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 Shana… “Taylor Armstrong” on Wendy Williams Show, February 16, 2012

Remember when Wendy Williams said that she would make an announcement re her stance on “reality TV?”

Wendy made this remark during her ‘after show’ talk, coincidentally, after Shana was pushin’ her book on Wendy’s show.

So, what was Wendy’s big announcement re “reality” TV?  

This is what Wendy said on Friday, February 17, 2012… Wendy is done with “reality TV.”   Hmmm…..


Shana’s appearance on Wendy Williams…



NOTE:  The fact that Wendy had guidelines in which to follow for Shana’s appearance on her show has been discussed on SH.  These guidelines are standard for a talk show appearance, but the standard guidelines can be adjusted for each guest.  Some guests are VERY strict re their guidelines and some guests have a  “let it fly and ask me anything” attitude…most guests on the Wendy Show fit into the latter category.

Obviously, Wendy was so desperate for Shana to appear on her show that she accepted every condition which was proposed by Shana’s PR people.  IMO, Wendy would have gotten bigger ratings, more PR and attention by other media outlets by refusing to accept Shana as a guest on her show… unless Wendy was permitted to ask Shana all the questions which Wendy wanted to ask…

…maybe could take this into consideration the next time????   Oh… forgot for a second that Wendy is done with reality TV!!

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  1. Well, I have to give Wendy a pass on this one. Having to submit to Shana’s interview rules would make me more than frustrated. However, I suppose if she really wanted out of the reality-tv scene she could have have stepped over the boundaries. Nothing to lose.

    But ick. Having to sit next to Shana would be, for me, like being next to a poisonous creeping/creepy vine.

    • but Wendy DID have something to lose….she signed on the dotted line and agreed to the stipulations…or face a libel suit, which she would lose and which would FURTHER line that Shana Skank’s pockets…..her hands were tied by her own legal department…..

  2. I honestly think Wendy would’ve gained more respect had she announced that “in all good conscience” she could not have Taylor on the show because she would have been severely limited in the questions she could her…and then declared a ban on reality “stars.”


    • Absolutely right! Wendy could have explained that the reason Taylor wasn’t on her show was b/c Wendy would have been extremely limited in what she could ask. Wendy could have voiced the doubts that so many others have about Taylor’s stories which grow more lurid and outrageous with each telling and without being able to explore those topics the interview would just be another cookie cutter version of the interviews Taylor has already given dozens of times. Wendy could have reminded the audience that it would have been a chance for Taylor to clear the air but Taylor wasn’t interested or that Wendy took the stand not to allow a dead man’s children to witness (now or in the future) another vilification of their father. Now that would have been taking the high road that Wendy thinks she is taking by saying she is “tired of reality shows, certain ones of them . . .” Note: Wendy’s isn’t stopping all reality shows, just the ones in which women physically attack one another but she will continue to kiss RHOBH behind by allowing Taylor to come on to peddle her sick book. I know I’m going against popular opinion here, but Wendy Williams isn’t any better than any of the other “interview” shows that are used by Taylor and others. She had a moment to rise above and she chose to go with the lies.

  3. Two of Taylor’s legs are the size of one of Wendy’s legs! (Ha! and wendy still looks better!)
    Sorry, but i could not push play on taylor’s videos up there, for my own sanity!!!

    • I’m with you marsha…I just avoid all the traylair stuff as though she were a hypnotic king cobra getting ready to strike….I still like the imagery of Lord Voldermort from the Harry P movies. She is just evil with a good pr firm who set up Russell to take the fall for all of the wrong things she has done in her life IMHO.

      • This is an inspired morning for SH commenters! Redkokio’s “poisonous creeping/creepy vine”, steview’s “hypnotic king cobra”, Marsha’s observation about two Taylor twigs=1 Wendy leg, and Observer2 noting that Wendy would have garnered far more respect and ratings if she had not capitulated to the Black Widow’s strict rules re: questions. Plus, Trekker’s additions. My brain is still foggy, so I’m just appreciating you all. :)

  4. So, Bravo has not made a public comment to distance itself from Taylor; yet public forums are distancing themselves from Bravo because of Taylor?

