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HMMMM…. Will the next season of the Real Housewives of New York be the “newbies” v the “oldies?” 

(L-R) Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson attend the Anne Bowen fall 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 25 CPW Gallery on February 11, 2012 in New York City.
(February 10, 2012 – Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images North America)
Designer Anne Bowen attends the Anne Bowen fall 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 25 CPW Gallery on February 11, 2012 in New York City.
(February 10, 2012 – Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images North America)
(Thanks to SH reader “JZ”!!!)
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    • I agree BSL…how refreshing to see “real” New Yorkers doing the things real New Yorkers do without a lot of people standing on the sidelines suggesting more drama. Please Bravo don’t make pretend drama this season…it comes along naturally anytime you get dynamic women together in the same place.

    • Ditto. Can’t wait to wrap up Bev Hills reunion and cross that off. Refuse to watch NY….however just when I think I’m out…………..the NJ housewives are gonna PUUULL me back in! p.s. *these women are deep-pocket-pretty. Arf Arf

      • I’m sure my comment will be deleted, but in the words of Brandi “who cares!” When I first looked at the pix , I thought the woman in the leopard? spotted jacket was Steven Tyler’s sister. LOLOL. She looks like him. Not nice, I know.

        • Watch it Michelle, the Kennedy clan might come after you. teehee Good thing you didn’t say anything about Fran Drechers’s family member. I just love New York City and hope Bravo gives these women better storylines to follow this season. I’ve just have had enough of the Salahis, Armstrongs, Marlos and other cheaters that Bravo knowingly put into the mix to make the drama.

          • I’m with you, I hope RHONY gets better story lines this year. If nothing else it will be interesting to see how the newbies interact with the Ramona, et al. ITA about enough of the Salahis, Armstrongs, etc. It seems to me that Bravo deliberately sought out trashy/criminal people to cast, as opposed to the usual crazy, self-absorbed ones I find so entertaining.

        • I looked her up. She’s actually very bright and accomplished. Vassar pedigree. Husband died and she wrote a book that actually made the NY Times best seller list…. imagine that!
          Drescher lost her foot as a child so she’s going to bring a different storyline to the plate (is Bravo finally waking up… hmmm). Lastly, Thompson owns a shapewear line (ouch, Jill). Read that Lulu and Ramona said that ‘it’s different’ and that they ‘miss’ the old housewives..

            • Agreed. In the article that I read, she said that she misses Alex, and they are still in touch. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Ramona is the one who brought Thompson on the show because she owns a shapewear business, lol.

          • I would imagine we are going to see Ramona’s eyes rolling unconrollably in her head because they don’t seem like the type to cater to her need of her pinot cheap wine, bowing to call LuAnn the Countess or play along with Sonya’s pecking order. I would greatly bet that they miss the old housewives, even Jill. These women seem to have quite a bit more going for them and the ones left not having been fired might have wished they had been, because they are going to be playing outside of their league with these women.

  1. Not an inappropriate mu-mu, one sleeved dress, or micro-mini in sight. Granted it is winter. I also don’t see lip implants, balloon bubbies, or hideous eyeshadow. Even their hair looks great. I would love to see this franchise show some age appropriate women with class, great New York style, and accomplishment.

    • Hi Brigid,
      They pretty much look like “Normal” Women aging gracefully. No apparent botox for a change. We might actually be able to ‘read’ their faces this season.
      Clothing and accessories are not off the charts and Ms Leopard even has her bad self wearing jeans at Fashion Week. How refreshing… how normal.
      It would be great to see these women having a good time without the drama. I fear that the old cast will intentionally start trouble though.

  2. Sorry, but I think the one in Leopard and the one in a grey dress looked like mean witches. I liked the looks of the blonde on the left. But I will have to wait until the season starts to form my opinion.
    Anyway happy that KraKra, Jillzy and Cindy are all gone. Gonna miss Alex though

  3. Sonja will be cool as she usually is, but I can’t help but wondering if they will genuflect in the presence of Lulu and address her as Countess. More importantly, I hope they like drinking Pino Grigio at 10 am or there could be problems. :-)

    • I have always loved Steven Tyler but I feel truly embarrassed over his behavior with the females trying out for American Idol. He is playing the dirty old man routine way too often and it is not pretty. His daughter Liv is gorgeous, I don’t know that I have seen any recent pictures or heard much about Mia. He totally needs to drop the flirting on that show and start being a little more professional.

  4. I’m betting these ladies will bring some REAL class to this franchise & I will definitely tune in. I read Carorle’s book on marriage to JFK Jr’s cousin …. a good read I recommend it. :)

  5. These ladies look like they might have REAL class. I hope LuAnne is intimidated by them and comes down a notch. She is such a phony. Anyone who has class doesnt need to tell everyone any make a song about it.

    • Nope, they don’t have real class. No woman with an ounce of true class would ever live her life, any shred of it, so publicly by signing up to be featured on a reality TV show.

      • You’re right Robin …. Carole’s former MIL Lee is aghast I’m sure…real class & real moneys (old) will never be on this show….I’m still watching tho :)

      • Agreed. The Nan Kempners, Babe Paleys, CZ Guests and Pat Buckleys of the “Ladies Who Lunch” era must be laughing their Chanel clad derrieres off, wherever they are. No one of their station, or their modern day counterparts, would have been caught dead doing this.

  6. I hope to see much less of low class ‘The countess’.

    Unfettered Ramona is entertaining to me.

    Looking forward to meeting the other ladies. See how that goes.

  7. I’m with you TO….I like the getting to know you part of the show instead of the made-up drama…It is like going to my lady groups without paying the fees to belong or worrying about taking on another charity. Just pure fun.

  8. Isn’t Carole a bit too casual for a show? Especially since they have her seated in the front row…
    I think gray lady is pretty as well as the other one. The designer looks like my friend’s mom. She also walks around all the time with her dog. Just like that. :-)
    I’m excited about NY starting up. There’s so much that can be done with that franchise. We just haven’t seen it yet. What I don’t care about – shapewear lines.
    Over and out

    • I own two dogs and at no time would I carry them around outside of my home (one of mine is also a minipin who is partially paralyzed and needs carrying around at home). I don’t understand people who do that. The dog does not want to be there. It was that idiot Paris Hilton who started the whole thing and its animal abuse.

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