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Lisa VanderpumpRump… Great acting, Lisa!!!

Adrienne Maloof:

Adrienne basically had nothing to say and spoke in generalizations:

Please remember you only see a fractional portion of our lives and our relationships. There were moments occurring behind the scenes as well that were causing hurt feelings amongst all of the ladies. That being said, I didn’t think it was an irresolvable situation by any means. When you put it into perspective, there are real issues that people are struggling with in today’s society. This was something that I considered to be a minor bump in the road, and I expected we’d move on from all of this once we talked about it.

So I felt that clearing the air was worth it, for all of us. This is an amazing group of women who are far better off enjoying each other’s company than fighting.

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Kyle Richards:

It was difficult to access Kyle’s site; therefore, Kyle’s entire blog has been included below.

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The Reunion….where to begin??  This is a day we all DREAD. None of us want to go back and discuss issues that have already been resolved or address things in FRONT of the cameras that happened OFF camera.

The day starts off with all of us happy but nervous. We are laughing, joking around and running back and forth to see each other as we are getting ready. Then comes the dreaded call…”They’re ready for you” …It feels like the walk to the electric chair. Ok, slight exaggeration but it’s not fun.

Andy, tells us where to sit and we take our seats. At first it’s fun and we are having a pretty good time. Then the hard questions come. We are expected to answer honestly. It’s not always easy. Many times I’ve wanted to say “May I be excused?”

Before I go on to what happened , I would like to address a rumor that was circulating Monday afternoon. Brandi had given an interview and said that Adrienne, Taylor and I had planned an attack on Lisa. I can promise you with all my heart and soul that that never happened. I was really upset about that because Lisa is my friend. By Brandi putting that out there, some people went into viewing the Reunion with a very different mindset . Later , after hearing that I gave a brief interview explaining that was not true, Brandi said she never spoke to me but had HEARD that Adrienne was planning a meeting to discuss “an attack”. I NEVER heard of any such meeting nor did I or WOULD I attend any such meeting. I know Adrienne  would never do something like that. I don’t know how my name got dragged into this, and I was even more perplexed because Taylor never said anything to Lisa that could be considered an attack. I do not know what Brandi’s reason for saying that was. However, if it  really was something she had just “heard”  she shouldn’t have repeated that without knowing if it was true or not. Repeating hearsay can be dangerous. It was very hurtful to everyone. Probably,  most hurtful to Lisa.

When  we addressed the stuff that had been going on OFF camera between Lisa and me, I was not trying to be hurtful, but honest. I WAS upset that she had said one thing to my face about doing the splits at Pandora’s engagement party and then changed her tune  in a video she shot for AOL. I knew the video was to get back at me for the “maybe she preys on the weak people” comment.

Lisa knows my personality and knows I’ve been known to do crazier stuff than the splits WITHOUT cameras  around, just to make my friends laugh. That is who I am. Everyone there , including Lisa had known I was hurt by that. I would have felt like a hypocrite if I had not been honest about it. I should have chosen my words more carefully during that conversation with Taylor when I made that comment that upset Lisa.  I would have preferred if we had just handled the issue alone, without cameras, which we HAD done and gotten past. However, during the reunion these issues are brought up again. Then we have to re live them over and over. Then just when you think you’re past it…Re runs!!

When Andy asked me what was going on between Adrienne and Lisa I was extremely uncomfortable. I am friends with BOTH of them! I think a lot of people think I am only close with Lisa, however, Mauricio and I are also close with Adrienne and Paul. (as well as the rest of the cast)  In addition to that, Adrienne has been very kind to my sister Kim during a very difficult time in her life.

As Lisa and Adrienne started to get into it , I felt awful. There were many  times I wanted to chime in and didn’t because of the fact that they are both my friends. How could I defend one and not the other?  I also know that these two women are strong and can hold their own.  The people pleaser in me (not a good trait or one that I am proud of) didn’t want either one of them to be upset with me. So I stayed out of it. Most of us did. This argument was a long time coming and I had not been involved with any of their issues. However, when the day was finished, I felt bad about not speaking up at certain times.

Clearly , I would have my own battles to fight…When Brandi came in we joked about her getting married in Vegas. I had teased her via text about it right after she got married and we had laughed. All was fine between Brandi and me…so I thought.

The drama continues next week…

Lisa Vanderpump… Lisa’s entire blog… how dramatic!

Hello to you all.

I sit here at four o’clock in the morning after watching the reunion, still at a loss for words. It certainly looked the way it felt and I have no words to describe it.

We have seen the tea party, seen game night, and I understand that is how these women roll. But it’s not OK to accuse somebody viciously or to sit there silently as you watch a friend who is under attack for hours. That speaks volumes, and I for one don’t want any part of it.

I am not going to say anymore. It is what it is, and I will bounce back. I value your comments without them validating my sentiments. I would question my own judgment.

Thank you for your support. . .

Dana Wilkey:

Before I blog about the reunion, which of course begs for some cattiness, let me begin with my claws out about Lisa’s comment on Watch What Happens Live since I wasn’t there to defend myself. First I’m absolutely convinced Lisa misheard the question and when Andy Cohen asked her (I’m paraphrasing) “Who needs a makeover the most of the group?” she heard “who has had the biggest makeover in the group?” That would, of course, be me with my weight loss. Yay! Or at least I keep telling myself that. LOL!

Since I know Lisa knows that if you dish it out you better be able take it, I must point out in retaliation that she wears the same dress cut in different colors all the time and her costume jewelry looks like it walked out of the royal collection. So maybe she should “plead the fifth” for her own sake next time! Meow.

Brandi Glanville:

Taylor seems like a smart girl. Did she really think I was going to kill anyone at game night? Like, for instance, did she really mean in Season 1 that she was going to take Kim outside and beat her up? Taylor understands what a figure of speech is. That was a pathetic attempt to vilify me. Come on Taylor. You can do better than that. I’m not perfect by any means. There are many things she could have said that actually hold more weight. Did I slash my husband’s tires? Hell yes I did. He was on the cover of every magazine from here to Timbuktu with stories of his infidelities during our marriage.

