POSTED JANUARY 31, 2012 12:03 am

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  1. Uh… no, Kyle, when you say stuff, you purposely intend to insult them. See? Cuz though insults are considered funny by bullies, they’re not funny to the target and those who are watching as bystanders. So, don’t flatter yourself in thinking you have a REAL sense of humor like Brandi does, cuz you never will. And no, even if you had an English accent, the words you say and the cruel & arrogant intent you have behind them will still be the same.

  2. Kyle still wants the center of attention and is STILL trying to get it! Poor Kyle…NOT! and she is a mean gurl. I believe that 100%., after she went after Brandi the first time…. then going after Brandi at Brandis friends house and putting her man hands on her, and then in Hawaii making rude comments about her ( behind her back) and one in front of her, does it for me. Kyle is as fake a$$ wanna be Camille or Brandi!

  3. I couldn’t help thinking how easy it would have been for Traylor to have composed that text herself that she showed Lisa. Lisa would never have questioned the validity of it. Lisa may be good in business but she seems really naive in judging people’s character.
    If Las Vegas was such a horrible experience why were Traylor and Russell talking about what a “blast” they had there? I have a hard time picturing Russel having a blast anywhere. He is so uptight.

    • If Russell had reason to believe that Taylor Armstrong had a fling with someone (male or female) the night in Vegas I’m sure that would explain his vile text. I’d be vile myself.

      • Exactly and then the lying sack of poop shows Lisa , taking it out of context, leaving out the whole thing about her cheating being the cause. OR the b**ch done wrote it herself..

        • Couldn’t Taylor have logged on to Russell’s phone from her phone to send it so it looked like it came from Russell? Kind of like getting messages on your phone from facebook? I’m not high tech savvy by any means but it seems to me that Taylor would have some way set up to where she could access Russell’s account for information. It would not surprise me that she would take advantage of that, remember, she had just “won” Lisa over to the darkside so she would want to share her most intimate and damaging evidence to Lisa to keep her on her side and convince her that the abuse was true. If she kept producing evidence little by little than perhaps no one would question Shanna Shana Lynnette Taylor Sipes Ford Armstrong about the inconsistancies in her book being released February 7th.

          • Anything is possible with her with her buddy dwight and his knowledge of IT stuff , and from what some of my friends that are tech wizards say, it is pretty mind blowing what can be done.

    • I was confused by all of that too. Were the pics of Taylor and that chipmunk dancer on her twitter or what? How did Russell find out about it? If so, why did she post it there if he is this mean ol abuser guy? Bating much? Cut to the white party limo scene and they’re good? Russell was the one saying “Now that I’m a good boy again…” shouldn’t she be saying now that she’s being good? She was the one running around with naked dudes! Ima gonna put the wth stamp on this one.

    • Lucy, I thought that too. It is easy to sign up for a bogus email. Shana could have easily created a “Russell” acct and sent emails to herself. I don’t believe anything Taylor says.

  4. Last night, was it said that Traylor lost her phone when she was in Vegas with Lisa at the Bachelorette party? I thought she lost it when she was in Vegas with Russell and thats why nobody could call and tell her not to come to the White Party…….someone please clarify this for me. And I agree with Lucy that Traylor could have easily sent that nasty message from Russells phone…and Lisa wouldn’t think to look at a time/date stamp.

    • I believe Russel sent that text. I believe Taylor pushed him to places he never thought he would go. I don’t believe he punched or hit her, I do believe she has done that to him. She is evil, when the spotlight was on her, she was soooo happy. She seemed ecstatic when they were bashing Russel (also Lisa). Just saddened by their solidarity in this storyline. Sickening

    • @ Mary McClain – Yeah, I was wondering the same thing too. I thought they were both in Vegas at the same time, so then what’s with the textmail/lost phone story?

      I think Taylor showed Lisa that textmail at that time in order to gain more sympathy.

      • This is what confuses me, Lisa and Taylor were in Vegas for Pandora’s party, It was also Taylor’s birthday. Wasn’t this the same time Taylor and Russell were in Vegas together for her birthday at the same time? Lisa said that they were at a party together until 1:30 in the morning when she parted ways with Russell and Taylor and after they parted ways was when Taylor was supposed to have suffered the eye abuse. Taylor lost the phone in Vegas so she didn’t get the email about the white party disinvite. Bravo is helping Taylor perpetrate the deception of her abuse claims, with the reunion now airing, I expect the time line of events will be very relevent in comparing Bravo and Taylor’s version vs the truth.

