POSTED FEBRUARY 15, 2012  11:50 am

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 Neal Schon, Michaele Salahi… and some chick on the Today Show

Tareq Salahi is suing Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon for 50 million dollars, claiming his estranged wife was living a “double life” for years, and that the new couple engaged in a “conspiracy to defame” him.  Tareq is also suing for conspiracy to defame, and he accuses the rocker of interfering with a contract.   He is also seeking $450,000 in punitive damages.  

According to the suit, the former couple  (Messy and Tarmac)  was offered the chance to participate in Australia’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but TV bosses rescinded the offer after learning of Michaele’s affair with Schon.

Messy told her side of the story on Today:   “ I left that day not with plans to be gone forever. Our relationship was very controlled by Tareq. Anyone that watched the show, or even spent 24 hours with Tareq and I, knew what I had been through. That day I reached (out), Neal and I had been friends since the ’90s, and I just wanted to be with someone that would help me sort through everything in my head. I didn’t return because I couldn’t endure anymore of what I had been through.”  

NOTE:  Watch Neal Schon’s reaction when Messy says that she still has MS!  Priceless…  LOL!!!


NOTE:  Messy Salami was not going to get any attention on SH… UNTIL Messy mentions almost at the end of the Today Show interview that she still has MS!  Thought that story would drift off when Messy took off with Neal… unbelievable that Messy is still claiming MS…

Also, interesting that Messy was in an abusive relationship with Tarmac.  Messy’s abuse claims are that of Tarmac being controlling; Messy has never claimed that Tarmac physically abused her.  Messy could not take Tarmac’s control over her and she left.  Messy’s claims and actions taken are believable… compared to Shana’s terror-filled six-year marriage where she states that she was physically abused by Russell Armstrong every six weeks.   And Shana is going to tell that tale to any group who anyone who is willing to pay… here.