    Not a very smart move Bravo. Way past time to reassess.

  5. Amid the suspicions that these “reality shows” are fake to begin with, the very idea of promoting the likes of Taylor/Shana Whatever seals the deal.

    Allowing this piece of trash to flood the airwaves over the last few weeks to promote a piece of “fiction”, all the while pretending that she is an advocate against domestic violence, is the worst. It’s as close to false advertising as it gets.

    The facts do not add up. The “timeline” so well presented here raises even more doubts. The damage done to the surviving children is immeasurable and all done on behalf of one of the most hated women to ever be advertised as a “star”.

    Had she been Taylor/Shana from Paducah, KY the odds of her finding a publisher who then sent her on a promotion tour would have been nil. Cashing in on a dead man who can no longer defend himself against some of the stupidest charges made against him while his 3 children are left to live with the aftermath is obscene.

    Her “stories” are becoming more and more bizarre – like the swimming pool event that had Russell dunking a grown man, two women, and a dog without resistance and who never pressed charges – is just one example of a big, fat lie. Who are these people and why have then not come forward to strengthen that claim?

    Why? They don’t exist. Giving her a forum to make these charges while going unchallenged is criminal. Allowing her to profit off these fantasies is a sin.

        • Cherry, no disrespect, but when I see your avatar, I think of a bloody, prolapsed anus. Yah, lips can be sexy, but yours is nauseating.

          • Mz Lisa, I am so very sorry for offending you in any way whatsoever. For the most part I adore everyone on this site and I can only hope that you are the only one who found my avatar “nauseating”(though I know not what you speak of). Immediately and without hesitation, I have repalced it and only hope that you find my new picture to your liking. Please, be so kind as to let me know your thoughts and opinions. If my new avatar does not meet your standards I have no problem uploading photos until you are satistied.

    • Katie2,

      Excellent points!

      Regarding your point “they don’t exist,” I seem to recall when reading her introduction to her book (on Amazon) she said that some names have been changed – leaving me to wonder, “is it because they don’t exist, therefore her ‘stories’ can’t be verified?” Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  6. Long time reader..first time post. I lover this site! Thank you SH and your friends for the conversation that most people think but people don’t say. Just a few misc. thoughts…
    1. What was Taylor’s intention when taking diet pills? To ‘start a conversation’ about eating disorders? OR was it because she wanted to be skinnier than Brandi.
    2. Anderson Cooper is a huge housewife fan but she wasn’t on his show (and as we know she’s tortured us by being on every other talk show…). Maybe he didn’t want to book her?
    3. Dr. Phil must have donated money towards her foundation already. Didn’t their show mention that it wasn’t a paid interview but money was going towards charity…so her intent wasn’t for proceeds of her book to go towards charity, it was so she can get paid from Dr. Phil. Oh, and shouldn’t her foundation be public record? I think a non-profit org. must show all their financials if requested.

    • I haven’t been able to find any official documents online regarding this foundation of hers so far. Having never created one myself, I have no clue how long that type of thing would normally take. I do know that she’s said it is (or is going to be) a 501c3. That’s an IRS designation and those charities are required to make their 990’s public. To be fair, the Guidestar site wouldn’t have anything on her foundation online yet because it wouldn’t have filed any taxes yet if it’s brand new. Most of the charities I looked up have their 2010 990’s online, a few have them for 2011 but mostly it’s 2010.

      For example, here is the most recent 990 filed (tax year 2010) by the 1736 Family Crisis Center that Shana supports:

      I’ve heard that one thing to look for when looking at a charity’s 990 is to compare the amount of revenue to the amount that’s spent on salaries and other compensation, plus other overhead like rent and office supplies, as compared to what is spent on the actual people the charity is there to help. I won’t try and interpret any of it since I am by no means an expert, but the Guidestar website is an excellent reference to use if you are thinking of donating to ANY charity.

