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 Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Dana Wilkey…

In response to Monday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Show, Russell Armstrong’s sister, Laurie Armstrong Kelsoe, spoke tonight with Jane Velez-Mitchell…

NOTE:  Interesting that Laurie would make this appearance on JV-M.  What message did Laurie want to get across?  That Russell’s family will be seeking legal counsel?  Laurie and her family knew of Shana’s book months ago… they were well aware of Bravo airing scenes which included Russell…and they are just NOW seeking counsel?  IMO, Laurie’s appearance simply did not make sense.    

Laurie on Dr. Phil:

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  1. You are right.. this doesn’t make sense, why wait till now ? And I can’t believe that idiot from RO mentioning “a well respected doctor” which would be no socks , and bravos showing both sides of the relationship ??? Errrrrr…..

    • I wonde rif they were advised to not give to much away as to keep the element of surprise on their side.

      And id like to ask the RO chick what proof is she talking about..Pictures that are not time/date stamped or authenticated in any way that her proof?

  2. I don’t understand why Russell’s family could not file a civil suit. Couldn’t the nanny be court ordered to tell what happened in that house? I don’t believe Trayliar and wonder why people who could vouch for her like the nanny, why she would not offer people up to vouch for her. Did anyone notice Dwight at Kyle’s party agreeing with Dana that “if my girl said it, then it happened”. Dwight agreed with Dana. This led me to believe even though Dwight and Dana were close to Tayliar, they had not seen any signs either. Dwight especially as I believe they friends going back to her Florida days. It seems during that conversation, Dwight would have said “guys, I have seen the damage” or SOMETHING but HE DID NOT. He just agreed, that if Tayliar said it happened, then it happened.

    • They can file a civil suit but what is their claim? That Traylor is white trash?

      White trash agreeing with white trash means nothing. Dana only knew Traylor thru the charity. I don’t believe Dana reeeeeeally know Traylor and was not privy to any of this until the show.

    • I remember Dana specifically saying that “if my girl says it happened, it did.” and then later said something to the effect of “of course it happened, who would make something like that up?” She didn’t witness a thing. There was never any actual evidence of the abuse, and when you think about it, Taylor has been setting this up for AGES now… was it lisa or camille that said Taylor told them about the abuse the FIRST time they met?!? how long ago was that? and even the pictures of the time he supposedly “hit” her, I wouldn’t put it past that crazy b*tch to have some joe shmoe punch her in the face so she could have the so-called “proof” against her husband and destroy his name all around beverly hills…. which she probably rubbed in his face before she killed him. I truly hope that karma catches up with her. I feel at this point the only person who has had their life brutally destroyed -besides russell of course- is her poor daughter.

    • If the family or his other children live in Texas or some other states they have be able to sue for libel under certain circumstances. The definition of libel in Texas (where his Mom lives I believe) includes written words that “tend to blacken the memory of the dead.”

  3. Randy Edwards has alluded to the fact that there are things taking place that just can’t be talked about now. He has said we would all know soon, very soon. On his website he had a coming soon notice on his blog and mentioned who we would be hearing from, that information is now gone. I do hope no one has silenced him,

    • I tried to leave a comment for Randy but couldn’t he said he had been writing his blog without discussing it first with Russell’s family, and I was shocked. I felt he did not need to be the voice of Russell without contacting his family, and in turn an attorney. He said we would be hearing from Russell’s mother, and I was horrified, because his mother is just a sweet woman in Texas who has lost her son and been dragged into this mess. He planned on having her answer questions on his blog, and I knew she should not be doing it without the advice from an attorney. This woman is not media savvy, and doesn’t need to be speaking with anyone without an attorney. I know Randy is trying to speak for his friend, but I feel he needs to consult the family, and the families attorney.

        • I wish Randy nothing but the best, and I know he is very respected on this site, and I hesitated in making my comment, but I was very concerned when I read he planned on having Russell’s mother comment on his blog. I saw his mother on show after show after Russell died, and I wanted to give her a hug, and tell her to get a lawyer. I know his heart is in the right place, and I hope the rumors I have heard about him writing a book including Russell aren’t true.

          While Taylor disgusts me in the same way Casey Anthony does, I just don’t get too worked up about it, I know she will answer for her actions somehow, someday. I have seen this happen to people in my life, and have learned to sit back and watch the world take care of itself. I do understand when others don’t feel the same way.

          • I think one good thing about Russell’s mom speaking out, especially with the book coming out in a week or so, is that she can publicly refute anything Taylor says.

            And if Randy is a friend of the family, then he and Russell’s family can work out a way to make sure whatever questions and answers are printed will be in the best interest of Russell. This could be a medium in which Russell’s family can have more than a quick few seconds to talk about Russell, which is what happens on the MSM shows. Russell’s family can preview the questions at their own convenience and then Randy can post their answers on his site, which has the advantage of having become somewhat known to the blogosphere and wherever else as a spot that shows Russell’s side of the story.

