to “Jew-dice” and we just go with it…

    • Well, if you introduce yourself as Teresa “Jew-dice” then that’s what people are going to call you ya dingbat. If you wanted people to say it correctly, you would have been pronouncing it “Judy Chay” all along.

  6. I thought it was funny how intimidated some of these people are of Victoria Gotti. Even Trump and his kids seemed in awe of her. WTH?

    I felt sorry for Patricia and wish the money she raised could have been given to her charity. Her heart was really in it, unlike Paul who didn’t seem to care and was rude to George Takei. I felt sorry for George.

  7. It is a shame that Patricia sent a simple turkey sandwich to the Rachael Ray show and not Teresa’s sandwich. T’s sandwich had all the Italian meats, olives and peppers on a hoagie roll.
    Patrica instructed Teresa to make the turkey sandwich for Rachael Ray.
    I think the Trump should put a limit on the donations from 1 source to $50,000. I wasn’t fair that the girls worked really hard and hard multiple donation over $10,000 to get beat because one person gave the guys $305,000.

    • I totally agree. I couldn’t understand why Teresa’s sandwich wasn’t picked until I found out it wasn’t really her italian one. Now that would have won. But where was the roasted peppers that they showed Teresa making in the beginning?

  8. From Teresa’s web site
    I do have to explain about the sandwich on Rachael Ray. It was *not* my sandwich! We all created our own sandwich, and mine was called “Teresa Giudice’s Hot-Blooded Housewife Hoagie” (you can see our menu here). You know how I like my food: hot, Italian, and delicious! It had my roasted hot peppers, spicy sopressata, prosciutto, provolone, Kalamata olives, oil and vinegar on Focaccia bread. I know it would have won! I would never have sent a turkey sandwich on sliced bread to the Rachael Ray show, but it was Patricia’s choice, and she was the project manager, so I respected it. But I didn’t love when she said the sandwich was made by me & Victoria in the boardroom! We technically “made” all the sandwiches in the kitchen, but I didn’t create that one or send it over!

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