POSTED FEBRUARY 9, 2012  11:30 pm

UPDATE:  FEBRUARY 10, 2012  11:30 am

SH was wrong!!!  Putting two and two together did not add up to Shana being the surprise co-host on the Wendy Williams Show!

The surprise guest co-host was Wendy’s mother!

HOWEVER… Shana is scheduled to appear on Wendy Friday, February 17, 2012:

Today’s Wendy Show:

The Wendy Show has had guest co-hosts this week… tomorrow’s co-host will be a surprise says Wendy.

However, let’s put two and two together… Shana was photographed at the Wendy Show and the outline of the guest co-host at the looks like Shana!

We’ll wait and see who the guest co-host is… but, it’s probably gonna be Shana.  


It will be interesting if Wendy will still have the same attitude towards Shana as she has in the past…

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  1. There are so many Shana stories on this site. I know you are trying to expose her but it isn’t working. For some people attention is attention even if it is negative. Everyone should just ignore Shana, not watch what she’s on or report on it. That’s the only way she is going to disappear if nobody pays her any mind. Writing about her is making her stronger lol.

    • ingred: No one is “trying” to expose Shana. There are no “haters” here. There is no negative information here. I have been interested in Shana since August 2010… when the RHOBH was being cast… when she claimed to be a Bloomfield Hills “Ford.” I have been interested in ALL the HWs… take a look at the “categories” menu on the right.

      Shana is exposing herself. She has continually lied and scammed people throughout her life. “Writing about her makes her stronger?” What does that mean? SH

      • Shana feeds off of attention. If she is written about and people continue to put her on TV like Dr. Phil she will never go away even if Bravo doesn’t hire her back. The only way to get rid of her is to ignore her completely like the Kartrashians. She is getting money off of this. This wasn’t written specifically towards you. I just noticed that a lot of people dislike Shana but bring attention to her. Like the ladies on the view clearly didn’t believe a thing she said yet she allowed her on their show. I just want her to go away I guess it’s just wishful thinking. Sorry if I offend anyone.

        • ingred: No offense taken. All of Shana’s media blitz has been arranged months ago by the networks, her publishing company and her PR people. The attention she is getting is making it easier to see all the holes in her stories. Shana is a known liar and an accomplished scammer. IMO, she is setting herself up as a fragile ‘abused’ victim to wiggle her way out of the MMR suit. TFC!! SH

        • Ingredientses, I wasn’t offended by your comment and I feel like you also that she is getting way too much attention. You are probably right that if everyone quits talking about her she will go away. But I also think that she wants everyone to forget about her that way there is not attention put on her lies and she can continue to make money off of them. I sadly believe that she will never go away regardless.
          PS. I like your screen name!

    • Ingredientses:

      She is being protected right now by the Bravo spin doctors. Many people who were victims of DV like myself can see through her lies. Read the timeline that is here on this site.

      • ITA TV Junkie, but just like last night on Dr. Drew Taylor mentioned to him that she volunteered at a womans DV shelter for the past 6 yrs. I dont know if anyone else noticed, but Dr. Drews stopped and said to her in a surprised tone “You worked a a DV shelter while you were being abused” and when Taylor replied “Yes”, Drew looked at her puzzled and said something like “I’ll save those questions for another interview”…See thats what I dont get, Why is it sooo hard for people to believe that Taylor is just taking the stories she got from the “REAL VICTIMS” of abuse at the shelter and she made them her own. I mean c’mon Taylor has had six years to find out what and how these women act and what they go through and as far as I’m concerned that is exactly what Taylor is doing, shes acting and she is just doing another of her scams, she has had this planned this way even before Russell past. I bet ya 10-1 if you would question some of the women she helped “council” when she was volunteering their stories of how they were abused probably would match up with Taylors, and I’m not just talking about now, I’m talking about the whole way back to her “footie pj’s” story when she was little!!!!

          • Lol, I find myself using a lot of (!!!!) when talking about Shana. I don’t understand why all the housewives (except Brandi) believe her? I know they know all the confusing stories spilling out of her mouth are untrue. They must know about her past scams. Why do they defend her? I believe Taylor has something on them..just think about how Lisa didn’t believe her and then all of a sudden she is her best friend. Doesn’t make sense unless she found out some dirt and told Lisa be my friend or else. Same with Kyle. That is why she hates Brandi so much. She can’t find dirt on her because Brandi is open about her mistakes.

