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Cedric Martinez and Lisa Vanderpump…

After the first blast of information from Cedric Martinez’ manager on January 17, 2012… here...

SH wrote to Cedric’s manager asking him to ask Cedric some questions…

                                                     Cedric Martinez and Lisa Vanderpump… the showdown at SUR

Cedric recently put out an additional press release on January 31, 2012… here.

SUR Grand Opening…

Just received Cedric’s answers in an email from Cedric’s manager.

Here are the questions… and Cedric’s answers:

Here you go!   And #6 is a scoop that we have not shared with anyone else.   Your “exclusive.”
1.  While on the RHOBH, were Cedric’s scenes with Lisa arranged by a producer?  
Some were, some were not.  The producers gather all of the housewives schedules for the following week. and then they organize the filming.  However, many of the interaction would not happen in “real” life, so the producers set up a lot of the drama.
2.  Were you (Cedric) ever given lines to read by anyone?
Not really.  Before Lisa had me banned from the show, no one was ever given lines to read.  Although I have serious suspicions about the first episode prelude this season.  The creepy opening where the women seemed overly-coached on how to deflect blame for Russell’s suicide (away from the housewives and Bravo).  (See video below…)
Occasionally, I was prompted to repeat something over and over, or to say it in a different way so the producers could get what they needed to set up the drama.
3.  Why were you living with Lisa and Ken in BH?  What was the particular arrangement?
We had a long history of opening and running successful clubs and restaurants in London.  So it made sense that Ken and Lisa would invite me to stay with them while I helped them open and work (very hard) at Villa Blanca.
The agreement was simple and fair: they would help me get on my feet in America with a Visa and a place to live.  And, until they were able to get my Visa, they agreed to pay me (under the table) so I could move out sooner than later. After six months of living with them, our agreement was far from being met.  My Visa was in limbo and, although I was putting in twelve-hour days, six days a week, I was barely getting paid.  Granted, I am grateful for the room and board in their spectacular Beverly Estate mansion.  Who wouldn’t be?  But something I’ve never revealed is the fact that Ken and Lisa paid me less than $3,000.00 for my first SIX months work!
4.  Were you shocked/surprised when Lisa/Ken asked you to pack and leave?  After seeing Ken’s reaction to you on the reunion show, what was YOUR reaction while watching Ken?
One of the biggest lies the producers and Lisa told is that I lived with them the whole time.  The truth is, I only lived with them for the first six months and then I moved into my own place in Los Feliz (about twenty minutes East of Beverly Hills).

Lisa asked me to move back in for the show.  And for awhile, the scripted living arrangement worked well.   Then Lisa, Ken and Bravo launched their “lazy Cedric needs to move out” arc and everything changed.

Around the same time, Lisa caught Ken in lies about his secret payments to their former housekeeper.   Lisa suspected the worst and then panicked because she had told me the whole truth about what she had uncovered.  Next thing you know, I’m being kicked to the curb.

I can handle the truth about what really went down, but I was sad and upset how Ken and Lisa lied; claiming I did not want to leave.  We were family for many years.  And in an instant, Ken spread vicious lies to cover his own dark secrets.  It’s taken a year, but thankfully, the truth is finally coming out.
5.  In looking back on your appearance on RHOBH… is there anything you would like to change?  Any inaccuracies that you wish could be corrected?
Yes!  The “lazy Cedric” smear campaign.  I worked damn hard for Ken and Lisa, and, for the most part, I loved it.  I was so committed to making Villa the best restaurant in Beverly Hills.  Just as I was committed to making Shadow Lounge the hottest club in London.   Lisa, Ken and I were a great team and I am proud of all we accomplished.
                                            Cedric Martinez and Brandi Glanville
6.  There are many stories re you and Brandi.  What is your relationship with Brandi?
I have no relationship with Brandi, per se.   It was all a big lie scripted by the producers to keep Lisa in check.  She was becoming very difficult and the producers resented her demands.  Brandi was the perfect foil, but they needed an organic way to bring her on to the show.  With me, they killed two birds with one stone.   They promised me the world and I reluctantly went along with the lie.  Now, if I see Brandi out and about, I say “hello” but I do not consider her a friend.
I love her honesty on the show, but she’s a bit unstable in real life.  A couple nights ago, she assaulted a friend of mine in front of a private dinner club in West Hollywood..  It was shocking.  She was drunk and slurring her words.  She kicked and punched my friend but she was such a mess we all just laughed it off.
So, needless to say, although I respect her blunt nature, she’s not my cup of tea.  But damn, she’s perfect for the show: no class. no boundaries and willing to do or say anything for attention.  Good luck to her.
I will stop for now.  There are many more questions I could ask of Cedric.

NOTE:  These are Cedric’s words.  SH is posting verbatim what was included in the email sent to SH via Cedric’s manager.  You, the reader, can decide for yourself what you choose to believe … or not to believe…

The Season Two RHOBH opening referenced above…