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The end has come. It has been such a difficult year. I can’t say I’m sad that it’s over. Having the husbands come in after hearing Taylor discuss her rocky marriage was a welcome break. I love all these guys — especially Mauricio, of course — but all of them are kind, fun, and just overall great guys.


This was such a draining and emotional season. I have cried so much in the past year that I’m embarrassed. I am a very emotional person, and it has been a trying time. Thank you all so much for your tweets, e-mails, and letters of support. Kim and I sat together yesterday and read through so many heartwarming e-mails from all over. Kim is doing so well. Each day she is stronger, happier, and moving forward, one day at a time. . .





Many of you have watched us all for almost 45 episodes over the last two years, so when people stop us in the street and say “I really feel I know you,” I think you do. You have witnessed incredibly special intimate moments — the preparation of the wedding, the news of the proposal, little vignettes of our lives that have been documented for all the world to see. It is almost as if you join us on our emotional journey.

I have few regrets this season, but I have been more deeply disappointed when watching the footage of some of the negativity. I would never allow, out of allegiance to my friend, somebody to repeatedly trash a friend of mine who was totally unaware of the situation until it had been aired. That is something I just can’t fathom.  (NOTE:  Can anyone interpret this statement?  Who is Lisa referring to??)

I do believe when many criticize the medium of reality television, they shouldn’t be so judgmental. For as we watch stories unfold, relationships prosper, and others deteriorate, there are so many lessons we can all learn from each other. To observe and reflect on what we would do if faced with the same situation? We all have choices and I know, to criticize and put each other down is not the best way forward, to be honest, but constructively is a much better route and to be sure, before one utters unfounded accusations, that you have a responsibility to each other, to give the benefit of the doubt.


For the record not a big fan of my make up for the reunion, but I loved my dress. . . will never tell you who it is though! I’m glad people got a bit of insight into my life. I left home at 15 and pretty much built myself up from there, so I guess I do get enamored by shiny objects and over-the-top money items. I hope my silly behavior doesn’t make you forget that it doesn’t matter where you start — just how you end up. Some of you may have noticed my weight loss. I’m really proud about it. I can’t wait to share with you how I did it over the next few months.

Some people are wondering whether I would come back next season and for the record I would! This “friend” has some unfinished business with these women. Let’s hope I get a chance too!

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  1. for the love of all things holy Dana, shut up ! WE DON’T CARE.

    Lisa, you know who your friends are now, make sure you remember it next season.

    • @ meekah3 – I think you’re right.

      I doubt she’ll turn her back on Kyle and Taylor. Mean girls are thick as thieves.

      During the reunion, she showed real disgust only at Adrienne.

    • I just looked at Brandi’s Twitter and Dana ( who purportedly hates her ) tweets her constantly. In between hurling insults at Brandi and fending off attacks by Brandi fans she kisses butt to people on the site she hopes might like her. She is desperately trying to insert herself into Brandi’s life.
      Did you notice on the reunion her pathetic attempt at angling for Brandi’s spot? She pretty much said to the other housewives, if you bring me back I will guarantee to kiss your ass and tell you anything you want to hear -any takers ?

  2. I think Lisa is referring to Adrienne for allowing Bernie to trash her….OR
    she could be referring to Kyle who pot stirred with Taylor yet didn’t tell Lisa that Russell was going to sue her for “selling” stories to the tabloids….

  3. Lisa does have some folks to choose from in the 2 faced department … will never understand her Kyle friendship. Dana is soooo needy I’m thinking deprived childhood seriously. What is the point of keeping the dress designer a secret??

    • If Dana’s father was very wealthy and she was in one of the best in the country, Why did she leave at 15? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Why was her Mother so poor, didn’t they have child support in those days?

    • There is only two things that I like about Dana, 1) that she doesn’t mind admitting that she has low self esteem and needs to buy $25000 sunglasses to make up for it and that she likes to name drop and/or brag etc. I don’t like this trait in a person but at least she acknowledges it. 2) I like her bubbly laugh.

