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Shana… SHAFT… Taylor Armstrong taped her interview on Thursday for airing today, February 6, 2012.

Audience members of The View were given a copy of Shana’s book, which was the topic of conversation for Shana’s appearance.  (What percentage of Shana’s book sales will be attributable to her giveaways??)  

Shana “discussed” her experiences with domestic violence… nothing that hasn’t been said by her previously.   The questions asked by The View panel and Shana’s answers were well-prepared for her visit.

                                                                   Wendy Williams… “Yeah, Shana cancelled out on me!  If anyone knows WHY, call me!”

NOTE:  Shana was scheduled to appear on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow, February 7…. that appearance was cancelled.  Perhaps Shana got spooked by the fact that Joan Rivers will be Wendy’s celebrity co-host tomorrow… Shana’s totally rehearsed answers would not have been acceptable to either Wendy or Joan.  

Wendy’s other guest for tomorrow is Dr. Drew… would Dr. Drew also have asked Shana questions that were not pre-approved by her and/orBravo???

More about Shana’s answers/appearances on the Today Show and The View on an upcoming post…

Shana last week with Dwight Coates…


From NYPost:

She’s moved from saying that Russell could have been the love of her life (as she did on last week’s “RHOBH” reunion) to acknowledging that he’s “the love addiction of my life.”

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  1. Did she just say that Russell accused her of cheating on their first date? How can there be a past of cheating when a relationship has been formed yet? Doesn’t make sense. So now he has mental illness.

    • Exactly! I thought the same thing! She really is fame hungry! She’ll say anything for anyone to believe her! Shana needs HELP! I really think she is a deranged, mental person.

      • Wow, why didn’t they just tell her story for her, what i heard was what everyone else has heard, but coming from the interviewer leading her into the answers? I am so disappointed. She chased him for three months and on the first date he accused her of cheating????? And they bought that, no questions asked. I am disgusted!

        I am no longer receiving email updates on comments, is this any part of your technical difficulties MsSH. I need help to find out what is going on with me not getting the emails. It’s the highlight of my day to get these emails and I am about to tear my hair out because I don’t know what or why it is happening. Somebody please help me. they are not in my spam folder either.

        • She also forgot to mention that she was about 5 months pregnant when he married her…
          And that she said on RHOBH that she married him mostly for money/finances – about 80% while the other 20% was for emotional purposes.
          Yeah, she didn’t mention the gold digger …. er …… money part, right?

          • she absolutely did NOT say that she married him for money…get your facts straight. She said their marriage was about 80% business and 20% romance, meaning they act more as business partners as opposed to two people in love – it wasnt the relationship she signed up for but that’s what it had turned into. Quit twisting her words.

        • Ok, yes she chased him for three months, according to her, but isn’t it also true at that time she was having her lesbian relationship with JenniFUR so if in fact he did ask it would it be totally inaccurate?

      • I was just gonna post the same response Sheridan! How can somebody cheat on somebody on the first date? WTH? Ok, so let’s say they went to dinner on their first date.
        Did he call her a couple hours later (keep in mind, they just had ONE date) and say “you are cheating on me biotch!?” Doesn’t make sense! She is definitely going to screw up and out herself if she keeps this crap up and I hope she does!
        I wonder if she knows how stoopid that statement was!

        • Was this when he supposedly put his hands on her while she was pregnant? Yeah, whateves. She can’t sleep at night because he may be in her nightmares. If she has a conscience.

          • I think she got that story because if I am correct, that did happen to one of the mother’s to his two sons. She is mixing up so many stories and accounts, I am shocked beyond belief that she is even being offered the opportunity to shill her book.

