POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2012   8:40 pm

Part I… Tamra and Eddie make up… still in Catalina…


Part II… The Dubrow’s Dine Out..and talk about an upcoming party…


PART III… All made up… Tamra and Eddie join Vicki and Brooks for dinner…

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  1. Thoughts so far:
    Heather is giving me strong Countess Luann vibes, I’m waiting her her to starting telling people that the “help” are like children any minute now. I like her hubby he seems so playful and nice, his corny jokes cracked me up reminds me of Paul from BH.

      • I don’t think so either. And his crack about Vicki’s choice of cuisine for her party as “low rent” makes him look as snobbish as his wife who acts so superior to everyone else already. If these two are so high-class, successful and live in such an exclusive area, why would they want to go on a reality show?

        • Not trying to sound mean or anything but since he is a plastic surgeon you would think he would have someone trim some of his nose off, that sucker is huge !

          • It is huge. He does weird stuff with his mouth when he talks.

            I wish I had seen some more of Vicki’s dinner dishe after hearing his low rent comment about Vicki’s meal. Not very polite, dare I say low rent, to make that comment about a party your wife was invited to and attended. Not very gracious, doc.

            • I think his nose is so big he looks like he has a teeny little mouth, it’s all out of proportion. I think he thinks he is being animated for the camera’s?

  2. something about this Heather Dubrow lady seems so phony. Just wondering how long before we hear the news that she is in bankruptcy court just like the rest of these women pretending to be wealthy. I looked up her husband on the Orange County Superior Court’s case access section and it looks like he has been sued for medical malpractice quite a lot. Someone should look into this.

    • Andrea: It’s fairly common for all plastic surgeon’s to have medical malpractice suits brought against them. Look up any plastic surgeon and they’ll have suits pending. Dubrow is no different… it looks like you’ve already looked into it!! TFC!!! SH

  3. So Heather is starting a restaurant somewhere with friends and she has the habit of sending back 90% of her food because she is so picky about what she eats? That should be an interesting dynamic to have as a business partner in the restaurant business. This girl is going to give Jill Z a run for her money at being the most know-it-all housewife.

    • I can’t stand people that act rude in restaurants as a way to show off how rich they are. I have a feeling she pulls this “sending the food back” stunt as a way to make herself feel more important.

      Never in a million years did I think I would say this, but so far, Alexis is shaping up to be my favorite this season! (I know, I know) At least she doesn’t walk around treating people like garbage and thinking she is above everyone.

  4. So Tamra’s maturity level seems to be going backwards….What grown blankity, blank woman would act the way she did on this trip?

  5. How long can tammy sue get away with the “if I screw up I can just cry and get away with it ?” This gross old gramma has no education and needs ANY man to complete her. Her daughters especially should file a restraining order. Her comments are among the most vulgar I have heard anywhere.

  6. I loved Heather’s husband’s yelp during the mud run that he’s not a runner he’s a doctor – loud enough for other runners to hear. Do you need to wear a sign on your back or scrubs to the run are you that insecure? Yes you’re a doctor and there a millions of them in the world. Why are you on reality TV? Is business that bad? I actually like Heather. She’s got more class than the other wives. I don’t think she’s much of a drama queen. She stays neutral. Her husband certainly loves the camera.

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