      That isn’t enough to make me want to watch her on another season, especially because the list of things I DON’T like about her way exceeds my ‘like’ list.

      • I agree. I can always respect honesty even if I don’t agree, I respect it. I’d like to give her snaps for loyalty but there’s a huge difference in loyalty and choosing to be blind to horrific behavior. She’s defending some bad actions/words. That’s not ok.

    • She probably won’t tell the designer because it’s her old home ec. project from highscool back from when she was poor.

      • She isn’t telling the designer because she caught holy hades all year for blasting out brand names and prices, she thinks she is “punishing us” and now we are all desparate to know ‘who’ she was wearing when in fact, WE DON’T CARE.

        • My dad always used to say “if a designer wants me to wear his name on my butt- he’d better pay me for advertising space” needless to say I grew up thinking overpriced designer stuff was dumb.

  4. Lisa is referring to Kyle. She has stated several times that she was shocked and disappointed several times when watching Kylie’s interaction with Taylor. The comment Kyle said ( preys on the weak) really upset her. She really considered Kyle a dear friend and “dear friends” do not talk behind each other backs.
    She could careless what Bernie thinks and Adrian is the one with a problem towards Lisa. Plus Adrian has never really said anything that upsetting. To Lisa they were just neighbors not dear friends like kyle.

    • Adrienne was all about show your shoes , show your shoes, how tacky. two middle fingers with diamonds and an f and a k, yeah we all want a pair of those. Were they your design Adrienne?

    • Sharon: Thanks for the clarification! At the time, honestly could NOT think of whom she might be referring! My Becky will be back tomorrow… (thank you Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!!). TFC!!! SH

    • Hello to a fellow Sharon!

      I agree with you – I think she means Kyle too. Lisa really viewed Kyle as a good friend up to this point. And then for Kyle to say Lisa played life like a chess game – so opposite of what we were seeing!

      • i think Kyle too, kyle knew about the lawsuit and that Taylor had planned an attack at the tea party. She also sat there while Adrienne said Lisa stirs the pot and didn’t let Lisa know about any of this Absolutely Kyle.

    • My thoughts exactly. Several times, Kyle sits and listens to negative talk about Lisa. Kyle defended herself by saying it’s tough to defend one when you’re friends with both so she keeps quiet. However she had zero problem defending Taylor at every turn, on the reunion. Which now makes her appear like a lousy friend. The coup di gras? She had no problem using that “friendship” to make $$ from Mauricio selling Lisa’s home. With friends like her, who needs enemies!

  5. Boy, What blog will Dana write now? I guess the one she has for herself. She oughta be good and pissed the next month or so, especially when she realizes she ain’t comin’ back.

  6. Oh yeah, speaking of Bernie, where was he? Before his mouth went on lockdown, he posted all over his FB how he was going to the reunion taping and planned to confront Lisa.

  7. I think that she’s referring to the ‘set up’ against her which started at the Tea Party by Taylor and finally played out at the reunion.

  8. She has said she “left home” at 15 and “built a life for herself” but.. um… wasnt she at her “rich daddies” house? She was prolly a huge pain in the ass “daddy I want.. daddy buy me… daddy… Daddy you OWE me….but…Daddddyyyyyy ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!” Yep her and Traylor are the same. Brats!
    See this is the problem with raising entitled brats…. eventually they grow up and the rest of the world has to put up with them and THAT is “not fair!”

    • Yeah, that didn’t make sense either – so she moved in with her Dad at 15? Sounds like it, how else did she attend that private/elite school?

    • She was probably like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka.

      I didn’t notice her weight loss at all. Did notice those ugly extensions of hers though.

