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Remember Stacie Turner?  The Housewife from the Real Housewives of DC?  The nice, intelligent Housewife who had that really nice husband, Jason?

                                                       Stacie and Jason Turner… October 10, 2011

The DC Housewife who was showing Messy Salami a $9 million house?  The Housewife who had such wonderful kids and a really nice aunt where Stacie went for dinner on Sundays?  The Housewife who was looking for her birth father??

Well, Stacie DID find her birth father!

But… bad news about Stacie.  Stacie and her nice husband are divorcing…according to the Washington Post:

Separated:Stacie Scott Turner,44, and Jason Turner, 42, one of the better-liked couple on the short-lived “Real Housewives of DC,” where the real-estate agent and the business consultant often served as good-humored foils to their drama-prone co-stars. Married 14 years, they have two children. “We remain friends,” she told us in an email, “committed to our family and focused on our children.” It’s the third RHODC marriage to dissolve since the reality show was filmed:  Catherine and Charles Ommanney in 2010, before the Bravo series aired; and Tareq and Michaele Salahi broke up last fall, when she ran off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

January, 2010:  Details Stacie emails SH… finding her birth father… HERE.

January, 2010:  Stacie Turner finding her birth father in Nigeria… HERE.

(Thanks to SH reader “BlueIvy”!!!)

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    • In every statement you read WE REAMIN FRIENDS AND COMMITTED TO RAISING OUR Children.

      for once Id like to read “i hate the shank she/he is a evil PITA and I left her/him
      for good reason” I have a hard time believing all these divorces are so Friendly

      • will never hear them say, “I can’t wait to get all his money from the divorce settlement, he was never good on bed” LOL

        • Camille Grammar has no problem saying all that about Kelsey. She even implied he’s a cross-dresser with a small endowment. Oh, but it’s the “new Camille” so she says it with a smile and a wink. Her PR people trained her well.

  1. I certainly hope they remain in touch, after I met my dad we didn’t really stay in touch,
    .Maybe they divorced because he could not meet the dowry demands/ I kid, it was a joke.

  2. It looks like MyMedicalReco…on the step and repeat backdrop. is that the same as shana & russell’s MMR?

  3. I’m probably one of the few but I wish Bravo had greenlit a second season of the DC ladies. Sure it wasn’t fantastic but I really got into it after a few episodes and the reunion was pretty fab too. I suppose the ladies shot themselves in the foot by refusing to do a second season with Michaele in the cast but I’m not sure I’d want to be on a show with that nutcase either. Now if only Cat could get a regular spot on Watch What Happens Live or something…hmm

    • I wish they had come back also. I think bravo was so stupid in cancelling the series. I can’t stress it enough on blogs and and I’ve even tweeted and emailed Andy Cohen with my opinions about why they should bring RHODC back. If Miami can, why can’t DC? I know a lot of people didn’t like DC, but there’s a lot of people that don’t like Atlanta or really didn’t understand Miami, or New York or whatever…it’s just wrong. The women of DC were super classy and they spoke about political topics and yeah, there was drama, but I think the show was, in Mary Amons words, “Hijacked” by the Salami’s. It sucks bc I think if they were still on the air, they would probably be three seasons in already and politics are hot right now. It would’ve been a great departure from the name calling and table flipping and cat scratching of all the other housewives shows. I feel bad for Stacie and her husband divorcing. They seemed to have it all together and they were classy. She seemed really classy. But their views on gay marriage boggled my mind. I get that they grew up and raised a certain way in the church, but for democrats, not having an open mind, especially being African Americans, it confused me to think they felt gay marriage was wrong in their eyes and in the eyes of God. Stacie was born out of an interracial relationship. Is that wrong in her eyes? Because if her mother never slept with her Nigerian father, Stacie would’ve never been on this earth. I think that’s a little hypocritical. Whenever I hear black people say “faggot” or “dyke” or whatever derogatory name there is for gay people (I’m gay) it really makes me angry bc black people have had to deal with the same issue and still do. I say this bc i work in the retail industry and I heard a black woman say these words, and she wasn’t being quiet about it either, to another person during their conversation. It took a lot of my patience to not speak up and tell her how wrong she was, but I figured, she just was uneducated and had a small mind. Sometimes those are the ones you can’t get through to. But, I digress….Bring back DC!!! I love Cat and Lynda and Mary!!!!! lol. (sorry for the long post)

      • Stephen, I would to reply to u as anAfrican American woman. I am only speaking for me.I do think homosexuality is wrong(my opinion,but hear me out please),but I would not refer to a gay person as a di$e or fa$$ot because it is hurtful just as the n word.I would not derespect them because they are still human beings.It does not mean my mind is small,but I have a different opinion.To me a sin is a sin whether u lie,steal,commit murder or whatever there are no big sins or little ones they are all the same.So I try my hardest not to judge,remember he without a blemish should throw the first stone or something to that effect.I know several gays and really their sexuality is of no concern to me.Igornance comes in all shapes and forms, don’t let one experience allow u to group everyone more thing,I understand what u mean when u say we have the same issues with discrimination,but they really are will never understand the two worlds African Americans gave to walk every day unless you are African American.Caucasin gays can hide their sexuality but,I cannot hide my skin color.Kinda like comparing apples to oranges,they are both fruits but after that how are they siimilar.Have a wonderful day!