            • I know Sharon, Just like Adrienne, I cant believe Adrienne had Taylors back on the reunion especially after last seasons reunion when it was Adrienne who was the one who called Taylor out on her lies about being Kennedys godmother. Of all the women it should BE Adrienne helping the viewers to expose the awful truth about Taylor and her scams….Unless Adrienne and Paul are possibly involved in some of the scams Russell and Taylor were into just recently, cause werent their recent dealings not and in the past having to do with the medical field, and Paul is in the medical field and this season has been really pushing his new products and procedures…I include Kyle and Mauricio in my statement also!

            • I am not convinced they belive her, I think that they dare not take a chance that she may be telling the truth. If she is truly a DV victm and they accuse her of lying then they will be SO not pc. If she is exposed as a liar then they will say they were fooled by her too. They can not afford to say she is a liar and suffer the wrath of all domestic violence victems screaming about the fact that people get killed with that kind of doubting attitude and they are right in their own way. This is one of those situations were calling her out would be more detrimental to a cause than helpful unless you have solid iron clad facts and since Russell is dead the facts are very convoluted and hard to prove.

            • I think they all feel guilty about what happened to Russell so in their mind they have to make a good reason for not liking him (especially Kyle) They are also afraid of getting pulled into the MMR lawsuit so everyone is walking on egg shells right now not knowing which is the safest way to go.

            • I agree with you. None of them really believed her and said they wanted to but saw no evidence to conclude that she was telling the truth, which confused them. Except Lisa, and she only supported Taylor after the tea party, where Taylor guilt tripped her into being her friend. I think at that point Lisa had to seem to believe her in order not to look like a hypocrite. Then in the interview parts of the show, they all claimed to believe her (of course Russell was then dead). Adrienne notably changed her story about when she knew about Russell’s “abuse”. I also think they all felt some what guilty and didn’t want any of the taint of Russell’s suicide reflected on them. Bravo’s executives also must of decide what stance should be reflected collectively regarding the situation.

        • If Taylor said she worked with a DV center for only 6 yrs, then she’s not telling the whole truth, because on her website & her interviews, she stated that she’s worked for them for 7 years and counting – that means BEFORE her marriage to Russell.

          For Taylor to state only 6 yrs, she’s trying to tie it in with the # of years she was married to Russell, possibly to make it sound like she wasn’t all that knowledgeable about DV as she went into the marriage.

          • Kyle used that “playing chess with Bobby Fischer” on the wrong friend… She should have applied that to Taylor. One has to disect what Taylor says down to the every little number.

    • Last time I checked, the Kardashians didn’t have a suicide in their family while on tv. Nor did they go on tv to “get protection” from a family member. Nor did they have a past of scamming people out of money.

      Now, the Kardashians are a lot of things, and have sensationalized divorce on tv, think highly of themselves, over-evaluate their value, but nothing like this.

      A man’s life was destroyed on national tv for no other reason than personal gain, selfishness, and cold-blooded greed. Russell is dead and he continues to be trashed after his death.

      We are not writing for Shana, we are writing for Russell because no one else in the public is defending him. His story should be told.

        • Neither do I. I do blame Taylor for what she did to him TV and in the media and how she uses DV as a means for her to make money. And aside from his business dealings, which are not honorable, I have not seen where Russell is the monster Taylor claims him to be. His ex-wife, son, sister, friends have all spoken up about how he treated her.

          • Jazz I believe that also…you said it very well. Russell was like every wheeler/dealer that I have ever seen. My husband is in the same business and the line between being a hero/villian is so fine. I’m sure Russell did both good and not so good deals. It is like tap dancing on the head of a needle and not for the faint of heart.Taylor pretending to be a “Ford” would have made what ever Russell was selling seem like a sure deal. Why is no one calling her out on her scamming?

          • ITA with you also. There just doesn’t seem to be any bottom that Taylor won’t stoop to, including lying about her own husband for personal gain.