Since that episode was filmed more recently than the show, my feelings are still very raw. I was a ball of nerves walking onto that stage. Let me be clear, there are no video monitors or speakers backstage. I waited for six hours and had zero idea of what I was walking into when I finally entered. To be clear, here is where my relationships stand:

  • Kim: Kim and I haven’t seen each other or spoken since the show wrapped. I wish her the best of luck in her recovery.
  • Camille: I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know her. She’s sweet and kind, and I’m very grateful to have made such a lovely new friend.
  • Kyle and I have spoken only briefly since wrapping; she was kind enough to invite me to a recent holiday party but I was unable to attend.
  • Lisa and I have grown quite close. She’s an amazing friend and mom. She’s got an amazing sense of humor, and she’s honest, one of the qualities that means the most to me.
  • Adrienne and I exchanged a few texts messages but I hadn’t seen her since wrapping when we taped the reunion.
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    • Why does Dana think , we the people,want to hear from her??? Why does she think the reunion begs for cattiness and we want to hear it from her when she wasn’t even on it and from what I read they have shuffled her back to the third installment? Lisa being on WWHL was how long ago? Dana, let me say this in the kindest, most sincere manner that I can muster up for you: WE DON’T CARE, WE HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT YOU AND WE WILL NEVER CARE ABOUT YOU. TAKE YOUR BALD INVISIBLE FAKE RICH BOYFRIEND, YOUR IMAGINARY WEDDING PLANS IN A CASTLE , PUT ON YOUR 25,000 SUNGLASSES AND GET OFF OF MY TELEVISION.


  1. Did Lisa say that it’s ok how the mean girls’ club treated the other ladies at the tea party & game night, because that’s just how they roll so it’s understandable and thus acceptable? But that it was wrong for the MG club to do that to her? Self-centered much?

    Dana = irrelevant. Since when did she ever have an opinion that was based on facts rather than trying to get in the good graces of the biggest bully in the crowd?

    Why did Bravo make Brandi wait 6 hrs? That was mean! Brandi should be careful of Lisa’s ‘friendship.’ Lisa will roll over her in a second if she thought she could gain something by doing so.

    • I thought Lisa said that Kim was the one that needed a make over. Dana you are annoying, your blog is the first one up and you aren’t even in the episode. Get over yourself, no one I know cares what you think.

      Anne, I don’t think that Lisa meant that their behavior was ok at game nite or the tea party, that is just my opinion. I think she was using it as examples of their behavior on a regular basis, not that she approves of any of that type of behavior.

      The mean girls will be out, they may be waiting for the second episode to air. Kyle anyway, not sure about Adrienne, and well Taylor is too fragile, besides she has some appearances to attend to what with her book being released soon.

      • @ gail – Lisa first said Dana, then Andy said he meant out of the main HWs, so she then said Kim.

        Yeah, I agree with you about Pam’s blog. WTH? I wonder if she gets paid by Bravo to blog?

        • thank you for clearing that up for me Anne, I completely missed the Dana response, Sometimes i loose focus on things I watch, then while wondering what i missed, i miss more of what I am watching, It is a vicious cycle of a bad habit, lol

    • I don’t think Lisa was saying the girls behavior was acceptable at all… She was saying there is clearly a pattern that some of the ladies exhibit when they get together. I don’t think she was saying it only mattered because it happened to her but I think she was shocked that they did that to her.

      I don’t think Brandi needs to worry about Lisa’s friendship. Who has she betrayed? Adrian’s pissed because Pandora didn’t want to have her bachelorette party at the Palms? I wouldn’t want to either ( I live in Vegas). That was just Adrian being upset that the Palms didn’t get sole coverage on RHOBH. Deal with it Adrian, it’s life. I wonder if all of the women would only go to the PALMS if they were offered a room at other hotels? Probably not.

      Radar online said Lisa has never sold them any stories, so those accusations seem to be off. The women dont seem to get that maybe the person was saying that to trick them into talking. I think other things go on off camera bit the stuff brought up last night was petty BS.

      Dana…no one cares. Bye bye girl!

      • @ Tanya – Yes, I agree with you that there are shady ‘reporters’ who trick people into talking. For RO’s reporter to tell Camille that Lisa gets $25k, so she should talk to and then for RO to make ppl go to a twitter link to find out if this is true is kind of shady on RO’s part. I believe what Camille said about RO. and I think RO should apologize for its reporters and institute a firm rule that they can’t go around trying to trick ppl into talking. All it does is hurt RO’s reputation, imo.

    • You are soooo wrong anne!…Sorry, not saying I think Lisa is perfect, but there is something about her that you just know by your gut feeling that she is a very good friend!!!

      • I so agree with you Sheridan, I hope Brandi goes in hard on Traylor and Kyle too, for the nasty shi^ she pulled on Brandi at “Game Night” then apologized on AIR on WWHL when Brandi was a guest on Andys Show, ( she Kyle called in live to say she was sorry) but as we all know she started up with Brandi aka talking behind her back etc…

        Sorry for going on…, I really like Brandi and dislike Kyle and Traylor to the core.

        • i’m not trying to defend Vyle, but I do remember there was a lot of stuff going-on during game night that never made it to the show,….I think the producers just film like crazy at certain events, then show(or make up) the storyline they want to feature. i think Brandi made those comments about Adrienne, Kyle and shaft because of producer cues.

      • She has more cojones than Miss Andy does. I am really starting to come around to this girl. She doesn’t cower in fear of losing her job, she says whats on her mind. But we MUST come up with another cliche other than she is a breath of fresh air. I can’t believe Kyle and Adrienne were my favorite housewives. I always thought Adrienne was so reasonable, and that Kyle was such a good friend. To the whipping shed with me.

