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Marlo Hampton and Nene Leakes… in hotel stairwell.  Marlo’s talkin’ ’bout Sheree…

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, etiquette expert, Miss Marlo Hampton… of the “Sugarbaker GA” Hamptons… was throwin’ some downright nasty accusations at full-time ATL Housewife Sheree Whitfield!



Marlo accused Sheree of returning clothes that she wears to Neiman-Marcus!    Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of etiquette knows that the proper way to let someone know that YOU know about their personal return policies is to write them a note on your Smythson of Bond Street stationery.

Included in the note should be a detailed accusation; time and place of return; and who you plan on telling about the person responsible for returning their used clothes.  After you’ve sealed the note and it’s sent off… you have two days until you can blast the person in public.

                            See the price tag hangin’ outta Marlo’s back???  Sheree sees it!

Now… did ATL etiquette doyenne Marlo abide by these rules??? No, she did not.

So, maybe that’s why Marlo is getting a taste of her own medicine!

According to StraightFromTheA… Marlo has the same return policy as Sheree!   Read it here.

NOTE:  Talkin’ about Neiman-Marcus… It’s pretty clear who the Housewife in this November 2, 2011 Blind Item is… if you haven’t guessed by now… it’s Kim Zolciak…

(Thanks to SH readers “BlueIvy” and “MoGo”!!!)

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  1. I don’t watch the ATL housewives, but this article made me laugh. I’ve never worn something w/the tags still on it…if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

    As for Kim and her pooping dog, ew. That is disgusting. What’s wrong with these people?!

  2. Funny, my fam was the opposite. We were made to cut out all the labels on our clothing. We grew up in an environment where no one wore the same thing twice and labels were everything. My parents having built their fortune didnt like/allow us to “show off.”

  3. So many secrets, so many wives. Also I don’t think that Kim will be shopping as much at that store, she doesn’t have Big Poppa or one of her “friends” footing the bill anymore.

  4. I’d like RHoA a lot more if they had just one who told the truth. Instead, almost everything out of everyone’s mouth is an exaggeration or downright fabrication. I watch the show like it’s always “Opposite Day.” For example, in Sheree’s intro she stats she like things “sophisticated and classy, just like” her. But she is neither. Nene says “when I walk into a room, I OWN the room” when it’s clear she’s just renting and Bravo maybe paying for that anyway. And dear Kim, who just never makes sense.

    Alas, poor Marlo clearly hasn’t learned the finer points of Housewife etiquette and I think it’s kind of SH to enlighten her. But Marlo is well-schooled in the niceties of deceit. Bravo, indeed!

    • I always laugh when Sheree says she is “sexy and sophisticated”, not so much because it’s not true it is just the way she says it. She sounds a little like Sylvester the cat.

    • AOM, you seem to be pushing for the truth from housewives lately.. Are you feeling ok? I’m worried about this new bout of optimism…

      • Ha! Not optimism but they lie about EVERYTHING. I get the exaggeration. I get the self-promotion. I get the delusion. But most of what the ATL HWs say is just completely false. That whole Chateau Sheree? False. Nene is rich? False. Kim worked hard ever? False. Heck, I’m not even sure they went to South Africa. For all I know they could be at an animal park in South Carolina.

  5. Actually I took a look at it and it not a tag its just the tissue label not the price tag. You can see the label and the the other ticket that says with type of tissue and if its dry clean or not.

  6. Viv. I also sold dresses and that is a sales tag . The other tags you mentioned do not hand down ib that manner. Women like to return worn clothing way too much and you can see them a mile away. Very low class to think the store should pay for your clothing collection,

    • I would be SO embarrassed to do this, especially at a “nicer” store… Seems like it would take a set of steel balls to try to pull it off.

    • Lizzie, when you had people like that try to make a return, did you have to accept it? Or could you turn them away. I would hate having to constantly take returns from someone I KNEW was wearing the clothes.

