POSTED FEBRUARY 15, 2012   4:44 am

On last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County… 

Peggy Tanous explains how Alexis Bellino has changed… and the reason that Peggy will not be back on the RHOOC… 

From her appearances on the RHOOC, Peggy was a very nice person… hope she does well!

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  1. Bye Peggy!! it was over before it ever began. After her last words said, Ken from RHOBH should have stepped in and said: we don’t care. Take your Hollistic Food eaten, gun shootin, Alexis obsesses out of here!!

    • Peggy is the stereotypical pain in the @$$ stoopid woman. How annoying it was to watch her freak out over the kids scratched finger and the contrived PPD. Most of us have to be adults and bear up with life’s difficulties as women of grace. This ugly tetracycline stained maxillary incisor toothed ego blown ignoramus cougar is a loser the show can stand to lose.We had to see over stretched veined water balloon size double P boobs. She’ll encourage her brats to be models rather than attempt math and engineering. I would bet none of these women understand Quantum theory. !!!

  2. If Peggy was liked by the fans, Bravo would have figured a way to keep her. Bottom line is all that really matters. I’m not an Alexis fan, but do find her ignorance is bliss bubble a bit entertaining.

    • I agree. But I don’t think Alexis deserved to be lied to by Jim and Peggy and then have Peggy slam her for not being a good friend. I’m glad Peggy is going back to her selfish anxiety crap with her husband.

      Alexis is ignorant, but I wonder if this started clearing some cobwebs.

  3. I would rather have Peggy on the show over Alexis. If we’re voting…
    I forgot all about the OC gals last night.
    I was all wrapped in the Whitney coverage. :-(

    • i like peggy so much better than alexis, too. i do not like the self-righteousness and stupidity of alexis. her lipo-sucked hubby should blog about rihanna, there’s still not enough rihanna coverage. ahem.

    • I forgot all about it last night too, I don’t have a good reason, I watched Dance Moms again and didn’t even remember the OC was airing.

  4. Let’s face it. Alexis can’t get the picture out of her head that Peggy has been naked with her Jimbo. And….no one told her! She finds out on a TV show? I would kinda be pissed myself. It is a dead horse from 15….15 years ago! Not a good story line anyway. Peggy seems fragile and it is probably best she move on and get over her 4 years of post pardum depression.

    • Exactly! I wouldn’t want to be around both of them, someone had to go and she has kids with one of them, so that’s where she needs to try to work it first.

      It is old, however many years ago, but to have the two of them around her, not tell her and then for Peggy to give Alexis crap is stoopid.

      If I were Alexis, I’d a decked Peggy with my cross, hit her with some holy water and then do a spin class for over 5 hours to get it out of my system….

  5. I’m surprised that Bravo showed some class and let Peggy exit on her own terms – AND let it be filmed AND showed it. Bravo has become so tacky lately that little things like that surprise me.

    • oh, i love that giraffe. can i ride it? i still laugh at that silliness. i have never heard of anyone wanting to ride giraffes, although they should have thrown nene and marlo on a couple. those things have the perfect stretch to reach back and bite them, like a koala after his eucalyptus leaves. come to think of it, would they try to ride a koala?

      • Psst, BSL… you keep talkin to MyT. Ima sneak over there and steal her giraffe. Don’t tell her. As long as you don’t rat me out; I’ll convince the giraffe to give you a ride or two. ;-) He’s so cute!

        • Uh oh.. I just changed the precious little guy to something… Well.. More disturbing? Only slightly.. In comparison though… Huh.
          Sorry guys. He’ll make another appearance later! :)

          • no, he won’t! someone (wink wink) has it, but i have absolutely no idea who it could be. i think click click took it…hahaha IBS clickclick, i love you, just kidding, i know you don’t take giraffes.

        • Mythunker, I love the baby giraffe…But you are cuter. Hi Romo, NASCAR in a couple weeks. Gotta find a cat in a racecar. Prefer #24. Love me some Jeffrey…that’s also the name of the Toys R Us giraffe.

  6. I finding the OC storyline to be very trite. All these women do is get drunk and act stooped or obsess over stoopid stuff. I doubt if I’ll be watching anymore. Vicki’s new boyfriend is a duffus. Gretchen is running an infomercial. The new girl Heather is already a snooze. Even though I do not care for Jimbo, my head snapped when they were trashing him. Makes you wonder if the green-eyed monsters at Bravo are setting up Jimbo’s storyline – the new male HW villain. After all, it worked so well on BH.

  7. Um. Can we just stop it with the “toxic” and “hater” buzz words? I do not think those words mean what they think they mean.Toxic? Right.. Ok… What? I just.. Ughs, I am so tired of that stupid word used in that context.
    Uh oh. I think I need more coffee. I have a case of the crankies coming on.
    Toxic.. Pfft! I’ll give you toxic!

  8. I’m not a Peggy or Alexis fan myself, but wasn’t Peggy and her hubby outed as being heavily in debt? They sure liked to show off expensive clothes and cars but seemed to have a “modest” house. Personally, I don’t care how one spends the money they earned, though I hope they make wise decisions (particularly when it comes to children), but I seem to recall Peggy constantly calling out Jim and Alexis as being “fake rich” and flaunting what they don’t really have (which would really say something about her and her hubby if they were indeed “faking” it as well). Like I said, I don’t care for Alexis, but I didn’t particularly find Peggy “nice,” she seemed a little too into herself for my taste. I dislike both Peggy and Alexis pretty equally, they both seem a little too preoccupied with how they are perceived to the public without exhibiting any self-awareness. Having said that, I would gladly take Peggy’s hubby over Jim any day!

    Can anyone direct me to a link about Peggy’s finances? I could have sworn I’d read they were bankrupt or grifters.

  9. Poor Peggy! The embarrassment of letting people know she dated that bigtime loser JimBob! I’d quit the show also, and join the witness protection program if I had that hanging over my head. Wonder if Peggy got a FORGED baseball from that scammer hustler?

    • U can bet bravo found this out and has created a story out of it. It just doesn’t make real sense to fans

  10. Peggy left/fired from the show because she wouldn’t allow the filming of her and her money troubles. Because as you can see she filmed the first week or two and then dropped out because she didn’t want to be outed as a poser. I think what she was hoping to do is out Jim, saying that she lost a child which was Jim’s to Alexis (there was a few comments on another blog about her having a baby from Jim but not carrying it to term, of course she could have made that up in order to snag him. Remember she said that Jim was dating everybody back then because of all his expensive toys, and I totally believe that at some point she was stalking him). Alexis hates Peggy because she was friends with her for a long time and didn’t know that she slept with her husband (Alexis should be mad at Jim the HUTT Bellino for not telling her).

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