  2. Ugh i didn’t get to watch monday nights show but i just watched the clip above and it cut out right when Andy asked Kyle if she thinks she should apologize to Brandi since Kim IS in rehab and Brandi was right about her being on something. Did Kyle apoligize? What did she say next?

    • Hi marsha, I did see the ending and in my humble opinion they ( Bravo) did not show anything, I mean say anything until next week. I was waiting for Kyle to apologize to Brandi but nooooooooo………………………we have to wait. I know, bogus shi^ ! I do hope Brandi lets them have it, Kyle, Traylor and who knows what (lady) is next!?

      • The e-mail to Camille was supposedly sent when the ladies were in LV. That’s also when she got the text from Russell calling her names. So, the abusive, controlling man would allow Taylor the freedom to carouse without a phone? When did Taylor supposedly lose her phone that NO ONE could get in touch with her? I don’t even know why I bother trying to figure out Taylor’s lies. Every time she opens her mouth, it disputes something she said previously. I think I’m just ready to ignore the witch and move on, not spending another second on Taylor’s obvious lies.

        • Hmmm, now that you mention it – didn’t she lose her phone both times she was in Vegas?

          The first time was during the Bachelorette Party, when Russell couldn’t get in touch with her.

          The second time was during her time there with Russell and wasn’t able to retrieve the message to call ahead before coming to the White Party?

            • If Taylor’s phone was lost for the entire time she was in Vegas, when did she show it to Lisa, apparently Lisa, Taylor and Russell were all in Vegas at the same time period which was for Taylor’s party, Every time she opens her mouth , i think it is to confuse everyone a little bit more.

          • Observer2…you see I believe that the second time Lisa was in Las Vegas before the white party and misplaced her phone BRAVO deliberately hid her phone from her to make sure she was out-of-the-loop of the happenings at Kyle’s. They needed the drama and the embrassment of Taylor and Russell; to make them look foolish once they showed up for the party.

          • I don’t remember Taylor saying she lost her phone twice or on 2 different weekends.

            When Camille was sent that email from Russell, he was with Taylor at the time, from what I remember, since iirc, they spent nearly every weekend in Vegas together. Taylor not only had an official event there, but they admitted in a video that the whole month of June was a celebration of her b-day with her getting multiple celebratory events and there’s photos of them together on different weekends in June in Vegas.

            From what I can figure out, Taylor was with Russell in Vegas during Pandora’s bachelorette party. So he was with her when he supposedly sent that text to her and that email to Camille. Then they were together in Hollywood after leaving Vegas together, the next day. There’s a video of them explaining their schedule. They said that Taylor was with Lisa in Vegas the previous night. Then they went back to Vegas for Taylor’s Liquid lounge event and was there during the weekend, Then they went to Dallas together. Then Vegas again. Then to the White Party.

            So it’s kind of sick that Taylor would trash Russell behind his back, then take him to the White Party where there’d be a crowd of people who wouldn’t like him without his even knowing they felt that way. She couldn’t have cared less how he would feel. I think she thought only he would be kicked out and she would be allowed to come in, as she figured she had an easy in cuz of her helpless victim role.

            Also, I find it rather convenient for Taylor to say she lost her phone just a day(s) prior so that she couldn’t get the message not to come. After all, she’s an IT consultant, tech savvy, an SAP ERP consultant of a ‘successful’ firm doing business with aerospace and whatever. So she would need to be able to stay in contact with the outside world. But losing ONE cell phone keeps her out of the loop with her employer Bravo and everyone else?

            • I question that story about a lost phone also, just taking her daughter into consideration. What kind of mother (well, don’t answer that) would take off and leave her little girl for so long and not be available if something happened?

            • Ive left my phone at work over the weekend before and u know what i did? I checked my msgs from another phone every few hours… So phony!

        • Traylor said she and Russell came home from LV to go to White Party, so how can he have texted her while he was with her and she had no ‘lost’ fone????

          I don’t believe Traylor did not know about the email to Camille. She saw and AGREED with his actions toward Lisa when Traylot decided Lisa was selling stories about her marriage to whatever trashloid magazine. Kyle conveniently omitted telling Lisa about that night. Nor did Kyle defend Lisa. The weak ‘oh my’ doesn’t count.

          • I do hope that Lisa calls her out on that in the second reunion show. I really wish Bravo would run these two and three part episodes back to back to back instead of a week inbetween each one.

  3. It’s almost like….Brandi is OUR voice. She sees what we see. Why the other ladies act or pretend to each other, for example…Kim being high all the time, or Taylor being abused, or how ridiculous Kyle looks doing the splits at partys. The elephant is in the room, and no one sees it but Brandi.

    Brandi says the things we are thinking. The ladies have so many secrets and plots against against each other, and Brandi is calling BS!! All I can say, its about time.

    Whats done in the dark, will soon come to light…

      • This is true. Camille seems to be honest and forthcoming too. This is why I beleive that in season 1, Kyle did say to Camille “why would they film you?” (cannot recall the exact words). But it was the cayalist of what was to transpire for the entire season. Camille got a bad break in season 1, all due to Kyle.

        • Hence…this is where the mean girls took a life. The others followed suit of their leader (Kyle) and trashed Camille, for no other reason because Kyle had issues with her. Also, with Kyles blessing, she gave them carte blance to disrespect Kim too, because that is what she did continously throughout season 1. She let Taylor say to her beloved sister, “I’ll take you out back and go Oklahoma on you”, and didnt even flinch.

          Where’s was all the sisterly love that Kyle wants to portray in season 2? Why didnt Kyle stand up to Taylor the way she stood up to Brandi? She’s her sisters protecter, right?

  4. I’m really enjoying the Camille-Brandi-Lisa dynamic of the show. The rest is a total downer. I just don’t care anything about seeing Kyle-Adrienne-Taylor anymore. I’d miss Paul, though.