  2. Ugh! She’s absolutely disgusting! I really can’t stomach her! Why aren’t they asking her tough questions????? Especially Barbara? Oh, c’mon now… Don’t tell me Barbara is actually buying her sneaky, manipulative lies…

    • I dont think Barbara is buying squat just being PC I can tell Whoopi wanted to say something normally she isnt so reserved
      Though it would have been funny had she cut a big old smelly fart like she did a couple weeks ago during Tyalors Lie fest

      • Of course she would cancel. She can’t handle all that pressure because she knows they won’t buy into what she’ll say! Wendy isn’t buying it, Dr. Drew has always questioned her motives, and Joan will ask her questions that’ll make Traylor Trash squirm! It’s obvious Traylor practices and lies when she speaks. She’s so fake. She thinks we can convince us? Does she think she can outsmart us with her ”victim” act? Poor Kennedy! She has to deal with this now throughout her future. Traylor can’t even think about what this will do to her daughter, and Russell’s sons? Hell, she doesn’t even give a crap about his two boys. The stress and depression they’ll endure during school and when they’re at home late at night, crying because of all the things Traylor’s been putting out there. They will continue to get made fun if and picked on at school. It’s bad enough Russell left his sons, but for Traylor to add on to the misery and hell that she’s caused… Oooh! The disgust I have for this woman is out of this world! This is not her reality… Her reality is portraying herself to be this innocent victim. Her reality is a grifter who will stop at nothing to make some quick cash, and wants people to feel sympathetic for her craziness and lies!!!

        • She hasnt even told Kennedy how her father has died I mean There has to be a age appropriate way to explain suicide to a child its not right she still dosnt know.

          • She made some kind of comment on the view about Kennedy “knowing” he didn’t die “naturally”.. WTF ?????? What did she say to this child ?? Or should I say, what kind of Shana “twist” did she plant in her child’s head about her “stupid ” daddy.

        • The sad thing is, she is in therapy for the wrong reasons. It is all based on this ‘story’ of abuse and the help she is getting isn’t the help she needs. She is only learning how to better play the role of ‘victim’. I wish she’d realize her problems and seek help for THAT. Problem is, she believes her lies and in that case may never realize how messed up she is. I do, with all sincerity hope that she gets better, for REAL better, not better from the abuse and suicide.

  3. - Babs said Taylor left Russell. But wasn’t it Russell who was the one who moved out?
    - Babs said nobody had heard from him for several days. But his grandma talked to him on Friday & Saturday. Also, It’s been reported that when he was found on Monday, that he had been dead for about 24 hrs, which would make his death date Sunday.
    - Taylor said that if only she had called him an hour earlier, he might not have died. Is she saying she found him just one hour after he hung himself? Is she saying he died on Monday, not Sunday?
    - Taylor said the abuse started when she was 2 yrs old. She didn’t say when it stopped though. If her parents split when she was about 2 yrs old, then how much abuse was there to cement in her mind that that was normal? Joy said that Taylor didn’t know what normal was since she grew up in an abusive household. That’s kind of contradictory, since her mother didn’t spend Taylor’s childhood with an abusive father, right?
    - Babs said Russell was concerned about being on the show because of how it would affect his own business. But then Taylor says that Russell was so into being on the show that he would eagerly google alert himself every morning.

    • As far as your first point, no matter who leaves who, courts rule in favor of the child. A judge would rule that since Shana has primary custody of Kennedy, she is able to live in the house and Russell has to move out. However, I don’t believe this was every in front of a judge. So, either he left her OR it was a somewhat amicable split where he decided to move out on his own to not disrupt his daughter’s day to day routine. I don’t doubt that there was some sort of abuse going on (pushing, shoving, yelling a lot, etc), but I don’t think a complete monster would just all of the sudden say “okay, I’ve put you through hell long enough. I’ll move out” unless she was threatening him with something she had over him, I dontknow.
      As far as her”abusive childhood” goes, I swear she ripped it off from bethenny frankel bc she saw how it endearedbethenny to the audience. She was crying saying she had nothing, but there are tons of childhood pictures of her out there in a nice looking home with Christmas presents and a tree and cheerleading pics, etc.

    • Taylor also was suppose to have dinner with him Saturday night according to what Russell’s room mate said Russell told him, so why did she never mention that fact and that he never showed up?

