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Shana… “Taylor Armstrong” was a guest on the Wendy Williams Show today.  SH has yet to see Shana’s appearance; however,  Shana’s interview on Wendy will certainly be predictable.  Shana will, more than likely, hit all the high points of her “story”… and from what has been reported via comments on SH and from a few emails which SH has received… Wendy is another in a long line of interviewers who accepts Shana’s story.

Interesting that Shana’s interview is not on the Wendy Show site… simply the shot of Shana above.

Wendy does talk about her chat with Shana on her after show video… Wendy also says that she’s done with “reality TV.”


Wendy’s opinion re Shana on past Wendy Williams shows…




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    • CYN, I’m right behind you. I can’t even look at her anymore. When I go to the blog roll, I hit everyone else’s articles, just to not have to see Trayliar’s mugg!

      • I’m also fed up with her. And do not appreciate the fact that anyone that has interviewed her are not asking the HARD questions. I believe this is all negotiated by the PR team and they are only accepting media that will play ball with her. That’s ashame. Everyone is trying to be PC about it.. reality is that there’s a timeline that seriously fogs everything that she states as ‘fact’.

        • I’ll admit, I go right to the Taylor posts. I feel like this is all some surreal murder mystery and I’m hoping that it will be will solved somewhere around the corner. I’m still in shock that there is so much evidence against this woman and the media outlets continue to support her. Thank goodness we have the power of communication in our country. Makes you wonder a bit about “Mommie Dearest” doesn’t it?

          • Me too, bornagain… The other housewives are probably really ticked that they aren’t getting any space on SH, lol. Going to take a little break myself from the Shana Pinocchio saga. Talking about her isn’t good for my own well-being.

    • I agree, enough is enough of this lying piece of dung! Honestly, one minute she is tearfully crying on a talk show and only a couple of hours later she is out partying and getting drunk!

      Dragging her daughter around as her prop and protector is the worst! This poor child lost her father only six months ago and now, she is signing books (with little hearts) that completely defames her father. Can you even imagine the things that Kennedy is hearing at these signings? Taylor should be home with her daughter helping her to work through this rough time in her life. It seems that Kennedy is spending all her time in the public eye, being drug from place to place and then left in a hotel room with a nanny while “Mommy Dearest” goes out to party! Sick, Sick, Sick!

      • It makes me feel sick to think of the day this little girl grows up and will see photos and video clips of herself on these book tours promoting the assassination of any good characteristics of a father who loved her and how she was used as shield to avoid public criticism by her lying sack of crap mother to promote her lies, with no thought to the emotional harm /damage which WILL surface sometime later in her child’s life, and also Russell’s other children.

    • This is in an article on another site about Taylor Armstrong. Below is an excerpt from the article:
      “We received a kidnapping threat for me to be kidnapped and a death threat for Kennedy. I haven’t made my final decision yet about what I’m going to do. But I do want people to know we are not going to be bullied.”

      According to the FBI discovered that the threatening tweets were sent by a teenage girl from New Jersey. The young woman will reportedly seek professional mental health treatment in lieu of Armstrong pressing charges, although no final decisions have been made.

      • oh, barf. She actually said “I haven’t made my final decision yet about what I’m going to do.”? Ok, that’s exactly what you do with a kidnapping and death threat, give it time and think it through. And it’s worse given we know what she ultimately did decide to do: nothing. Unless dragging Kennedy and putting her out in public as much as possible, was what she decided to “do” about it.

        Who cares if she’s lying on this one, that’s a very irresponsible reaction considering her daughters safety was at stake.

        You know, she tends to conjures up stories and situations that people wld be uncomfortable challenging as false. The domestic violence, the violence she witnessed in her childhood, the threats to her daughter. She knows that it is very difficult for a typical human being to not give the benefit of the doubt in those matters, even when we have significant evidence to the contrary. A lot of people were uncomfortable calling BS on the twitter threats to her daughter, on the slight off chance that it was legit. THAT is how Shana lives to see another day in Beverly Hills every day, that is where Shana places all her bets – on the “off chance.”

  1. I can’t wait to hear what Wendy has to say tomorrow about reality tv, and why she is tired of it. The timing of this, coming on the heels of Taylor’s interview, is telling. Plus, you know she gets the real dirt when the show goes to commercials, or backstage.