      Ken said it best…..hey Pam/Dana “WE DON’T CARE”

  9. I always thought Bernie’s dislike of Lisa stemmed from a clash of cultures. Adrienne said to Bernie ‘everyone loves your Mac and cheese’ and he said ‘the lady across the road doesn’t.’ I took this to mean Lisa may have expressed horror that they were serving Mac and cheese at a dinner party. In Britain Mac and cheese enjoys a similar status to ramen noodles in the US. I remember being quite shocked that adults ate Mac and cheese when I moved to the US. Now it’s one of my favourite things but we don’t have velveeta in australia so I have to improvise when I have PMS

    • Well to be honest I had a hard time swallowing the mac n cheese story(pun intended) Doubtful that any of those ladies would ever dream of eating mac n cheese Adrienne especially. Oh the carbs, Delicious carbs no doubt but I ‘spect they would rather orbital blowout themselves with a hot piece of firewood than to eva consume that.

    • I love homemade mac & cheese, (not kraft dinner) but I would never serve that at a dinner party. Yet…. if I was at someone’s home and they served it to me, I would think it was weird, but I’d never say anything because I don’t expect everyone to be like me. HOPEFULLY Lisa doesn’t expect everyone to be like her, she doesn’t seem to. I think Adrienne purposely had the mac & cheese conversation to get a little more Bernie bashing Lisa on camera.

    • In Lisa’s cookbook there’s a recipe for cauliflower & cheese. She said a lot of this was eaten by her when first starting on her own. She likened it to the US love w/Mac cheese.

  10. wonder how long it took Pam-Dana and “her Girl” Fishlips to come up with that bullshit childhood, boo hoo, story. Almost as good as Fishlip’s watching her father beat her mother at two! who in the hell remembers anything at two? So over these two scam artists. Pam-Dana and her boyfriend, fiance, sugar daddy, what ever he is, are also being investigated for scamming people. Seems these two skanks have alot in common.

  11. I think Lisa left her statement open for interputation because it involved several people & on numerous occasions. Kyle for not telling her about Russell’s threat to sue her, Kyle’s remark “she preys on the weak”, Adrienne’s remarks regarding Pandora’s party location, Bernie’s comments (and Adrienne not telling him to shut his mouth), Cedric’s remarks…. I think she is just referring to all incidents all season long.

    As for Dana, I’d best not get started on that one lol ;)

    • I agree with you British Bev Lisa took care off all of them at once and left the reader to interpret as they wish. I’m sure Kyle is saying to Maurice “Do you think she is talking about me” while Adrienne is barking at Paul “She just won’t leave it alone Paul” and Bernie is scooping up all the dog doo from the back yard and strategically placing it in Lisas new driveway plotting his next defensive attack!

  12. Hmmm, I find it amusing that Kyle was mimicking Dana, which was a obvious insult, and Dana laughed. You can tell Kyle had perfected her voice, and even Andy was aware of it, so she had to of mimicked her to others, and of course they laughed. Dana sounds so snobbish, and I think it amuses Kyle.

  13. Just read Lisa’s Bravo blog in its entirety. She spent time speaking about Kim but not one word about Taylor. Hopefully, Brandi and Camille have helped Lisa put it all in ‘perspective.’

  14. I think Lisa is referring to the planned attack on her at the Tea Party led by Taylor and then again being ambushed by all three, led by Kyle and Adrienne, at the reunion. I get the feeling that both were like a slap in the face to her. My perception of Lisa is that she is a loyal friend, therefore if a friend is not loyal to her, she feels betrayed and she’s done with them. I’m that way.

    Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor ganged up on Lisa and attacked her without Lisa having a clue what it was about beforehand. They’re too chicken and scared to confront Lisa face-to-face because none of the three are intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with with Lisa.

    They plot behind her back and gang up on her like teenage mean girls. I think that’s the emotional level Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne are on…they stopped maturing socially and emotionally in jr. high school and have no class or maturity whatsoever. They never got past the mean girl stage. None of them are the sharpest crayons in the box either, especially Kyle.

  15. I just finished watching reunion part 3 on the DVR… Excuse me while I go purge!

    PS: I love how Brandi calls Dana “Pam” and she responds… I had to question myself, “wait, is her real name Pam? I thought it was Dana…”

  16. Why oh why oh why did I just read both blogs in full. Lisa’s was spot on and then…. against my better judgement I read Desperate Dan(a)’s. I wasn’t going to say much but upon reading this:

    “Also I too think Ken is hot, but I would not shag him because he is married, unlike a certain cast mate of mine. LOL.”

