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 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ BravoTV blogs re the second part of the three-part reunion show are starting to roll in…

BRANDI GLANVILLE … Brandi’s entire post:

It is hard to sit around and rehash old fights and hear the same excuses once again. I guess that is what the “re” in reunion stands for “rehash.”

I had absolutely no intention of fighting with Taylor. I have tried to stay out of her business this whole season because I thought nothing good could possibly come from her situation. However when she brought up my personal business, which had nothing to do with her, I fought back. I try and do the right and moral thing as often as possible, but I do have a temper and no one is perfect. I have my own opinion on the Russell/Taylor situation, but I have nothing against her personally. I honestly hope that she can find some peace in her life.

I think the Richard sisters have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. Excuses and placing blame seem to be their answers to most of life’s problems. I mess up all the time. I misspeak and have regrets about my actions, but owning up to my wrongdoing, saying sorry, and being truly remorseful is how I roll.

I plan on playing peacemaker between Adrienne and Lisa.  I think that Adrienne owes Lisa an apology, but it’s not something they can’t get passed.   I believe on a show like this with everyone promoting different businesses, books, beautylines, restaurants, shoelines, diet drinks, etc. etc. it tends to bring the competitiveness out in the human spirit.

Looking forward to next week where Kim blames all of her problems on me.


“I really think these ladies are all cool in their own way but it is sooooo hard to get hang time. For the record, the girls are worth it (yes, even Brandi if she would just stop pissing me off for more than 5 minutes at a time).

On another note, I just want to say the story about Kyle and her Christmas party was true. I was at the party, and after Kyle invited Brandi and she said she couldn’t come, Brandi accidentally wrote a text to Kyle saying “Kyle is such a C-U-Next-Tuesday (female private part).” Kyle told me she was actually really hurt and frustrated, since she had tried to make things right with them. As far as I was concerned, I don’t know what I was more floored by — how messed up that was or how stupid it was to text something nasty to Kyle about Kyle. Duh.

The reunion was hard for me to watch because I wish I had been there to stop Brandi from criticizing Taylor. She’s been through enough. Taylor’s book, whether you like her personally or not, will save lives. So rather than argue about whether she should have written it or how long she should have waited to do so, why doesn’t everyone just read it and see if it can help someone you know?

I have my own views on Game Night but you will have to wait for part three to hear them.”

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  1. BRANDI NEVER DENIED THAT SHE MISTAKENLY SENT KYLE THAT TEXT…..Dana is such an idiot. I would be soo embarrassed if I were Dana, this girl really thinks we viewers want to hear what she thinks. Not only that, why is she still trying to be Viles friend????

    • Exactly! I was getting ready to type “Gee thanks, PamDana, for letting us know it was true AFTER Brandi already said she did it. Does that make you feel relevant now? Oh wow, I am so in awe now that I know Kyle showed it to you!”

      Go AWAY – WE DON’T CARE!

    • I know! Brandi admitted doing it Pam, you dingaling!
      I guess Pam always gets her blogs up right away because she has nothing better to do.

      • I thinking getting spam’s blog up- and it being the only one to read- is the only way it gets read and commented on. I know if i get there and theyre all up, i skip spam’s bc I DONT CARE.

    • Yes click. I have no idea why she was looking so smug. I’m not so sure she realizes how big of a butt(hag?)face she has. I also don’t think it is a coincidence that her media “buy my book for of nonsensical things” blast was before the airing of the reunion.

      • MT, I was just wondering earlier where you have been, I hadn’t seen you. She did look smug didn’t she? I wanted to just smack her, maybe she thinks she is a best selling author now and that is going to be her trademark look.

        • Hello gail!
          I’m just so sick and tired (but mostly tired) of the Taylor cripes. Of course I check in all day!
          I liked the reunion. I was totally entertained! Sorta dreading the arrival of Da(m)na and Kim next week. Was super excited to see Kim until I peeped that preview! Ughs. Not looking so good for that ole broad, is it?

          • Sadly no, rehab just isn’t enough. She does not appear to be much more lucid than she was during filming. I wish her the best, but she is the only one to blame for embarrassing her children, she really can’t blame that on Brandi.