  4. Why isn’t there ONE journalist or person who calls her on her lies????????? Gee, she was scared to go on Barbra Walter’s show to begin with and ended up selling her schlock to E.T.? I guess she had nothing to fear since Baba lobbed softballs at her. D’uh!!! (I already wrote to the View and to ABC, noting my displeasure!)

    • Would love it if MS SH could get one of those interviews where we ask questions and she passes them on for her to answer. You think Taylor would like this type of interview and it would give her a chance to ‘prove’ her story. If Taylor would answer the REAL questions, the HARD questions, it could really go in her favor…. possibly.

      • Annah: Wishful thinking! Everyone would love to hear REAL, honest answers from Shana. However, skilled scammers will never provide honest answers. The best avenue to take is to listen to her statements and compare to what she has stated previously. TFC!! SH

  5. It is mind blowing how many lies she can spout in just a few minutes ! And the lies continued in the rest of the interview. And of course if any of” the view” ladies made a error in her favor she went right along with it..
    YOU did NOT leave him, he moved out.
    Ok Shana.. now your story is Russell was mentally ill ? ohh.. a new unsubstantiated insult to the dear departed one you love and miss and think about every nite !
    He supposedly accused you of sleeping around after their first date ? But if that was true WHY did you just ignore it AND the question Joy asked about that and just launch into your PJ wearing , bionic leaping infant defending her mama.
    The only true response in this crappy interview was when asked if she was glad he was dead , she got that little smirk on her face and said “yeah”, and then blah, blahed into a more PC explanation so as not to look as evil as she truely is.

  6. I don’t twitter, but I am seriously considering opening a twitter account just so I can let The View and Baa Baa Waa Waa and Whoopie know how disgusting that interview was!

    • They have a messageboard on their site & you could also email It took me a while to find the right link for their email–it kept getting bounced back.

  7. Trayliar could,ve never gone up against Joan or Dr. Drew. I bet that stinker Wendy did that on purpose. Trayliar is a coward. If she’s telling the truth, she could have handled it…well, maybe not Joan. Dr. Drew would’ve been falling over her, professing to get her and Kennedy therapy. Then she could say she has Dr.Sockless. Do you think Jennifer told Dr.Drew anything?

      • @ meowalert – Oooooo. That’s right! I forgot about that. Great catch!

        I now remember Joan saying she was pissed at her husband for killing himself and leaving her daughter without a father. Iirc, there was also money problems too.

        I would think that Joan and Wendy would be what Taylor thought was a perfect storm. But then again, I’d think that Dr. Drew would inhibit them from ‘telling it like it is’ ala Wendy-style.

        • The combination of Dr. Drew, Joan, and Wendy. There is no way that could have remained under the control of Traylor’s PR team! THAT I am certain, is why they backed out!

  8. I watched The Today Show and The View. How many times can you say “zip up footie pajamas” and “conversation” in one day? Not as many as Taylor Armstrong, I would bet! She is a certifiable nut job.

    • At least she left out “radiographic evidence” this time. And I noticed she did switch it up a little, going from “a restaurant” on The Today Show to “a mall” on The View.

    • She is the one that chased him, does any of that make sense at all about accusing someone of cheating after one date. WHY did the women on the view not jump up and down on that ?

      • I guess she forgot about the episode from the Las Vegas dinner party. Russell clearly states that she chased him for months and he was not looking for a relationship…And Taylor agreed…. I don’t believe a word Shana say’s… What is even more pathetic is she claims she didn’t have financial means to leave him. Umm, she is carrying handbags that cost over $5k, shoes that are $1k a pair and jewelry that could fund a small village. But no financial “means”? Guess she has never heard of ebay??…If she wanted out, she could have easily gotten out. Not forgetting to mention, her timeline is all over the place. For instance, just hours after he ALLEGEDLY dislocated her jaw she was partying by the pool in Vegas with him tweeting about what a great time they were having… that is just one of the MANY allegations that do not add up….

    • Yeah, emails are back !!! Strange that they think Russell was the one with a mental illness since it is obviously a trait that Taylor has. I do not believe it was a suicide, so if it wasn’t , would they still call it as him having a mental illness?

