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Cedric Martinez leaving SUR…

P R E S S     R E L E A S E


January 31, 2012 | Hollywood

The following is a statement from Cedric Martinez regarding the January 30, 2012 Reunion episode ofReal Housewives of Beverly Hills:

Russell’s Blood Is On Their Hands

Last night’s RHOBH Reunion episode was very sad.  Not because Lisa Vanderpump was getting crushed under the weight of her own lies.  That was hilarious!  No, it was sad because Bravo, the producers, Taylor, Lisa and Kyle once again used the power of a hit TV show to trash the memory of a dead man.  
Have no doubt, Russell was far from perfect.  And physical abuse is always wrong.   But the Russell-Taylor marriage was a helluva lot more complicated than the “broke abuser commits suicide” narrative RHOBH has shoved down viewers throats.  Although Russell was ultimately responsible for his own actions, Taylor (and the producers) greatly contributed to the suicide of a broken man.  And despite a well-orchestrated character assassination, Russell’s blood is on their hands.

To deflect attention away from their own negligence and liability, the producers presented a false premise that “Poor victim Taylor is right and evil Russell was wrong;” completely ignoring the fact that they were both lying fame whores who got in way over their heads and frequently got “physical.”

Thou dost protest too much Taylor.   The release of a book six month’s after her husband’s suicide speaks volumes about Taylor’s desperation and self-loathing.  Her insta-memoir will further bury Russell’s memory with lies and half-truths, of which he can’t defend himself against.  Sad.  Especially for Russell’s children, Kennedy, Griffin and Aiden.The Great Debate

Watching Lisa and Adrienne spar last night, over “selling” stories to the tabloids, was a bit like watching Newt Gingrich out-maneuver Mitt Romney in the early Republican debates — before Romney hired a debate coach.  Well, I’m here to give Adrienne some free debate coaching:

C’mon Adrienne, dig a little deeper!  The truth about Lisa’s lies and smear campaigns is right there in front of your eyes.  Lisa lurks in the shadows, like a snake on her belly.  But with a little effort, you can help me expose the truth…  Lisa is technically right when she says she doesn’t SELL stories to the tabloids.  She doesn’t.  But the truth is not on Lisa’s side… Lisa TRADES stories (on celebrities and the other housewives) for favorable press for herself and her restaurants; and sometimes for negative press about her enemies.   I’ve seen her do it hundreds of times.  And I have proof.

Brandi, Oh Brandi!

You gotta give the girl credit… the other housewives want Brandi off the show, now.   But she’s hanging on for dear life by exposing the truth and rattling the other housewives cages.   Oh how I wish the lies the producers told about our “long-term friendship” were true.  Brandi is a breath of fresh air and, remember, she was the first person to call out Kim’s obvious drug abuse and alcoholism.  And she didn’t buy Taylor’s “innocent victim” act for one minute.  I’m rooting for Brandi but I’m predicting Lisa and Kyle will use their unbridled power over the weak producers to kick her off the show just like they did to me!

A Challenge To Andy Cohen

Lisa had me banned from RHOBH.  But I welcome the opportunity to appear on Watch What Happens Live to discuss thewhole truth about Lisa’s lies, back-stabbing and her practice of “trading” information to the tabloids.  I can take the heat Andy, can you?   


P.S. For all the Cedric haters out there, YES, I am a fame whore too!   But there is a huge difference between someone like me, pursuing opportunities on reality TV (and exposing the lies and viciousness of reality stars) versus people like Lisa and Taylor, who exploit opportunities on reality TV by lying about, and misrepresenting themselves and others. 
Lisa warning to Brandi…