POSTED FEBRUARY 2, 2012   9:25 pm

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof has been very busy!  

Adrienne Maloof… “My shoes are gonna kick the Vanderpump’s Rump!”

Adrienne partnered with Charles Jourdan for her shoe line, which premiered during the second season of the RHOBH…

… and Adrienne already has a new line ready for purchase at Berdorf’s and Neiman-Marcus!  Adrienne’s shows will be priced from $795 to $2379!

 Adrienne has taken the wicked “insult” that Lisa Vanderpump has called her shoes and has quickly embraced it!

WOW, Adrienne… that was fast!!!  


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  1. OMG!!!!!!! That is HYSTERICAL! And why do I want that pair with the black pony tail. HA!!!! Too funny. Good ONe SH!!!!!

  2. This was hilarious!!!!!

    The sad part about the whole thing is that nobody would have cared about this joke if ADrienne hadn’t made such a big stink about. Adrienne is the REAson we are still talking about it…what a moron.

    • ITA they are hilarious.

      But I have an odd need (?) to defend Adrienne. She is not a moron by any measure. IMO- THERE is much more to the story than what was edited and aired. I doubt Ade was so riled over that comment OR the bachlorette party held wherever instead of Palms. I don’t think the Maloofs are as big of shareholders as they were once upon a time. I read somewhere there a was HUGE swap of shares for improvements or something like that. A # of personal shares were sold to finance the deal. And surely she would have understood it was PANDY’s party and a closer friend offered to host. Ade didn’t even offer, unless she did and was rebuked.

      This is SUCH A MAJOR reversal in character for Ade. Remember last season she refused to even hear Camille’s side of NY story. Only briefly and then said she had to pick up sons. She didn’t want to get involved in the drama. All the HWs portrayed Ade as the level-headed peacemaker. Her claim to fame was being a part of the “Bickersons” which was rather funny.

      Just sayin…

    • I actually think that Ad has lost out on a tremendous marketing ploy. Had she embraced Lisa’s nickname for her line, and used it herself at times, jokingly, it would have ensured much higher public awareness and more eager expectation. That nickname was so catchy, so funny, so cute – and not derogatory at all, unless you’re a stuck up biotch manufacturing reasons to be offended. Big loss, Ad.
      As is, most people do not even know about your line, because how exciting and memorable is ‘Adrienne Maloof for Charles…’.
      For such a self-professed great business woman, this dumbass has zero business sense, zero understanding of marketing, and zero connection to her target audience. With those price points, who is she kidding with ‘a shoe for every woman to be able to afford’???

      • I do think it was snide, but I do agree she should have embraced it with humor.

        I’m not sure it would have been a good marketing tool however, as her market is upscale.

        I just read on gawker, some of the back story which is the Palms and Lisa could not reach a deal to carry Lisa’s wine. So there was a lot of tension btwn the 2 women over that.

      • polk8dot: The “shoe wars” was to be a storyline on the RHOBH. Lisa’s “Vanderpumps” came out at the same time as the “Maloof Hoofs.” Apparently, it didn’t go over well! TFC!! SH

  3. Can you imagine dragging that pony tail through the detritus and debris on your average sidewalk, not to mention the bacteria laden carpet of a club floor. Ick! Of course I would end up tripping and breaking some important part of my anatomy. But very creative!

  4. I’m still cracking up lol! I tweeted a link to Lisa and Brandi and I have NEVER tweeted a housewife… Ok that’s a lie, I think I once told Jax she protests to much and she really should zip it… But that was a reply to one of her tweets… lol

  5. She would probably sell more if they did look like the ones above. The ones in the fashion show look like shoes I have seen many times before, at least the ones that you could catch a glimpse of did.

  6. That’s awesome!

    Three days later and neither Ky-ky nor Adriepoo have put up blogs. Looks like the bullies got scared of the public’s disapproval and went silent.

  7. Wow Ms SH, I am lmao at those pic. Haahaaahaaaaahaaaheehee! Didnt see that clip until now., my eyes are really bad…anyway I love these pictures, they are a hoof, err I mean they are a hoot! Luv luv em. Very creative you are and that takes alot of talent { which you have} Kudos to ya my friend.

    Priceless photos… they are da bomb! :)

  8. PS……I’ve had a drink or two, maybe three, but are you really serious. BTW seriously, is serious even spelled right? At this point (is point even spelled right??) like Ken, we don’t care. But seriously.

  9. Looking at these shoes…..the Maloofhoof, and you don;t understand why Adrienne was upset? Her brand was damaged by Lisa. Where is the Vanderpump?

    • No one would ever even have remembered that comment if she hadn’t gotten so riled up. If the brand is damaged it’s Ade’s own darn fault

  10. Really? Does she seriously think that people are going to lay out that kind of money for those God awful ugly shoes she’s designed? Oh, thats right…..for the diamond? Gimme a break Adrienne…..screw your shoes and your Hotels! No one wants to go to your precious Palms now, do they? Just flush the dollars down the toilet. It would be more entertaining.

    People making fun of your shoes have classier designs than you do! At least they don’t look like they belong on a hooker with tinsel tied into their hair! Oh thats right…..its you!

  11. Is is weird that I would like to own some of those hooves?
    I don’t think the comment that Lisa made ruined her brand…. I think it promoted it. No one would ever forget that name and it sounds cool. She should go with it.

    • I kind of agree with you annah, at least it got the word out.
      but the price point??….in this economy??….out of her ever-lovin’ mind!

      I get that it’s a joke…but damn girl, you or somebody who luvs ya to death went to a heck a lot of work to come up with those hideous things….that chit aint even photoshopped! kudos ms sh!

    • I think it was a little snide but that is Lisa’s humor. Lisa also said it in reference to the vanderPump, so I don’t think it was meant so personal.

  12. OMG, you had me there for a hot second on some of those styles. Sadly with Adrienne’s horrible sense of fashion and taste, I could just imagine her in a pair of some combo of them, lol Those designs are a hoot. Now I have laughed so hard, I will have to stay up reading myself to sleep for hours to calm down and get sleepy again.

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