POSTED FEBRUARY 3, 2012  10:15 am

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have announced that they are looking for new blood!

There will be a shakeup of the cast… most likely Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss… and MAYBE Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak.  

So, if YOU live in “haterville” and have what they’re looking for… contact these people!  (And let us at SH know how it’s goin’!!!)


- Do you socialize with everyone in Atlanta?
- Do you live in an amazing home and have only the best of the best?

BRAVO is currently casting GLAMOROUS AFFLUENT SOCIALITES & their families in Atlanta.

If possible please submit actors online demo clips along with each actor submission.

Please submit the following: Name phone number, short bio telling us about you, your family, your friends and your fabulous life.”

SO…are YOU the next Real Housewife of Atlanta or know someone who fits the bill?

Don’t think Marlo will be back, either!

(Thanks to SH reader “Tricia”!!!)

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  1. Interesting quote from above: “If possible please submit actors online demo clips along with each actor submission.”


      • If I remember correctly, they had snippets of the movies/tv pilots they had tried out for. They show the tryout tapes on the Bravo preshow called before they were stars. NeNe and Kim jumped out on the demo tapes

  2. Get rid of Nene, Cynthia, and Marlo. Nene and Marlo are so ghetto and Cynthia is like a lost puppy. Boring!!!!

  3. They need to get rid of Cynthia, Sheree and Kim. Kim suddenly wants to act all new, like she wasn’t sleeping above sleeping with married men for ugly ass dinner plates and gaudy furniture. Folks are so sick of watching Sheree stunt like she has two nickels to rub together. There is not one thing that she has tried to drum up for a stroryline that has taken off. Cynthia is a waste of space. For a woman that was supposed to be a successful supermodel she has no self-esteem or she would have run far from Pappa Smurf.

    • Isn’t it funny that Alexis from the OC and Kim from ATL have the same taste in China patterns? Having expensive things does not give you class ladies.

        • But anne, it makes you look SO good….smerk, smerk or is that snark, snark. I use to sell china and when the brides would come in to pick patterns, you could always tell the taste level of the girls who grew up with money and the girls that never had it. Just because something is expensive, dosen’t mean it looks the best.

      • Those had to be the ugliest dishes I have ever laid my eyes on. If it were a choice between those and a set of Corel that probably cost $30 a setting, it would be very easy to choose. They need to pawn those things and buy themselves an education, morals and hopefully some class.

  4. these Atlanta housewives are the worst of the worst. bravo could find better at the peachtree county jail. y’all

  5. They are getting rid of most of the girls if not all of them. Kim’s new show is about her wedding and thats it. But if she thinks that she will just walk around and look snooty to everyone it won’t get her another show at all. She’s going to have to bring on the drama in order to keep another show for her.

    • You wouldn’t watch a show full of the faces she was making to her poppa last episode? Those were some pretty priceless faces…

      • I love when Kim tried to put Marlo down for using her god-given “hole” to make money…..she is so clueless especially about herself.

  6. Kroy doesn’t seem enthusiastic about wanting to know any of the Housewives. He might have put his foot down hoping to steer Kim into living a normal more acceptable life for the sake of the children that doesn’t include “friends” who attack and scream at one another. I really hope that is the case. Kroy seems like such a respectful yet strong man and it would be a blessing for all concerned if they learned how a southern lady and family should behave.

    As far as the others are concerned they can recast them all!!! NeNe first and foremost! She is so low class that it makes me sick to watch her. Sheree is a total poser. Marlo is dishonest and dangerous, Phaedra plans what she is going to say and is a horrible actress, Cynthia while pretty to look at is as dumb as a box of rocks, and Kandi has hurt her career IMHO by talking about sexual things most of us would never think of doing!!! FYI Sugar causes yeast infections Kandi!!!

    It would be nice if they began anew and casted real ladies from Atlanta with a mixture of ethnicities.

    • That would be good, a mixture of ethnicities and real rich housewives. Also I still believe that Kroy just isn’t comfortable around blacks, I know he’s in the NFL but thats just my opinion. But the only way he can put his foot down and continue to put his foot down is to keep the money coming in. Because once the money starts to slack and he starts to make comments about going back to Montana, it’s all over.

      • Buck….I think you are wrong about Kroy and african/americans…I just don’t get that kind of a “read” from him. Look at what he step into with Kim. I think he is all about having a stable family life for their kids….all the kids and the oldest is at that very dangerous stage of development. She is going to have real structure in her life with Kroy involved.

      • I sense a certain discomfort from Kroy as well but I think his discomfort is from being on camera and being around reality ‘stars”. Next season he will be a pro and blend in like the rest of husbands of housewives.

      • I agree with Buck, it’s clear to see that Kroy is uncomfortable around blacks. He censors himself while in their presence, and he gets this strained look on his face when he is talking with the ladies. My guest is that he also had something to do with Sweetie’s leaving. And no way is Kim ever going to live in Montana. BTW, Kim is not getting her own show only her on wedding special.

  7. Andy will not get rid of NeNe, she is his breadwinner. It would be like Ryan Seacrest, getting rid of kim k, no way that’s going to happen. Not unless NeNe wants to go, but I heard her contract is good, for a two more years.Nene draws 3 million of Bravo’s rhoa 4 million viewer’s. It’s going to be interesting what is going to happen to boring, complaining all day Kim. I read that Kroy’s contract is up. The guy only had a 1.8 million, four year contract. What will Kim do when the money train comes to an end. The lease on the mansion is 12,000.00 a month. Will she take up smoking and drinking wine again?

    • Deb, do you think they won’t resign him? You are right about the “mansion” being too much for them though and I hear the neighbors aren’t too happy with them.

    • I have wondered the same thing regarding Kim. Even if Kroy is resigned I think they are living way beyond their means. 1.8 millions for 4 years plus whatever they pull in from the show is not that much when you factor in the lifestyle. Someone that spends $400.00 on rose petals is not being smart with money.

  8. I think this is a fake. The email address is a gmail account – ie NOT a Bravo email account. I don’t think Bravo would ever so blatant about this. It’s not smart business to handle it this way. No way – this is Bravo.

  9. I, myself,, have benefited from the racial mix of the current Atlanta group. There are so few shows with almost all african-american cast that appeal to me on any network. Until they integrate all the other housewives shows, Bravo should keep the cast at the current ratio IMHO.

  10. It will be interesting…to see what really happens here.

    Nene – The attitude filled voice of contention needs to go IMHO. Only ‘new’ cast members like her.

    Sheree’ – She’s like a wounded lost puppy lately. Has she delivered on her talk? Nope. Sadly.

    Phaedra – She has delivered. Literally. Funny too. She’s a keeper IMHO.

    Cynthia – She seems lost. Can she turn it around? Peter is drama filled though. Meh.

    Kim – Hunky BF, Baby Boy, Fab house rental, married now. She has delivered IMO.

    Kandi – She and Phaedra are the true professionals. She called Taylor out on her book. In IMHO.

  11. Sheree falls into the same category as Taylor, everybody knows they can’t pretend to be able to live the lifestyle they are suppose to be portrayed as to be a cast member.

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