  5. TEAM LISA all the way. And just to be mean to Dana/Pam i encourage everyone to visit her youtube channel and see how pathetically desperate she is. It is 2144Dana. She is such a fake and I can’t stand her. Also I love Brandi and Camille for not putting up with Shana’s crap

  6. Miss Andy is so FAKE and phoney. I can’t stand to watch what happens next anymore. I’d venture to say he’s as fake as a 3 dollar bill and as phoney as Lisa Vanderdump’s butt.

    • ITA Bem, it’s hilarious that Lisa’s ego made her wear that fake fanny enhancer. There is a scene last season that showed them walking away and you can see a fat flat rear and fat thighs. Cedric is right about her inflated ego and the bitter rotten core beneath, although nobody would want to ever say that Cedric is right. He lived with them for years and we are supposed to believe he doesn’t know something? She used him too. Lisa loves to “dish it out” but sure can’t take it. The way she treats her husband is appalling. Classless and base. The woman looks and acts like a PIG !!

    • I hope Miss Andy gets busted in a rest-stop bathroom sting on his way to his house in the Hamptons. Now that would be amusing. Dressed as Nene.

  7. Two big things struck me with Taylor. When asked about her Dr’s credentials, the first thing she thought of to substantiate him was “he can give meds” WTH?? That struck me as a very odd thing to say at top mind awareness and the other thing, she was practically bouncing out of her seat when Lisa mentioned the text she saw. She was REALLY trying hard to encourage Lisa to speak on the text in more depth. When the camera quickly cut to her she was bobbing her head in encouragement and her eyes were as wide as sauce. Then when she knew the cameras were on her she immediately went into her resigned, long suffering, sighing victim mode and acted like it was all to painful to hear out loud. I was really surprised at how petty Adrienne really appears to be. I stoopidly gave her far to much credit initially.

    • Yes I thought the remark that “he can give meds” was very odd…..she may be setting up the excuses as to her being caught on camera being unsteady on her feet…and I don’t believe for a second that Russell sent that text…..NOPE! No way!…I saw in some clip that Traylor was some kind of IT person…so that would be an easy thing for her to do…as well as the ‘death threat tweets’……she is so vile, I can’t stand that woman.

      • Her daughter is living in a horrible situation w/ Taylor as her only parent.

        At least Russell’s sons have loving, protective mothers.

        • Kennedy is in a particularly horrible situation because Taylor Armstrong does have so many of Casey Anthony’s traits, Taylor has even said, she acts just like her father. Someone needs to be monitering that situation, especially since Kennedy is getting old enough to talk about what went on at home and be believable.

    • Yes, Dr no sox can give you meds… If so facto he’s a Psychiatrist. See, there’s your proof, ha! How do you like your crow? Smothered in cheese wiz with a side of lima beans? Mmm :-) She’s unbelievable! He’s unethical as a mug though! I noticed what you were talking about with her excitement of Lisa revealing that text. Is that all Taylor has, a text? From where I sit things look like they aren’t going to be too fun for Shana on night 2 of the reunion; so when do we eat the crow again? I forget. The book signing idea isn’t going too well either; so she might want to re-think all her chit talking.

  8. Could Kyle’s chin stick out anymore than it does when asked about maybe apologizing to Brandi? In this episode, just watching all of the women’s body language and particularly their non verbal cues to each other has just been fascinating to me, especially Kyle’s and Traylair’s eyes.

  9. What was truly disturbing was their “support” behind airing this series for its treatment of domestic abuse. With the exception of Camille they all agreed that it was the”right thing to do”. Really?

    Allowing this narrative to weave its way through an entire series as 3 young kids, who had no control over the content, were being emotionally abused for the sake of a shameless famewhore whose story few of us buy?

    The reason why they “piled on Lisa” was to detract from their shameful participation in this sham storyline. And here we are today discussing just that.

    Taylor had that “book” ready for publication before Russell decided to take his own life. The ending was rewritten to accommodate his death but she had already made the decision to end the marriage when the season began. All she had to do was alter the ending to include the suicide and gain the “support” as she goes around the nation portraying her “victimhood”.

    The reasons given for the anger at Lisa were specious. Shoes, a disgruntled chef, and possible planting of storylines on Radar. Boo hoo!

    No wonder there were few tears shed: they were incapable of defending their own participation in this lie. At least Camille was big enough to remain skeptical which may have led to her own departure. You can just carry it for so long before it begins to eat away.

    • Just out of curiosity I am going to ask my friend (published author) how long it takes from the time a book is written to when it goes to print. I am thinking your right, as she already had the book deal going on and her editor called and told her she needed to re-write some things and go with what she already has. I know there are edits and re-writes that need to be done all the time and it is time consuming. No one j(especially and unknown) just sends out a completed book and has it written, edited, re-writes completed, bound and printed in the amount of time this lying pos has “said” she has done.

    • I remember hearing she was going to write a book but it wasnt about abuse I dont think, it was about something else But when russell died she changed the subject.

        • no way on earth taylor armstrong wrote the book – a ghostwriter for sure – happens all the time – my girlfriend has just ghostwritten a novel supposedly written by a new york socialite – she is enjoying the paycheck and appreciating the connections she’s received in the literary field so it will be easier to go out on her own.

  10. I almost want to give traylair a pass (hear me out now) and blame everything that went wrong with season two because of doc no soc’s influence. He has this need to have traylor under his spell and control. I would not be surprised if he wasn’t off camera during the reunion trying to control her. Traylair says he calls her everyday to find out how well she is doing. This whole line of traylair never being strong enough to fight Russell makes me laugh out loud because of the way she talked about Russell in season one. You could tell how aggressive she was in their relationship. Russell and traylair were in a death spiral over who really ran the family and you can see how Russell was out number when doc no socs came on board.

  11. Love Dana or hate her, she was dead on about Lisa’s dresses and jewelry. I noticed this the first season, it seems to me Lisa believes that she is only sexy in the same pattern of dress. The same pattern of dress with slight variations and colors. While she does look good in this type of dress, she also looks expensively boring. And the jewelry, well I’ll put that down to her being British, but still it’s gaudy.