    She just had to try and twist the joke yet again due to her jealousy of Brandi. She’s been lucky if she’s had 30mins total airtime, including the reunion, for the entire season. Yet her biased, arse kissing blog has been up first just about each week! Will I watch season three if this non-entity is on it…. I’d rather suck out my eyeballs with the vacumn cleaner first thanks.

    • gak, she’s so embarassing! why does she keep saying stuff like that!! that’s the worst thing about dana, you feel sorry for her a bit and you can live with that but then she goes and says something stupid and annoying and you’re all conflicted and wanting her to just disappear.

      • Within the first 5 minutes of airtime I was rolling my eye’s listening and watching her. Hoping it was a one off I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, the only thing I can give Dana is that she is consistant…. consistantly annoying.

        • i honestly have to say that in the entire possibly 45 minutes of total air time Dana received in season 2 that I never once felt sorry for her, not even just a bit. It was too funny that she got six minutes of reunion time. I wonder how long they taped and how much of herself she expected to see on the air. Dana if that is not a hint that you will not be back for another season you must be the type of person that has to be hit over the head with a brick before you believe the truth. Oops, even that doesn’t work, your friends with Taylor and support her, get out of the line= no soup for you !

          • This bit made me laugh on her blog, “Some of you may have noticed my weight loss. I’m really proud about it. I can’t wait to share with you how I did it over the next few months.” Over the next few months? The show is over, who’s going to be checking in besides, her and herself? I’d love to buy a mirror where some of these women buy theirs from, because you really don’t get to see in it what the rest of us see’s!

    • Yeah, and then you can blame it on your husband/boyfriend whatever, write a book, go on every TV talk show in the country, be touched inappropriately by Dr. Drewid and make your lips the size of Montana!! (just kidding, I like your comment)

  17. I understand Lisa being upset, but she might as well suck it up. Now is the time to access the situation and make her plans going forward of how to deal with these ladies if she chooses to come back, because from what I hear they start taping in March.

    I already know how the season will go if she does come back. I just see Lisa sitting there filing her nails and whistling while everything around her is going to hell in a handbasket. I wouldn’t get in any arguments because of anybody else. I wouldn’t give my opinion. I wouldn’t tell these ladies anything. In fact I would be on that show just like Kim….just doing my own thing. Coming when I wanted to, showing up when I felt like it. I wouldn’t care if Taylor ate or not, if Kyle got into it with somebody else, if Adrienne was offended, Nothing! In fact, Andy Cohen would ask me like he did Kyle about Kim, “Why are you even on the show?”

    • “from what I hear they start taping in March.”

      Oh, thank goodness it’s soon, because I am dying to know who the cast will be next season!”

  18. Okay, so forgive my confusion, has it or has it not been confirmed that Dana/Pam will not be coming back to RHBH?

  19. I’m sure Bravo is telling each of the ladies that no decision has been made so they will cooperate. Dama doesn’t appeal to any demographic that they want to foster so I doubt highly she will be back. Brandi brings drama with few strings unlike traylair so I bet she will be back especially as a counterpoint to Kyle. Kim and Kyle will probably be back because anyone with a sister can realate to them. Camille is too nice now. Not sure how Adrienne and Lisa work into the ratings thing. They may need to be angry with each other for drama purposes only. It will be interesting how Kyle will try to flex her muscles because she does “own” part of the show. Will Kyle kick traylair to the curb?