            I think it can be advantageous for both Randy & Russell’s family to get their viewpoints out as Taylor’s book, with what quotes have already come out, seems to truly vilify Russell.

            As Russell’s sister said, they found there was no way to protect Russell in Taylor’s book, since there was no protection for him as a deceased person.

            So, maybe this idea that Randy has will be Russell’s family way of counteracting whatever horrible perception of Russell that Taylor intends to bring out in her well-publicized book. But of course, the Armstrongs should have a lawyer read thru their answers before they are posted online.

            • I agree Randy could work out something with Russell’s family and attorneys to continue to get out Russell’s side of the story, and dispute the facts in Taylor’s books. Attorneys seem to ere on the side of caution, and usually don’t want their clients to speak, so I just don’t see Russell’s mother defending him in a blog. I would very much like to hear from her, and maybe in time we will. Like I said, I think Randy has good intentions, and wants to defend Russell, and I understand him wanting to provide a forum to do so.

          • Randy is writing a book, but it isn’t about Russell, he and Russell opened a gym together, the mentions of Russell in his book will be pertaining to their friendship, business relationship and from my understanding it will only be a small mention in the book. It will have nothing to do with the rest of what was going on in Russell’s life.

            • Thank you for the info. Well, if that’s the case, I don’t have an issue with it. If Randy is writing his life story, of course he would include his relationship with Russell. I would ask if he planned on writing this book before Russell died, I’m just being honest. I don’t know why a publisher would publish a book about his life, while interesting, not something I see as compelling. Many people are giving Jeff Ashton a pass on his book about the Casey Anthony case, not me. He still made money off the death of Caylee, and I have a problem with it.

              I’m sorry if I sound off harsh when speaking about Randy, I know he has done a lot to speak out for Russell when nobody else has. Like I said, I don’t see him as someone who has any bad intentions.

            • He has been successful as the owner of several gyms and was writing his book I believe before Russell passed away, If you go to his website which is on the right “The Voice of Russell Armstrong” or look at the masthead where Randy Edwards did a question and answer session with MsSH on December 31st, I am almost certain you will find the answers to your questions and he will be able to explain them better to you far better than I can. The question and answer session is very very interesting to read.

  4. I think after last night’s reunion Laurie just wanted to say something in defense of Russell, and in the few minutes she had at the end of the show, she really wasn’t able to get out much. She just seemed horribly sad, and she didn’t say they are just now seeking counsel. She said they had plans to go forward with counsel. I think the lawyers have told the family there is nothing they can do since Russell has passed. I imagine Bravo has an iron clad contract, and Taylor can say what she wants about a dead man. I’m not sure what they are going forward with.

    • @ catonhottinroof – I think ur right. Since she said her family already knew that there was nothing they could do against Taylor for putting in whatever info she will of a dead man in that book, it sounds like they already had counsel to realize what their situation was in regards to this. When she talked about how they might go forward with counsel, it sounds like they might think of a different way to protect Russell’s image.

      Another note, Bravo will be making money off of Taylor’s book, if she has the type of contract the other HWs have, which is that on products they sell during their contract period, Bravo gets a cut.

      So Taylor’s solution for DV is to do a reality tv show instead of using the services of the 1736 DV clinic she says she’s worked for since 2004. Interesting.

      I think the only reason JVM asked the sister to be on the show is for ratings by piggy-backing on the reunion show broadcast. I think the sister appeared to try to reaffirm her family’s stance that Russell is not the way Bravo & Taylor portray him to be. So both sides were trying to get what each wanted from doing this show.

      • As it’s been said before, Americans have the attention span of a gnat. I’m wondering if the Armstrong family want to keep bringing up another image of Russell every time there’s something big done by Bravo & Taylor that is anti-Russell, like the reunion ep. Sort of like a punch, counter-punch type of thing, tit for tat, an eye for an eye, etc.

        I think there’s going to be media asking the Armstrong family for more quotes and short interviews after Taylor’s book comes out. There will probably be quotes from the book listed on-screen with the interviewer asking the sister or mother for their comments regarding Taylor’s statements about Russell. It’s going to be a mini-media circus for both the family & Taylor.

        Anyhoo, this is jmo about why the sister appeared on the show after being asked by JVM, who was herself looking for a quick ratings boost or ‘public interest’ story.

      • @ SH – I forgot to say this before, but thanks for the uploads of the videos, and not just the ones in this article, but for the others as well. I have no other means to see the majority of the ones you upload. Very interesting and much appreciated. Thanks again! :)

          • @ SH – Yes, I know and again, thanks for uploading all of them. :)

            Oops, regarding “I have no other means to see the majority of the ones you upload,” I meant, I don’t have cable tv, so when you upload these videos in your various posts/articles, I appreciate it, since it’s from your site that I can view them. :)

      • Yes, I saw all those conversations and threats made by the family, and thought they needed to be quite. Tonight I didn’t see any specific threats, just saying we aren’t going away, and a sad sister defending her brother after the entire season was aired, and his memory was trashed at the reunion.