      Very interesting to even look up not for profits in your local area to get an idea of how much they bring in and how they spend that money. You do have to register at Guidestar to see the financials but registration is free.

    • She has a superb PR group. When you Google her name–in any combination, it’s hard to get the nasty stuff up first. Someone on this site explained how this is done a month or so ago, but I can’t remember the details. I’m sure the PR group has done the same w/ Wikipedia.

      • Those search engines are totally manipulated…….just read a long expose about them….dont always trust what you pull up from any one of them….aol. google, yahoo, bing…all of them are tampered with.

        • Businesses (or anyone) can pay Google to make sure that your listing comes up first when someone googles certain words. I believe it’s called Google AdWords.

          • Google Adwords are for listings at the top (above regular search results, usually with a different colored background) and on the side of regular search results. I have an account for my business. You cannot pay Google to boost your way up within the normal search results, however you can hire a web guru to help design your website and implement keywords in a way that will bump you higher in the normal search listings.

        • On a slightly different topic..It is weird that you bring this up cherry because I have noticed a few things in regards to whenever I go online to bring up SH. I am referring to when you put in a search for the site. There is someone who apparently has enormous amounts of time to keep searching a post from how freaking long ago, and making it one of the top 3 or 4 results (Ms SH would be familiar with what I mean) and also one time after I told a friend to check out this site, under the guise of something being a post from SH , you were re-directed to a porn site! I checked what my friend meant and it also happened to me ! I had to quickly get out and run a scan . There are some sick tickets out there! Actually .. there seems to be one person who holds a grudge after her now ex-friend posted and her arse was not worshipped on here, after she posted a comment awhile back. If ya don’t like this site, fine .. then don’t read it and stop talking smack.
          And far as with wicki.. they do have oversite and rules about unconfirmed material , or that which is from a personal slant and it is often reviewed and usually removed.

          • kas: Seriously?? I have not searched for SH and was not aware of this. I apologize to anyone in advance who has been a victim of this in their attempt to locate SH.

            Why would anyone do such a thing??? TFC! SH

          • kas, be sure to restore your computer to the last check point or you will start to be inundated with viruses and bugs if you don’t…’s happend to me……lil fyi if you weren’t already aware…..I had to after curiosity go the the better of me and I went to the site connected to that baby joodice twitter…..biggest mistake of my life!

          • The article I read also talked about the search engines using your most frequented sites to determine what comes up first on your pc compared to mine for example.

            Besides advertisers paying to be the number one results on a search engine, your computer history will determine what results you get. For ex…if you love travel and search “germany” you would get a list of hotels, museums, tourist sites etc….whereas if my interest is history, my results, might come up Hitler, WW1, WW2, etc….while somone who is interest in science…well you get the idea.

            The problem comes when organizations pay to show up at the top of the list. When I searched nursing schools months ago I found several hosp based programs (100’s)….now I can hardly find one. Instead, I’m directed to Keiser, Phoenix and services offering to find programs AND you have to give them all your personal information. Your results are horribly skewed and lord only knows what hand the government has in it. Can’t remember the guys name, but the one blasting the govt for GMO’s is tough to fnd. Big brother is watching and ALL of us are suffering…’s worse than you could ever imagine….

  7. Thank God someone in the media has finally said what we here have been saying for quite a while. I have never and would never lay a hand on a friend, acquaintence, or family member and I promise you that I just never would…..I believe that about most of us here. Their behaviour is deplorable and younger audience members are going to think the is the proper way to act. People should NOT be paid for bad behavior nor should it be enouraged. There is so much wrong with that that I can’t even go into it. Suffice it to say that I’m with Wendy!

  8. Just watched the acces hollywood -video in which Taylor said Kennedy doesn´t have any good memories of her father; wonder why??! The first time in my life I´m actually getting teary eyed because of the strange universe called reality tv! How DARE she do this to her child???? It´s beond anything I ever thought could be done on tv, for all the world to see. WHY doesn´t anyone STOP her from doing this?? Because her child is a lost human being, if something doesn´t happen soon. Very, very upsetting..

