POSTED JANUARY 30, 2012  12:20 am

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  1. I’m so excited! I’m with Tamra too, Peggy must be seriously embarrassed hence why she never came out and publicly said they dated in the first place, Jesus Barbie did. Probably to try and get fans on her side but it didn’t really work, did it?

  2. My hubby was a sports figure for a bit and a admitted slut. If I had to filter out who he slept with in his past and who he remembered he did I be tied up for life. I’m only concerned about what happens after the ring went on my finger. I assume there is a reason the only person he ever married was me. If it was pre marriage why is it important. Apparently she wasn’t a keeper and he moved on with his life.

    • I agree. Knowing names and the #s of people from the past only poisons your mind and your emotions. It doesnt help a relationship to know these things– our curiosity getting satiated is not worth the flashes of names/faces/imaginary scenarios. I dont want to go to another city knowing who or what happened before me. I just want to enjoy the man hes become, thank whomever trained him, and make our own history.

  3. Ew and gross! I cannot think of Jimbo and sex in the same sentence. The man is disgusting. And it has to be that Peggy was embarassed. Who wouldn’t be?!

    • Think 15 years younger and lots of $$ would have made Jim a lot more appealing. Do you really think Alexis would have married Jim 10 years ago if there wasn’t something attractive about him (physically or financially). I think Peggy is gross, but I am sure she was more attractive 15 years ago. A women her age shouldn’t have hair down to her butt!

  4. I wouldn’t blame Peggy for being ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed. There is something very douchey about this Jim guy.

  5. I am watching season 1 of orange county today, Vicky’s voice is so much more mellow, but boy howdy her treatment of Donn and the controlling and bossiness over her children are SO evident.

    • I saw that too gail. Vickys voice to me was awful., and her treatment of Donn and her children, controlling and bossiness over them are so evident, and this was in 2006!! Look at her over the years and you can see…she never changed! No wonder why her grown children want nothing to do with her, and dislike her new beau!

      • Yes, it was evident then that her children felt smothered by her and wanted to get away from her. I am not surprised that her daughter eloped. She treated Donn horribly and seemed to want to work and play with her son’s friends. I never watched the OC when it first came on, I had no interest in any of them . Seems like Slade was making very good money and you could tell how much he does love his children. I didn’t watch all of the episodes , but I was surprised , there was one housewife I had never seen before, the one that kept having melanoma diagnosis’s . I don’t remember her name. What I saw of Vicki was that she was as bad back then as she is now and I don’t know why Donn put up with her for so long.

  6. Could it be that she’s embarrassed to be known to sleep with him because most of the girls who slept with him he paid for. Keeping it a secret for 15 years would explain alot.

  7. Ahhhh Tamra back-stabbing Barney back to her usual stove stirring the pot. She is pumping Peggy about Jim and maybe, just maybe, Peggy isn’t one to kiss n tell! Maybe she is keeping what happened 15 years ago to herself! Maybe she doesn’t go around causing trouble. The trail is plain to see that when Tamra does not like someone, she digs up bones, true or not and starts spreading dirt! Just saw her do it to Gretchen while watching all the reruns clear back to Season 1. Yep, shes a Pot Stirrer!

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