  2. I agree with SH. Taylor is exposing herself to be a fake, a mercenary & a lying famewhore. Taylor trash Armstrong needs no help in that dept. What I’d like to see is for not only people to stop tuning in to hear more of her bs but for the shows she is on: Wendy, Dr Phil, Dr Drew & Showbiz Tonight I’m talking to all of you, to stop interviewing her. In fact I’d love for Nancy Grace or 20/20 or even dateline to unleash the lawyers or uncover the truth so this women can go sit her skinny can in jail for scamming people & bilking them out of millions, posing as a Ford (fraud) and putting her child in harms way around a man who was violent (if its true) and a Mom who is crazy. a drunk ( check out episode Creaky Beavers to watch her drunkin, pill headed looney ass in action) and has has eating disorder not to mention possible dismorphia. Not really Mom of the year, ya know, Also, she has never fessed up to which if any Battered women’s organization she is donating the proceeds from her book to. She evaded the question on Dr Drew. Translation: it is going to the Taylor Armstrong Botox fund.

    Look Ingredientes – funny Tree Giudice reference there – I like a lot of the Housewives too. Lisa, Vikki, Kathy Wakile, Nene & even Cynthia Powell. What I don’t like is Bravo financing& glorifying the lives of scam artists & crooks (Joe Giudice, Slade Smiley, Marlo Hampton). i do not see how there is anything positive in that. So excuse me if I want to see these people exposed even more. Maybe it will aide in getting their undeserving asses off television.

    • This is what I was trying to say. Everyone that dislikes her needs to just ignore her. They need to stop bringing her on TV. It is clear they don’t believe her so why are they doing it? I think they are trying to humiliate her but like I said all attention whether positive or negative is good for her. She gets money to be on TV. And when people that are disgusted by her watch her stuff they are helping her get paid as well. We need to all ban together and just ignore her.

      • Unfortunately when she signed the Bravo contract, she agreed to do all the talk show circuit, the New Years Eve thing that Ciroc Vodka and Bravo collaborated on, all the media blitz was agreed to before hand in a contract. We all have to watch her mug everywhere now that the book is out cause that’s in the contract too. Bravo gets a portion of her book sales and they have also advanced money to her according to many reports, so they will be putting her on all their tv affilliate stations and we have to endure more of her for awhile. It will be interesting to see how she fares once the contracts expire, once the MMR trial starts and she has to stand on her own.


        No one will call her out on her lies and she will have free reign to say what she wants I think its good to email,tweet and FB the people who interview her and let them know she is a con artist and liar apprently its working judging from the “disclaimers” now cropping up

      • I’m sure that what Taylor would want most is for people who are onto her to stop commenting about her, to stop noticing her contradictions, to stop putting out data that shows her contradictions.

        It won’t matter if the people who are onto her stop communicating with each other. TV shows and other media execs are NOT bringing her on shows or putting her in their magazines for the sake of her ‘DETRACTORS! ‘ They’re bringing her into their media forum for the sake of her FANS, those who will definitely watch the shows and thereby increase ratings, those who will buy magazines with her in it and thereby increase sales, those who believe what she says because they have no clue what her true story is.

        So if one says one doesn’t want her on more media, then one should address her gullible FANS, because they are the TRUE MONEYMAKERS for her and the media.

    • ITA. The reason I have been following her publicity tour is in the hopes that someone will finally confront her on her lies. Stoopid Housewives is one of the few places that calls out people are their scams. I now realize how little time and investigation any of these interviewers put into their shows- they could at least do a cursory web search. They are not interested in the truth- only in fame and money which puts them in the same category as these wannabes.

    • I have decided that from here on out,that I will no longer watch all the shows who had the one sided interviews with her. The View, Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, ET, Access Hollywood, did I miss any?

      • I tried to find on the ABC/the View website to leave a message with my concerns about Tylor Armstrong Timeline info and other questions about her parenting skills, and it was a nightmare and I just gave up. They say on air that they want our feedback about reality shows for their new segment about reality tv shows,but I just don’t have the skills to jump through their hoops….I don’t think they want any real feedback, only what their producers who are tight with the PR groups want to have happen. So frustrating

        • As far as Dr. Drew goes, I hope everyone knows that Dr. Drew and Taylors Dr. Sophy are good friends and have/do work together on Celeb. Rehab…Damn , I expected so much more from Dr. Drew he didnt even ask her hard questions, in fact to me he led her to her “woe is me” responses!!!

        • I posted about that the other day. It took a lot of hoop-jumping to find where to send an email to ABC regarding The View. I can’t even link up an addy, because it was a direct email thru their website.