            • Gail, Kim does need more counseling. She does appear to be over medicated.

              Brandi tried and tried to apologize to Kim in person. Kim owes Brandi an apology for blowing her off and treating her like garbage.

        • Her face was proud bc she had “angry spice” pre-planned in her pocket and was giving herself kudos for getting it on film. Just like tamra trolls blogs and comments and steals our oneliners and nicknames… Lisa and brandi are the only ones who have jokes off-the-cuff… The others are so calculated its obvious.

          • I know, I thought the same thing about how happy Kyle was with herself. The way she looked over at Andy and started chuckling she was so pleased with her zinger. ughhh! She was waiting for the room to burst into laughter and applause.

      • She is a smug hag. Kyle was trying to take the negative atttention away from herself and aim it toward Lisa . EPIC FAIL!!! I despise her more now than I did before the reunion.

  2. Dana wishes Brandi accidentally texted her calling her [Dana] a “C-U-Next-Tuesday” because then she would be relevant. She would probably twitpic it and whine about it everyday for the next 5+ years.

    • I think it is hilarious that Brandi did that to Kyle and totally owned it. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all ? LOL.

      • Funnier still how spam has to go on and on about brandi in her blogs and twitter, grasping for a shred of relevance all the while brandi talks about everyone but spam! Like the honey badger… Brandi dont give a chit.

  3. Dana the Sage also imparts these valuable words of wisdom-”Look you guys: nobody should want to be a slut, dress like a slut, or call themselves one. I want you all to have self-esteem! ”

    Let me get this straight- Dana, a person who seeks validation in label dropping and lying about her income- is lecturing us “guys” on self-esteem. She obviously has none, to curry favor so blatantly among women who treat her wih palpable disdain. Yet Dana continues bowing and scraping, hoping those she reveres for their superior bank accounts will deign to take notice of her.

    She must be panicking that the season is over and she won’t have the Bravo blog forum to post her inane chatter.

  4. Dana, Trayliar is going to save lives? Hmmm. Doubt it. Maybe Lifetime will make a movie, and Jennifer Aniston can star in this dramatic role, unless she’s to busy doing Kyle’s sit-com.

  5. Wonder what Shana has on Dana? Can’t believe any sane person would continuously back that lying opportunist.

  6. When Dana says Kyle “wanted to make things right” is she referring to that trashy Bravo holiday party Kyle wanted Brandy to go to? I am assuming this was the publicity gala paid for by the company purely for promotion. The housewives from different franchises were dolled up in cheap holday garb and some one (Nene?) was pretending to pleasure a candy cane. Was there an ulterior motive by Kyle of having Brandi there? Like maybe the fact that photos of her would sell
    far better than those of Nene or Gretchen? Sounds like a lovely peace-making gesture by Kyle. Did they even let Dana come?

  7. I like Brandi; she just lays it out there, calls these women on the carpet; I am glad she called Traylor out; if you choose to be on a reality TV Show then suck it up! Dana; SGH is calling they have some new eye wear for you$$$$

    • Wow- Her book is getting slammed! I wonder if the publishers were ready for this or figure any publicity is good for sales.
      I particularly love the doe-eyed waif look on the cover, her sorrowful eyes, clutching her turtleneck which conveniently helps to deflect from her blow-up doll lips. Her pathetic photo cries out in cheesy novella style- please help me….

        • there is a like button? is that the same as the did this comment help you button? If not, i need to go back.

            • I just came from there not long ago. Comments and Reviews are ripping her, but it looks like the sales might be going well, I don’t know how Amazon ranks their books but according to what I saw the Kindle version had the number one spot on celebrity autobiograpy’s? And about number 7 in hardback. I don’t know how relative those numbers relate to the real sales, I am thinking that I have the correct category where she was number one. It makes me shudder to even write that.

              • I read her book last night and thought it was very good and very detailed. There were many people who had first hand knowledge about Russell and how he treated her. She wasn’t lying at all. You really should read it.

