POSTED JANUARY 31, 2012  9:42 pm

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  1. Just from those five minutes it’s obvious Heather may be the best new Housewife to have joined any of the franchises recently. Secondly that house would give some of the Beverly Hills ladies a run for their money – the other OC ladies must be quaking in their boots.

  2. There are few things I like more in a house than a large staircase beside a panelled wall.

    She seems smart & comfortable with herself. For now i’m going to stop referring to her as the Grinch.

  3. Lol @Panda Grinch comment. She does look like she had a biiiit too much of something done on her cheeks/eyes. I like the house..its ok. But what I like the most is that it seems that it really is their home and they have money since they BUILT it themselves and it took forever. Good for her. Could give ALL the OC women a run for their money AND Kim, Kyle, Taylor.

    • Kyle is worth $20 Million dollars, I think she’s stable financially. She just bought a 7000 sqft home.. Taylor, it’s not her fault her husband was a psychotic. She is in a little bit of debt but I wouldn’t blame her. Kim, she’s not poor by any means. She’s worth a solid $2 Million which isn’t bad for a single mom. Alexis and Lynne are a different story haha.

  4. ok, is it just me or did there seem to be alot of akward furniture in odd spots? The club chairs in the bathroom and in the master bedroom near the french doors there was a kitchenette sized table with chairs. In whole I agreed with the assesment of the house being under decorated but I am soooo jelly of that kitchen!! I did not notice any family pics. Did anyone else?

      • The down side about building a house that has REALLY big rooms, is realizing that there’s not much made to FILL it. We did a massive master bath removation. After it was done, we added a “wash stand” a “towel rack” a “towel wardrobe” and a “dressing table” It looked better in the floorplan/bluepring. To NOT fill up the space looks like a) I spent so much on my house, I can’t afford to fill it, or b) I like to dance, so I in stalled a dance floor in the middle of my bathroom.

  5. Thought the house was beautiful! and they really are taking the time to do it slowly how they want. Loved the coffee pot and towel and robe warmer. Looked like they actually lived in it unlike Alexis and Jim’s House or should I say houses that they always brag about but always seem to have new ones seems odd to me. I doubt they ever stay in any of them longer then filming for the show

  6. “Sterile” is how I’d describe sister’s house. Not a piece of art on the walls, except in the kids’ rooms, where stuff was painted on with glitter added so the next owner will have a devil of a time getting it off. Are these people afraid of picture frames?

    Yeah, she’s rich and has “matchbook marble” in her bathroom and a grand piano at her front door, and it’s all well done and all, but it’s oddly missing signs of life, a la Lynne Curtin. Although her hubby’s not a grifter but a presumably prosperous plastic surgeon. Still, one has to wonder about this husband, Terry. He has a “man’s library” with no books in it, and his own private staircase in which “Terry can traverse the house and not have to talk to anybody.” Sounds kinda shady, or else the man has deep social phobia issues. Either way, should make for great TV.

  7. Well that house impressed me since her bathroom is probably the size of the entire area in which I live. I think I am going to like seeing her make some of the housewives nervous. She kept saying rooms were still a work in progress, so I am open to seeing her furnish it during the show

    • I’m sure we will…..it will be part of a whole “Oh, it’s SO hard to oversee decorating. I’m so tired from working so much on this house!” storyline. That being said, I’m wondering which of the ladies will be horribly jealous of her. Cuz you know it’s coming ;)

  8. Your correct, she does look like the Grinch I knew she looked like something I seen before. She did do to much to her cheeks, those cheek lifts need to be not so pronounced. Also her house is theirs, I can believe that. Heather or her husband must be minimalists and like few things as possible cluttering up the house. But I do agree, not having any family pictures or portraits does seem weird. In fact the bathroom thing where they hang out and watch television while each get ready does tell me that someone in that family has issues big issues.

  9. FAKE!!!
    Google Her husband and his plastic surgeon reviews were awful. There were 2 vague suspicious reviews saying he was “Great”. The other reviews said he was Payment focused and they were left permanently disfigured.

    Who on earth needs such a house. besides it looks tacky uncomfortable extremely high upkeep and Taxes.

    another pretentious and we are better because we are Jewish money hungry family.


  10. By the way, She clearly has had lots of plastic surgery! !!!. Her phoney cheeks look like tennis balls.

    I know of a beautiful wife of a plastic surgeon she proudly admits she has had everything done.

  11. I held my breath in excited anticipation….and then found myself exhaling in disappointment! The foyer is the best feature in the house, it has real a “WOW” factor. Then, the house fizzles…there’s no character, no warmth! Great gadgets, like the towel warmer and the high tech kitchen, but it would have been nice to see some artwork, family photos…heck…a dog! I’m interior designer and woefully this house needs interior therapy!
    I adore Heather and Terry, however, and I think her sense of fashion style is superb!

  12. I think their house is INCREDIBLE beautiful. I’m in love. And I think both Heather and Terry are super hilarious and down to earth. She’s brought a breath of fresh air to the the otherwise money hungry characters. I LOVE the way Tamra and Vicky say things straight (even though Tamra does seem to have the key to stirring things up). I really just watched the show to get tips on makeup, but now that Heather’s onboard she always seems to make me laugh. Welcome aboard Heather!!!! Love the house, love the show, wish they would’ve brought you a hostess gift!.. LOL

  13. I think that is one of the ugliest houses I’ve ever seen. And after seeing Terry and Heather on the show, I’d say it suits them perfectly. From the outside it looks like a moderately priced hotel ala Courtyard by Marriot. The color scheme is hideous. Sterile and hospital/office like. Also, the sparseness, oddly placed ugly furniture, shabby (not even close to chic) children’s rooms look tacky. With ALL of their money they couldn’t afford an interior designer? I didn’t realize how small that sitting area in her bathroom is either. I thought it was an alcove off of the bathroom, not a TV and chairs, right next to the shower. Not impressive. And I live in a 575 sq ft cottage that would FIT into that bathroom. After seeing on the show that the broad doesn’t even know how to cook–why 2 ovens in the kitchen? Oh yes, “resale value.” RIGHT.
    The ONLY housewife that I feel had an absolutely beautiful home to be envious of, was Mary Amons of RHODC.

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