        • I meant quiet not “quite” in my post from last night. I think I have done this more than once, lawd, that’s what happens when I try to post when I’m tired, and don’t proof my post.

    • I have to disagree. Russell does have some privacy rights even in death. His other children have rights, so Traylor does walk a fine line. She obviously doesn’t care about her own little kid as the kid will one day be reading the lies. Other children’s parents may talk about the relationship and we all know how mean kids can be.

      But alas, Traylor can’t allow emotions of others, including her own brat’s to get in the way of financial gain.

    • Seems like they could petition for custody of Kennedy. Taylor is well documented out partying and hooking up. The could petition for the return of personal items on loan from the family. They could petition for money for his other children. I have no idea what the claim is for, but if I were them I would explore my legal options against bravo and Taylor.

      • WIthout having seen the Bravo contract with Russell, IMO, they have no claim against Bravo. Bravo did not create the problem, Traylor did. She lied to her friends and to the world and when Russell learned of it via Traylor (but I would imagine Traylor lied and said Lisa and Camille made the comments themselves) he was beside himself. Remember, Bravo did a lot of editing of Traylor’s lies that were far worse than what ultimately aired. (but Russell would have no way of knowing that at the time. I would imagine he tried to stop them but to no avail). With his financial status in the negative, the lawsuits, his lying trashy wife, I think the poor man saw no way out. He knew Traylor asked for a divorce so she could remain on the show. He had to be thinking OMG, what else has she said???

  5. IMHO, Laurie was contacted by JVM in response to last night’s airing. Laurie and family could not do anything until Bravo released the reunion show as Traylor’s book was not yet released (I don’t think, isn’t it a Feb release date?) Moreover, every other cable station was focused on real life and Florida.

    They have to know what is said etc BEFORE they can seek legal counsel on what their options might be. I agree with the atty, however, Bravo is most likely judgement proof although I believe they would be a named party if a lawsuit is brought.

    The difficult part for the Armstrong family is Traylor’s duck lips flapping in the wind. Her pix could be from anything yet she asserts Russell was the cause. They will have a hard time proving Traylor is lying because Russell is not here to defend himself. Now if Russell was abusive before they got married as Traylor alleges, PLUS her tenuous financial situation, it makes her more vulnerable in the courts. She doesn’t have ‘clean hands’ here which is perhaps the only advantge Russell’s side has. But it will be an uphill battle and they have to decide if they want to spend enormous amounts of money on legal fees even assuming Traylor lied about everything and Russell was the most loving husband in the world.

    IMHO-Bravo should never have aired any scenes with Traylor with or w/o Russell in deference to the tragic outcome. Adrienne is wrong, the only message airing the show was if your husband is failing financially and can’t keep up appearances that you hold so near and dear to your heart,
    give him an ultimatum and drive him to suicide. That way you can have free rein to benefit from his blood. I read somewhere that Bravo gave Traylor an ultimatum. DIvorce or get fired. She chose the show. Bravo obviously did a lot of editing and reshooting scenes like adding that idiot shrink.
    IMO-those segments were shot AFTER filiming was complete and to be used as an excuse and filler for those areas where Russell was present. I am reminded of Kennedy’s OTT b-day parties, where Russell was more concerned about his daughter and her birthday while Traylor spent her time trying to look like she had money and class. So when Traylor asserts Camille put her daughter in danger that was merely for creative effect. If Kennedy was in danger, then Traylor is guilty of child abuse for leaving her daughter in a dangerous situation (NOT) so she could go out with the girls, get shitfaced and generally make as ass of herself. Traylor was only concerned about herself because Russell would find out she was lying to the world and he would dump her. I also recall when Traylor was on @Andy Cohen, she denied ever staying with any of the housewives. Kyle, on the hand asserts, Traylor and Kennedy moved in with her for several weeks after the suicide.
    Given both are champion lying skanks; it is a tossup on the truth.

    • bingo: Pls read the posts re Shana (categories drop down menu) and videos of Russell’s family’s appearances on various talk shows…if you’re not familiar with the entire Shana saga. What Bravo chose to air was predictable. Laurie stated that they were upset about the fact that Shana has written a book and Russell cannot confirm or deny anything written about him. The family knew of this book for months. Counsel should have been sought long before now. Bravo ignored these threats of a lawsuit by Russell’s mother and Laurie after Russell’s death and before the RHOBH aired season two. What makes Laurie, or anyone, think that Bravo is going to listen to another threat of a lawsuit at this point?? TFC!! SH

      • She never said they just now sought counsel, you must know something I don’t. She and the family have been quiet for months, and I would imagine any lawyer would have told them to be quiet, and don’t speak without advise from an attorney. I have no idea what legal action they are threatening, and I agree after she admitted they could not bring action, but would continue with counsel, made no sense.