  12. If Dana whatsherface says my girl Taylor one more time I am going to projectile vomit. She has no use for you as you can do nothing to further her game. And neither do we, frankly

  13. It is against professional medical ethics for a doctor to call a patient daily to see how the patient is doing. A cardinal rule of psychiatry is to maintain a professional distance between doctor and patient. This doctor crossed the line tremendously when he appeared on television to become part of the story. No decent psychiatrist would ever divulge or participate in divulging a patient’s personal life to a third party unless that person is part of the patient’s life, e.g., a spouse or a child being brought into the therapy session to discuss matters. When a doctor’s desire for fame exceeds the boundaries of his/her professional ethics, we should all be very suspect of the wares he is peddling. It was appalling for me to watch this doctor advocate in her behalf by asking the other women to “hear her out”. Run from this man if you see him coming!!

    • I hope that people who were considering seeing Sockless as a therapist have fled in droves.

      The medical board in CA should take disciplinary actions against this creep.

    • I really feel after a taste of the limelight he is ready to dropkick his association with the LA foster system and take over where Dr.Drew left off. The now defunct Celebrity Rehab could be revived with a few tweaks to the storyline. It would be just the ticket to stardom Dr. Sockless obviously craves. He could have his own harem by utilizing the demographic of dysfunctional rich women secretly dying to be filmed. AND he can write scripts? Perfect….

    • You actually have to sign a confidentiality report to have the person be able to get information from a therapy session.. considering that Taylor doesn’t have everyone’s info who watches the show.. He is already going against his code of ethics.. It was also very weird for it to be in such an informal setting.. If Taylor WANTED to talk to them she should have had them go somewhere private where the meeting could be private and not during a party.. A doctor should not be someone’s date nor show up to their house and you are spot on about not calling every day.. The patient has the right to talk to them and I do think that after years there can be a level of love and comfort between a therapist and their patient because they are human and you can’t help but care.. The difference is the person should only really talk to the one person so they can remain unbiased.. The minute they know your whole family and friends the sessions can be swayed..

  14. In my post re: Taylor’s psychiatrist I intended to write that it is against professional medical ethics for a psychiatrist to call a patient to find out how she is doing.

    • Anna, You are so on the spot with that wisdom about the sockless wonder…his credibility truely bothers me and how bravo empowered him with this type of “therapy.” It troubles me how all of the ladies have all started to now call Russell abusive when they never saw it happen.

  15. I have to admit, last season I could not stand Camille. Hated her. Even FF’ed through all of her scenes. When Brandi came along, hated her. FF’ed through her scenes as well. Now, they are the only two that I can even stand on this stupid show. Tayliar, is a vile excuse of a human being that makes me skin crawl any time I see or hear her voice. Adrienne, Lisa, and Kyle… blah blah blah

    Camille and Brandi really seem to be the only two with a head on their shoulders and an inkling of dignity for themselves.

  16. How exactly did Lisa miss the chance to market the VanderRump? You know, those spanx-like shapers but with built-in butt pads to give you The VanderRump.

    And while she’s at it, how about her new laxative, the VanderDump.

    Lisa needs to get it together.

  17. When R.A. passed away I wanted so much for the network to cancel the season as a gesture of respect and good taste. But I watched; and continued to read the recaps, the blogs and comments. Still fascinated (and concerned) how these ridiculous women’s lives and lifestyle can hold so much of my attention that I’d tolerate watching and listening to a person as grotesque as Taylor A. Am I waiting for her to crash and burn so I can feel better about ‘supporting’ a television show that (in my opinion) contributed to a man taking his own life? I have nothing nice to say about any of them except Brandi. Have been rooting for this woman since she lost her b-actor husband so publically to a bratty country singer. One day you’re toasting your husband landing a role in a cable movie and the next thing you know there’s a video on t.v. of him kissing his co-star in a restaurant. Couldn’t be happier that she’s the break-out ‘star’ of this silly franchise, though I don’t know how she can sleep at night knowing the home wrecker is so obsessed with her that she’s morphed herself into a shorter clone. Admire the way Lisa maintains her composure during the frays-could learn so much from how that woman fends off barbs. Don’t these 40-something women know how sad they look with golf ball cheeks, high school length hair -wearing Minnie Mouse platformed pumps? Come on Faye! you look embalmed. Frankly I relish the snark from the Insult Chef and the ex cabana boy…..these people eat so much crow for their peripheral exposure to the rich and famous I tend to believe what they claim. Why can’t they cash in too? It’s America, right? I’ll stick it out til the end of the reunion even though I have to endure that obnoxious, affected, shrieking, power-gay nebish of a host—who in my opinion is a bottom feeder and probably created the whole nightmare series out of his own obsession with women he’s wanted to be. Then I’m done: back to PBS and HBO.
    p.s. Waiting to see who publishes Taylor’s book so I can boycott everything else they sell too. Thanks for reading.

    • I choked on my iced tea as I was reading your hilarious post, meow!

      “…golf gall cheeks, high school length hair—wearing Minnie Mouse platformed pumps”: oh this this golden!

      And, pun intended, you’re dead right about Faye Resnick’s embalmed look.

      I’m loving your comments!

    • Are you reading my mind. I completely agree, especially about Ms. Andy. I can see the snake-skin scales all over his reptilian body. I think his first wanna be like was NeNe Leakes. He wanted to be her girlfriend so badly 1&2 seasons.

    • I could not agree more with your description of Andy. I find his Peter Pan schtick of being a perpetual star-struck teenage insipid. And now he can be obsequious and fawning in his Clubhouse 5 nights a week. Can’t wait….

  18. The difference between Jax and Lisa and Pandora and Trashley Ashley…Trashley would have been all over this.PandoraVT I’m sick of this. Why should my mother@LisaVanderpump, who never does anything to hurt anyone, be punished for my choice of bachelorette?

