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                              ShanaLynette… Taylor Armstrong.  September, 2010

Way back in the casting process… when Evolution Media was searching for some Beverly Hillbillians to play-act on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

…Shana was to be cast as a “STRONG businesswoman”… NOT as a voice for domestic violence…NOT as an “abused woman”… NOT as part of a “drama couple.  



Shana’s original role was mentioned on SH January 19, 2011… “the RHOBH casting”… and  February 7, 2011… as part of a post re Shana’s wish to simply be a “snack mom” at her kid’s school.  

Press Release… September 1, 2010:

 “This is the first time in the history of reality television that two people like Taylor Armstrong and Dwight Coates have been featured. The Real Housewives will capture the personal lives of Taylor and Dwight, replete with all the glitz and glamour that Beverly Hills has to offer, while bringing the world of SAP ERP and Management Consulting to the small screen. It’s very exciting, and we’re confident it’s going to be a tremendous success.”

“Taylor Armstrong is a far cry from your typical IT consultant. Her Beverly Hills glamor will make for some great television viewing, and at the same time her tech savvy will give the world an interesting view into the world of SAP ERP consulting.”

Ms. Armstrong is the founder of e-Implement, a management consulting firm specializing in business transformation in the SAP arena. The firm places a special focus on the manufacturing, aerospace/defense, and pharmaceutical sectors. The show will feature Ms. Armstrong, formerly of Pfizer and Medtronic, navigating through her personal and professional life.

Taylor’s business partner, Dwight Coates, is also featured on the reality TV Program. As the CEO of e-Implement, Mr. Coates has been an SAP consultant for over 14 years, with a background at Big 4 Consulting Firms Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini, Strategy Firm ATKearney/EDS, and ERP Giants SAP America and SAP LABS. While Dwight’s focus is on client servicing, client relationships, and Project/Program Management responsibilities, Taylor’s focus is on Business Development and Client Servicing.

        Taylor Armstrong and Dwight Coates… November, 2010

In researching Shana photos from September/November, 2010… the photos of Shana with Dwight Coates outnumber those of Shana with Russell Armstrong.

RHOBH… December 17, 2011

Why and how did Shana change from the “STRONG” business woman that she was hired to play on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to that of the “meek abused” woman… the one in this video?  NOTE:  Kyle tells Brandi “You’ll be sorry.”   Hmmmm… 



NOTE:  If Shana is playing the part of the “victim” “abused woman” “meek”  “scared”… she is doing a very bad acting job.  Well, ALL the RHOBH are doing very bad acting jobs! 


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