      • I’m interested in what makes you think it wasn’t a suicide. If I understand correctly he had been prescribed antidepressants, and was depressed, therefore he was suffering from a medical condition and had a form of mental illness, depression.

        • If you read the question and answer session with Russell’s lifelong friend Randy Edwards in the masthead above, I think you will understand my reasoning. He answered many questions and his answers confirmed many suspicions that many people already had. Russell was moving back home to Texas, his father had already started making preparations for his return home. I have also read the autopsy report and the report that was made regarding the scene where Russell’s body was found. There is a good bit that was in the report that was inaccurate, one of which was the fact that Taylor is never mentioned as having been one of the people that discovered his body. It is quite a good read.
          I think the autopsy report may have been added to the Taylor/Shana timeline as well.

    • Seeing Dr. SoPhoney with Taylor is the equivalent of seeing Jose Baez with Casey Anthony, they both reek of slime ball with their pet project their own personal psyco.

  9. It drives me crazy how Taylor continues to say that she misses the control that Russell had over her and this is the first time she has control over what she does. Ummm…if she is 40 and been married for 6 years then she did not get married until she was 34 years old!!!! I am pretty sure that she had control of her life up until 34 years old. She talks as if she was married to him for 20 years and never had control of her own life for many, many years. Why doesn’y anyone ever have a follow up question about that? Why wouldn’t anyone ask what the other 34 years of her life were like before she met Russell? Was someone controlling her then too? Evidently, the first few years of her life were very traumatic since she has a vivid recollection of what happened to her when she was two years old in “zip up pajamas with footsies.” She is really a piece of work and people believe her!

      • I’ve gotten mine through WordPress, but I think there was a small gap in sevice, Hope it works out for you soon Cute Kitten Gail

        • Thank you because I miss my daily dose of massive emails. It’s so much easier to follow when someone posts something new in the middle of the comments sections.

        • i wonder where the other Gail ran off too? It was like my identity was stolen, lol. I saw what she wrote and was OH NO, people will think that is ME,

        • It’s back! Yippee, I resubscribed to your blog and had to put the email addy in for it, I think that is what solved the problem. Thank you for your help :)

          I knew i hadn’t been poofed because i could still post, i look forward to my email updates so i can catch up without re reading entire posts and you put up new posts so fast some days it is moving too fast to stay on one post too long., which is one reason I love this blog so much,New an fresh info out there every day :)

    • lord, i am not sure how i did it in the first place but i guess i can give it a try. I have left a couple of posts for MsSH and she hasn’t responded yet, I am about to tear my hair out.

      • I refreshed my following of stoopid housewives and they wanted an email addy, said I just started following her moments ago. I have no idea what is going on and have just about given up on trying anymore.

      • Ahh Gail, I feel for ya .. I had nothing but problems the other day and I couldn’t post and it drove me nuts ! Sometimes I have my prison number behind my name ( joke ! ) sometimes not ! LOL ! I had to email SH. It took a little time but she took care of it, have patience my friend

  10. For a “grieving widow” and “abused wife” whose primary focus is on her daughter and healing (as she said in an interview recently), Traylor gets around and has plenty of time to appear on talk shows.

    • I agree. If my husband had died (even if it wasn’t suicide) the LAST place i’d be is all over TV. She is awful. But she’ll get hers when all the lies catch up to her.

  11. In the video of Taylor taking photos with the 2 ladies, was Taylor flirting with one of them by stroking the woman’s hair? Or is that her assistant?

    Taylor implied that she wasn’t in control of her life until now and missed the control Russell had over her life. But she met him when she was in her mid-30s. So who was controlling her until then?

    Taylor said that Russell screaming in front of Kennedy reminded her of when she heard screaming by her dad when she was 2 yrs old. Oohhh ok.

