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 Shana Taylor Armstrong…

From Radar

On January 29, Taylor was sent a Twitter message by @Hardboiledpeggs which said, “see u on February 7 ill be there with a book and a rope so i can kidnap u,” which Taylor responded by saying, “Don’t ever contact me again.”

The next threatening message mentioned Taylor’s daughter, Kennedy: “Turn around bright eyes every now and then, Kennedy’s dead,” @hardboiledpeggs wrote. Taylor replied, “Don’t ever contact me again.” The Twitter user @hardboiledpeggs has since been deleted.

The 40-year-old Texas beauty was out of town skiing in Vail, Colorado when she received the ominous threats. “Taylor absolutely freaked out when she read the death threats. These were credible serious threats against Taylor and her daughter, Kennedy. The Tweets that were sent to Taylor have been turned over to the FBI.”

NOTE: Who does this crap???  It’s amazing that someone would actually make such a threat and think that they cannot be tracked!  It’s also amazing that this person would be so invested in a person who plays a part on “reality” TV as to take the effort to create a twitter account solely for this purpose.  


(Thanks to SH reader “BI” and “JZ”!!!)

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI found that Taylor created that account…She’d do anything it takes to be seen as a victim

    She only responded so others can see what she’s going through.

    P.s. don’t cry broke vacationing in Vail.

    • Good point…lol
      I dunno if its true or not I did see the tweets last night and while I dislike her A LOT these tweets go way beyond dislike…but then she could have arranged to have it done With her history nothing is beyond possibilty

      • Taylor is like the boy who cried wolf. I have no clue when to feel bad for her because she has been caught in so many lies on this site alone.

        • I agree. And she really should think twice about putting her daughter’s face all over the place, too. I’m sure she’s well aware of public sentiment towards her.

    • Are you kidding me? You really think she would call the police & hand over the messages if she wrote them herself? I wouldn’t be surprised of someone from here did it. You guys blame Taylor for everything.

      • You’re most likely right…but when someone makes a habit of lying and living a life of deceit it’s the kind of scorn and ridicule they bring upon themselves. You cry “wolf” one too many times and people stop hearing the cry.

      • What a really lousy thing to say! I blame Taylor for her own choices but that doesn’t make me someone that would harm her or her child. She does well enough on her own!

      • Oh please no one here would do that Christ on a cracker are you the same moroin over on IMDB that is accusing certain posters of being the one who sent the tweets.

        as for her sending them to herself I think its a possibilty she is involved however its a small possibilty

          • sorry i didnt mean to be insulting …he is a troll who starting different threads naming people as the people who are threatening Taylor.

            again sorry for my post i was still angry from him accusing me

            • How do you argue with stupid? Ingredientses is just looking for a fight. Apparently he sees anyone with an opinion about Taylor Armstrong as a deviant ! I wouldn’t let him or her get under your skin.

            • it seems i have a problem with that lately arguing with stupid

              its been a long day i had a job interview which i think i tanked

            • I’m sure you did just fine on your interview. Attitude is everything! Focus on what is great about you and your life and you will do just fine. If not this one then the next.

            • thanks for the kind words Cyn i get 100 kinds of nervous and crack jokes to take the edge off

            • Ive batted 1000 on interviews. I pretend im an actress and im playing the part of a qualified, self-assured, highly skilled, charming applicant. Try it!:) also helps to ask who youre going to be interviewing with when u schedule the interview so you can deep google them and their background (“im a firm believer in zero-sum budgeting.” After youve read theyve implemented zero-sum at a failing company and turned it around, etc.)

            • Thanks for the good wishes everyone if anything else i keep them laughing in the interview

      • Why would anyone who reads SH do that when we can just sit back and wait to see what she brings on herself?

    • That story isnt referred to shana as “taylor” and a “texas beauty.” false. false. false.

  2. That’s horrible. I have a feeling it will end up being some 15yo kid who will have a heart attack when the FBI shows up.

  3. A small part of me feels badly for saying this but I too immediately thought it was her making the threats or paying someone to send the messages via twitter. Why would the threats be turned over to the FBI?