    • That is puke-worthy! We’ve all seen that he was the kinder gentler parent and according to shana’s own words Kennedy never witnessed the abuse!! If she has no good memories then it’s because shana is feeding her crap about her dad on a daily basisi. Soon shana’s name will be a synonym for lying.

    • I have to say that, aside from respecting Brandi and Camille for having the guts to say that talking about Russell after he is dead is “really creepy”, I have lost whatever respect I had for Lisa, Adrienne and Kyle (though I had no respect for Kyle already). Bless Camille for also having the courage to publicly stand alone and state that she believes the season should not have been aired out of respect for Russell’s children. Kudos to Kim for the times she tried to call out Taylor, though her words apparently fell on selectively deaf ears.
      Aside from those housewives, none of them are doing a darned thing to protect either Kennedy or Russell’s sons from this character assassination of their father. As far as I am concerned, Lisa (especially Lisa, as it is clear that she has known all along what Taylor is about but decided to do an abrupt about-face as apparently her image was of paramount imporance), Adrienne and Kyle are all cowards and more concerned about not looking like the bad buy than they are about taking a stand and saying SOMETHING, ANYTHING AT ALL to counter what that shameless grifter is attempting to do to the memory of their father.

      • Yes, yes ,yes…especially Lisa pretending to be Tay Tay’s friend, “I think she needs to be supported’ Lisa. Cannot stand that pretentious woman, d-list Lisa, oh and too bad her rattlesnake ‘friends’ ganged up on her. No sympathy for Lisa.

        • I wasn’t a big fan of Lisa in Season 1 but grew to like and respect her during S2. Lisa’s first instincts re: Taylor were on the money. However, she did an about-face and decided to ‘support’ the liar so she’s stuck with that decision (at least, publicly). She’s very diplomatic, but I can’t help but wonder what will happen IF Bravo decided to bring Shana back. A lot of questions have been (and continue to be) raised re: Taylor’s tale of lies, and Lisa has to be aware of what’s being said and questioned. If push comes to shove, I suspect that Lisa will revert to her original position and say something like she knew that something was wrong all along but didn’t want to appear unsupportive until she had reason to believe otherwise.

          • My problem with Lisa is that she knew better but continued this charade, despite realizing (and she is smart enough to realize this) that this is adversely affecting Russell’s children. She could have very diplomatically stated what Camille did, that even though she believed Taylor had experienced a tumultuous marriage, perhaps it would be better to deal with it in a more private manner for the time being, as her explicit stories only serve to deepen the pain of three small children who had just lost their father.

            She knows better, but still does absolutely nothing. In my opinion, people who know better but still stand silently by and watch others committing horrible acts are about as bad as the people committing the acts. Does she fear Taylor’s wrath? Pish tosh, she doesn’t fear anything about Taylor. She only cares about her reputation, her image.

            • Great post magdella.

              I agree that Lisa is only worried about her own image and reputation. I always felt that is why she sided with Taylor in the end and continues to defend her. I would think that as much as Taylor is despised, that this will affect Lisa’s reputation and her business anyway. I know that I would never visit SUR or Villa Blanca now because of Lisa’s connection to Taylor, a known scammer, and grifter. I think that Lisa made the wrong decision to defend Taylor and it will come back to bite her in her very large and voluptous arse.

            • thank u thank u for making that point tv junkie. the only way that, we the viewers, can make a difference is to hit ‘em in the pocketbook. tryin to appeal to their moral compass is futile….the have none….

            • @magdella: yes she did, and my thoughts initially were that she was following bravo’s instructions but the fact that, as you say, Camille diplomatically made her point makes me thing otherwise. And Brandi continues to take a stand for decency in the matter so the bravo theory goes out the window and Lisa is stuck looking like foo.

