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While searching for something else…

                              ShanaLynette… Taylor Armstrong.  September, 2010

Way back in the casting process… when Evolution Media was searching for some Beverly Hillbillians to play-act on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

…Shana was to be cast as a “STRONG businesswoman”… NOT as a voice for domestic violence…NOT as an “abused woman”… NOT as part of a “drama couple.  



Shana’s original role was mentioned on SH January 19, 2011… “the RHOBH casting”… and  February 7, 2011… as part of a post re Shana’s wish to simply be a “snack mom” at her kid’s school.  

Press Release… September 1, 2010:

 “This is the first time in the history of reality television that two people like Taylor Armstrong and Dwight Coates have been featured. The Real Housewives will capture the personal lives of Taylor and Dwight, replete with all the glitz and glamour that Beverly Hills has to offer, while bringing the world of SAP ERP and Management Consulting to the small screen. It’s very exciting, and we’re confident it’s going to be a tremendous success.”

“Taylor Armstrong is a far cry from your typical IT consultant. Her Beverly Hills glamor will make for some great television viewing, and at the same time her tech savvy will give the world an interesting view into the world of SAP ERP consulting.”

Ms. Armstrong is the founder of e-Implement, a management consulting firm specializing in business transformation in the SAP arena. The firm places a special focus on the manufacturing, aerospace/defense, and pharmaceutical sectors. The show will feature Ms. Armstrong, formerly of Pfizer and Medtronic, navigating through her personal and professional life.

Taylor’s business partner, Dwight Coates, is also featured on the reality TV Program. As the CEO of e-Implement, Mr. Coates has been an SAP consultant for over 14 years, with a background at Big 4 Consulting Firms Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini, Strategy Firm ATKearney/EDS, and ERP Giants SAP America and SAP LABS. While Dwight’s focus is on client servicing, client relationships, and Project/Program Management responsibilities, Taylor’s focus is on Business Development and Client Servicing.

        Taylor Armstrong and Dwight Coates… November, 2010

In researching Shana photos from September/November, 2010… the photos of Shana with Dwight Coates outnumber those of Shana with Russell Armstrong.

RHOBH… December 17, 2011

Why and how did Shana change from the “STRONG” business woman that she was hired to play on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to that of the “meek abused” woman… the one in this video?  NOTE:  Kyle tells Brandi “You’ll be sorry.”   Hmmmm… 



NOTE:  If Shana is playing the part of the “victim” “abused woman” “meek”  “scared”… she is doing a very bad acting job.  Well, ALL the RHOBH are doing very bad acting jobs! 


More of Lisa VanderpumpRump’s bad acting and cutesy names… September, 2011


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  1. What a snake !! Guess she will have a more perfected list for her next prey,

    In the last video watch Kyle, she is acting so high school in front of the cameras,

  2. It’s amazing she keeps her stories straight. Well, they don’t really make sense if anyone asks a follow-up question but with Andy Cohen running the reunions, Traylor doesn’t have to worry.

  3. Who talked Russell into being on the show when he really didn’t have a burning desire to be there? Venture Capitalist good or bad don’t usually have time for the silly stuff the other men were doing on the show. I bet Russell wishes he never gave into Taylor’s big plans for her honey (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice and the rolling of my eyes?) I just about puked last night when Taylor tried to say that Russell was the narcissist in the family. Wonder where Dwight was when Taylor showed the cruel texts to Lisa and if he wasn’t pretending to be the big bad Russell. No one ever saw Russell in any of these extreme hateful states. There is no torture severe enough for this woman.

      • I was once told that we can reconize the worse in yourselves in other people

        so if Taylor reconized that Russell was a Narcissist then i wonder if she see’s that in herself subconsciensly

        • lisa…I agree and I believe Taylor “sees” every thing she has ever done wrong in her life as someone else doing it. Projection is something she does very well. Do you think she wanted doc no socs with her at the reunion so he could led the other ladies in being nice to her?

          • He is probably waiting in the wings along with Dana in case she has an episode. Dana wasted no time in putting her blog up yesterday, why she even blogs I have no idea. She may have been around while filming is going on but she got as much airtime as Bernie did, which is not saying much. The people leaving posts were even asking her why she bothers blogging since she is hardly ever on the air.

  4. I remember the rumblings about this from season 1, and I don’t remember why Dwight was basically left on the cutting room floor, although I think he was in the background of Taylor’s “flapper party” and maybe a few other scenes. He obviously wasn’t important enough for me to remember anything specific about him, or why he was cut from Taylor’s storyline. Or then again I could be just whacked out of my mind, which has been know to happen from time to time.

      • I just remember him lecturing Russell during Kennedy’s birthday party on what Taylor’s likes and dislikes which I thought was so strange.