    LisaVanderpump to: @PandoraVT don’t get involved! Thank you but don’t.

    • There are 1630 posts on Lisa’s blog on Bravo, no wonder Kyle was too cowardly to put her blog up on there too. Adrienne’s blog is up tho, no comments yet cause it is new.

      I also saw on Dana’s twitter that she will not be seen until the third episode of the reunion,she said they must have changed up the order of things. I will bust a gut laughing if they have edited her completely out of the reunion.

  19. Adrienne didn’t have a complaint about creating a line of doggy duds for jackepot and someone referred to them as MaWoof.

    TheDocLing TheDocLing
    @TeamJackpot @AdrienneMaloof: Jackpot, tell mommy she should add handbags and doggy clothes to her Fab. shoe designs: dog duds “MaWoof”! :)

    • Didn’t she say Jackpot was like her son? I had to cringe twice over that one. First, for her actual sons and second, what about the other dogs, what are they -stepkids? That’s not nice….

      • Yes, Lisa is an empty nester but Adrienne has small children. Though I have to admit when I had my dogs they were my babies as well. The female brindle pit mix was the daughter of my dog that passed away the month before she was born. I bottle fed her and raised her from birth. The female dog that had her had 11 pups and everyone was after the brindle one, which had identical markings of her daddy. I knew that out of the entire litter that she was his puppy, so I took her and brought her home. She was born under the house next to mine. I made formula, and got up with her every 3 hours to feed her, She was my baby girl, even though I had three boys living at home still at the time.

          • it was one of my neighbors from down the street, I used to feed mama dog when she came around the house, right after the puppies were born, I went to the dog’s owner and asked if I could have my dog’s daughter, I was crying, she looked SO much like her daddy, The only difference was when she got older she was more of the golden brindle with the blacker markings and her daddy was more of the blacker brindle with more of the golden striping in his colors. She had the exact white markings on her chest. After she told me I could have her, I crawled up under the house next door and brought her home. I went to the feedstore and bought the makings of formula’s , baby bottles, the whole nine yards. She was the size of a very small remote control. My vet gave me a recipe to make a formula for her that was less expensive and better for her. I know the mother had mated with more than my dog, so when I saw the brindle girl puppy, I knew that she was his. The female was black and white, all of the puppies were black, black and white, except for two, one was my brindle and the other was pure white.Her daddy died on January 17th and she was born February 25th of the same year. She passed away a few years ago. I cried like a baby and miss her to this day. After losing her I swore I would never have another dog and I never have.

            She lived inside and she truly thought she was a person. When I would put on my make up she would stand on her back legs next to me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I put blush on her “cheeks”, Then she would hop down and run off happy as can be. We could never say the word bath around her because she knew the word and would run to hide under the dining room table, so we started saying it is time for TJ’s b a t h , she knew when we spelled it and off to hide under the table she would go. Funny thing was, we could see her and she really thought she was hiding. Oh I miss her.

            • I have NEVER heard that about a dog wanting blush. That is hilarious. I’m surprised you never had another dog- not to replace her-but you seem like you got so much joy from her you would want another one.
              How come the owner left all the puppies under the house?

              • She was about 80 years old at the time, she asked me to bring them all to her when the puppies were big enough to move, otherwise the mama dog would have brought them back down here , In fact she did the first time, but then they built a little pen in her yard to keep them all home. She wanted to make sure the people that got the puppied would treat them well. The lady whose house they were born under wasn’t interested in having any of them so there was no issue there.

              • She didn’t care if it was blush or powder, as long as I used the brush I was using on me on her she was happy

              • She is irreplaceable , She has been gone for about 2 years now and I don’t ever want another dog. She owns my heart.

    • I thought the “being hurt” over the crakpot comment was asinine. I personally have a German Shepard named Bear, but he sheds alot so if you called him say…Hair, for that very reason I would probably laugh. No I definately would. I certianly would not go around for months tottering around my mansion in shoes with diamonds on the soles playing around in my very own spa and gossiping about the neighbors with my chef all the while nursing a festering wound that I would exact my revenge for on national television!

  20. I love reading all the comments here,but truly what i cannot understans is.We all know Trash is a low form of an excuse.We all know the lies,we know dr.phoney is a phoney.we all hate adrienne now(by the way did anyone hear at the reunion when mask face Adrienne said that the show might have saved Trashes life}i thought she and Paul were onto her?Anyways we all know about these clowns so why doesn;t any authorities do something about this?Especially dr.Phoney.If what he is doing is illegal why doesn’t he get in trouble

    • I thought that comment by Adrienne was really weird too. But it looks to me like she is pretty strange. I can’t get over the fact that she said her husband “couldn’t compete with a woman” referring to kissing. Yikes!!! Or to be insulted and act so put out about those comments Lisa made, makes it look like there’s some other reason for her behavior. I wonder why she thinks it’s so wrong to make a silly joke of her dog’s name “Crackpot”, but it ISN’T wrong for her creepy chef to say something about stepping on Giggy? Plus, she looked like a hooker again with that half-cape outfit and wet n’ wild pink frost lipstick–and those stripper shoes she’s so proud of. Such a tacky woman for all of her money. Whatever offense Lisa committed, it must have been pretty bad for Adrienne to align herself with the likes of Taylor.

  21. I think doc no sox is very well connected, so it will take awhile if he is ever force to go before a group of his peers to review what he “did” or did not do for the Armstrongs. docs with political connections get away with alot.

  22. Wassamatta u, Kyle? Usually you post your blog quick as can be! It took her 72 hours to say, yet again, how nothing she does is her fault or should be looked at in a bad light. Gooo awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Kyle. We prefer your much prettier, much funnier replacement Brandi.