  5. I see the only person who might call Taylor on her lies is Brandi. Andy has no cojones whatsoever. What a tool. So everytime she goes to Vegas she “loses” then finds her phone?

    • Okay. So she loses her phone. So you can’t call your husband from the hotel phone or anyone else’s phone to let him know that if (and you know he is) trying to get ahold of you that you have lost your phone? Come on.

  6. I wanted to reach through the TV and kick Taylor in her fugly mouth when she had the nerve to call Russell a “Narcissist!” That’s EXACTLY what this skank is!

    • Friendly, you are so right!! I think Traylor learned the word from the SH site. She’s been called out so many times on here for being a narcissist that she finally looked it up and was able to use it in a sentence. Too bad her sentence was false.

  7. so what i don’t get is why they are all drinkning the taylor kool aid. she sat there so smug and then would do the chin quiver while trying not to smile, then she would do her tearless cry, what?
    and most shrinks do not have the d.o. after their names, are they dating? and why was adrienne so intent on attacking lisa? i also thought the taylor losing her phone was interesting, because when they were on the way to the white party she appeared to be so happy as did he and they were discussing going back to vegas soon.

    • Omg, Adrienne! “You called my dog crackpot!” Is she serious?! That’s freakin hilarious! If someone said that about my dog and it were true bc she was hyper; I’d say, “I know, she’s crazy!” laugh and move on!
      I noticed Taylor smiling her evil, demon grin when they were rolling her freak out scenes. She is psycho and I hope the ones that matter are paying attention.
      Cohen is an idiot.

    • The fake cry makes me want to smash my tv into a million pieces. I cannot stand that lying, duck-lipped, poor excuse for a human being. The Dr. Sophony thing is creepy, I think there is more to that relationship than doctor/patient. blech.

      The Adrienne/Lisa thing makes no sense at all. Adrienne is obviously not a fan of Lisa’s but, what happened? Maloof hoof & crackpot don’t seem to be enough to stand behind all that hatred.

      • She got jackpot to compete against giggy, she even said something to the effect of watch out giggy, jackpot is in the house, brought his picture to Andy, which did not replace giggy’s, Maloof hoof was a joke, and probably made when Adrienne was whining about Pandora’s party not being at the palms, so of course Adrienne sets up a palms vacation for the other girls. For a business woman Adrienne is losing her grip. Lisa called her out on several things and took an I will not be lied about stand, adrienne actually looked embarraseed. Especially over the Bernie bs. ,by by Bernie. Not surprised to find out you made your facebook private before the airing of the reunion. Coincedence ? I don’t think so.

        • Why didn’t Adrienne have an all girls party at the Palms way before Pandora’s shower? I didn’t see her inviting anyone before if she wanted the publicity.

          • It was like Adrienne inviting Kim to the Sacramento King’s game and then being annoyed because Kim wanted to talk. Kim didn’t realize the seriousness of what Adrienne was going through, so why invite Kim to start with and then diss her for wanting to have someone to talk with? Did she want a gold star for inviting Kim somewhere?

    • they are all not saying what they want to say about Taylips because it wouldn’t be good for BRAVO or them. If ya don’t believe Taylips was abused and call her out (like we all want to) it wouldn’t make any of them look good. And they all want to look good, kudos for Camille for backing up her own thoughts, no one else had the balls.
      Kyle mainly-bytch

  8. I like the Brandi, Camille & Lisa couch. The other couch, I do not care enough about to even get irritated…those three (plus Dana) are just drama seekers. The “Angry Spice” zinger that Kyle thought would become Brandi’s new moniker is stoopid, especially considering Kyle is Jelly Spice.

      • @ BSL – Jelly Spice, good one! She totally is. Always, even against her ill & broken sister.

        Kyle saying that if she used the word “maybe” before insulting someone, then it frees and clears her from any responsibility for what she said…. so very immature.

        And anyways, who uses the Spice girls in reference anymore, especially as an insult? That’s sooooo 20 years ago. Kyle needs to stop thinking like an immature teenager.

        But, I hope her Spice girl insult references comes back to bite her on her butt and she gets cemented with the ‘Jelly Spice’ moniker forever.