  20. I would be very surprised if Dana were invited back; especially, considering how little the producers chose to use her this season. I knew Dana from when I lived in LA (and Kyle – but less so – I had the misfortune of going on a few dates w/long-time ex boyfriend of Kyle’s – that’s how we met… trust me you don’t want to get in her way – she’s a total alpha female). Regarding Dana, I feel sorry for her… she’s not a mean spirited person at all, but she definitely seeks approval in a high school way and is impressed by money (welcome to LA). She was in over her head with this group on the show. Socially, IMHO Taylor was out-of-her-league too, but in the producer’s minds “made up for it” by being a narcissistic grifter psycho biatch w/ a major anger-management problem but effortlessly projected her venom on to others. I believe that Taylor & Russell’s relationship was abusive on both sides. Based on the footage from the first two seasons there is indisputable proof that Taylor is an emotionally abusive person. I really hope the show drops Taylor… but doubt it… too many viewers including myself can’t stand her, which like it or not, is an incentive to watch the show and bring ratings up.

    I could be wrong, but I think Camille with her reputation restored, will elegantly bow out.

    • I’ve read a couple of things out there that said that Camille wasn’t going to be asked back. Since, she’s now a fav of fans, I’m thinking that there are a couple of possible reasons why she’s not coming back: 1. Her new boyfriend doesn’t want any part of the show and/or she isn’t willing to expose that relationship to the cameras so she’s not going to accept a contract that requires her to do so (smart thinking, Camille). 2. Kelsey used his juice to get her off the show because she basically told everyone that he sucks in bed, and we all know that stuff like that causes the male ego to go full-tilt boogey. :-)

    • Sorry – agree with you on everything except this – “Dana…not a mean spirited person at all”

      Hell yeah she is. That woman is toxic and cruel. She just hides it under a fake innocent act. A person only has to read Lisa’s twitter feed, or Dana’s (ugh) – Dana says and does very cruel and hurtful things re: Brandi. It has not stopped. That is the definition of “mean spirited”

    • EB….I really enjoyed your insights to the BH social vibe….It is so easy to judge these ladies by my mid-westrn standards and I have to remember this is the shee shee/ laa laa land approach of social jockeying. Monied women in the mid-west do all of the same things monied women in BH do with a little less attention to the constant plastic surgery. There is the same trophy wife crap that can make events tricky, but the women with money here don’t sweat the plastic barbie syndrome I see from the BH & OC ladies do. Gretchen and Tamra would quickly know they stepped in it if they had done what they did at Vickie’s dinner party here in the mid-west. You just have to play by the rules and you get by pretty easily.

  21. Ok, so when generally does Bravo let the cast know when they are coming back? Don’t they start filming in the summer?

    Also, I’ve been wondering, does the cast submit possible story lines in a meeting with Bravo execs or what? Do they just film with an idea of where the story line for a castmates going to go and then decided during filming whether to start editing them out? Do we know by what Bravo bases their decisions on? I’m so confused because Taylor seems like a MASSIVE liability, she’s already going through one lawsuit, and is now making allegations that seem transparently false (slander, libel) which means more possible lawsuits, not to mention people really seem to be gathering to protest her presence and support on Bravo (more en mass vocal outrage than I’ve ever seen for a television show) which should affect sponsers.

    I think Camille would benefit coming back as a friend of a housewife. Preserve that nice reputation she has built up, but still get the perks of exposure on a hit reality show (not to mention, a nice paycheck, not that she needs it, lol).

    Dana seems really desperate to be on the show, she needs to get a good PR agent, stat, though I don’t think she will get cast (although maybe she’s hoping to cause drama to get casted, I think it’s rumored that Leanne Rimes is being cast as a source of tension for Brandi, Stoopid Housewives can you confirm?).

      • So it’s confirmed then, because there seems to still be a debate about that (on this site certainly, but several others I’ve seen). I’ve also not seen anything on past posts of Taylor that says “for sure” she isn’t coming back, but just that it’s likely she isn’t (unless I’ve completely missed it). Taylor certainly seems to think she’s coming back (or is pulling for a comeback) and I don’t think Peggy knew she wasn’t coming back until near the beginning of filming for her show.

        • Not to be cruel, maybe, Bravo will bring Taylor back for one last episode, and the last that we will see of her is a shot of her in the fetal position in the corner of her bedroom floor… fade to black… that’s a wrap!