              • Kip,
                I’m glad you enjoyed her book. Unfortunately Taylor’s interviews and her book have contradictory versions of what she has in the book. This not from me but from Taylor’s own mouth! I don’t understand the need for lies when the truth will suffice. If she lies about one thing it’s hard to accept she is telling the truth about the other events.
                IMO you read a book of fiction not an autobiography! (All of this was said very politely)

              • i read the pages that were for free and I was not impressed. Bet she wants to rewrite that book, she is in a tailspin trying to make it mesh with the rest of her stories.

                Oh, and gail, I did hit the like button over at Amazon in a way…did this review help you? Yes for one star reviews. I will not download that crap to my Kindle, it would probably make it detonate, and I love my Kindle.

                Was her child/prop her ghostwriter? That book reads like a first grader wrote it, on top of the lies.

  8. When Andy asked why Traylor was mad at Lisa she had conveniently forgotten this was the same woman who had offered her and Kennedy a beautiful place to stay to get away form her abusive husband. Instead she chose to focus on this-Giggy was inappropriately tweeting.

  9. It’s absolutely true, you know. My publisher sent me an advance copy of Shana’s book…sshh…a few days ago and during the hour it took me to read that vapid piece of garbage, I wanted to stab myself in the carotid artery with a toothpick. BUT, fortunately, I remembered that I am neither Shana nor Kyle, and that alone made me want to continue living.

    So, you see, RHoBH and Shana’s book sorta did save my life. (Okay, I said it was absolutely true before. I lied. Sue me.)

  10. It’s already been established that Dana is a butt kissing/name dropping/label whore. But if you are going to kiss anyone’s butt on this show, why choose Taylor?

  11. I just went to –
    and Traylor is still prominently featured. However, when I clicked on the link under Customer Care/ Contact Us, an Anti Phishing warning came up so I was unable to leave a message telling them I will never shop there. Has anyone else had this happen?

    Unrelated but I also wondered -why didn’t Traylor confront Kyle about her threat to kill Mauricio if she caught him cheating as long as she is calling people out for being potentially violent?

    • Answers:
      1. No problem on the link you have above. Got the contact form OK.
      2. Traylor is a hag. She is getting Kyle’s support right now and all she wanted was to be accepted by people with money – hence, being bitchy to Brandi on the reunion – so she won’t rock that boat.

      • Thanks for checking on the link- I will try again to leave a message. I can’t believe they are touting Traylor as a beauty expert and are ignoring the current explosion about her in the blogosphere.

        Regarding my point about Kyle’s threats. I just wanted to point out how hypocritcal Traylor and her couch cronies are.
        I would have liked for Camille and Lisa to have stuck up for Brandi when all 3 ganged up on her for daring to question the Widow Armstrong, I am surprised Lisa is still buying what Traylor is selling and after seeing how she turned on her why would she would want a relationship with her. Surely she has come across con artists in her business ventures- yet she can’t see through Traylor.

        A comment I read today questioned Russell beating her “every six weeks”. Kind of like getting your roots touched up – - appointment with the salon, Russell hits me. :)

  12. My life has been saved!!! I was watching this reunion and thinking, “How in the world will I survive this? This incredulous display of Kyle-Crap, Taylor-Trash, and Adrienne-Ass? Someone help me!!!”

    And then, I saw Trout-Mouth Taylor and I thought, “well, at least I’m not a lying, responsible for my husband’s demise, two-faced, psychopathic waif with a mouth that could french-kiss a moose!” and I was reborn.

    Thanks, Big Lips Trailor, you make me realize how awesome I am! And a shout-out to Vile Kyle, too, because by comparison, I have boosted my self-esteem just by being who I am now, flaws and all in the knowledge that I in no way resemble these lizards.

    Kim, drugs and all, still appeals to me more than the tripe I mention above. She got out, she went to rehab. Good call! I’d have done drugs too if I had to live around Kyle.

    Dana, Dana, Dana – keep trying, maybe one of the ladies will give you a lollipop. Thanks for playing!