        • That whole “maybe” crap and the way she danced around about her “lisa preys on the weak” comment drove me nuts !

          • Me too ! Her trying to use the maybe excuse to make it not sound like it was what it was , which was bashing Lisa disgusted me. Last season she thought Camille was the most hated housewife until the season finale, it is going to be a running three way tie between Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor for the title this year. Taylor has the edge on winning simply because she has been a lying skank for two years running now, her cover is blown and her not being called out last year just made people angrier about everything they have learned that she has done this year before Russell passed away.

            • I’m starting to think with Adrienne, that she is just a woman who grew up as spoiled brat. She is the only daughter of a billionare, her family probably put her on a pedestal. I had a different perception of her up until recently. There is a real disconnect with her and her interactions with other woman and quite often with Paul. She treats him like he is just a sperm donor, don’t touch me , etc. I think she is used to getting her way and because of that is petty. She was really ridiculous in the first part of this headache we call a reunion. And she needs a freakin sense of humor transplant !

            • Strange how Paul has come out looking so adorable this season and his wife is having her true colors shown

      • Lol BSL someone should tweet Kyle and tell her since she doesn’t have a sense of humor we won’t call her man hands anymore. Instead she’s Jelly Spice! :-)
        Ya right, we’ll just alternate them like we do JohnMoMaurice Turturro! hee hee

  9. I am waiting for Russell’s friend Randy to discuss this in his blog. The text that Taylor showed Lisa from Russell certainly seemed out of character, but who ever knows what goes on behind closed doors?

    • one has ever seen Russell behave that way…IMHO I would not put it past Dwight playing the role of Russell’s evil tweeter. Scamming Taylor could not have done all of this on her own.

  10. For Adrienne to claim the show must go on because of its invaluable message about suicide and domestic violence is hogwash and typical Maloof drivel. Any redemptive wisdom was lost in Traylor’s lies and Bravo’s schizophrenic editing job . If the ladies imparted any message, it was circa 1970 – let’s pretend it’s not happening- because BH is too shi shi shi. Or, don’t go to a DV shelter ( even when you are working at one), just confide in your rich friends ( if you don’t have any you are ARE screwed) and act real pitiful. Andy, we know you are Bravo’s corporate stooge, but couldn’t you have asked Traylor why didn’t she go to 1736 Family Crisis Center? Great way to represent your beloved charity, Traylor- make it appear so ineffectual that you -purportedly exhibit A for spousal battery – won’t even use its services.

    Season 2 revealed Adrienne to be an empty Maloof suit -a humorless, charmless twit who can barely string a sentence together. That’s why it was delicious to watch her squirm on the couch when Lisa made a subtle threat about slander. Everybody knows Ade hates lawsuits.

    If Kyle actually knew who Bobby Fischer was before one her handlers told her that was a clever retort (not) I will do the splits at church next Sunday.

    • Adrienne’s real message she wanted told is that she now has a new shoe line. The Maloof Hoof ( sorry couldn’t resist). Her shoes are so important to her that she had a fashion show, that didn’t even showcase her shoes.

      For Kyle to even compare a friendship with a chess game was very offensive. If I were Lisa I would check Kyle and Adrienne off of my invite list. Taylor would have been gone from it a long time ago.

    • @ lucy234 – Ur right about Taylor and 1736. Her website says she’s been working with them since 2004, but she showed that she won’t use their services to help her out with what is allegedly her own DV issues.

      Instead of being shown getting help from a 1736-connected therapist, she used dr. sockless. Instead of being shown living at a 1736-connected shelter, she stayed in her $9k/month mcmansion until Russell himself decided to leave. Instead of being shown using 1736-connected donations to live on, she took $90k in June (?) from Russell’s AMEX card, spent $2000 on a b-day cake, kept getting expensive shoes as b-day presents from Russell, kept flying back and forth to Vegas with Russell in June, had use of an assistant, etc.

      It would seem that she thought she was above using 1736′s services & assets. So when she was crying about not having a place to live, or money to live on, or being all alone, or having no help, it looks like she turned her nose up at getting help from 1736.

  11. Lisa sold mean gossip to radar online for $25K & got caught. Russell , Camille, and Adrienne all have evidence of this. Lisa is a jealous old pig. Hilarious that her ego motivated her to wear an @$$ enhancer! :o

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