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Details re Alexis’ new house… here.

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  1. Jimbo doesn’t like HWs. I hope he didn’t get any money from Bravo. Now if that Slimey Slade would take the hint, and clear out. I can’t stomach Alexass…and I REALLY can’t stomach Taliban Jimbo!!!

  2. first of all, grifters. who paints their room and kids’ rooms every year unless you grift into a new home?! secondly, i find it sickening to dress like a hooch, spoil your children, have flowers all over your bathtub and brag about boning your honeycakes while a babysitter is downstairs. UMM WTF. and her daughters aren’t 13!!!! they looked like they were 4!

    • I think she meant she’s going to make her daughters have only a look at the “louies” for another 9 years until they’re 13. But what 13 yr old is going to have any fun with a “louie” anyways?

      • They HAVE to be second hand (loan shark collateral maybe?) because the cherry canvas is a Murakami limited edition collection from 2005. So the bags will be 16yrs old by the time those girls have them.

  3. Isn’t this the third home Alexis has lived in since she joined the show? In her first season she lived in a white spanish style home, second season in newport colonial style and now this house. She is one step above Dana from BH who I think sneaks into peoples homes to film. Cute kiddies though, and I think out of all of her homes this one is my favorite.

  4. I like her last home much better. Also, why would you get Louis Vuitton bags for your kids when they are 4 and can’t have til they are 13? Those bags will not appreciate in value (they cherry ones were a fad) so it is really stupid. I hate Alexis most of the housewives other than Taylor and Teresa. Ugh. Stupid woman.

  5. I would be jealous; however, I know those two have no money and are living waaaay beyond their means. I am just waiting for the Orange Country Regrister to inform us those two are broke ….again!


    Watching this video right after Heather’s home tour video really highlights just how much of an idiot Alexis is. I feel kind of sorry for her though. Sleeping with that manatee Jim to get a house like that. It really isn’t anything special. She is a failure of a gold digger.

  7. They have this house because they definitely are grifters, or use loans of some sort. I bet Alexis tried to get her big house to try and compete with Heather, but we all know that’s not gonna work because they are always doing shady deals!! I see Heather’s beautiful house/mansion, and her place is wayyy better than Alexis’ home. The difference is Heather’s house looks more homey, and you can tell they’ve continued to add in more stuff. They don’t try to hire someone to hurry up and finish decorating the house for the cameras. I can’t stand Alexis. She is the definition of FAKE! Just like Melissa Horga, and Traylor Trash. I’m so glad Heather is joining. Finally, someone who is actually wealthy!!!!! Lol. I really hope Heather makes Alexis’ skin crawl because she is so fake and phony in O.C. She and Gretchen both are! That’s why they get along so well.

  8. People, I can tell you for a fact that in her boys room that rug, carpet and bean bag are from Target!! Nothing wrong with Target but when your giving Bravo a tour and trying to show off your amazing rich lifestyle you might want to take it up a notch. The girls get mini Louies and the boy gets a target bean bag! No Fair!!

    p.s. her Kichen got nuthin on Heathers!!

  9. Funny how the house is exactly the same as it was in this agents(realtor) video. Right down to Alexis’ blue walls in the master bedroom & the lounge room mirror. Yet the front of the house in this video doesn’t match the front of the house in the agents video.

    A fully furnished rental? paid for by Bravo maybe? I wonder if she spent the money for rent on her nose job?

    • Wow Panda! Great find!!!

      Identical all the way down to the same fruit arrangement in the same bowl in the same location on the kitchen island. Same furniture in the formal living (different “art”). Same furniture and linens in the master bedroom. Same furniture on the balcony.

      How is it that she has a round foyer in the interior when the front of her house is flat?

      Is it cookie-cutter decorating? Or could it be they shot the interior of “Alexis home” in the interior of the agent’s house in your video?

      • Also notice in Alexis video as they are coming up to the front door, it’s two glass doors on a beige house – yet when they cut to entering Alexis’ door, she opens a single carved wooden door with a pink front porch (just like the front of the agent’s house).

        • great minds think alike hahaha

          Also I thought the art on the wall was a family photo until I looked closer *slaps self on wrist*

      • I was wondering the same thing, its made even more puzzling because the front door on pretend house facade doesn’t match the door Alexis opens, but the door match the photos on below website & the agents video.

