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 Neal Schon, Michaele Salahi… and some chick on the Today Show

Tareq Salahi is suing Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon for 50 million dollars, claiming his estranged wife was living a “double life” for years, and that the new couple engaged in a “conspiracy to defame” him.  Tareq is also suing for conspiracy to defame, and he accuses the rocker of interfering with a contract.   He is also seeking $450,000 in punitive damages.  

According to the suit, the former couple  (Messy and Tarmac)  was offered the chance to participate in Australia’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but TV bosses rescinded the offer after learning of Michaele’s affair with Schon.

Messy told her side of the story on Today:   “ I left that day not with plans to be gone forever. Our relationship was very controlled by Tareq. Anyone that watched the show, or even spent 24 hours with Tareq and I, knew what I had been through. That day I reached (out), Neal and I had been friends since the ’90s, and I just wanted to be with someone that would help me sort through everything in my head. I didn’t return because I couldn’t endure anymore of what I had been through.”  

NOTE:  Watch Neal Schon’s reaction when Messy says that she still has MS!  Priceless…  LOL!!!


NOTE:  Messy Salami was not going to get any attention on SH… UNTIL Messy mentions almost at the end of the Today Show interview that she still has MS!  Thought that story would drift off when Messy took off with Neal… unbelievable that Messy is still claiming MS…

Also, interesting that Messy was in an abusive relationship with Tarmac.  Messy’s abuse claims are that of Tarmac being controlling; Messy has never claimed that Tarmac physically abused her.  Messy could not take Tarmac’s control over her and she left.  Messy’s claims and actions taken are believable… compared to Shana’s terror-filled six-year marriage where she states that she was physically abused by Russell Armstrong every six weeks.   And Shana is going to tell that tale to any group who anyone who is willing to pay… here.

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  1. I think she looks rather happy with her new boyfriend. Tareq should just let her go and stop trying to make money off of her. I think they were complicit in everything that went down during their marriage, but their run is over, she’s with someone new. They have no one to blame but themselves for the whole messy ordeal being so public, including Tareq’s public humiliation.

    Neil’s face was funny when she just had to throw in the MS stuff. I wish she would stop with that. I would like to add that I don’t think the world needed the video of them embracing in the surf. The world has enough pain and misery and suffering without watching that video.


    • I put Messy in the same category as Shana and Alexis… They went after con-artists who pretended to have money and the con-artists had no idea their “trophy wives” were sociopaths. I think Alex and Simon are next— she’ll be claiming “abuse” and victimhood… and yeah, like Shaft– Messy has no proof of her “medical conditions.”


  2. Now if Alexass and Wretched would wake up and dump those losers they are with. I won’t and can’t look at Slimey. He sickens me, as does that Taliban JimBob. Thanks Jimmy for sparing us having to look at your ugly face. I should thank Vicki and Tamara for that one.


      • That was at the wedding right before he threw her, the friends and the little dog too in the pool and went mid evil with a firelog… oops wait…. wrong liar. My bad. So…. is Tarp gonna out Messy for her MS lie?


            • omg- her stories are sooo funny and ridiculous, right?? where are her “friends” to corroborate these crazy lies? And shana now claiming he beat her every 6 weeks?? I was beaten my whole life, from my earliest memory- and I can’t tell you how much time was between each beating– because people with rage issues are unpredictable. Sometimes it was 4 days in a row, sometimes months went by… If it happened every 6 weeks, wouldnt you just plan to have friends over or be gone during week 6? I mean, give me a break.


            • Yeah the every six weeks thang is shady. Like it was wifey report card time.or sumpin “Come over here and get your F(anny kicked) honey. Baby been a bad girl this term.”
              The wifey report card scale in Shanaland is as follows:
              A- Ahhh still gonna beat yo ass time
              B- Bish slap time
              C-Cranial titanium head butt time
              D- Drown you and the friends you rode in on time
              F- Face plant in a steaming pizza pie time


            • lol. I got a F once in P.E. cause I refused to go swimming the entire six weeks. In my defense, it was the 80’s and my big 80’s hair was not an easy thang to do…it was a process. And my social butterfly hindend had lunch right after. Anyways my ex-Marine soloflex addicted step daddy flipped the heck out on me..and the took away my makeup for a WHOLE SIX WEEKS. High School Torture…..maybe I should write a whoa is me book huh? bahahahaha
              Here’s a video you might appreciate


            • haha, i love it. I’d like to tell you– I know a thing or two about big hair- though, most of my time was spent on the tidal wave bangs. I was voted “most likely to ruin the ozone layer” in 1991.


            • SMH…she is never going to go away, is she?

              @MP–everytime I see/write “smh” I think of “smack my honeybadger” lol! Thanks for the giggles!


  3. I know messy is a total liar ….but I believe her (not the ms story) control hubs story much more than taylips story.


    • I don’t. I think he was absolutely smitten with her. He knew looks-wise she was out of his league. she claimed to be a redskins cheerleader and model— I bet she lied to him, too. He seems pretty gullible and stupid- and I think he scammed all that money to give her the life she wanted.


  4. I knew Neal Schon for several years back in the 80’s, when Steve Perry was still The Voice of Journey (and oh, what a voice he was.) He looks just as…greasy…as he used to.

    His expression is “Uh…video…HELLO?”. Hilarious.

    I’m sorry, no offense intended, but I don’t see the attraction, Michaela. I didn’t think Tareq was any great shakes, and while I’m sure hat Neal treats her better-he’s a pretty decent guy, as guys go-he still does nothing for me. Ugh.

    Wish she’d stop with the MS thing, tho.


  5. I read this site everyday, this is my first time commenting. I don’t feel anything about here either way, but she could have MS. My mom just passed away three years ago, from complications from MS. It manifest in different ways, in different people.


  6. I used to call Tariq her Svengali husband. He really was creepy. While I don’t think she’s any great shakes, he really freaked me out. I think Neal Schon is going to live to regret this decision, but the public humiliation of Tarq is great.


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