    • Sharon: “Reality TV” is not reality TV; the description has been officially changed by Bravo to “semi-scripted.” And Wendy is in line with the many people who are sick of how contrived all these shows have become. They are so formulaic that they have become predictable. They are no longer fun to watch… even to bash them! When Miss Andy says that people want to emulate these people, he’s dead wrong. The Bravo HWs are becoming cartoons… or they already are! TFC!! SH

      • Ahh…really, so Bravo has changed the description to ‘semi-scripted’? I didn’t know that. Maybe they had to, from the pressure of your site (and the growing public/postings), you have done a great job telling us the real backstory on all these franchises!

  2. All I have to say is Bitch please… you want to hear about abuse – my father BEAT my mother, squeezed her hand so hard that the keys she had in her hand went through the skin between the thumb and pointer finger, slapped her so hard across her face her ear lobe in the back came off – I could go on and on so this stupid moron needs to stop with the abuse excuse – she wanted fame and went to great lengths to get it and still is…I’m soooo over this crack pot

  3. On a side note – I love Wendy and how she says it like she means it but today I lost all respect for that voice – she is falling into that “fame” crap also

  4. Gotta say, Wendy comes across as deranged as the rest of them.

    However, I’m with her and reality tv. Having given up on the BH franchise, from reading comments posted throughout the net, I’m not missing much.

    Seven seasons is a long time to maintain interest. When Tamra finds herself jealous of that old troll Vicki you know they have “jumped the shark” when it comes to a storyline. Come on, is anyone buying into that fake drama? This must be the “set up” to this season’s phony feud what with Tamra and Gretchen now becoming new best friends so let’s set up the “teams”!

    This stuff is so contrived they should fire whoever is keeping this nonsense on the air.

  5. If Taylor wanted to write a book why didn’t she write one about suicide? This could have been therapeutic for Kennedy as appose to traumatic from Taylor’s abuse book. She cries that she is the victim…. but isn’t Russel the one who is dead? Maybe THAT should have been the story. Instead of calling this man out and bashing him publicly why didn’t she discuss his depression and pressures etc. I think that type of book could save more people than the DV book. I guess she figured the DV book was more of a money maker.

  6. I watched the Taylor interview on Wendy today. Poor Wendy looked fit to be tied before they even started talking. I don’t think Wendy had the energy to confront the way she might have wanted to do. Taylor of course was scripted and when needed brought out the tears, which Wendy simply ignored and moved on. It’s the last interview I’ll watch of this woman – she has burnt out too many people with her “story” – I simply can’t waste any more time on her.

    Oh, Taylor said that SHE moved out — again the story changed. In this version Russell didn’t leave; she did.

    • I didn’t read the book, but from a summary that I read:

      After Taylor had her CAT scan on Sunday, June 26th, she, Julie & Armstrong moved out for a few days. Then she called Russell and told him to move out. He agreed to be out by the next day. Then she called Lisa & Kyle in Hawaii.
      Nevermind that the medical report she released was for a CT scan dated ‘June 22nd’ not June 26th.
      And some of the posters on SH have said that the report makes it sound as if the injury were older than a month. Her story is that the injury happened on June 11th, just 11 days prior to the CT scan report or 15 days prior to the June 26th she wrote in her book.

      I dunno how much of Taylor’s story about this is true. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that some man who had the temper to go after 3 people and 2 pitbulls all in one evening would move out within 24 hrs just cuz she told him to.

      • Especially a man that she claimed was sooo secretive about his money and gun shy from a paternity suit that she never questioned him about finances because she didn’t want to seem like a gold digger. Her stories do not add up.

      • I’m still puzzled on how one man R size can take on 2 Pitbulls and not get tore up! My friend had one Pitbull in college. Her dog weighed 120 lbs and was very protective. One night a friend of ours that basically lived with her came in her house late from being out and the Pitbull attacked his azz. A surgeon had to reconstruct his face.

  7. I loathe him to the very fiber of my being, but I’d love to see Bill O”Reilly interview Trailor. I have a feeling he wouldn’t buy into her bullshit and hit her with every inconsistency and lie she has told, starting with the numerous name changes.
    I ‘m disappointed in Wendy Williams. I thought she might, possibly hit her with a few tough questions.

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