      • FBI is involved when death threat is toward a child too (I think). I do not like Taylor at all, but whoever sent those messages crosses the line & need to be straightend out!

    • Why would they bring a book and a rope? I read that, didn’t think of it as a death threat, but the one about Kennedy was scary.Sad to say that because Taylor is who she is, it would not surprise me to find out she did it or had it set up, it is the week of her book release. Can anybody verify that they were sent to the FBI?

      • Too bad if it said a book and duct tape for kennedy it wouldnt be a threat since shana’s writing a book of lies about kennedy’s dad and already duct taped kennedy’s mouth AND photographed it for fun.

  4. I thought they only got involved after the fact not before. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Does this mean she will postpone her book tour and stay close to her child?????

    • Hahahahaha, that’s funny…stay close to her child! Nope! The article states that she will have extra security at the Feb. 7th book signing. She’ll probably need it anyway, I’m sure plenty of people will show up to tell her exactly what they think of her and I’m sure at least some of them are probably a few fries short of a Happy Meal and wouldn’t think twice about physically going after her.

  5. Texas beauty? I would not put that on my feed or respond to the person directly, so I’m kind of surprised she did that. I am sure they will catch the person soon and am hoping the innocent child stays safe. She certainly didn’t invite all of this into her life, she’s just a child.

    • THANK YOU!. Lol I was like ummm …. “The 40-year-old Texas beauty..” wtf?! For one thing Russell is the one from Texas, she is from Oklahoma. (I’m a Texas girl and don’t want to be associated with her lol)

      • She’s a wanna be! Wanna be a California girl. Wanna be a BHs girl. Now she wants to be a TX gal. Just like she wants to be Shana, then Lynnette, then Taylor, then a Ford, then an Armstrong, then a Kennedy…. oh wait she didn’t get to pursue that one b/c people caught on to her.

      • She actually lied about being from OK– shes from kansas. Hard to keep track of- even for her. “In kansas i was shanna sipes. Oklahoma i dropped the n- to shana… Then at 23 after my mom got remarried i changed it from shana to taylor… or was that ford… Tom ford? No, ford motor company. No…wait, was it ford modeling agency? Where’s my journal of names and birth places…”

  6. I would hope that Taylor had this done for publicity or pity and there really isn’t people out there who would ever think of hurting Kennedy OR Taylor for that matter. This woman is mentally ill, she needs help, not death threats. I think we can all agree, we don’t want her on the show, we don’t want to have to look at her, we want her to get mentally fit and we want Kennedy to be happy and safe. Anyone who would want to hurt Taylor or Kennedy has more problems than Taylor does.

  7. I hope it is not true that is scary I would not wish something like that on anyone. When someone above mentioned the tweets being taced all I could think about was Tarq Salahi at the wine tasting threatening Mary’s daughter and saying” I ‘ve contaced the FBI and EVERYBODYS going to jail”!

  8. “Who does this crap?” Taylor does. This crap is right up her alley, this crap is what her dreams are made of…this crap is how she got to Beverly Hills and this crap is how she’s gonna stay there. I think it’s her because the second threat was directed at Kennedy. I think most people that loathe hate Taylor, tend to sympathize that Kennedy. Taylor tends to only bring up Kennedy when she’s using her for sympathy and effect…like here. Sociopaths have patterns. Sociopaths are people who will fake cancer for sympathy and donations. Sociopaths are people who give themselves black eyes. Sociopaths are people who are broke and go skiing in Vail. What a gem, this lady.

    • Exactly. Just like the question “who would lie about domestic violence only AFTER said ‘abuser’ is dead and when there are young children who read news… And then publishes a book of lies about her dead husband before the grass has grown on his grave?” The same person who has lied about her identity, defrauded investors, embezzled millions in off-shore accounts, stole from friends, faked several abuse injuries and murdered her husband. Is adding “faked death threats” really so far fetched?

  9. After seeing what happened over the weekend regarding the timeline, I don’t doubt that there is someone out there crazy enough to make these threats.