          • I listened and at that mark she said “we do have plans to go forward with some counsel and you know, find out what our rights are…” I guess I took that as we have counsel, and will continue to use them to find out what our rights are. I didn’t take it as her saying we just got counsel. I understand you have info we are not aware of, and I will leave it at that and take your word for it. I really didn’t plan on making you debate with me, and I really appreciate your time to post the video and discuss it.

      • The family knew about the book but they didn’t know the CONTENTS. They were left to merely speculating. Now watching this season and Traylor’s bs, they have more facts with which they can use to decide how best to proceed.

        I can assure you any halfwit atty would tell them they would have to ‘wait and see.’ It is a crappy position for them to be in, but unfortunately that’s all they could do. They were not a party to the Bravo contracts, so they had no leverage or influence. They were not even entitled to an advance copy.

      • btw- what does TFC mean? I’m having a blonde BH moment!

        I totally disagree with Bravo’s airing of the show with Traylor with or without Russell. It tells me it is all about money and ratings. That said, they actually did a fairly good editing job (nonetheless still choppy as usual) of keeping all the slanderous talk and scenes on Traylor to CYA. Bravo lets Traylor do all the lying and trash talking. If the family does sue, she would be hard pressed to get the janitor at the studio to return her calls. She will become persona non grata and Andy Cohen will be saying Traylor who?

        • @ bingo32 – TFC = Thanks for commenting

          I too disagree with Bravo having any clips of Taylor and Russell this season. Like Camille said, they should have just dropped them for the sake of Russell’s kids. Imo, it should have been dropped because it helped no one and probably did more harm than good overall, not just to Russell’s kids and the rest of his family, but to DV victims.

          When Taylor, who’s worked for a DV center since 2004, says a solution to DV is to do reality tv shows and then while on it, she’s shown not dealing with it in a healthy manner, that’s not going to help any other DV victim. She’s not shown confronting the situation in any way that a DV victim could use as an example. The only way that relationship ended was when Russell himself left her and, if the story is true, she made a deal with Bravo that she’ll end it on her side if she’s still allowed to be on TV. O_o

          I mean, imo, NONE of what she did would apply to anybody in the real world. So all the crackpot excuses for what a good thing Bravo did for the DV issue is crappola.

          • Thank you!!

            I think Camille should have taken it one step further and said it should be done it out of deference to Russell and his family. It would have been the classy thing to do. If Traylor has an ounce of class she would have demanded it instead of playing victim.

            All of the women counseled by her since what was it you said 2004?, would have to question any and all advice they may have received from her b/c she is clearly not right in the head.

            Besides if Russell was ‘the abuser’ as she claimed, he would never allow cameras to follow him around. I wonder how many times she took him out back with those duck lips and did some “oklahoma on him?”

            How many times did she break up verbal sparring among the women, screaming “Enough, enough,??” That is not a dv victim. Those are words of a controlling person. I’m not saying she was wrong to break up the arguments, but she was very aggressive which is not a trait of a dv victim.

            • @ bingo32 – I dunno if Taylor actually counseled any women at the center. Her own website states that she started working with them in 2004, but iirc, it didn’t say exactly what she did for them. SH has videos of her interviews at the center in the donation room around Xmas time in Dec. 2011. Also, there’s that speech she made at one of their events which aired in season 1. I would hope she wasn’t a counselor or advisor.

              I think ur right that it would have been better to mention Russell’s family in addition to the kids about not airing the Taylor/Russell story on Bravo, but I think Bravo hates any mention of his family since they’ve had public ‘feuds’ with each other and might have told the ladies not to mention Russell’s family on air during the reunion. I’m cynical about Bravo, but it seems like that’s the kind of thing they would do. And iirc, certainly Taylor hasn’t mentioned Russell’s family, even though she was the closest to them.

          • But you know anne that is how Bravo is going to spin it…..they want reality tv to be something more that it really is. Well miss andy you have really missed the mark this time. a Fluffy show doesn’t have the chops for this kind of subject and whoever thought this was a good idea should be shown the door.

    • @ bingo32 – Well said! Very good points.

      Could Taylor use the excuse that she was about 5-months pregnant before they married to say she was in a vulnerable situation in regards the abuse & the financial scamming?

      I agree w/ you that it looks like Bravo added some scenes in after Russell’s death in order to try to cover their behinds.

      I don’t know what benefit it gives Taylor to deny that she spent nights over at Kyle’s house.

      • Traylor can say whatever she wants, but she was in her 30’s when she married him. She was aware of his previous marriages as well as restraining orders. It wouldbe difficult if not impossible to convince a judge she was some young naive young girl who did not know better. Her threats to Kim in season 1, indicates Traylor is quite capable of asserting herself when she chooses to do so.

        There of course are the business lawsuits and accusations which assert she is a hustler.
        That won’t play well in a courtroom.

