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So, what IS the real cost of being a Housewife in Beverly Hills???  

Our friends at the Daily Truffle have broken those figures down for all who have been wondering!  Our friends at the DT were born and raised in Beverly Hills… they still live there and know all the skeletons, the ‘who’s who’ and the ‘what’s what’!

This is just PARTIAL LIST of the breakdown!  Please visit the DT for the ENTIRE story…

BEAUTY — $12,000 to $24,000
It’s not uncommon to get your nails done once a week or a week — $1,200 a year for Mani Pedi is about the annual cost. A hair cut can run upwards of $125 and color every couple weeks to once a month can start at $300.

A starting gym membership at Equinox (formerly the Sports Club) in Beverly Hills is $150 a month. A private pilates class or private trainer at Equinox is $120 to $160. Group yoga classes are free. The initiation costs for the highest level, which gives you access to the executive locker room, can be up to $5k.

Your average middle aged housewife in Beverly Hills spends between 3k – 5k on botox and filler throughout the year and facials (twice a month) are $125 – $225 – Dr. Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Aida Thibiant on Canon are our favorites.

CLOTHES — $500,000 to $1,000,000

A stroll through the personal shopper’s closet at Neiman Marcus (tucked in the couture section on the 2nd floor) will reveal racks and racks of clothes pull by NM’s personal shopper for various big-time clients. A look through the name tags on the racks reveals not a single one of Bravo’s BH housewives — for shame!!

Saks 5th Avenue has a similar service called the 5th Avenue Club which consists or 5 or 6 personal shoppers who all have closets where they pull and store things for their clients. These closets are located behind a door on the second floor of Saks and also has a living room set-up with a fully functioning bar (at all times). None of Bravo’s housewives are clients here.

A 25k to 50k per month shopping budget for clothes is not uncommon – a budget this size will include shoes but general does not including jewelry or fur which couldn’t drain the entire amount in one trip.

Why so much? Well, an Azzedine Alaïa dress, for instance, runs on average 4-5k. If you are a Beverly Hills housewife, it’s possible you could go to up to a couple events a day (a luncheon, a dinner, and a party). With cocktail dresses ranging from cocktail dresses 3-5k and gowns for charity events or big dinners can run up to 10k.

It is not uncommon for a Beverly Hills housewife to operate on a $50k per month shopping budget for clothes and shoes (does not include jewelry or fur). One friend of the Truffle regularly spreads the 50k a month across Neimans (20k), Saks (10k), and other stores (10k).

If you do have a fur(s), you either have a fur storage closet or spend $95 a year to store a fur at Neiman Marcus; Saks will run you $125 to store a coat for a year and and glaze it. *(Saks is a little more possibly because The Fur Salon at Saks is owned and operated by an independent Dutch furrier who houses the coats in an undisclosed workshop in L.A. — location not released for security purposes).

INSURANCE — $50,000 to $500,000

Insurance is a major issue when you start to have valuables. The basic rule of thumb is that anything less than $6k is not worth the cost to insure it (meaning, it costs more than worth to pay). A typical annual insurance cost for jewelry and watches a woman in Beverly Hills is $50,000.

One Beverly Hills housewife in the area has two armed security guards stand outside her jewelry closet at all times …!

A way to avoid this sort of cost that other Beverly Hills ladies do is keep their statement jewelry in a safe deposit box at a bank (which means you don’t have to insure the items) and then take out one at a time when you want to wear it and call in a ‘floater’ to your insurance company which will turn the insurance for that item on for the time you have it out of the bank’s vault. So you can pull out your red rubies for Friday and exchange them for the diamond choker on Saturday.

Home owner’s insurance and high value art costs a LOT more to insure than jewels though … What most people do is find an insurance policy for their home that will wrap in the insurance for every family member’s car, all the jewels, life insurance, and so forth.

A Swiss insurer by the name of Ace Group offered a Beverly Hills housewife we know car insurance that will provide her with an unlimited cost of car rental in the event her car goes into the shop. That means she can rent a Ferrari for free. The cost of this policy would be cost-prohibitive on it’s own — but wrapped up with the house and medical, Ace Group basically offers it for next to nothing. This is when the phrase you have to spend money to make money comes to mind.

Many BH-ers also have liability insurance which means their liability is limited if a gardener trips on a hoe or a kid’s friend falls off the trampoline. Without this kind of insurance, wealthy individuals are left open to any amount of medical and emotional damages the victims claims.

VACATION / SECOND HOMES — $300,000 to $500,000

A three week vacation with Abercrombie and Kent to Africa is about $25k — while a trip to Africa with Ker & Downey will be $28k per person!

If you are talking about Europe during peak season, expect a three week vacation to climb upwards of 40k. A get-away spa to the Golden Door or Monitcitoni or Canyon Ranch *(in the Berkshires only) starts at $500 a day.

If you bring the kids and need an extra room — double everything. If you bring a nanny, or three, as is customary for many Beverly Hills housewife who have CEOs as husbands. Why bring 3? It is because a good nanny will only want to work 8 hours a day so you need three to fill three 8 hour shifts a day. Then some pay the nanny over time when she isn’t working because she is basically being paid overtime. While this is on the extravagant side — it is not entirely abnormal. Here is the math on that — $25 an hour x 8 hours x 7 days plus $50 x 16 hours x 7 days x 3 nannies.

A house in the Malibu Colony that is average size (for the Colony) will cost about $200k (excludes purchase price) to maintain throughout the year. If you want the math on that — this is the mortgage and taxes on an $7,500,000 house with 40% down.

STAFF / SHRINKS / PSYCHICS / PETS — $100,000 – $200,000

Normal staff for a Beverly Hills housewife is either a day housekeeper ($150 per, $4,500 per month and $54,000 per year) but more likely a live in housekeeper which is less expensive because you’ve include room and board. Everyone is different but typically a live-in housekeepers in Beverly Hills annual salary is $22,000 a year with all taxes paid for, free room and free food. One Beverly Hills housewife has a housekeeper with this exact salary but doesn’t iron or go to the market or cook at all. She does, however, pay close attention to four dogs that live in the house and works 830 or 9-4. She eats the same food as the family, uses the treadmill, eats food the housewife cooks her and is considered part of the family. She also has an iPhone and straightens her hair everyday. At least one live-in maid is to be expected with children.

A non-live-in chef is $100 to $150 per day (excluding food costs). Is it normal to have a chef? Yes, but often the housekeepers do it.

It is not uncommon for women we know to have special elective doctor such as therapists, shrinks, psychics, and the new trend of the moment — doctors of oestepathy. A reputable psychic is about $150 for a good full hour. Psychologist ($250 per visit x once a week = $12k). This is very normal. Rather it’s personal therapy or couples therapy, pretty much all BH-ers see this cost.

If you have 4 dogs, and we use than number because many Beverly Hills housewives like their pups!, it’s $3,500 + for 4 dogs to be bathed and clipped by a mobile grooming service.

If you fly with your pet, it is anywhere from $100-$150 per flight (each way).

ANNUAL COST — $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 a year

If you calculate the high side of our above mentioned maintenance fees which does not include the cost of houses, cars or jewelry, you will arrive just shy of $4 Million dollars a year for basic maintenance of a lifestyle in BH.

While we have no idea what the (actual) expenditures are of Bravo’s Beverly Hills housewives, we are going to give Adri, Lisa, and Camille a pass for having the lifestyle, Kyle gets half a pass for having good hair and a cute baby, Taylor, Kim, Brandi and Dana get no pass.