        • Well, I don’t think it’s “confirmed” until Bravo confirms it, which won’t be for a while. If they start filming in March, they’ll be deciding very soon. But with RHONY, Bravo didn’t confirm Jill, Kelly, Alex were dropped until long after the press rumors were out there.

          I really hope SH is right. Shana needs to go. I think Bravo will want to insulate themselves from her lawsuits as much as possible.

          I would be SHOCKED if LeAnn Rimes did it. First, I don’t think they’d do that to Brandi since she is obviously a fan favorite. I don’t think LeAnn or Brandi would want that either, nor Eddie.

          From what I’ve read, they want Jennifer Flavin (Stallone’s wife) and perhaps Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s soon to be ex).

    • They would be so wrong on so many levels to bring LeeAnn on, that woman stalks Brandi and there are two children involved. Whatever or where ever Brandi is filmed or photographed at, LeeAnn does the same, That is way too creepy and I don’t think Brandi will come back if they do that and I want Brandi back.

      • I’m not sure where I saw it (I really should start saving links) but I’ve seen photographs of Leanne and Brandi in the same place, close to each other (not interacting) and I thought I might have seen a post on this site that references her appearance on the show, but that might just have been that Leanne coincidentally appeared at the same place as Brandi, not that it was set up by producers. I honestly have no idea, but I’m sure I’ve read that they were filmed together during taping (though again, this could just be a coincidence). Maybe it was on TvGasm or RealityTea. I know I’ve seen posters comment on this (not sure if it was on this site) because I did a double take and thought, “no way!” I know Bravo loooooves the drama, so I wouldn’t put it passed them to want to cast Leanne (though its unlikely, because I think Brandi would certainly drop out), plus, Leanne is still a very recognized in music (more publicity).

  22. Forgive me if this has been posted, but as an answer to SH’s question “Can anyone interpret this “who is Lisa talking about?” I think Lisa is talking about HERSELF! During filming she had no idea the other HWs were talking about her so much and she is mad at Kyle, who she thought was her BFF, for not telling her.

  23. Dana is still desperate to sit at the popular girls table. Nobody cares where her dress is from it was buttugly as was her makeup and silly shoes. For some reason she thinks we all want to end up like her. Not a chance.

    Lisa is saying not to judge. If she is referring to the viewing public, sorry it comes with the territory. If you want only constructive criticism you need to look elsewhere. If she is talking about her friends being judgemental, she needs to pick new friends. My friends don’t judge me, thats why they are my friends. I would rather have two close lifetime friends than a roomful of shallow ones.

  24. After watching and following this hot mess Shana… I believe that Shana had Russell murdered… And was setting up the Adriene “godmother” BS story so she could go to Adriene for financial “help”, since the money would be for “Kennedy”… You can’t turn your back on your “Godchild” can you? So sinister. That is why she also smiles like a psychopath when Andy asks, “do you think it was murder.”. His partner was also murdered because Shana knew that he would be the only person to out her lies, since he was closest to Russell he knew all…including the fact that she was in on all the shady business dealings… Just sayin.

    • The whole issue of Shana so desperately wanting Adrienne to be Kennedy’s godmother is fascinating to me. She wanted it so badly she sat at a reunion and was called out on it without blinking an eye. The look on her face was CrAzY with that shit-eating grin on her face. I wanted to cheer when Adrienne answered, basically saying hell no!

      At the lunch she had with Adrienne when she was told NO, did you see the look on Shana’s face? Can you imagine asking someone you really don’t know very well and haven’t known very long to be your child’s godmother? Shana wasn’t even embarrassed about it. I would have been horrified to hear what Adrienne said to her. It was like a teacher schooling a slow student when Adrienne explained why she could not be the godmother.

      What a piece of work Taylor is! She has no shame or sense of what’s socially acceptable, right or wrong. She put Adrienne in a terrible position by even asking. I wonder how many times Adrienne had to say NO before she quit asking? We know of at least two times.

      The most fascinating thing about the godmother issue to me is why did she choose Adrienne?

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