    But what doesn’t make sense is why Taylor would even respond?

    • People addicted to the high you get from attention…even negative attention…will continue to put themselves in harms way and even manufacture or setup situations that will lead to that high.

  10. The expression on her face in the picture says it all — “suckers”. We’re being played bigtime, and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. I simply don’t believe anything that comes out of that mouth, and I never will.

  11. I feel that Taylor brought it all on herself. Her lying and fame-whore ways got to someone who is unstable and this is the result. She has only herself to blame. Just my feelings.

  12. Don’t know whether Taylor had any input into this or not, but it seems to me that she and Russell burned a lot of bridges with other people’s money. This threat could have come from anyone the two of them may have pissed off. Also, isn’t there still some out there who does not believe Russell commited suicide but was murdered. On this one, I’m gonna give Taylor a benefit of a doubt.

  13. I hope Russell’s family shows up at her book signings, with picket signs and parades out front. Then Trayliar can start her fake crocodile tears, and get all upset. I’d go if it was near by. I’d almost pay for airfare to tell Slimey off to his face.

  14. I don’t agree with it, but I’m not surprised. I have seen some very, very disturbing things go on with people on the Internet. Things you couldn’t dream up if your life depended it. Mental illness, cruelty, and oh yes, stupidity are alive and thriving all over the Internet.

    Taylor blocks all the “haters” and then acts all shocked when someone creates an account to harass her. Yes, this person took it way too far, but not everyone is smart enough, or sane enough to know the boundaries.

    Any rational person would take a step back, but we all know there is nothing that would stop Taylor in her quest for fame and fortune, not even a threat to her child.

  15. It reminds me of that movie… know the one…..The Call is coming from INSIDE the House!!!!!!!

  16. Haha, perfect, “the call is coming from inside the house.”

    Taylor has repeatedy declared herself and her daughter to be in danger, and she does this because it HELPS her, this is her MO. She said Russel was abusing her, she manufactured proof that Russel abused her, she accused Camille of putting her daughter in danger b/c she repeated things Taylor told her. Taylor has a pretty bad sociopathic habit of pretending to be in dangerous situations for pity. It’s called a track history.

    Taylor and Russel jeapordized the financial security of a lot of people. I bet most people she hurt just want to see the back of her. Let the lawyers at her and see if they can get some of their money back, but in the meantime just don’t want to have think of someone like her at all, you know? The text threats seem so strange b/c anyone that was truly burned by Taylor wld not want to tangle with her, don’t you think? And why did she respond when that’s the worst thing someone can do?

    • I dont see a death threat. If u were to anonymously threaten someones life wouldnt u be scary and specific and vulgar? This was very vague and worded shana style. “We fought all weekend. Things got physical. I got hurt.” Zzzzz

      • Right. Psychos killers don’t warn either. If real, wouldn’t he just be there waiting for her with said book and rope all surprise style? That’s the point.

        • Haha, romo “surprise style”! Seriously. And whats the rope for? Hed gonna lasso her? And the book? Hes going to torture her by reading kyles book? Or did the book mention AND her release date just happen to have been said so everyone knows she has a book out on that date? Hmmmmm. Shes so transparent. What kind of death threater advertises his victims wares and their release date? “You better watch out on feb 7th, at your book signing at the wallingford barnes and noble between 43rd and 44th, on the left after arbys… If im late its because i came from the east and had to make a u-turn on denny way. Ill see u at 7 for refreshments and then wait in line for my book to be autographed, personalized and have a free picture with you and your suprise guest dr. sophy. Oh yeah, im bringing a rope…”

  17. Work with me here….flashback to the faces she made in the limo crying to Kyle or yelling at DD at the wine tasting….hold on to that image and ask yourself….if there was another chapter of the “Scream” movies….couldn’t you just cast Traylor, give her a black bathrobe, and call it a day? No mask required, and frightening as hell. Just sayin’.

  18. I just read they have identified a suspect…and we will be shocked to find out who it is!

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