    • I just can’t get on the Kim love train. I think she has a vicious streak just like her sister and it comes out easily. Years of drug abuse does not disappear with a quick detox. You have to do a lot of work on yourself and from the previews it looks like Kim is still playing the blame game. Her thinking Brandi calling her a meth user did more harm than 2 seasons of footage showing her dazed and confused proves she has not come to grips with the real world.

      • All Kim has done is exchange her flask of vodka and baggie of cocaine for a bottle of anti-anxiety meds with a prescription label. Kim was nasty and entitled before rehab, and is still nasty and entitled after. Kim lives in her own world, and everyone else is expected to revolve around it. Oh yea Kyle, Kim is just great, like you keep trying to convince us.

  13. On WWHL Andy was making fun of Dana. The game prize was a cheap pair of gilded sunglasses. Andy put them on and in his best Dana voice pointed at them and said “$25,000″. I was ROFL.

    • I have to give Kyle credit for one thing, she can imitate Dana’s voice exactly, not that that is a good thing,

  14. ok, Question: Kyle says to Brandi, “Have a little sympathy for Taylor. Your husband left you alone with two kids to be with LeAnn Rhimes. I am sure that when that was going on you would want people to have a little sympathy for you ”

    Rewind to Brandi’s first apperence on this season. All the ladies are in a corner making fun of Brandi for wearing a cast and a heel. All of them slamming her and cackling like witches some one asks who she is and Kyle says “Her husband left her for LeAnn Rhimes. I guess thats her claim to fame” everyone laughs hysterically.

    Wow Kyle, practice what you preach you b!t*h

    • Kyle is a hypocrite plain and simple. Brandi went through some very public humiliation and is a single mom and what did she get from Kyle? Not only was Brandi not shown one ounce of support, she was basically terrorized by Kyle all season. And Kyle has the nerve to say Taylor deserves support because she is a single mom. Unbelievable. Kyle is the queen of “do as I say, not as I do”.

      • I agree. Kyle was my favorite when this show started and then when I saw how she treated Kim, I began to have reservations. After this season, I am embarrassed for Kyle, Adreinne. So petty and childish. Kim – sorry to say what a mess. Taylor just a grifter, and I am sure there was something going on in her home. Brandi – I feel like I shouldn’t like her so much, but I think she is funny. I kinda feel like this franchise has gotten really dark, and is not as enjoyable.

    • I had forgotten that. The hypocrisy is astounding- Kyle is so fake. And why isn’t Lisa upset she didn’t give her a heads-up about the potential Russell lawsuit? Why on earth does she want to remain friends with any of those backstabbing insecure women?
      Does anyone know if Ade’s shoes have been released? I can’t imagine anyone clamoring to buy those. I would be mortified to be wearing anything associated wth her dimwit personality and 1980′s Vegas Strip style sense.

      • I loathe this woman.The way she treated people this season speaks volume about her character. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she has a very mean and nasty streak that she is desperately trying to control. As viewers, we should have seen the writing on the wall last year when she lost control of her nastiness and outed her very own sister as an alcoholic.

        She treated Brandi, a brand new cast member, by talking behind her back on first meeting and cackling like a witch. Sadly, she did this solely based on her own insecurities and some tabloid rumors. Then totally excluding this same person from a small group at a party and making fun of her once again and laughing. She even has the balls to go after a child. She says she was “not criticizing the child’s behavior only Brandi’s parenting skills.” Sorry, but that’s just a round about way of insulting them both. Speaking of parenting skills WTF was with her crawling into the crib with her two year old last season?

        She seemed to have no problem in trashing Lisa along with the other women on the show all season. She joined right in at the reunion on her character assassination. Yet she blamed it all on a comment Lisa made in her interview segment which she did not see until the show aired. Her and Shaft need: Lying & Timelines 101
        Reminder to Kyle: Lisa and you have been friends for years. What a cruel thing for you to do to a supposedly long time friend.

        She is desperately trying keep up the smoke screen that she is this great, fun, happy-go-lucky, friend, mother, wife blah, blah, blah and that everything is perfect. We have all had some issues in our life. We know how people act and when they are lying or trying to hide things and create stories. She’s so arrogant that she thinks the viewers are not wise enough to see through her façade. I find that insulting.