        One must wonder what kind of counsel she offered women at the women’s shelter. DId she ask to see husband’s financial statements before advising them? I would be very surprised if the shelter didn’t kick her skanky ass to the curb.

        • @ bingo32 – Thanks for the response re the pregnancy & marriage. Yes, that’s true that she was in her 30s when she married Russell so she may not be able to use the naivete excuse for that and in addition that it may not have been her first and only marriage, if the stories are true about Sipes…

  6. Just my 2 cents, cant we ( all of us) who do not believe Traylor and her bullsh** lies just boycott her book when it comes out? When she comes to your city, town, state, stand outside the book signing with signs saying ” Your a FK liar and nobody believes you” or why are you profiting off your deceased husband”. I know these ladies and gentleman can come up with so much more than i came up with. With Ms SH permission, come up with new ways, new comments to boycott Traylor and her up comming book sales & signing.

    And all proceeds go to Ms SH and or her charities of choice. { This is just a suggestion} :)

  7. I’m sorry your confused. a person can make money off of a boycott by avoiding and preventing deals with so said boycotters, thus making proceeds with the book in other ways. As I said in my last post…it was my 2 cents, an idea just a thought.

    • Deb is that is the same logic the young girl who said Justin Beaver was her baby daddy was using…getting paid to go away?

    • You can’t really profit by boycotting but you can take affirmative action by bombarding advertisers of the shows she appears to promote her book. That can be very effective.
      You can also boycott all bookstores who carry her book sending emails to places like Barnes & Noble saying you will not buy books at their stores if they carry her book.

      But the key is numbers. One or two emails won’t mean anything, They have to be carpetbombed!

      She insults the dignity of victims of domestic violence as uses it for her own financial gain.

  8. Russell’s sister is so adamant that her brother couldn’t possibly have contemplated suicide. “There’s just no way. That was not an option for him.”

    How the hell could she ever know that? Hate to break it to you, but suicide often becomes an option for people who don’t think they have any other options.

    And if his sister can’t tell that Russell has some control and anger issues, she really didn’t know her brother, either.

    You want to have compassion for the family, but you also want to shake them and say hey, guys, you produced an imperfect man. Own it!

    • I have to disagree with your last and penultimate sentences. The family is not responsible for the actions of a 47 yo man. He was over the age of 21.

      • According to his best friend who spoke to him within days of his “suicide” Russell was going to move back to Texas, his father had already started making preparations for when his son moved back home.

        • Interesting. But who would have killed him? I certainly don’t think Traylor for all her faults did it. Perhaps one of the business connections gone wrong? But “hanging” isn’t usually the weapon of choice unless there were multiple people involved.

          • His “suicide” was announced and a day later is business partner committed ‘suicide” on the street outside of his car, both seem very suspicious. The autopsy report described Russell’s body as having scratch marks and bruising. I personally do not believe that either were suicides, I think that they got involved with the wrong people when they were taking money by investors to use for funding their own personal lifestyles. The report that was written makes no mention of the fact that Russell’s body was found by Taylor and her friend. I believe it stated that the owner of the home Russell was staying at was the person who found Russell. It further states that there were items on Russell’s dresser which included a piece of paper with a name written on the front but was empty on the inside, since it was not described as an envelope i would assume since nothing was found inside that the piece of paper , that the piece of paper was folded. Other items included his watch, an envelope, cash, checks and bills.

            All in all it was a pathetic report, which since Russell was cremated immediately nothing about the actual physical condition of his body can be re evaluated, there were i believe 40 photos taken at the scene. Pillows were placed under the window locks on two windows, one foot was on the floor, Why the idea of this being a possible crime scene and treated as such eludes common sense.

  9. I am truly shocked at the ignorance of people. Regardless, if you hate Taylor it is disgusting that people would not believe this woman was abused. Taylor is not perfect. Obviously she has her issues, otherwise she would not have stayed in an abusive relationship! Russell Armstrong was on his third marriage had allegations in court documents that he was abusive with his children. AND he committed suicide. Feeling sad and depressed are normal and even healthy emotions to express yourself. However, healthy, mentally balanced people DO NOT commit suicide. And those people blaming Taylor for her husband killing himself??? No one can drive someone to take their own life. If you’re unhappy you get a divorce, you move to another town, whatever you don’t commit suicide or murder (as has happened in other cases). Suicide was a selfish move on Russell’s part. HE should of thought of his children. Bravo should have really taken time to educate its viewers on domestic violence and the hold it has on women. These women usually can have some low esteem, are vulnerable and end up becoming brain washed by their abusers, feeling trapped and scared.

    • And the proof of this abuse is what Candice? People need to stop using Russell’s past as proof he abused Taylor because its not proof we are not talking about his past we are talking about Taylor, But if you want to use his past against him then you cant Ignore Taylors past as a Liar and grifter. And the you can say the same thing about Taylor if she was unhappy in her marriage she could get a divorce to..oh wait she wanted the money and wanted to go to theparties more
      Oh and BTW Russell did have plans to move back to Texas and live with his dad Just thought you would want to know that.

