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Cedric Martinez leaving SUR…

P R E S S     R E L E A S E


January 31, 2012 | Hollywood

The following is a statement from Cedric Martinez regarding the January 30, 2012 Reunion episode ofReal Housewives of Beverly Hills:

Russell’s Blood Is On Their Hands

Last night’s RHOBH Reunion episode was very sad.  Not because Lisa Vanderpump was getting crushed under the weight of her own lies.  That was hilarious!  No, it was sad because Bravo, the producers, Taylor, Lisa and Kyle once again used the power of a hit TV show to trash the memory of a dead man.  
Have no doubt, Russell was far from perfect.  And physical abuse is always wrong.   But the Russell-Taylor marriage was a helluva lot more complicated than the “broke abuser commits suicide” narrative RHOBH has shoved down viewers throats.  Although Russell was ultimately responsible for his own actions, Taylor (and the producers) greatly contributed to the suicide of a broken man.  And despite a well-orchestrated character assassination, Russell’s blood is on their hands.

To deflect attention away from their own negligence and liability, the producers presented a false premise that “Poor victim Taylor is right and evil Russell was wrong;” completely ignoring the fact that they were both lying fame whores who got in way over their heads and frequently got “physical.”

Thou dost protest too much Taylor.   The release of a book six month’s after her husband’s suicide speaks volumes about Taylor’s desperation and self-loathing.  Her insta-memoir will further bury Russell’s memory with lies and half-truths, of which he can’t defend himself against.  Sad.  Especially for Russell’s children, Kennedy, Griffin and Aiden.The Great Debate

Watching Lisa and Adrienne spar last night, over “selling” stories to the tabloids, was a bit like watching Newt Gingrich out-maneuver Mitt Romney in the early Republican debates — before Romney hired a debate coach.  Well, I’m here to give Adrienne some free debate coaching:

C’mon Adrienne, dig a little deeper!  The truth about Lisa’s lies and smear campaigns is right there in front of your eyes.  Lisa lurks in the shadows, like a snake on her belly.  But with a little effort, you can help me expose the truth…  Lisa is technically right when she says she doesn’t SELL stories to the tabloids.  She doesn’t.  But the truth is not on Lisa’s side… Lisa TRADES stories (on celebrities and the other housewives) for favorable press for herself and her restaurants; and sometimes for negative press about her enemies.   I’ve seen her do it hundreds of times.  And I have proof.

Brandi, Oh Brandi!

You gotta give the girl credit… the other housewives want Brandi off the show, now.   But she’s hanging on for dear life by exposing the truth and rattling the other housewives cages.   Oh how I wish the lies the producers told about our “long-term friendship” were true.  Brandi is a breath of fresh air and, remember, she was the first person to call out Kim’s obvious drug abuse and alcoholism.  And she didn’t buy Taylor’s “innocent victim” act for one minute.  I’m rooting for Brandi but I’m predicting Lisa and Kyle will use their unbridled power over the weak producers to kick her off the show just like they did to me!

A Challenge To Andy Cohen

Lisa had me banned from RHOBH.  But I welcome the opportunity to appear on Watch What Happens Live to discuss thewhole truth about Lisa’s lies, back-stabbing and her practice of “trading” information to the tabloids.  I can take the heat Andy, can you?   


P.S. For all the Cedric haters out there, YES, I am a fame whore too!   But there is a huge difference between someone like me, pursuing opportunities on reality TV (and exposing the lies and viciousness of reality stars) versus people like Lisa and Taylor, who exploit opportunities on reality TV by lying about, and misrepresenting themselves and others. 
Lisa warning to Brandi…


  1. I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. SH is so refreshing! It’s nice to read comments that are truthful about Shana for a change. I’m encouraged by this comment from Cedric:

    “No, it was sad because Bravo, the producers, Taylor, Lisa and Kyle once again used the power of a hit TV show to trash the memory of a dead man.”