          • I think the View doesn’t really want anyone else’s “opinion.” Can you imagine the number of e-mails they get after Elisabeth goes off about abortion or some other REAL issue? Some of the women are on Twitter, though, so that could be a way of getting through.

        • Steview, I tried to do that, too, at the beginning of the week. I ran into the same wall that you did. I’m convinced that you’re correct about the PR group calling the shots.

          • Thanks waves….still very new to blogging and social media and I get frustrated totally but I’m sure it will start making sense soon.

    • I’d love to see 20/20 investigate this. They can start with the break up because I think Russel might have threatened to sue Taylor for the slander and moved out. He probably hoped that by suing her it would even out anything he would have to give her from the divorce settlement. That’s probably why she was crying on the phone to the girls in Hawaii, not because it was over but because she knew she’d get nothing from him – unless of course he died somehow, then she’d get everything including the millions in trust she thought he had. She probably didn’t think many people would care about his death or bother investigating it because we’d all be busy focusing on her story feeling sorry for her abused a$$, who would think twice about the death of a wife beater?

  3. I feel the best way to deal with this is to boycott her book, let Bravo know you don’t care about her or want to see her on your TV ever again and write every show she’s on and tell them the truth about her. It worked with Casey Anthony and it will work for Taylor. If media outlets continue to give her a platform then you contact their sponsors. The same holds true for magazine and book publishers. If enough consumers complain they will not touch her with a ten foot pole.

  4. If the shadow was turned sideways, we’d know for sure if it was Trayliar…and add Sybil and Eve as 2 new monikers. It must be hard being Trayliar. I, personally am sick of her. I got sick of Kyle on her book tour.

  5. What if we all just start posting that we believe her completely?
    Yes Taylor, of course all that really happened and you certainly are a fragile flower, victimized since conception. You big brave girl. Pat her on the head and maybe she will stop trying to convince us and just go away.
    Won’t work will it? I know, but good heavens she is like a bad case of poison ivy that won’t stop spreading.

  6. I have been interested in Shana since August 2010, I have been following her publicity tour is in the hopes that someone will finally confront her on her lies

  7. FOFL!! Apparently, Taylor got caught last night pretending to be a fan and tweeting about how great her own book is.

    I know it’s sad…but you have to admit, it’s also laughable.

    • She wasn’t drunk she was trying to make it seem like someone read her book & was inspired so others would want to read out of curiosity. She was sober for this lol. I wonder what her fake account is though…

  8. I wish someone would do what the Daily Beast did and then call her out on the lies. The interviews she is doing for the book are all “scripted before hand” there is no way any of the hosts can ask the ? we all wanna know.
    Yesterday she said The Daily Beast got it wrong about the explanation of the eye…..doubt it, she did an interview with them how would and why would they get it wrong?

  9. Was anyone else totally sickened by Dr Drew and Shana last night? He obviously did NO researchnon her whatsoever! That really burns me!! If you are going to interview someone with such horrid accusations surrounded with serious contraversy, wouldn’t you at least know she had volunteered at a DV center for past 6 years? Wouldn’t he at least know of ALL her silly names and personalities, heck if you google her, the name changes are all over the place! He is CLUELESS to ANY facts of truth with her. He was putting words in her mouth half the time, and the ” scared little girl” analogy was making me sick! She is cold and very calculating — he missed every single sign of her true person. Dr Drew isn’t looking too smart or insightful in my eyes, just another reality tv fame seeker. No wonder he is friends with Sofy. Bet she ends up on celebrity rehab. She was loving his attention lasy night! Ugh!!!!!

  10. She will most likely back out of the Wendy interview, didn’t she already do that to her once before- yes, and she probably will do it again.

  11. I’d love to see 20/20 investigate this. They can start with the break up because I think Russel might have threatened to sue Taylor for the slander and moved out. He probably hoped that by suing her it would even out anything he would have to give her from the divorce settlement. That’s probably why she was crying on the phone to the girls in Hawaii, not because it was over but because she knew she’d get nothing from him – unless of course he died somehow, then she’d get everything including the millions in trust she thought he had. She probably didn’t think many people would care about his death or bother investigating it because we’d all be busy focusing on her story feeling sorry for her abused a$$, who would think twice about the death of a wife beater?

    • WOW, how did this get double posted in TWO different spots. Sorry people, it was an accident I wasn’t desperately trying to get my point across.

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