POSTED FEBRUARY 7, 2012  3:40 pm  

UPDATED FEBRUARY 9, 2012  2:53 pm

 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ BravoTV blogs re the second part of the three-part reunion show are starting to roll in…

BRANDI GLANVILLE … Brandi’s entire post:

It is hard to sit around and rehash old fights and hear the same excuses once again. I guess that is what the “re” in reunion stands for “rehash.”

I had absolutely no intention of fighting with Taylor. I have tried to stay out of her business this whole season because I thought nothing good could possibly come from her situation. However when she brought up my personal business, which had nothing to do with her, I fought back. I try and do the right and moral thing as often as possible, but I do have a temper and no one is perfect. I have my own opinion on the Russell/Taylor situation, but I have nothing against her personally. I honestly hope that she can find some peace in her life.

I think the Richard sisters have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. Excuses and placing blame seem to be their answers to most of life’s problems. I mess up all the time. I misspeak and have regrets about my actions, but owning up to my wrongdoing, saying sorry, and being truly remorseful is how I roll.

I plan on playing peacemaker between Adrienne and Lisa.  I think that Adrienne owes Lisa an apology, but it’s not something they can’t get passed.   I believe on a show like this with everyone promoting different businesses, books, beautylines, restaurants, shoelines, diet drinks, etc. etc. it tends to bring the competitiveness out in the human spirit.

Looking forward to next week where Kim blames all of her problems on me.


“I really think these ladies are all cool in their own way but it is sooooo hard to get hang time. For the record, the girls are worth it (yes, even Brandi if she would just stop pissing me off for more than 5 minutes at a time).

On another note, I just want to say the story about Kyle and her Christmas party was true. I was at the party, and after Kyle invited Brandi and she said she couldn’t come, Brandi accidentally wrote a text to Kyle saying “Kyle is such a C-U-Next-Tuesday (female private part).” Kyle told me she was actually really hurt and frustrated, since she had tried to make things right with them. As far as I was concerned, I don’t know what I was more floored by — how messed up that was or how stupid it was to text something nasty to Kyle about Kyle. Duh.

The reunion was hard for me to watch because I wish I had been there to stop Brandi from criticizing Taylor. She’s been through enough. Taylor’s book, whether you like her personally or not, will save lives. So rather than argue about whether she should have written it or how long she should have waited to do so, why doesn’t everyone just read it and see if it can help someone you know?

I have my own views on Game Night but you will have to wait for part three to hear them.”