      • It would depend, my manager would give me a list of names to watch for which were serial returners…..Yes you did accept it from most, only the manager could turn down certain people. It was really creepy sometimes. It can be a real problem with the higher end store. You develop a close relationship with some of your buyers and when they do something like this it just creeps you out.

  7. We really shouldn’t be surprised that a past felon would be the type to purchase the clothing only to send them back after wearing them. These type of people never cease to amaze me. When I buy a peice of clothing I am in love with it and therefore very attached, but then I am one of the girls who likes to wear her clothes more than once!!

    Since when did it become declasse sp*? to buy clothes to actual get wear out of? If its cute, whats wrong with being seen in it a dozen times? It seems to be a lost art to buy good key peices to mix and max and have it not be so obvious that you are wearing the same things each week. I don’t care if I became a millionaire I would never be so vain and wasteful as the ladies on the Housewive franchises.

    It also disappoints me that we don’t see them do more for charity. When you are blessed with an abundant life its so important to give back and be grateful for the successful life you have.

    • IMO, the ATL cast has only one truly wealthy member, Kandi, and the rest are just average women trying to make money and impress people. They may appear to live “abundant” lives, but it is an illusion. This would explain the designer clothes being returned. They wear the expensive clothes for filming, but since they can’t really afford them, they return them…didn’t Jill Z. get accussed of doing the same thing at a dept. store in NY? I can see not wanting to appear in the same clothes in more than one episode. (Not that I agree with this behavior, but I do not think it is unique to the RH cast members.) As far as them being “grateful for the successful life they have,” how do you know they are not grateful? They probably can’t “give back,” since many of them are having financial difficulties of their own. Things are bad in ATL, especially the real estate market.

    • @packing pink heat the irony is that 2 of the most fashionable, famous and classy women in the world do wear clothing over and over. The Middleton sisters. These 2 fashionistas are praised for “recycling” their clothing at different events.

      • Also, Lisa V wore the same dress at Andy’s new years clubhouse party and this season’s reunion. I kinda thought it was refreshing. Maybe it’s a British thing?!

    • People who grow up with money or have a healthy relationship with money don’t need to impress others by wearing a new outfit to every event. Women who need to be seen in something new each time are trying to “fit” in … is what you think wealthy is not what it really is.

  8. That’s true about the lack of charity work…didn’t NeNe have one charity event that they all wore hats to? Amazing how when they argue it’s all about houses, cars etc. teeth…lol

  9. The woman of Beverly Hills get most of their clothes donated to them from many designers, so they don’t really need to buy any clothes or shoes to were on the show.

  10. Being that RHOA is the most popular of the shows, I think the ladies do themselves a disservice by not demanding more from BRAVO. Clothes for the show etc shouldn’t have to be purchased just to be returned. The appearance fees and everything else concerning this show should be just as good if not better than RHOBH simply because it’s the highest rated which equals more money for BRAVO. Since this franchise features black women, they get the low end of everything and that’s not right, but at the end of the day it’s up to them to fight for themselves.

    • True, but this is reality show about wealthy women, and they all was aware of that and they decided to participate. Bravo is playing all of them because they know these women are not rich, the only ATL rich one was Mrs. Snow. NONE of them are rich, including Kim. ATL makes more money than all the other housewives, what is Sheree during with her 300k, plus appearance fee. It’s not that expensive to buy a house in ATL…Why aren’t they buying, because they are ALL foolish like that. I don’t get how NENE said she is rich, when she is renting and behind on rents. Go back to season 3 and see driving from Kim’s house in a Nissa Murano (lot of people missed that one). What happen to the Range & BMW. That is why i missed this whole season, it’s because they are LIARS. Nene keeps on tweeting about her honey, but has an impending divorce for the past 2 years, they are not that rich, so why is it taking so long. Does Greg needs to borrow $10,000.

  11. Why did you delete my Gorgeous Sable comparison? Why did you edit your origanal post about personal shoppers at Neimans?

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