      Oh and Candice please do a some reading on Suicide and stop passing misinformation its insulting to people who have been in Russells shoes,

    • I find it just as disgusting when someone passes judgement on someone who has committed suicide. A person who kills themselves isn’t thinking like a rational person, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. I am not saying Russell was a saint, but try to think of how much pain you would have to be to get an extension cord and hang yourself. Does that sound rational? Maybe bravo should have taken the time to educate people about suicide, since someone who was prominently featured on two seasons of their show hung himself. Oh, I guess they couldn’t do that since they spent the entire season bashing the memory of that man.

      You only have Taylor’s word for the domestic violence, she’s a known con artist and liar, so I’m really shocked when people believe every word coming out of her mouth. She may take something with a tiny bit of truth, and spin a tale of lies. Taylor has never, ever struck me as someone who is scared or trapped, I think she would go all “Oklahoma” on anybody who stands in her quest for fame and fortune.

      • has anyone considered the fact that maybe Taylor was blackmailing Russel? She is very dominant, knew about all his shady ventures and maybe even participated so all those rumours of her having “dirt” on one of the housewives could in fact be dirt on Russel. Maybe she “drove” him to do it by threatening to expose him for somthing? Just Sayin’

    • If one is saying everybody should accept any story from any reports of DV by a person, then one would also have to accept the stories by Russell’s friend and bitten that Taylor choked Russell while in the car with Kennedy & one of Russell’s sons. So then by that standard, not only would everybody have to accept that as gospel but also conclude that the DV went both ways. Another DV story is that Taylor lunged at Russell when he found out & brought up that she might have cheated on him with another woman. There are stories about both sides being aggressive.

      Also, there are timelines regarding what Taylor said versus what is known fact (via photos, interviews, news stories, etc.) and it’s been shown that some things don’t add up.

      So it’s called critical analysis or thoughtful judgment, especially as the ladies who know Taylor directly have themselves said, sometimes Taylor’s stories don’t add up for them either and that the stories keep changing. She told Camille and the other ladies that her jaw was broken, but now she’s saying in her book & recent interviews that it was only dislocated. That’s a major difference. One would think she’d be able to keep the story straight about such a memorable injury.

      • I think you have a bingo anne0000! Your statement “There are stories about both sides being aggressive” I think would be the fairest judgment one could make.
        I think both sides are as guilty as the other but I do NOT believe Russell caused any of her ‘physical injuries’ including the jaw incident. I think it was self inflicted by her duck lips. It is a shame we didn’t get to see his bruises and broken bones.

        Besides, Kennedy was happy with her Daddy not scared of him which she would be if Russell was physically abusive toward her mother.

        DId anyone see the black eye at Lisa’s party? All I saw was contour makeup to make it look like she had bags under one eye.

        • She looked to me to have bags under both eyes, the camera angle could have made the “damaged” one look more prominent.

      • If this is true and Shana did choke Russel in front of Kennedy then her NoH8 campaign pic with Kennedy where they are both doing the “Shhhhh” pose could mean that shana coached Kennedy with some made up story as to why she shhhhhhhouldn’t tell (the truth)

    • Candace,
      I disagree. Traylor was not abused. And a “mean” text from her husband calling her exactly what she was is not abuse either. If the shoe(s) fit…..


    • Russell also went thru all kinds of court ordered treatment some of which were for anger management,and 50 court ordered AA treatments. It is possible to believe that the amount of treatment he received caused him to become a changed man, since the relationships with his two sons were in danger of being taken away from him. Things that were court ordered could quite possibly have cause him to take control of that part of his life. Taylor found out about the previous abuse and released that information to the media so her stories would help to prove that yes, Russell did have a past of abuse in relationships.

      • Gee that was nice of Traylor. So I guess that bars any argument she may have of “gee your honor, I had no idea he was like that when I married him.”

        Wasn’t she also pretending to be a member of THE Ford family and represented herself as one to potential investors? That will weigh heavily against her credibility in these lawsuits.

        • Yes, after her marriage to jeremy sipes ( which she never told Russell about she legally changed her last name to Ford and did present herself a member of the prestigious Ford family to help to bilk investors.

    • Now hold on there Sparky, the ex-wives of Russell have publicly denied he was abusive.
      They also claim Traylor drove him to suicide.

      When one has money and is living the good life and suddenly loses it, suicide becomes a real alternative. Look at how many people committed suicide in Depression and other stock market crashes in 70’s and more recent b/c of obama. The old adage of the bigger they, the harder they fall. So you have to understand that mentality which is hard to do if you have not been there.