        • OK, thank you gail and lizzielloyd. Obviously the guy didn’t bring enough drama or weirdness to the table, and bravo axed him. I haven’t watched the majority of this season after I saw Russell would be prominently featured, so I missed him. I guess Russell made the fateful decision to step in and keep Taylor’s storyline relevant. How sad to see the turn of events that led up to Russell’s suicide.

          • I’m not convinced it was a suicide. But yes, everything leading up to his death is very sad, what is sadder is how fast Taylor started cashing in on his death instead of helping her daughter thru the grieving process.

        • I wonder if the entire relationship with Russell started as a scam with Taylor and Dwight and Russell was their mark?, There must be some reason why she would chase a man she knew because they had PO boxes in the same building, get pregnant , marry him, then describe her marriage as 80 percent business and 20 percent romance. She played the grieving widow for the memorial service, funeral by being carried around, she didn’t fool anybody from the outside looking in.

  5. So Taylor is now an IT consultant, tech savvy, and a SAP ERP consultant? What? I thought she got that business woman’s award for being a cosmetic something or other…

    So what’s Taylor’s next CV going to say? She’s a physicist and a concert pianist?

    SAP = System Analysis and Program Development
    ERP = enterprise resource planning

    From wikipedia: The SAP ERP application is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software manufactured by SAP AG that targets business software requirements of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors. It allows for open communication within and between all company functions.

    • I don’t mean “now,” really since this was Taylor’s old profile.

      So why did Taylor &/or her sources say that she didn’t want to leave Russell cuz she would have concerns about making an income. Same with the possibility of being kicked off RHOBH, as if this was her only viable means of income?

      Apparently, she’s a polymath. She can get a job at NASA if she only wanted to, right?

      • I think it is pretty well known that without Russell funneling money and projects this company couldn’t exist. My opinion it’s cash flow came and went through Russell’s companies and dealings. The same goes for BT, the DV center and Rehab place.

    • If she is so sauvy with technology then surely she can figure out how to make it look like you got sent a abusive text…One abusive text is not proof of 6 yrs of violent abuse BTW
      I venture to gain that everyone here has said something awful and regretted it later and never hit someone.

      • Oooh, the “abusive” text . . . was when Russell found out that she was still carrying on her lesbian relationship with JennifUR, right? Yeah, he probably shoulda called her “darling” and “honeycakes.”

        • One thing that hit me is that would also be the night he sent off the email to Camille! What if he wasn’t the one that sent it but found it instead.

            • according to what she says in her interview with dr.phil wouldn’t it have also been the same night/early morning of the surgery on her eye from the abuse? Several places have said July 5th was the day of her lasik surgery,

            • One of the versions is that she went to Vegas with Lisa. Then had the fight with Russell that night and got the black eye because he was jealous. Then Lisa says that was the night that Camille got the email at 230 am. The next morning was her Birthday.

            • Ok so this was all well before the July 15th opening party seen on the show why would her eye still be blackened

    • Also, if she is so ‘tech savvy,’ then why is she completely cut off from the world, including her ‘friends’ and her employer Bravo, just by the simple ‘mistake’ of losing her cell phone? I guess this tech consultant never heard of email or 411 or whatever to make contact again with anybody else.

      And you’d think that with such a wide array of important jobs she has, especially as a consultant and founder of a very successful firm, she’d have her contact info stored at various locations, not just her ONE cell phone… cuz you know, tech savvy, IT consultants would know how to do this…

      • Wasn’t there a troll who said something to the effect that Traylor was told not to answer her phone so they could have the scene at the white party?

        • @Anne, ITA and
          @Lizzie–just goes to show how phony Shana is–if she really has all these important jobs and contacts she needs to be constantly available. Why would she agree to not answering her phone?

  6. The truth is, all of this is scripted for “entertainment” purposes. I doubt there is much reality on these HW shows. These women are basically actresses playing their part, albeit not very good ones. They look ridiculous waddling around in their tight dresses and stilettos and sporting what looks like death masks on their faces due to too much plastic surgery and too much makeup. Lisa’s eyeleashes? Really?

    • What!?–it’s not reality? Ooooh, so that’s why they’re called “the talent”? ;) I loved Lisa’s hiding-in-plain-sight whopper about wearing “knickers with butt pads.” She’s sooo “talented” at lying, isn’t she?

      • Lmao mssuburbia! I though the same thing, you can tell she is wearing knickers with butt pads as seen in hawaii when her a$$ got stuck…and last years episodes. She was a former actress remember (lol) so she is sooo talented at lying! In my opinion she is a bad actress, but performing on cue ;)

  7. Dwight was at the Sur opening party and was there long before Taylor arrived. In the scene where Lisa is asking Kyle had she talked with Taylor and then asks about Kim, Dwight is standing with them as a group.

    He was in a talking headshot in Season one where he says that Russell does not like him very much. He is also seen with Russell at the $60K birthday party.