    • Childhood memories are very distorted in both time and intensity….others can influence those memories with reinforcement…”remember when you defended your mama by pulling your daddy’s hair while he was attacking her”. I wonder if doc no socs used regression therapy on shana and recovered her abuse “stories” which she could have transferred over to Russell. It is still controversial because of how wrong it can go with out the proper post care.

  12. What is weird to me…If Russell was so controlling, how would he ever allow her to have a male business partner? I am saying that not knowing if he is gay or straight…I just know that controlling individuals do not want YOU to have control of any aspect of your life, much less allow you to have an outside resource in order to break their control. I find that very suspect.

    • Why would he let her go to a Bachelorette Stripper Show in Vegas with her girlfriends? Why would she feel comfortable doing what she did on-screen there? Why would she feel comfortable running and jumping into a total strangers (males) arms like she did with the guy who showed up with the tables at Kennedy’s B-day?

      The “whys” go on and on…… It’s like she does her best to mimic an abused woman, but is/was to intellectually lazy to have actually done the research before she started down this road. It shows.

  13. Traylor is saying everything and anything in order to make herself look good and her husband looking bad. It’s so easy since the dead tell no tales.


    So, has Taylor come out with the {{{shocking}}} revelation of who the suspect was? It sounded like she was desperate to tell us who it was.

    • I have read that there is no police report concerning the “incident’. I am sure with time MsSH will find out whether that is fact or rumor.It would make sense being as no mention of it has been made recently about the outcome, no official statements.

  15. There are not enough words to describe how horrible this woman is. I feel so badly for Russell’s children and family. What she is doing to them IS abusive and she’s too sick to see it,

    Also, if she so badly wants to “start a conversation” regarding domestic violence, she could have donated her time and done any number of PSAs about the subject without putting out salacious details that her dead husband can’t refute. PSAs would have reached many, many more people than her pitiful book.

    She cares nothing for anyone but herself and lining her pockets.

    And, IMO, she looks like that creepy Saw Puppet.

    • You can read some of her book now on amazon, she had the nerve to talk about how she, Russell , Kennedy and Russell’s two sons could remain a family thru out the divorce .

    • What is her message in this ‘conversation’? Her message SHOULD be, “If your spouse/boyfriend is hitting you …. CALL THE POLICE AND PRESS CHARGES” THAT is the most important step. Never mind ‘telling someone’ or whatever crap she’s saying, press charges and get away. But I guess her advice is to follow what she did….. ‘steal your husbands anti-depression medication and wait for him to give up on life.’

  16. At least now we know what day she got the black eye per the in interview, the day after her birthday. June 11th. It is mentioned at the 3:40 mark on the second video. Now we all know she was lying. She has photos from June 13th,

    • And there’s a video with her & Russell all lovey dovey in Hollywood talking about being on their way to Beso restaurant, then later that week to Vegas, and Dallas the week after that. This video was filmed after the bachelorette party, which is when the email to Camille was sent.

      But then she told Dr. Phil that she had reconstructive surgery on July 5th.
      So she couldn’t have been walking around with a blackened cheek and a loose flap on her eye for all those weeks, since in between, she was in Vegas doing a Liquid lounge event. She was in Vegas from at least just a bit before mid-June to the end of June every weekend. So weird…

  17. Entertainment Tonight is on right now and they are going to have Taylor on. Before they went to break they asked: Taylor Armstrong,is she anorexic? Does she have plastic surgery regrets? Then they showed the picture that they originally aired when they did the “Russell gave her a black eye” story!

    • Wasn’t ET the one that talked about her eye injury and were soooooo sympathetic to her abuse allegations?

  18. I imagine Taylor Armstrong would want to stay clear of anyone that had personal experience with DV or suicide. Joan although she discussed Edgar has always been protective of his memory. I’m sure Taylor doesn’t want any probing questions about her actions.

  19. Dang, ET tippy-toed around her again! Nancy O’Dell did ask her more than once if she was an alcoholic, Shana tried to get around it, but Nancy asked again, and she said No. Yeah, right!
    Then, Taylor was asked about plastic surgery and she said something that interested me. She said that she has had eyelid surgery. Like we didn’t know that! That is what those “abuse” photos are obviously of, with the x’s on the forehead. Why isn’t anyone questioning that??????????