  23. Vyle: “By Brandi putting that out there, some people went into viewing the Reunion with a very different mindset.” ……………………. Oh ok, Vyle, so you were going to be nice before Brandi said anything, but then she controlled your mind and that’s why you were mean on the reunion. Cuz ur her puppet. I see…

    Vyle: “However, if it really was something she had just “heard” she shouldn’t have repeated that without knowing if it was true or not. Repeating hearsay can be dangerous. It was very hurtful to everyone. Probably, most hurtful to Lisa.” ……………………. Vyle, Brandi didn’t say she heard from a 3rd party. Someone spoke DIRECTLY to her about this plan. That makes it a 1st party conversation.

    Vyle: “However, during the reunion these issues are brought up again. Then we have to re live them over and over. Then just when you think you’re past it…Re runs!!” ……………… Vyle, if you were truly past it, then you wouldn’t be so upset by it that you started to go on the attack, and you wouldn’t be spewing lines that sound like you got it from a PR guy, like the Bobby Fischer retort.

    Vyle: “The people pleaser in me (not a good trait or one that I am proud of) didn’t want either one of them to be upset with me. So I stayed out of it. Most of us did. This argument was a long time coming and I had not been involved with any of their issues. However, when the day was finished, I felt bad about not speaking up at certain times.” …………………………….. Vyle, you’re not a people pleaser, so stop the fake worrying. You just gave yourself a back-handed compliment….. *roll eyes* … Uh… you didn’t stay out of it and you got Lisa upset with you.. Watch the episode.

    • Kyle can talk herself into thinking everything she does is right and missunderstood. I think it is very interesting that she said there was No meeting to confront Lisa but is it not EXACTLY what they were doing the day of the tea party until Camille flipped the script and turned it around on Shana?

      • @ sd – Ur are so right about Vyle. I don’t know how anybody could have a normal conversation with her. At every turn, when someone speaks badly of Lisa, Kyle jumps right in. And I’ve always wondered why she never told Lisa that Taylor & Russell were trying to sue her, even though it was caught on camera and she knew Lisa would see that she kept it secret from her.

    • Kyle, how come you didn’t tell Adrian not to repeat something she said someone told her without prove. She made a fool out of herself and you kept quiet.
      Why are you trying so hard for people to like you , very insecure because no matter how you slice it it still comes the same . Real friends don’t do what you did, no excuses take responsibility.

      • Kyle you can bet your bootie that the next time you need back up, Lisa won’t be your fool, and neither will Adrienne, Lisa won’t for the right reasons, Adrienne won’t do it because that is not her MO

  24. Did anyone see the scene when Miz Andy sez to Shana something like “so do you think Russel was murdered?” and she’s all sitting there with a look on her face ( that I’d like to just slap the living sh*t out of) like she just swallowed a load ( sorry for the visual)? What’s her next move ? Maybe a new book about …… Murder …..WTF Please tell me I hallucinated the whole thing.

    • Yes Cwt, I saw that scene with Miss Andy, and Shana Traylor Trash looked at the ” script” for what she was suppose to say and she ” CHOKED”…GULP! I agree with you… just wait until next week when she goes after Brandi for getting in her biss? F*C^ that!!! But Miss Andy will {Squash) this question along with Byle Kyle asking Brandi or should I say Blasting Brandi with all kinds of accusations!

  25. I have always wondered if Taylor was writing the tell all book before Russell died about her claim that he was gay and then changed the theme once he died to DV? Someone had “leaked”(wonder who that was!) a story to the press that there was a tell-all book about that before he died and that he was very concerned about that. It’s funny, no proof whatsoever that he was gay just Taylor telling stories again, but there are some people confirming her gay relationships.
    Also, Dana commenting on Lisa’s clothes ? Really? Dana, who always looks like she shops from the thrift shop? That one was funny!

    • Taylor was writing a book before Russell died. The announcement of her book was suppose to take place on the day Russell’s body was found. I think she was the one that leaked the ugly stories about finding gay porn on his computer and his “alternative” lifestyle I don’t think anyone was going to write that tell all about Russell at all,

      When Russell died she could say whatever she wanted about him being an abuser and no one could stop her. I have no idea what the book she was going to write was about, but I know that it was reported several places that she had started writing one.

    • Well that’s ironic because Tray-whore has been accused of having two lesbian affairs while married to Russell. She really should keep all of her four labia flaps closed.

  26. So it’s ok for Adrienne to spread heresay when it’s about someone else, but not for Brandi to spread it when it’s about Kyle? That makes perfect sense *insert sarcastic eyeroll here*

  27. It was really difficult for me to watch this reunion show. The way they kept attacking poor Lisa was incredibly hurtful I can imagine how blindsided she must still be feeling. Its terrible to lose a friend without losing more than one on television for all to see. What they did is not right at all. Lisa is the nicest of the ladies and would be the first to offer a hand should any of them need one. None of her comments were made out of jealousy or snarkiness, it truly is just her humor which I find hilariously funny.

    Brandi tells it like it is and hope that she remains a housewive. If LeeAnne signs on it wouldn’t be healthy for herself or her children to stay and be the straw that broke the camels back for Bravo to offer Ms. Snottypants Rimes to partake in the show. I won’t be watching.

    Weary of both of the Richards girls neediness and hope they move on.

    Adrienne……You made yourself look like an ass and I am sure just like myself……when I visit Vegas will NEVER choose to stay at the Palms souly because your mean petty self owns it.

    Traylor get checked into a therapy house and let your little girl live a normal life with other more suitable relatives.

    Camille… her……but she doesn’ t need the housewives gig……shoot go have a good time spending tight britches money!


    • Adrienne kept saying “she heard things” without hearing them directly herself. Surely, she is smart enough to know not to believe everything you hear as she seems to expect everyone to give her that courtesy. And of course the reporter told Camille that Lisa sold stories. He was trying to get one out of her. I mean do you really think he would be truthful? Those guys are ruthless. All of them in their industry and where they live should know that.

      • Well, she does wash chicken with hand soap so you have to question her amount of common sense, I do think Brandi was telling the truth when she said that the women got together to discuss the attack on Lisa. That was what was suppose to happen at the tea party, but it turned into an intervention on Taylor because Camille didn’t want to play their game.