    • I now remember the scene from the birthday party, and it was really odd. Since he was at the staged Sur opening (and apparently other scenes this season), he must still be desperate to have his face on camera. Look at the cast of characters at that fiasco. Chefho Bernie brought RuPaul, enough said.

  8. So when exactly did Russell give her this black eye she was sporting at the SUR party? June what? Or was it July something? What was the date of the SUR party?

      • Well not really, because it didn’t happen the day SUR opened Remember she told the girls, a few weeks ago we were arguing and I got hurt. From the white party thru the trip to Hawaii and maybe for some time afterward, Bravo refused to film with Taylor and Russell because of the legal threats Taylor had to file from divorce to separate herself Russell to be able to film again. She filed for a separation first, however she filed for divorce just to make sure that she would be approved to regain her rights to stay on the show.

        • they were in hawaii Last week of June so thats when she would have gotten the black eye
          so we are lead to believe she still had a big old black eye 2 weeks later and appeared at the SUR party with it? I have never had a black eye so how long does it last

        • I was answering the last question which is when was the day of the SUR party (which was July 14th). I completely skipped over her first question, cuz I’m a scatterbrained reader. LOL.

          • There are two dates floating around as the date of the emergency surgery that were from the pictures she sold that have been all over the internet. Problem is, neither date fits in with pictures of her taken in public appearances. One date was July 5th, the other I think was suppose to have been after the white party if I am not mistaken.

            • This may be the only time being a fame whore is actually beneficial, well to us not Taylor. Had Taylor kept a low key for a month or so, then we would have a harder time not believing her. But since the fame whore cant pass up an opportunity to be photographed, there is an abundance of photographic evidence. If there was someway for the police to charge her with a crime, I’m sure they could collect all the pictures taken of her at events.
              Can you sue someone for slander, if the person being talked about is dead? Does anyone know if Taylor’s “psychiatrist” has received any backlash for his extremely inappropriate relationship with a patient?

              Lets pretend for a second that Taylor is telling the truth and was abused, wouldnt her psychiatrist’s behavior seem like he was sexually preying on some broken woman? Now, if we come back to reality we can see that Taylor is probably playing the Dr the same way she played Russell. She probably seduced him, how anyone could be seduced by her is a mystery, and used him to add credibility to her story. She probably has dirt on him and is blackmailing him to do her biding, my guess is if she did seduce him she has pics or video of him coming onto her or the two of them having sex.

              Disclaimer, I just saw Girl with the Dragon tattoo so that may be why that scenario is in my head.

  9. Does anyone remember Taylor and Dwight having lunch last season and she was asking his advice on whether she should have another baby?? I think Dwight also had another male friend there, the three of them discussing Taylor and whether should she get pregnant again!!!!! Taylo has known Dwight, what 13 years? So as she was going through her zillion name changes, she would have been bff with Dwight. Damn, you just know he is as SHADY as Taylor!

    • I don’t remember that, but it’s probably true. I DO remember that there was supposed to be some footage of Taylor shopping for sexy lingerie this season that had to be scrapped because of Russell’s death. Pretty strange behavior for an “abused” woman.

  10. Wow her supposed Job position title with Dwight sounds so fake as HELL!!! No wonder they changed her whole title that’s just bullS*** to what it really was… sleeping with a guy to make herself look professional. Professional C**K sucker is what she REALLY is!!

  11. Ok i just did my research. Dwight is gay. G. A. Y!!! so all these pics with Taylor they are BFFS and STILL BFFS! plus He’s a Professional Butt kisser to all these housewives and anyone famous. ANYONE!! He tweeted about hanging out with one of the Gastineau girls & one of Lindsay Lohan’s Exs & Taylor Dayne. He’s is a social climber clinging on to any celeb he finds. I’m surprised he wasn’t on more episodes hanging out with all the housewives like girlfriends.

      • No, I thought he was gay. Isn’t the post about Taylor and him a possible power couple storyline? Then I posted that I guess I was wrong about him being gay. Saw 90210’s post confirming he was. And bam, Romo gaydar was workin lika charm the whole time.

  12. I was unable to follow the latest season very closely but was able to watch the 1st and 2nd reunions today and found the dynamics between the women and the orchestrated dramas
    suspect and very confusing. That was UNTIL reading some of the very well thought out posts on this board. The most startling were those about Taylor. Lies layered upon lies every time she opens that huge mouth of hers. She claims to have misplaced her cell phone in Vegas so couldn”t
    receive messages which is an obvious lie for any mother away from her child. Besides, she would have received messages on her hotel phone if she was unavailable on her cell. I have grave
    concerns about Russels death and who may be responsible. I hope someone in law enforcement is looking into his death. Murder by hanging can be easily covered up and Taylor strikes me as being an extremely desperate woman who is hardly in a state of grief. The entire situation stinks
    to high heaven.

    Lastly, go Brandy! She’s not buying into it either and has proven to be a good reader of people.

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