POSTED FEBRUARY 6, 2012 2:35 pm

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Shana… SHAFT… Taylor Armstrong taped her interview on Thursday for airing today, February 6, 2012.

Audience members of The View were given a copy of Shana’s book, which was the topic of conversation for Shana’s appearance.  (What percentage of Shana’s book sales will be attributable to her giveaways??)  

Shana “discussed” her experiences with domestic violence… nothing that hasn’t been said by her previously.   The questions asked by The View panel and Shana’s answers were well-prepared for her visit.

                                                                   Wendy Williams… “Yeah, Shana cancelled out on me!  If anyone knows WHY, call me!”

NOTE:  Shana was scheduled to appear on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow, February 7…. that appearance was cancelled.  Perhaps Shana got spooked by the fact that Joan Rivers will be Wendy’s celebrity co-host tomorrow… Shana’s totally rehearsed answers would not have been acceptable to either Wendy or Joan.  

Wendy’s other guest for tomorrow is Dr. Drew… would Dr. Drew also have asked Shana questions that were not pre-approved by her and/orBravo???

More about Shana’s answers/appearances on the Today Show and The View on an upcoming post…

Shana last week with Dwight Coates…


From NYPost:

She’s moved from saying that Russell could have been the love of her life (as she did on last week’s “RHOBH” reunion) to acknowledging that he’s “the love addiction of my life.”