        And yet she seems to take no responsibility in her actions. Her apologies are always laced with comments such as “that wasn’t me” or “that’s not who I am or how I act”. Oh, really Kyle? Then who was it? Or she tries to shift the blame on to someone else and say that THEIR behavior was the reasoning behind HER behavior. Or that she was just joking and having fun. But of course it’s always at someone else’s expense. She seems incapable of understanding that her horrid behavior and blame game is a reflection upon HER.
        Yes, Kyle Richards is continuing to make an ass out of herself, even after apologizing profusely for her bad behavior, she still continues to behave badly. I wonder when she had her change of heart about her behavior on Game Night because she certainly didn’t look like she felt badly about it all during Spa Day, which was the episode that immediately followed Game Night. And as Lisa told us on that reunion stage, when she saw the footage of the Game Night episode, she realized Kyle did not tell her what really happened that night at Pam/Dana’s house and that she only backed up Kyle because they were good friends at the time. This tells me that up until that episode aired, Kyle wasn’t feeling that badly about what she did to Brandi at all.
        . There is something deeply disturbing about this woman. And until she gets to the bottom of it, we are positive it will continue to surface for many years to come.

      • Romo, isnt that every kyle post? Kyles being a bitch is not her REAL personality, though. Thats just how she acts all the time. I cannot wait for mo to finally see who she is and leave her.

        • Aww, she’ll just find another sucker and spit another baby out so that she is taken care of for another 5 years or so. Isn’t that their M.O.?

          • Spit another baby out. That’s funny right there.

            The look on MoMos face when Vyle told him she would like to spit another one out was priceless. Although, I don’t know why it would bother him too much. They wouldnt need a hospital. She could do the splits on someone’s dining table at some engagement party and they could keep on party rocking. Shaft could catch the slippery Richard spawn in the catchers mitt on her face with one leg wrapped around her neck. Who wouldn’t want those two party girls at their house party??

              • Can u imagine her “other crazy antics” (ie look-at-meeee)? Or if she was a family friend who did these things at your parties and u had to pretend they were amusing? God, brandi and lisa say what viewers think. Oh, and ken… WE DONT CARE!

  15. I also wondered why Kyle did not let Lisa know that Russell had threatened to sue her. Strange that this important bit of information never got to Lisa..hmmmmmm….Yet she immediately turns on Taylor and uninvites her from the white party because of her threats to Camille? Are Camille and Kyle BFF’s now? Kyle also needs to quit trying to boss Kim around. Kim is an adult and needs to be treated as such…period. Kyle is not a likeable person this season. Hope the book flops and hope Taylors flops as well. Much too soon after husbands death to expose marriage secrets.

  16. Camille’s bitchy side was coming out again last night in regards to the “Lisa selling stories to the tabloids” thing. Is she that stupid that she didn’t realize that the reporter was trying to ‘goat’ (her own word) her into spilling a story?

    • No, I didn’t see it that way, I saw it as Camille telling Adrienne that the same reporter came to her to try to get a story from her by saying, well Lisa does it all of the time, only Camille knew better and wouldn’t buy into it and give him a story. Adrienne believed it, Camille did not.

      • That’s how I took it as well. Camille knew the reporter was full of it and she didn’t fall for it.

  17. I liked Brandi by the end of the season, but after watching her on the reunion’s 2nd part, I have to say she was annoying me quite a bit. I love that she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. But she came out looking for a fight and that just didn’t sit well with me.

    • I loved her, she came out, answered honestly, and backed Lisa up, and Lisa had her back. She was the only one that didn’t tiptoe around anything and was the first housewife to say to Taylor’s face what the rest of the women had been thinking, along with the rest of the world. She had every right to defend herself against how she had been treated the entire season.

