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                      The chicks in the middle, Larsa Pippen and Crispy Rice are out!

                                                               Marysol Patton… more photos here.

There WILL be a second season for the Real Housewives of Miami.

As mentioned on SH April 7, 2011… here… the Real Housewives of Miami got a bad rap and they deserve a second season!  Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice were given da Bravo boot back in April.  

Who will be the new Miami Housewives?  

“Dancing With The Stars” contestant, Joanna Krupa…

…and Lisa Hochstein, wife of plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein!

                                                       Lisa and Dr. Lenny Hochstein

Read more at the Hollywood Reporter… here.

Read more at the Miami



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    • I like it too very fake housewife! Glad those two whatever-you-want-to call-them (I call them names that are not allowed on this site) are out. I’m looking forward to next season. :)


  1. Have mercy MsSH you scared the bejesus outta me when I saw Larsa and Christy skanking there in the first picture.

    The plastic surgeons wife looks like Marysol. I’m in, don’t think I can do the OC this year, BH wore me out.
    Another wife doing the splitz, Kyle will be jealous


  2. What the hell is that thing in the picture?! Second to the last on the right with the multi-orange tent on???

    Oh, my goodness.

    I just threw up in my mouth and reached for a fly swatter at the same time….

    Get out of the sun! Get back to the coffin!! Oh my , oh my….what in the world is that??!!!


      • Ahh…she reminds me of that character Gary Oldman played in Dracula — that would be Dracula.

        Ok, I’m done. I’ve gotten this out of my system.

        I’m going to watch Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchin for a sec and get grounded again.. BRB.


        • Jazz – I love mamma Elsa too. Just watch her in action. She has more personality than all the RHOC put together.. Over all the seasons. I have to say, she is a gem and to use an old cliche, looks can be deceiving.
          I’m glad I am not as easily frightened. I would be missing out on a lot of the stuff I love about this life. :)


  3. Well, if you read the Miami Herald it pretty much says it all. This show was a suck fest and they had to scour the bottom of the barrel in Miami to find people who would do it. It will be just terrible. I don’t understand why Bravo would make such a poor decision and resurrect this coma-inducing dreck.


  4. haha, watching that clip with the words not in sync with the lips and Andy’s facial expressions are priceless to watch.


  5. Saw Alexia at the mall last year on a Sunday afternoon. Realized later that day why she looked so familiar. Sad to say, but these have to be the most boring housewives ever!


  6. Isn’t mama Elsa the reason Crispy and Larsa are gone? The story I got is she gave them the evil eye, did a one clap under her leg, spit on the ground and they just disappeared. I don’t give a care about those two; so I didn’t say anything. ‘Til now… Crap!


    • Larsa was very rude to Mama Elsa. she was very disrespectful to her. Mama Elsa does not fly so she and her daughter drove to New York to be guests with Andy in the clubhouse. The video’s of the road trip were hilarious.


      • I know gail Larsa was awful to mama! Just terrible… I wanted to slap her. That footage of their NY roadtrip was Lol! I love mama! :-)


  7. The first picture scared me half to death! I was so afraid it was a picture of this season because I had read that the two shrews, Larsa and Kristy, wouldn’t be back. I was very pleased to read the caption.


  8. steview, Mary Amons drunk tweets all the time. Lynda tweets of going to great events. Cat is writing her second book…and Missy Sloppy, left Turk for the lead guitarist from Journey…supposedly worth 90 million…and the two love birds are getting ready to release a music video, where they are rolling around together in the surf. BARF!


  9. As long as Alexis comes back I’m good. But as for the new one Lisa Hochstein, I’ve heard alot of rumors about her on forums already and what they say is that she loves to screw around on her husband big time.


  10. I have to say that all these plastic surgeon wives all look the same: pulled back eyes, pulled back skin, ski slope noses, trout pouts. Is there any other look these dudes can create or do they all know only ONE FACE?

    This Lisa is scary looking and what’s scarier is that she and her ilk think she’s “beautiful.” Whatever happened to natural beauty?


  11. It was just stated that Alexia Echeverria would in fact be returning to season 2, except she will be having a much smaller role due to the accident her son suffered and would be spending a lot more time with him.


    • Dan-E: Do you actually read SH or are you a drive-by?? I’m goin’ with ‘drive-by’… If you read SH, you would know that this info re Alexia and the RHOM has been on SH for months. Ya gotta be quick!! SH


  12. I LIKE THE NEW rhom GROUP. mARTA IS SUCH a deadbeat no-account loser and trouble maker. She is so jealous of her sister When she movedinto the plastic srgeon’s house, she didn’t lift a finger to help with the lingerea party…..Also Karent has got to be one of the snarkiest, old maid, socially inept women I’ve ever seen in my life! These two, plus bitch slappin” Adriana make this second series fun to watch. Feel sorry for Romain though… can he put up wit a girlfriend of five years who won’t shop for groceries, cook once in awhile, and has her leech sister around all of the time?????? Joanna can’t hold her liquor and makes an ass out of herself whenever she goes out. Romain is always embarrrassed. I just don’t see it lasting….Marta will wind up in a homeless shelter where she belongs.h u.


  13. I no longer respect Romain (fake Frenchman). aFTER SEEING jOE sLEAZEBALL harrass Joanna at the Gala. Romain wasn’t there…All of this coulod have been nipped at the bud-the Second he began to disprespect her at the pijama party. He should have punched him out to protect his lady’s honor. Instead the little bitch said “I don’t want to go to jail”. SOOO? Even if he did punch Sleazeball<I doubt he would have gone….Sleazeball had it comin'…Is Romain afraid of a night in jail????any man who truly loves a woman does not care. Little Bitch Romain. Joanna, get a clueand move on.


    • I think Romain was likely weighing what was more important: defending the honor of a drunk fiance with drinking problems that wants to fight all the time (AGAIN) or going to jail and risk the loss of business at his night club. Wtih video evidence–because Bravo would have put it on air–he would risk losing what he built.

      I get the feeling that wherever drunk Hoanna is, drama follows. This was probably an everyday occurrence and Romain is used to it. He deals with it by ignoring her and any chirping going on around her.

      He doesn’t want to sleep with her and his business is clearly the priority. I don’t blame him. Her “I came from nothing…now I’m gonna fight you” bullsh*t was old a month ago. I can’t imagine how many times a week he must hear, “I came from nothing…” followed by a drunken outburst.


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