            • I disagree with you.
              Lisa was being chased by Trailer Trash from day one.
              She cried to Kyle, she whined to Camille and bashed Kim along the way.
              The one who paid her little to no attention was Lisa. She watched the scenes with TT running into Cedric. She saw the scenes where TT and her deceased spouse were at dinner with Kyle and her spouse speaking about their proposal to sue Lisa even when they did not have documented proof Lisa was going to the press and selling stories of 25k.
              It wasn’t untill TT had a melt down in her own home the day after she was rudely not invited to TT’s award banquet luncheon (all the RHOBH agreed to support each other) did she extend a hand in friendship.
              TT has (or had) a photo of her and Kennedy taken on Valentine’s day – where you may ask? At Villa Blanca … who took the picture of the two of them? TT’s boyfriend, the married lawyer. Lisa will find a way to not slowly back off a friendship to TT as most of the other Ladies will do the same .. “let it go to voice mail” …
              TT was such a good friend she sat on that reunion couch and said NOTHING when the two ladies sitting next to her attacked Lisa. They all got their wish designed and architect of the scheme to humiliate Lisa by TT’s hand … she’s deplorable to continue to have her daughter appear with her on Book tours …. the Lying Game continues with TT at the helm ..

            • That doesn’t explain why Lisa didn’t speak up and say something about how Taylor’s very public smear campaing of her dead husband is hurting his children. She has never uttered one word against her since the day she did her sudden and inexplicable about-face. Camille said something.

              Lisa could have, and should have, said something. Her silence speaks volumes about her character and her priorities in life.

    • Dear Europian watcher: Thank you for speaking up. As an American, I am embarrassed by these reality housewives shows. We know tv drama must remain high, characters are manipulated, and scenes are edited, but what was supposed to be an entertaining look into our daily lives has turned horribly wrong. Children and families are being destroyed. The housewives travel to foreign countries and shame us all by their crude and drunken ways. It is painful to watch. We watch and know something must change. We want to intervene and stop these debasing onslaughts, but we don’t know how.

  9. You have to admit she’s good. She’s got CPS, her “charity” her friends, and the media wrapped around her bony fingers. She is very good at her trade which is professional liar. She lies for the fun of it. Lies are her crack.

  10. I had a question about the whole ninja pool fight. This might of been asked or covered already, so forgive me if this is redundant. I know that people on this site are great detectives in their own right and were able to get a timeline together along with discovering the house this incident supposedly took place. But, I was wondering if anyone had called the local police department (since you could see which city the house is in from the listing) and confirmed or denied the accussations. Since this was put in a book that sold nationwide and probably beyond and if the police department did not arrest Russell simply because as Taylor says (I know but bear with me as I play devil’s advocate here) she wanted to protect Russell, then shouldn’t the department be in some big trouble since there were so many hurt people, attempted murder, very serious crime.

    And of course, if this didn’t happen the way Taylor claimed shouldn’t the police want to clear their name of wrong doing? Again, she is smearing the EMT and police department claiming they didn’t follow procedures as they were supposed to according to California’s strict DV laws. Isn’t that slander, a bit? Couldn’t this whole incident be cleared up and everyone know if Russell really is this monster as Taylor claims, with Hulk strength-or Taylor is a liar and therefore the publishers had a responsibility to check facts on this? I know Taylor claims there is a report that she has but won’t release, but wouldn’t the police have to have a full report?

    • There is nothing….I repeat NOTHING about that story that rings true. ONe min he’s drowning her….and the next he’s throwing the guy in and then the dog and on and on…. and honestly…what did he have to gain by throwing the dog in?

      One thing that has continued to bother me is this……has anyone here tried to overhear a conversation….perhaps someone in the same room on a phone… the hallway outside of a room….. a few feet away at your kids basball game??? etc…..I have to say….it is virtually impossible (someone was speaking VERY loudly in a circle at the beach within a few feet of me and let me tell you I could only decipher a word or two of his extremely loud converstaion)…..and the fact that russel supposedly heard this conversation from the bushes that sounds as if the foliage was quite a distance from the conversation taking place just does NOT ring true. He may have picked up a word or two but the seriousness ofthe conversation leads me to believe it was carried on in subdued tones due to the nature of the subject.