    • I heard that when she finally came out and saw that Lisa had tears in her eyes it made her even more upset with that group of losers on the other sofa. The look on Lisa’s face was filled with hurt. I felt badly for her as I did Brandi on game night. Kyle the bitch and Kim just kept yelling at her and you can clearly see Brandi was crying. Who does things like that

  18. Russell, Camille, and Adrienne all witnessed that Lisa sold out to Radaronline. Lisa is a snake. I would love to see the snoot off between Lisa and luann delesseps. So much in common. Both husbands cheated. Lisa & Luann treat everyone like trash.

    • Where did you see that Russell, Camille and Adrienne witness Lisa selling stories to Radar online. Camille said a reporter tried to goad her by saying Lisa sold them stories all the time. I get that you don’t like Lisa but if that’s your reason your facts are wrong.

  19. I really do Like Brandi. I know she can be crass and I like that she is unfiltered. It keeps the other women on her toes. I’m glad she didn’t apologize for having and opinion about Taylor writing the book. I loved that she said ” it was about Russ and Kennedy” on the show. A very parental response! I can’t imagine she won’t be on the show next year. I think Taylor will be the new Dana next year and then be phased out. I’m sure Kyle will be throwing a fit if Brandy is Taylor’s replacement.

    • I hope Kim gets booted off the show too, Andy seemed a little put off when he asked Kyle why she was even on the show. Dana has no chance of coming back, I doubt any single person actually liked her. Brandi has proven to be a fan favorite and with all the other girls attacking Lisa, she’s needed.

  20. hautecharlotte charlotte victoria
    @Danawilkey how come we’ve never seen your husband? Too busy cheating on you with someone who’s not total white trash? :(
    19 hours ago in reply to ↑

    Dana Wilkey @hautecharlotte you shouldn’t call someone’s integrity into ques in such a serious way. He has children. #barkbark #watchit #regularguy
    1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    • I’m glad I don’t have twitter. I didn’t like Dana on the show but that is just mean. I don’t understand the need for these people do behave so badly or others that accept it. Not picking on you CC/MC only on how people treat each other now days.

    • She got the #barkbark bit right. Her fella looks like a bulldog licking pee off a nettle. That’s the reason behind not putting pictures up of him ;)

  21. Duanenparker Duane Parker
    Bye @Danawilkey according to Greg Stewart you won’t be back next season, when asked last night he said “she’s not the right fit, shes gone”
    1 hour ago in reply to ↑

    Dana Wilkey @Duanenparker where so I can call him and give him sh#t for it? #itsallgood
    1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  22. There goes the ol’ Richards sisters line of “That wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!” Anytime they do horrible things, they never own their own actions. OWN IT!

    Also, how did Brandi saying one thing become ‘detrimental’ to Kim’s children with her kids coming up to her and crying? UH KIM. You probably scared your kids more with your own actions (OWN IT!), than Brandi ever did by saying something a lot of people were already thinking! You even said your kids didn’t want to live with you anymore, which again, you blamed on something other than yourself (you blamed it on moving in with Ken). No, it was being with a mother who’s out of her mind. Again, OWN IT!

  23. Is this supposed to be sober Kim? She still doen’t seem with it, maybe she’s off the booze but still on numerous prescription meds? Kim seems a little better than what we’ve witnessed on this season, but is that really much of an improvement? It sounds like Kim has had an issue for numerous years, so I’m sure this will be a long battle but it doesnt look like she is on the right track. Her ability to blame Brandi for everything is absurd and her inability to take accountability suggests that she is not ready to get sober.

    I honestly think there are some serious issues Kim needs to work out, away from Hollywood and Bravo. Kim is the poster child for what can go wrong with child stars.

    • Love Brandi’s last line in her blog, :
      Looking forward to next week where Kim blames all of her problems on me.

      Gotta love that girl ! Even if you didn’t want to, she won so many people over.

  24. In case you want to know what PamDana wears to the reunion…She is this delusional…no security??? jreandino Jeremiah Reandino
    Wow @danawilkey spotted wearing #Feri the other day! Very nice!
    5 hours ago in reply to ↑

    Dana Wilkey @jreandino I wear it at The Reunion too earrings and bracelet …Looks real…great for travel! #nosecurityneeded
    2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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