      In addition, his own wife trash-talks and lies about him on national tv. There is NOOOOOOO evidence of abuse by him. He may have been unattentive to the duck lips but that is hardly abuse. When Traylor called Lisa to say her marriage was over, she said it as tho she bought a new gown for a party. Nothing about her being hurt by Russell. Wouldn’t that have been the ideal time to say something especially for a woman ‘on the edge’ who loves to whine???

      So the man lost his financial status, his trashy wife lies and publicly accuses him of brutal assaults; he has lawsuits coming at him up the wazoo; he was an isolated desperate broken man. Desperate people do desperate things.

      The abuser is not known for killing and hurting themselves, rather they are known for their killing and abuse of others. Hence the name “abuser.”

      p.s. If Traylor wanted to divorce him like she said, why would she be so ‘broken up’ about his suicide? Savings on legal fees 4 the divorce but having to face creditors herself or guilt for pushing him to the brink? You be the judge.

      • The ex havent denied he was abusive towards them they acknowledge he was however he went to treatment and was a changed man hince the reason why the TRO were lived at the request of one of the ex’s and Russell was allowed to see his sons. Both ex’s claim they remained close and friendly with Russell

    • Sorry Candace but that dog won’t hunt.

      I had a very abusive childhood. One has only 3 choices when they become an adult: 1) continue to be a victim as you were as a child; 2) become an abuser his or herself or 3) break the cycle.

      Now I KNOW Traylor was no victim, she was well aware of what she was doing and wanted money more than anything in this world. (I’ll remind u of that phony scene in season 1 where she tells the viewers in front of stylist – “see what happens when you have money? They bring the clothes to you.” If that wasn’t a pretentious nouveau riche statement, I don’t know what is. Or her opening credit of ” ______, but I want more (moolah).” I don’t need to remind you money cannot buy you class.
      That is vulgar talk, much the way Dana speaks to people in dollars and cents).

      We also know Traylor did not break the cycle because she whined endlessly that her marriage was unfullfilling and/or abusive. Or more specifically she spent all Russell’s monies on her own frivolous wants and then complained when he had no more.

      So by default we are left with, Traylor became an abuser herself. We don’t get to see much of how Traylor abused Russell except she treated him as a houseboy. We DID see how abusive she can be to women. She may have used drinking as her excuse this season, but that doesn’t explain her blatant abuse of Kim in Season 1. I’m reminded of one of the earliest episodes, Traylor does a voiceover saying she ‘doesn’t have time for people like Kim” because Kim was shy and not outspoken like her sister. Translation: Kim wasn’t in the BH crowd and thus, did nothing for Traylor’s status.

  10. Candace,
    If your opinion isn’t shared it doesn’t mean we are ignorant. Taylor lost any creditability when she began to lie and exaggerate. There is much to question in Taylor’s portrayal as a victim of domestic abuse. Much of which is on this site. Educating yourself on suicide wouldn’t hurt you. The act of suicide is not a selfish act!!! If the man could have thought clearly he wouldn’t have taken his own life. IMO Russell and Taylor both were in an disturbing relationship and each was a participant. Selfish in my opinion is gaining fame and recognition exposing your children and step children to her claims at a time they are dealing with the loss of a beloved parent.

  11. I have come to the conclusion that arguing with Taylorettes is pointless. I do know she had all the resources and support to leave her situation and chose to stay. Those that say it was out of Love need to look at her treatment of him both before or after her death. If she would not leave for herself because of love of the BH lifestyle she should have thought of her child. Death of a spouse is not an answer to DV. For those that feel the abuse was real then they should be asking some real questions as to if she is fit to represent DV. Other than an example of what not to do what has she done to help anyone?

  12. Can….how’s that koolade tasting? I don’t know why you want to champion Taylor and I don’t think you will find too many pro-Taylor people here. I myself found her very untruthful during the first season and my bs alarm meter only continued to ping at an even higher rate during this second season. Taylor is not who you think she is and I hope you find the truth.

  13. Well, I don’t know why we are questioning why Russell’s sister went on the radio show to try to say that Taylor is a liar. I give her props for trying. She seemed a bit tongue-tied, I don’t think there are any Armstrongs that seem comfortable with press and publicity. But I’m not going to criticize her for trying. What’s up with that?

  14. I am absolutely floored over the ‘tale’ she’s spinning now…..”Russell was a narcissist”(Hey Pot! C’mere I want you to meet Kettle!) and this one….”I am lost without someone telling me what to do…I kind of miss the abuse.” HUH??? She’s pretending to be SO scarred and manipulated that she’s has Stockholm Syndrome??? Does she really expect us to believe that? Especially since we all know she ‘got as good as she gave’ when it comes to abuse. At least Dr. So-Phony is doing a good job of supplying her with the ‘Buzz Words”, right? And I wonder what kind of ‘meds’ she is on….

    • Probably the ones found in her purse under Russell and other people’s names. You know so she could blame the “suicide” on the fact that he had stopped taking his medication for depression that he most likely didn’t know he had been prescribed.