      • Ding ding ding ding… she actually admitted she has had eyelid surgery?
        I don’t believe we’ve heard her admit that one before? Prior wasn’t it an optical type surgery?

  20. Her book is down to $15.19 at Amazon. Wasn’t it like $17 before, down from $25? If this has been discussed before, apologies. Been zoning out whenever I see Shana’s name.

  21. After thinking about these interviews all day, the thing that’s bothering me the most is that she is planning to go to high schools and universities to talk to young women and “start the conversation about abuse.” I’m nauseaus just thinking of that.

    I’m a child and victim advocate, and work with crime victims using the experience of my daughter’s murder to hopefully help others. I also counsel with parents who have lost children. The insincerity of Taylor and obvious lies that she’s planning to use in speaking to young women is something I can’t stand! :( Something has to be done to stop this!!!

    I know how these things must be done and am going to start an email and letter writing campaign to stop her from having any influence whatsoever on young people. I’m starting with news outlets and their sponsors asking them to boycott her, her book or anything do do with her. I hope you’ll do the same. There is a list on the internet of all the major news agencies and their emails etc.

    Also, her attitude about Kennedy horrifies me. I believe with all my heart that this child is in danger. Anyone else recall the video of her trying to read to Kennedy and put her to bed with popcorn? That child was afraid and had no clue what Taylor was doing. I could tell this was something that either scared her or that she had never experienced before. It gave me such a creepy, scared feeling for that little girl.

    Taylor is no mother to that child and never will be. If she’s allowed to keep her, I fear she will end up like Caylee Anthony. I’m a mother, teacher, and child advocate. I don’t write these things without reasons. Have you ever seen Kennedy smiling? Have you seen Taylor interact with her as a normal mother would? I haven’t. The $65,000.00 birthday party wasn’t for Kennedy, it was for Taylor. So was the horse and that party. This child is neglected, probably emotionally abused and if we’re right about Taylor’s temper and mind, Kennedy is in physical danger and may be physically abused. Taylor is a sociopath and possibly a murderer. She should not have a child.

    Taylor and her doctor need to be reported to California’s child protective services. Those who live in CA can do this anonymously by making a phone call. I’ve done it in my state many times as a teacher. In fact, teachers, doctors, counselors etc. must, by law, report child abuse or neglect or you will have your teaching certificate or medical license taken away. How did her doctor get away with not reporting it?
    *rant over*

    • I agree with everything you’ve said. I think a lot of people fear for Kennedy. I hope the therapist that Kennedy is seeing will take notice to anything not right with her, not just her dad’s suicide, but her relationship with her mother because Taylor does not appear to feel very connected to the girl. It seems like Kennedy doesn’t have anyone in her life. It is so very very sad.

      • Haven’t you seen the look in Kennedy’s eyes? Every time she is on camera she gives mean looks? I think there is definitely something wrong with her. And she was doing this before her father died.

        • she seemed happy when she was around Russell granted there were not many shots of them together
          but She looks mad and pissy when she is with tatylor. that last Pic Ms SH posted of her is quite telling she isnt smiling she is giving snarling look

          • I also wonder if the child is myopic. I was extremely near sighted at a young age and the pictures I have pre-glasses(6 years old) I had a scowl most of the time—- trying to focus. Her daddy wore glasses and Traylor had lasik. I would not put it past Traylor to not get the child glasses if she needs them for esthetic reasons. Even 25K ones. I think she gets the child’s hair highlighted too.

    • Deepest condolences for the loss of your daughter. But I applaud your energy and will to use your experience to help others.
      Re Kennedy: Her smiles are so rarely seen. I only remember the one time she smiled was when she saw her puppy gift. And towards the end of that episode, she was walking with her parents and I think she said: I love my puppy.
      Another segment that worried me was that time when Shana went to New York and left Russell to look after Kennedy. Russell was trying to prepare lunch (?) for Kennedy and he said something like: You hurt my feelings. And Kennedy replied: I don’t know what that means.
      I found her response a bit disturbing. Am I the only one?