    This gives me hope that eventually the truth will come out as more people speak the truth. I’ve never trusted Shana and have been slammed for saying so. After reading comments by Russell’s friend Randy and family members here, it verified my feelings about Russell. She’s is a grifter and con artist who controls Bravo and the housewives like putty in her hands.They’re amateurs compared to her imo. I hope there’s a huge investigation going on and she will be exposed for the farce that she is. My heart breaks for Russell’s children and how badly they’ve been treated by her and Bravo. Kudos to SH for all the hard work you’ve done to expose her scamming! She’s an evil, vile excuse for a human being and I want to see her brought to justice. I’m not convinced that he committed suicide and feel that law enforcement did a poor investigation of the scene of the crime. My daughter was murdered and we had to push law enforcement to get justice for her. I hope his family is pushing hard along with people like SH putting pressure on them.


    • Welcome, Lisbeth. Good post. I am so sorry about your loss, plus the double whammy of having to push law enforcement to do their job.
      I think you’ll find a supportive place here.


      • Thank you fakehousewife. This is a great place and it’s refreshing to be able to speak the truth without being slammed. Does anyone know if Russell’s family is pushing law enforcement about the poor investigation? I find it odd that Shana and the man she was with were at the scene so long. Evidence could have been tampered with and she should not have been allowed to remove anything from Russell’s room or office until a full investigation had been done. I’m also suspicious of the marks, bruises and scratches on Russell’s body. Why has nobody checked into this?


    • @Lisbeth, so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost a son and understand your pain. I too have been angered by Tayliar and Bravo. They are equally evil and I am disgusted by what people will do for money.


      • mamarj, thank you and I feel your pain also. Losing a child is a parent’s worse nightmare. I’m so disgusted by Taylor and the way that Bravo has enabled her to openly pull off a scam of this magnitude. I pray that the truth will eventually come out and charges will be filed against them. Russell was someone’s son, brother, father, friend and his children deserve to know the truth. That vile woman will do or say anything for ratings and money.


  2. Hi all :) and to originalcyn1 I agree with you, rob shutter was sitting at the bar at Sur’s opening. Did anyone else see him?


    • Hi DebWeb, Yeah…I saw him. He looks like a big goofball. He loves Jill or at least she tweets him enough. I think he just likes being seen with HWs…and it usually includes a good time or a party.


      • Hi click, I so glad you saw him too, and yes he does look like a big goofball Lol. I get what your saying, and he is on the Today show (alot) with Hoda & Kathy Lee and was also on Joy Behar show ( before it was canceled) gossiping about the HWs and everyone that was in the news.


  3. I’m sorry ladies who disagree but cedric is a bit of fresh air himself. I believe everything he says, if he’s willing to call himself a famewhore & be honest about it I certainly believe he’s being honest about other things. If many of you agree he’s being spot on about Taylor, then why not about your precious lisa? Don’t tell me anyone here is blinded by lisa & the otherwives. Aren’t we all disgusted when someone believes taylips sob story? Then why be so quick to believe the other housewives? These women are master manipulators & yes I believe cedric is not a saint but he sure is honest about being a famewhore & spot on about taylips. Just something to think about.


  4. Does anyone know or has anyone ever heard if Lisa’s son The adopted one is possibly Ken’s love chid with someone?


    • That is a great question kathyf48 :) I bet Ms SH knows something about this. I always wonderd about Max… how Lisa & Ken ignored him especially this year, and bought a (new house) only, because Pandorka moved out, nothing was ever spoken between Lisa and Ken this season about Max…except Lisa telling him he had to get rid of his mohawke or else! I feel so bad for Max, they show love for Panda and none for Max and how he feels.


      • Yes it is kind of sad really, because he seems like a nice boy but with all the wedding prep he was not talked about much at all. just something I thought about cause I came across an article a few months back that suggested that Ken may have been a womanizer which who knows really LOL and then I was thinking all sorts of things like that is why he let Cedric live with them etc. and he did not care that was odd


        • I got the feeling that perhaps they were protecting him by not allowing him to be filmed. He’s seems rather shy so maybe he didn’t want to be on the show. Lisa and Ken seem to be doting parents and try to be good parents.


      • Lol Panda! PandoraPandorka, you just gotta name change! I hope she doesn’t flip a table bc I’m calling her Panda from now on.
        PandaPandaPump! :-)


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