POSTED FEBRUARY 12, 2012  10:45 am

              Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow and John McMonigle

From the OCRegister:

“I really need to up my game,” Barney tells the audience during an interview. “I need to be professional.”

Then up drives a leading professional, straight from Central Casting. Looking as charming and polished as ever, McMonigle springs from his black SUV and helps new cast member Heather Dubrow alight from a passenger door.

It’s a comeback of sorts for McMonigle, the top-selling agent who filed for bankruptcy after several investments ended up in default.   DETAILS RE JOHN MCMONIGLE… HERE.

“Are we the first showing?” McMonigle asks Barney.

“You are,” she says, which clearly delights Dubrow. “I like exclusive,” a beaming Dubrow says.

McMonigle then observes that there’s a second buildable lot next door, in case Dubrow and her husband, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, want to buy them both and “do a premiere estate.”

McMonigle also asks about plans for a 14,000-square-foot home the seller had drawn up. But mostly his role is as supporting character to Barney’s and Dubrow’s banter.

 “This sale would be huge for me,” Barney says during an interview.

In reality, however, Barney does not represent the property owner, even though she is showing the property as if she does. According to Redfin, the real listing agent is McMonigle associate Rob Smith of Teles Properties..

“All I know is John came to me and asked if it would be OK to use the lot in the show,” Smith said. “I asked my seller, and he said, ‘Yes.’ “

McMonigle couldn’t be reached for comment about how he landed a part on Real Housewives.

However it came about, Smith said he welcomes the publicity.  “I’m happy it got some exposure for the listing and for John,” he said.

During the segment, buyer Dubrow seems to diss the listing, complaining that rooftops and a shopping center mar its ocean view.

Will Debrow and her husband buy the lot and build that home themselves?  Smith said that as of Friday, there were no offers on the land yet.

And as to whether Barney will be involved in a future sale, Smith added: “She and John can represent the buyer dually. But then, they’d have to come to me.”