  4. I am so distressed. What could have happened to them? They were so tight. Jason and Stacie were a very special couple and it was his hutzpah that allowed Stacie to find her father….

  5. I couldn’t stand her, she was so pretentious. That great Harvard education and all she was, was a realtor. I think Jason was on the down-low. Maybe they were beards for each other. This was the phoniest cast, the only one who was remotely likeable was Kat..

    • Yeah I didn’t like Stacie much either, I found her to be quite false. When the first season finished I was hoping they’d axe Michaele, Stacie and Mary (she just seemed like a nice, but boring drunk to me) and replace them.

      • I don’t know….I thought the cast was REAL for DC. It is a very pretentious place…your neighbor’s could have been the Clinton’s or anyone in a high place position to the government. It is hard place not to get on that pretentious train because of the power that is everywhere. The Salahis just made that cast so cheap.

        • I agree except for the fact that the other losers were jealous of the attention and notoriety that the Salahis got which makes them worse. The Salahi’s ridiculousness only seemed to highlight how boring and vapid the rest of the cast was.

      • yes Stacie seemed nice but that also translates into boring for me. Stacie was definately one of the most boring housewives in housewife history. Sorry for the divorce but if their marriage registered anywhere on the rictor scale the way they came across on t.v. then I am sure the marriage was a snooze fest!!!

        • A successful African American woman has issues in their relationships that I have never had to face as a melamine challenged person. I don’t ascribe to the Vickie G love tank theory either. Who knows what kind of strain Stacie’s roots journey had on their relationship. I was just sorry to see their marriage fall apart. How many does that make now?

          • I would consider her more of an underachiever than successful. She is likely one of the few if not the only Harvard educated realtor. I am not putting down realtors in anyway, it’s just that they generally have less formal education and rely on intangibles and street smarts. I doubt Tamara Barney or Josh Flagg were even considered by Harvard.

            • That is a good point runtheball, but again if you look at it from a racial perspective, I see it differently because I’ve never had to deal with that kind of bias. My point was a highly educated African American woman doesn’t always find it easy to share their lives with someone.

  6. Thanks for the update Ms.SH which is why I love this site! <3 Stacie was okay..she gave Cat a hard tme on the race issue…if I remember right..accusing Cat of being racist ….wow Jason maybe on the down low..who'd guess?

  7. Not a Stacy fan. I wonder how much money she gave to her NIGERIAN father. I recall reading somewhere he requested a dowery from her since she was married. But now, if they split, will he have to return it? Scam, scam, scam is running though my head, but hey, if Stacy likes it, then I LOVE it!!

  8. Wow. The Real Soon to Be Divorced Housewives franchise claims another cast member. 8)

    Makes you wonder. Women (Men?) who go looking for a show like this…are they already in marriages that they find lacking for one reason or another?!?!

  9. aww…too bad.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing DC housewives again. I wonder if Bravo would reconsider, change up the cast a bit. The locale is like no other, can see so many possibilities:
    Calista Gingrich (aka helmet head) would be great on the show! lol..

    ok, j/k

  10. RHODC is what brought me to the franchise but it was so disappointing. Perhaps without all the White House nonsense it would have been better. Although the Salahis (sp?) were clearly grifters, none of the other housewives were very interesting, except Cat. But even Cat quickly became a caricature player. The whole thing seemed to be built on crashing the White House and the other women just seemed to be trying to catch up. I never thought Staci’s marriage was all it presented itself to be, they just tried too hard to be the good married couple, to be middle ground and the “nice” ones. He was, like Mo in RHOBH, bit*hy like a young girl. DC is really about who you know but none of these women really knew anyone. The one that said she played with Kennedy children when she was young was as close as it got and even that was too distant for real interest. None of the really connected people in DC would do a show like this so regardless of who Bravo casted for season 2 it would have been more of the same.

    BTW, the best line I recall is the one about the woman who was a agent for models who claimed she had the biggest modeling agency in DC. The line went saying you have the biggest modeling agency in DC is like saying you have the biggest modeling agency in Tulsa, who cares?

  11. How dare Stacie acuse Cat of being racist!!. Can’t a white person disagree with or dislike a black person without it being considered as racism? Then to go on to be derogatory about people from London and make sweeping statements about the way British people are and how they are brought up?! Thats ok is it Stacie??? That girl has one huge chip on her shoulder.

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