  28. I don’t understand why Dana is even allowed to blog at all. Has she been on more than twice? I don’t think so. She is so obnoxious that there is nothing to invest in at all. At best, she is like a mosquito in the middle of the night in your bedroom – just very annoying and you want to get rid of her.

  29. “Fractional portion” Adrienne? It’s either a fraction or a portion. Too bad all that money didn’t buy you an education. Or class. Or style. I could go on and on but will leave it for the many others who I’m sure were disgusted by your childish and callous behavior on the reunion show. Your blog is so self-satisfied, refusing to show an ounce of humility for what you are either too dumb or sheltered to know was unacceptable behavior. I sort of don’t hope you take the Camille route and hire a smarter PR guy, because it’s fun to watch your ridiculous floundering as a good example of how not to behave in life.

  30. Kyle is a nasty piece of work. She is a mean girl and a two faced witch. If she isn’t causing trouble, she isn’t happy. Taylor and Kyle are a perfect match. Both lying, manipulative and self-centered.

  31. I agree that Kyle is a very meanspirited woman and Adrienne joined her this past season. Wish Bravo would create a Housewives show showing women who are fun and loving rather than the current Housewives’ shows where women attack one another using gossip as the source of information. Probably done because of envy. Gossip is one of the “sins” mentioned in the Bible and oh what harm it does to everyone.

  32. This is my take on the whole Lisa thing. I think the ladies are a little jealous of Lisa. She was definately a fan favorite so far and I’m guessing that all of them figured (besides Camille) that they were going to be the sweetheart, I can see Kyle really believing that and I guess Adrianne is very good and #1 at so many things she does that taking a back seat to the neighbor across the street that runs a couple of little resteraunts compared to her big famous casino was a little shocking. All of that combined with the fact that Lisa decides that she got so much attention for her little cutesy a.k.a. smart ass comments that she will just really turn up the volume on that this year and ended up pissing everyone off. Now the resentment starts to brew and fanning the flames on Adrriane’s side is Bernie the insult chef and for Kyle the fact that Lisa has now replaced her bestie spot with Brandi , who Kyle obviously sees as someone who is beneath her even though she grew up in Big Kathy’s Brothel, and she is livid that Lisa is giving this girl any credebility. Now I don’t think she and Adrianne came right out and said we are gonna get LIsa but I do think that they had alot of unjustified self rightous anger that they misdirected at Lisa and when they said it all out loud they realized they sounded like idiots. I am not totally convinced that Lisa didn’t have some of that coming to her but I will tell you this, if Shana wasn’t able to still work Lisa and get something from her they probably could have pulled that attack off but I think Shana had to much to loose so she kept her mouth shut. The other two are just not manipulitive enough to pull it off. Can’t wait till part II

  33. kyle didn’t have a problem with replacing Lisa with taylor than calling her jelly last year during the show and the reunion. Taylor loved shoving Lisa out of the way, one reason Lisa stated she gave in to Taylor was to basically get Kyle off of her back about it. Lisa was onto Taylor season one. She still stayed loyal to Kyle even when Kyle didn’t deserve it. Kyle went down that slippery slope and landed on her behind, and that is where she needs to stay.

  34. I could totally see Adrienne setting up a meeting to “get Lisa” as Brandi stated. I remember watching the White Party episode when all the ladies were in a tizz trying to figure out how to tell Taylor and Russell they had to leave. Adrienne was trying to tell them all what to say. She started to say to Lisa: “and then you say…” and Lisa cut her off and said something like “don’t tell me what to say”. That’s when Paul cut in to try to tell them they are going overboard with it.

  35. Just left the Bravo blogsite, they must be monitering comments and filtering out what they don’t like so far it stands with
    Lisa 0- 1850 comments- outpouring of love and support for her
    Adrienne -0 comments –
    Kyle -0 comments
    Dana-134 comments- mix match of get lost, we don’t care, and the ones she writes herself which are too obvious
    Camille- I didn’t write it down
    Brandi – 607- lots of positive comments

    • The reason Adreinne/Kyle have 0 comments is because they waited to post their new blogs till after hundreds of viewers made their comments on their old blogs (which for the most part were not friendly). When the new blogs came out — back to zero comments. They are however not adding everything I know for sure cause I had also submitted a post to Kyle’s blog (before the latest one) and it never made it, even though there were 2 days for it to show up.

      I was commenting on how Kyle had learned a “valuable” ;lesson from last season. Remember when Kyle irked Camille so much Camille said that Kelsey said they would pull their real estate business from Maricio? Then, during the Reunion of the 1st season, after Kelsey left and Camille was the ‘villian’ of the season she said that Maricio now had her business back. Well, Kyle waited to tell Lisa her true feeling about her till AFTER Maricio sold Lisa’s $29 million house. At 6% fee, that’s close to $1.7 million Maricio’s new venture made (he left Hilton’s company and started his own.) So I said if that’s not a ‘calculated chess move’ I don’t know what is!

    • Gail, there were a LOT of negative comments posted under the previous blogs by Kyle and Adrienne from the last episode of the show, as they both took all week to put up a new blog after the reunion and people had no choice but voice their opinions under the old blogs. Now all the negative comments went poof , due to the fact their old blogs are gone ! I saw this morning how there are zero comments under K&A’s new blogs.. I guess it makes them both feel better ! LOL ! If ya know ya are going to get a lot of backlash, just wait a whole week before ya blog and hope the negative disappears !

      • I am still surprised that no comments are under either one of them by now tho. I read under last week’s comments. They got what they deserved, that is for sure, Loving that Lisa has 1850 but since the numbers aren’t changing for anyone, I wonder if Bravo has shut down allowing comments, or everybody already said what they wanted to. Plenty of people speaking out of facebook about them too. Not many people buying the “twitter threats” to Taylor either. I think majority believe it was a publicity stunt for her book coming out Tuesday,

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