  15. Does Trayliar get Social Security, now that she’s a grieving (Partying her A$$ off) widow? Also, doesn’t Bravo hold back most of your payday until you finish the season? Does she get Russel’s paycheck?

      • I would imagine that during his lifetime of working that he would have earned enough credits for his children to receive some survivor benefits.

          • People that are in business for themselves have to pay more into social security than someone that works for a business that takes taxes out of your pay, because you are paying the entire amount yourself. When my husband was self employed and I worked as an artist for a company that did not take taxes out on me , we had to pay thru the nose, even tho our combined incomes were very low.

    • Oooo, never thought of that. I bet she does get Russel’s check or it has been garnished (if you believe that insider from the other day).
      Hiya click. On the move, but I’ll be back later. :)

    • I was under the impression that the husbands were not paid to be on the show ? Didn’t someone on here comment on that at one point?

      • More I think about it Kennedy needs a Guardian AD LITEM to protect her interest IE if she is getting surviors bennies or any proceeds from life insurence to make sure the money is going to her and not her Moms shoe collection and booze habit.

        • especially since Taylor has told others to never have children, With her saying Kennedy is so much like her father I would imagine that Taylor is constantly chastising her daughter and saying things to her such as ‘ stop acting like your father”, god, everytime I look at you I see that sob that was your daddy. Those are things that would not surprise me coming from Taylor.

    • Traylor wouldn’t be able to collect on the benefits until she is 60 (I think) because income exceeds the annual limit.

      I have never heard of a prod co holding back a paycheck. They are usually paid weekly or by the episode.(when shooting). Now that I think about it they cannot hold back under SAG rules.

      Russell’s paycheck would go to him because they had long finished shooting at the time of his suicide. I would imagine both his and Traylor’s checks were paid to an LLC they set up for tax purposes. I’m assuming that, I have no first hand knowledge, but if Russell was a smart venture capitalist he would have done so.

        • I received a SAG card when I filmed the opening song/intro for the short-lived Joan Rivers late night talk show…..I was approached on the street, had never done any kind of acting work, never did again either…..but I was paid $ 1.00 for my ‘performance’ and they mailed me a SAG card…..but I had to renew it after a period of time and of course never did……my ‘part’ was to sashay over to a sports car, lean in, and look like i was propositioning the driver……I guess my outfit was ‘hookerish’, eh? Made me take a good look at my wardrobe after that….but, in my defense, it WAS the 80’s land of HUGE hair and MINI skirts……LOL

    • She is entitled to widow’s benefits but she can’t collect until age 60 I think b/c she earns too much money herself. Without knowing her income but I;m guessing at the amount, Kennedy would not be able to collect either.

      However, the other two sons are also eligible for survivor benefits and it would depend also on their families income. In other words, you can’t collect if the family is making say $100k per annum. SS uses a formula based on what he would have received at retirement.

      Now if they had an LLC it depends on how they paid themselves as to whether there is 10 years of SS payments.

      • I had absolutely no idea that the children’s survivor benefits would have anything to do with the income of the family, I always understood it to be a given that any child who lost a parent was entitled to the deceased parents SS benefits regardless of any income. I also did not realize that benefits could be given to Taylor at age 60/Taylor can claim his, if her benefits don’t exceed what benefits she might receive for her own income, in which case she would most likely choose to collect her own SS benefits.. My mother was divorced for many years and when her ex husband passed away, because she had been married to him for 10 years she was able to collect from his benefits even though he had remarried and started another family and his current wife had been married to him longer than my mother had been and was his widow when he died.

        • We received SS benefits for my husbands cousin we took in after her mother died and her father remarried. Her Father made well over 100K and we did as well. When I transferred the guardianship there was never a question asked about our income. The only thing we had to do is fill out a form saying how the money was spent each year.

    • The Casey Anthony trial burned me out on all of those shows, Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell. Between the trial and the commentaries I have tried to watch them , but just can’t sit thru an entire episode.

    • Yes, I did, I notice that, they said the security would be even tighter, so they must have planned on having security in the first place. I didn’t understand the “i’ll be there with a book and a rope to kidnap you, But the thing about turn around bright eyes, kennedy is dead was very very sick.

      • i didn’t know how to take that comment- Taylor was vacationing in CO and at first I thought the twitter culprit was being sarcastic “turn around bright eyes” meaning Taylor has left Kennedy again while she went out of town to play. The part about Kennedy and I refuse to write it, almost points out to Taylor as a mother – does she know if her child is well or not because she out living life up. That is how I took it at first. But like many others here, Taylor was confronted about putting herself and Kennedy in danger because of Camille and here again, “puff” we are presented with proof this time not thru photos as the heavy make up was not convincing, so the proof this time was sent thru twitter. Which both Dwight and Tayliar have advanced skills with IT. I am very concerned for Kennedy and her safety in remaining in Tayliar’s care

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