        Well I found the video by googling after reading this comment :
        Anonymous said…
        They’re at 78 ritz cove dr. You can look it up on They are renting it

        JANUARY 7, 2012 9:30 PM

        on this website:

        I like their ‘art’, dogs playing poker in a room for formal entertaining is rully noiiiicce!

        • Well great catch Panda.

          So they rent a furnished house for a year? Well, I guess it beats having to buy new furnishings. Just pack your bags and some appliances and move on to the next place?

          Although I don’t know how well only having a small back patio is going to work with all the kids.

          • Well that glass table that James broke will have to be taken out of the security deposit since it was rented too

          • That makes sense about the Target furnishings the whole house is “realator staged”, how bizzare. If I found myself in this position I probably would not give a house tour. This however is Alexass and Jim’s own fault, if they weren’t so homophobic Alexass would have her own gay and her house would be impecably decorated by now!!

    • So, I wasn’t the only reader to notice that the exteriors of the two houses (the one in the Alex@ss’ tour video and the other from the realtor’s video) are NOT the same house. There are definitely some identical interior shots, but unless the house has had a MAJOR remodel involving the addition of lot width footage, they are not the same house. Upgrading with phony exterior shots, Bravo?
      I have an acquaintance who owns a lot in this gated community. (He’s too broke to build now, but has hopes) The exterior that Bravo shot and used to intro Alex@ss’ tour video really belongs to #8 Ritz Cove Drive. That house has nearly double the lot width, enjoys a direct view of the ocean (it’s situated on a cliff looking over a golf course, adjacent to the beach at the bottom of a cliff,) and is quite a bit larger than the house Alex@ss and her family are renting. Alex@ss’s tastelessly decorated rental is what we call here in California a “McMansion,” (a larger than fits the lot, a glorified tract house.) None of this is particularly important, I know, but it goes to demonstrate to me how Bravo likes to front “fake” reality for these Housewife Bimbos from OC.

      • We here in Chicago have the McMansions also and it is sad when the houses are so close to each other. None of them are selling very well, but I think they may have changed the facade just for safety sake for the bravo family…you never know what kind of crazy’s are going to go after Alexis for cutting off those sleeves of the dress….just kidding

  10. a furnished rental, eh? LMAO. I wonder how long it will take the landlords to realize who they rented to? ….I love how she says that this year her Master bedroom is blue and gold……NEWSFLASH Idiot….The HOMEOWNERS Master bedroom is blue and gold…it’s NOT YOUR HOUSE….and who sleeps on other people’s sheets?? That’s gross……One more thing…is that cheap azz dress you’re wearing one of the Alexis Hoochie Mama Couture pieces?? or the Alexis StreetWalker Casual collection?? And what is the ‘sitter’ supposed to say to the kids about why Mommy and Daddy are home and they are being babysat? You are such a poser, you make me sick….

  11. Okay, my mommy side is coming out. what happens when one of those children (God forbid) falls off of that playhouse? Concrete is a lot less forgiving than God’s green earth. That is not a smart thing and makes me cringe that she would not have thought about that. Perhaps they just moved it to the patio to make it look better for the video. I hope so.

  12. a furnished, rented McMansion. We’re all so impressed, Alexis. The HIGHlarity that she keeps throwing in ‘oh, and last year..’, as though she had a Beverly Hills interior decorator come in to completely re do every room in the house. For goodness sake, the paint color was already there down to the fruit bowl in the kitchen. And the exteriors do not match up! What kind of grifter game do we have here? Idiot. She really thinks viewers will check up on this?

  13. alexass is so fake and so controlled by her stupid husband, she makes me sick. And what the heck, she doesnt even care about those kids. She doesnt take care of them like a real mother should. Shes all about the expensive clothes, the bling, and competing with other people. I think shes jealous of Peggy and thats why she was the way she was last season.What really gets me and makes me so mad, is I really believe she is not a beliver of our Lord God. I think shes using his name in her everyday life ( on housewives) to look good and really she is classless trash like Vicki said hehe. I really hope they get rid of her soon and bring in another housewive that is a lot better. Why the heck couldnt she just say this is our new home that we are renting? LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! PHONY!!!!!!!!!! CHEAP CLASSLESS TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good day ya’ll

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