POSTED JANUARY 30, 2012   10:30 pm

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  1. How did Kyle know that crystal meth was a serious accusation? Wasn’t she running around saying I don’t even know what that is?

    Good job Lisa, no wonder Bernie took his facebook page and made it private, I believe by the end of it Adrienne was seriously embarrassed for taking a stand for Bernie. I wished she had confronted Taylor and Kyle about the dinner when Russell was accusing Lisa of selling information to the magazine, maybe she will on the next episode. Taylor you are still despicable and I can’t wait to hear Brandi calling you out on your book again and again , when she looked at her watch and said “it’s been like three seconds” I threw back my head and laughed like this, ahahahahahaha, Adrienne didn’t come out looking so well after this episode, and Bernie the schmuck cook can eat crow with Taylor. Taylor said that Dr Sophony is her psychiatrist ( answered the question about which psychiatrist she called out for when Russell was found ) and sees her every day. I was so glad Camille called her out about her meltdown because Camille said it on camera. All in all, I thought part one was a great reunion show.

    • she see her shrink every day…that must be some intense Therapy she is receiving

      Im beganing to wonder if they are dating now No shrink i ever went to saw me everyday

      • Or they started a company together. Don’t forget she went to medical school!!!!!!!!!!!! She didn’t say she was in therapy only that she see’s him everyday. It’s what is left out that is always the key to someone being deceptive.

    • @ gail – Yeah, it was great when Brandi said it was a hot second before Taylor started writing her book. That was HILARIOUS!

      God, I still hate it when I hear Taylor’s voice crying for her sockless wonder when the guy on the phone kept repeatedly telling her to take Kennedy away from the scene. Just shows how self-centered she is. AND I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that she wanted dr. sockless there to treat Kennedy, but only herself, imo.

    • excellent point, Gail! I thought those two virgins didn’t even know what crystal meth was! Way to pay attention at those parent- teacher lectures. And we have Dummy Moore huffing whipped cream cannisters like a 12 yr. old thug. Maybe Kim and Dummy are old friends. (That was kinda mean girls, but I liked it.) Buy some grown up drugs like Kim, Dummy!)

  2. omg seriously, i am waiting for the day when taylor gets called out and is forced to face the music. i am so happy that camille called her out just a little, but i am DYING for taylor to have to answer for REAL. her getting away with this has gone on for way too long. and adrienne has no class whatsoever. what a petty little girl.

  3. I was extremely annoyed at Adrienne. She kept telling Lisa that she had proof of things she said or did because “she was told by people”? Like who? Bernie? Bernie is jealous of Lisa. You don’t believe what you hear unless you hear it yourself. To accuse Lisa of those things without substantial proof was just plain wrong and quite frankly inflammatory.

  4. But, boy did I love me some Brandi. I cannot wait to see her next week. Love her and Lisa together. And I forgot to say re Lisa’s comment about the Maloof Hoof. It was a fricking joke Adrienne. Get over it. How is that insulting? It was just a joke. The shoes speak for themselves and they are obviously quite lovely and to pick on the fact that they were “nude” rather than pink. Really Adrienne? How small.

    • I thought the same until Lisa said “little fat shoe”. I think Lisa is trying to make little digs, they are hurting Aid but Aid is terrible at defending herself. Also her couch seems to have little to no sense of humor. It isn’t a good combo over yonder.

    • I think Adrienne’s shoe line may be the first company she ever developed on her own, and that is why she overreacted to Lisa’s comments. Adrienne has always been involved in her family’s businesses, and I am only speculating, but this shoe line was her “baby” and she was very serious about promoting it and making it successful. That said, I think Adrienne was ridiculous about Lisa’s comment. Congratulations Adrienne, but by making such a big deal out of it, and not dealing with it in private if it chapped you that much, your shoe line will forever be known as the Maloof Hoof. By the way, her shoes are ugly, some to the point of hideous. After seeing some of her fabulous shoes on the show, I was really shocked when I saw her shoes, nothing glamorous, and certainly nothing special. This is usually the case with the stuff the women on these shows hawk, nothing special, and certainly nothing I would spend my hard earned on money on.

      • She actually didn’t even do it all by her wittle self. She had to attach herself to a large brand, Charles Jourdan.

        • Did she do anything other than shoe them the shoe styles she like and produce her logo. Didn’t a team design them for her?

  5. I would like to know what parallel universe Andy Cohen is living in. He has the nerve to passive-aggressively imply that Lisa is manipulative while sitting to his left is the master manipulator of them all -Traylor- and he says nothing?
    Truly living up to his role as a Bravo corporate puppet.

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