      Compulsive liars add waaay too much detail in their descriptions and I believe that is exactly what Taylor was doing. Her problem is that if she wanted to pull this scam off she should have done her research……We’ve used “vyle”, “despicable”, “unforgivable” etc to describe her but the honest truth is that there isn’t a word in the English language that
      adequately describes her…..well except maybe Russell’s own words “you psychotic bitch”…hell, he was being kind…..

  11. Good thoughts Mari! It’s obvious to me that the publisher of Taylor’s book did not do any fact-checking or they would know what we know. Then the book would not have been published. Epic fail on their part imo.

    As for Lisa, I think Taylor worked hard to get into Lisa’s good graces. At the tea party when she was fake crying and saying “If you won’t be my friend, please don’t be my enemy” it really put Lisa in a bad position. I think Lisa “made up” with her just to get her off her back about the friendship thing.She was making Lisa look like a mean bitch on national TV and was faking a nervous breakdown. IMO that was Lisa’s way of stopping Taylor from having a total freak out at the tea party.

    What should Lisa have done that wouldn’t make her look like a horrible person at the time? I don’t believe that a woman as smart as Lisa believes the lies. She saw the truth before any of the others did and said so. Taylor just pushed and pushed her until Lisa had to stop it. I would like for Lisa to come out now and tell us what she really thinks since all the lies have been exposed.

    • I concur miss lizzy. Lisa is older and wiser and I actually saw a vulnerability in her I had never seen before….esp when vyle chimed in and told LIsa that, yes, she did see that Lisa had a big ego. I really saw the pain in Lisa’s face over that…..I have to say LIsa handled herself like a lady.

  12. This ninja pool attack story may be one of the easier lies to validate/disprove. We know the house where this took place? Seems like there’s also the possibility that they were all really, really DRUNK and – where is Kennedy? – and most dogs like to swim. The dog coulda jumped in the pool to join the party. In one of her drunken frenzies, Taylor could have almost drowned herself. Again, we are asking, Where are friends and family? Who’s caring for Kennedy?

  13. I really think that IF Russell did text Taylor the “psychotic bitch” thing, it had to have been when he found out that she was setting him up to be an abuser. He surely had to know what she was up to there at the end. So sad for him. And if he did call her a psychotic bitch, it’s because that’s truly what she showed herself to be.

    • And to continue that thought of Shana perhaps deserving the slur, has anybody considered that in some cases, in some of her stories, both sides are true? Like Shana saying that Russell forced her to take a polygraph test and told her she was a psychotic bitch on her birthday or was financially bound. If we can accept those things to be true, let’s look at why they could be true and what that says about Shana, not Russell. She’s a pathological liar and sociopath who so rarely tells the truth that Russell felt compelled to have her take a polygraph – easily true. She has a problem with big-ticket and frivoulous spending, which we witnessed (sofa by pool) so who would blame Russell for capping her out and having to go through him for money. If that’s true, he was still fairly accomodating and generous given the bday party she threw. She is a psychotic bitch and some of us have called her the same and it’s not even as personal for us as it was for Russell, I mean think about have a front seat to the crazy that is Shana, you know? I shudder. Partners of sociopaths do often commit suicide b/c they are so incredibly soul-destroying to live with, you’d rather not live at all.

  14. Shana’s overdone duck lips, and her huge mouth, and her annoying voice makes me cringe… Fake, fake, fake! Crazy sociopath.

  15. Hate to resurrect a discussion re: Taylor, but just wanted to point out that Russell’s ex-girlfriend spoke up and Randy linked the blog post on his own today. Apparently, his relationship with the ex was just before Shana came on the scene.

  16. Just scrolled through December and didn’t see the Kelly link – only the one about his ex-wives. Am I missing something? TIA

    • the one paper she released didnt prove anything and only raised more question and actually hurt her instead of helping her, no reason to believe whatever she has wouldnt do the same why pay money to be bombarded by emails and tweets from viewers.

  17. All Trayliar put out as a “medical record” was one scrawny piece of paper. Aren’t medical records packed full of all you information? lisa, is right…nobody would pay?

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