      • There have been people who have theorized that there is definitely something “off” but the reason(s) why are anyone’s guess. A few theories: Kennedy is shy, or she has emotional developmental delays, or she may even be in the autism spectrum. Only time will tell :( Poor little girl.

  22. I went to The View twitter page to leave a message and there were only 4 tweets -all positive -about her appearance on the show. I left a message stating if her injury was on June 11, why were there photos of her from the Four Seasons on 6/12? As of right now it is not posted. Are they deleting negative tweets?

      • The women on The View just handed that interview to her and let her weave her own little story without disputing a single fabricated line. Why didn’t they ask about the name change -Tom Ford vs Ford Auto? Why didn’t they ask about the fraud charges currently pending? How could she go wherever she wanted without her controlling husband? I was able to post to the View on Facebook but really feel like the majority have drank the Traylor Kool-Aid OR domestic violence is a politically correct topic they don’t want to confront. Very frustrating…

  23. I know it sounds terrible, especially of she was possibly abused as a child, but I am so tired of hearing about those effing “blue footy” jammies in every interview. whenever she tells her story of child abuse it is the same one and she has to detail the pajamas. bizarre…

  24. Hi everyone, don’t know if anyone else has posted this before but I found this article in the Los Angeles Times about Dr. Charles Sophy published on Sept. 2, 2011. Apparently Dr. Sophy is the medical director for Los Angeles child welfare agency and has a Beverly Hills private practice. Isn’t his office the one you would report Taylor and her doctor to?
    The article also states Paris Hilton as one of his patients. Kinda funny as Kyle is Paris’ aunt and she undoubtedly is Taylor’s biggest cheerleader.
    Unbelievable as it is, I think this is the reason so many people believe her story as he is her doctor. One can only imagine how many of the pampered elite he may have treated before. The name of the article is “L.A. County health official’s dual role questioned”. Below is the link to the article. You may need to copy and paste in your browser for it to come up.

  25. Well, when it comes to her claims that he accused her of cheating on their first date, I guess she forgot about the episode from the Las Vegas dinner party. Russell clearly states that she chased him for months and he was not looking for a relationship…And Taylor agreed. He also brought up the fact that he had her sign a pre-nump in that same conversation. This woman needs to get her lies straight…

  26. Like most of Taylor Armstrong’s lies I think they hold a grain of truth. I would imagine he did ask her to take a polygraph to explain all the name changes rather than infidelity! This of course she would never mention just like her first marriage.

  27. Wait, hasn’t Taylor come out recently (once she was caught with photographic evidence) and said that when Russell allegedly hit her in the eye that it did not leave a bruise? That it was the supposed corrective surgery that left the bruising? Yet when Babs says “Here’s a picture of what he did to your eye” Taylor nods and goes right along with it!

  28. Last night on “Watch What Happens Live” Andy asked her about the Newsweek/Daily Beast article that came out yesterday. It was written by Diane Dimond…. Taylor smirked and said “I don’t read it…” . Funny considering she is the one that gave Diane the interview. The reason she shrugged it off as tabloid gossip is due to the fact that after the interview Dimond did some fact checking of her own and questioned Taylor herself…. …. I find it real interesting that whenever someone does not agree with her she discredits them as much as possible. For instance, Russell’s sister spent 30 days in a treatment facility (where she went voluntarily) and 4 or 5 months in a sober living facility. However, last night (and in many interviews) Taylor claimed she spent 5 years in and out of treatment for a meth addiction. As soon as Laurie began questioning her and calling her out on her lies, Taylor began her attack. It was the same thing she did to Brandi at the reunion as soon as she brought up the book. She turned the focus around immediately to Brandi slashing eddie’s tires and tried to make her the villain. When people don’t say what she wants to hear they automatically become the bad guy…. Watch the video and you will hear Dimond call her out on the “eye” accusations and more…

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