POSTED JANUARY 30, 2012  10:57 pm

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  1. Shana has to be the most evil person on reality tv. Did you guys see her face during the reunion? and that little evil smile? She makes me sick. Camille is clearly onto her BS . I loved that Camilled said that Bravo should have never aired the show this season out of respect to Russell’s kids. I guess that will get Camille the boot for next season.

    • @ Martha – Yes, it was very telling that Camille was the one who had respect for Russell’s kids, but not Taylor.

      At one point, Taylor’s response was her concern about HOW the situation happened. not about any of the children involved.

    • I saw her lying face and couldnt believe what came out of that BIG BASS MOUTH! I will not listen to ANYTHING Traylor has to say( I didnt before) because as we all know its Bull$^^*! I luv that you said that you loved that Camille’s honesty as I do too! Her and Brandi really tells it like it is with no bars hold. I really hope that Brandi gets to speak her mind without filters!

      But since ms andy loves kyles husband more, i am sure that he will be harsh to Brandi and so will Kyle…cuz Kyle is sooo jealous of Brandi!

  2. Adrienne DROP IT! Drop everything! You are a petty bish who is grasping at straws. Move on. Honestly, your businesses are failing as I type!

    • She is clearly filled with jealousy toward Lisa and still holds a grudge for not having the bachelorette party at the Palms. My guess is that Planet Hollywood has a more hip vibe and attracts a younger crowd. It stands to reason that the girls would choose it as their venue..

      And Lisa is right about having nothing to do with where the bachelorette party was held. It’s the bridesmaids’ place to plan and host it. With all of Adriennes upbringing I guess she missed out on wedding planning 101.

          • The Palms is run down casino full of senior citizens playing penny slots. The Hard Rock is newer, hipper, and the hot spot for young people. I know where I would want my party. Adrienne was being horribly selfish, this was all about Pandora, and what she wanted, and Adrienne insisted it be all about her. Lisa tried to explain that to her, but Adrienne would have none of it.

            Adrienne should have walked away after season one, when everyone saw her as a fabulous businesswoman, and someone who was a wonderful friend. Everyone is seeing the real Adrienne, and it has nothing to do with editing. She is spoiled and selfish, and has the personality of a dead fish, and it shows.

            • I assumed the Palms was a hangout for the old goats and not the young and hip. Having not been there I didn’t want to say something I wasn’t sure of. However, I’ve been to several casinos and if it’s anything like some that I’ve been in I wouldn’t want to have my bachelorette party there either. Who wants to be surrounded by emphysemic geriatrics attaced to portable oxygen devices in a smoke filled room? Not I!

  3. Every clip, i get more tickled, Lisa, Camille, and Brandi are speaking their minds and making sense, Keep Brandi ~

    Dana who? She must be dying that Brandi gets to sit on the couch with the housewives and she hasn’t been brought out yet.

  4. Adrienne came across as a mean girl and Lisa was the target. Adrienne just canNOT get past the fact that Pandora’s party was at Planet Hollywood. Lisa is right….she would have nothing to do with the planning of the bachelorette party…..That is one of the bridesmaid/maid of honor duties. Cripes Adrienne, you must be really pissed about your botched facelift because you are clearly jealous of Lisa and now you are coming across as a bully…..lighten up alien-cat-face….

    • @ hereswhat2 – I agree that Adrienne was wrong about that particular party.

      What I don’t understand about Adrienne’s gripe about the party was that she says Lisa was supposed to go to her and beg ….er… ask that it be held at the Palms. Whereas, the Planet Hollywood owner went to Lisa and offered to host the party. Isn’t that how it’s normally done? People OFFER to host your party, not you going around begging to see if they would deign to host your party for you.

      • Once Adrienne found out why didn’t she offer to host a Breakfast or lunch or even a get together for some cocktails for the Girls. Why is it Lisa’s job to go to her? Let’s not even mention that the original plan was for Lisa not to go. If Lisa hadn’t gone would anyone have cared where Pandora had her party.

        • Good point Ms Original! Adrienne could easily have hosted a cocktail party or dinner for the girls…..maybe a brunch by the pool….they could have included ALL the ladies who were in vegas that weekend….Adrienne whined about Planet Hollywood ad nauseum…. she’s gonna lose business with that attitude….and that face!

    • HeWe, do you think Andy is going to bring up Adrienne’s sordid sex change alien past?! No! He never asks the juicy questions at the reunions. Boo! Go scrub a duck, Andy!

    • Another thing I don’t understand. Iirc, traditionally, bachelor & bachelorette parties are hosted by the friends of the groom and bride. Whereas, again traditionally, the weddings are hosted by the bride’s parents. So Adrienne’s reasoning that Lisa is in charge of both events is wrong.

  5. Is it possible that Radaronline are getting stories from Cedric and Bernie and that’s what all of this is about? I just don’t believe what Lisa’s being accused of. Bc everybody knows that Bernie and Cedric are big fat liars!

    • The stories could be from any maid/pool cleaner/ gardener I guess. Radaronline probably just do that thing cops do where they say ‘your friend has already confessed – and he’s blaming you!’

      I should know – the deputy principal of my school did it to me and my friends when we got caught with tequila.

      • Yeah, blondie….I agree and am surprised that Camille didn’t see through that little ploy. I will NEVER believe that Lisa sold some story. 25 thou is nothing to that woman and I seriously doubt that they even pay that much. Plus, she’s way to busy to be bothered with such nonsense.

        I was surprised that Part 1 went the “gang up on Lisa” route. They were playing dirty.

        • I don’t think Lisa is selling stories. There is a big difference between commenting on something your asked about and giving out the information. It would have to be one heck of a story for 25K. Most of these places pay according to the sensationalism of the tip. I think Adrienne is full of it. The Taylor Armstrong story marriage story was all about town at that point anyway. Isn’t that what Kyle said?

    • Bernie has changed his info on his facebook page, it used to say Personal chef for Adrienne MaLoof if i am not mistaken, how it says this :

      Beverly Hills, CA 90210
      March 20
      Likes and Interests
      Ellen Degeneres

      Wonder if Bernie got the Adrienne Maloof hoof? Either that or she told him to take her out of the equation , I certainly wouldn’t have my staff blabbing about me or my friends on facebook

      • I guess when he was dipping into the cooking sherry and spilled his guts about Lisa and everyone else, and it was copied before he deleted it, it may have lead to his downfall. Too bad, I hoped he would keep drinking and keep spilling, it was entertaining if nothing else.

        • He was telling everyone to watch the show to see Adrienne take down Lisa for her comments about Bernie, hahahaha Bernie, Lisa won that battle. Now Bernie, you are officially a mean spirited jerk, much like your employer.

          • The funny part is that he kept boasting about how he was there for the filming. I wonder if they had him locked in the closet with Dana and he didn’t know how it went down until now? Oh, and BTW Adrienne, Bernie DID sell a story about Lisa to the National Enquirer. If memory serves, it was the one where he claimed she came late for a party and then complained that there was no food. He boasted about that on his FB page as well. I remember he kept telling people to look for the issue with Barbra Streisand on the cover.

            • Lisa brought that exact same story up at the reunion and told Adrienne to her face that he had done it and Adrienne didn’t believe Bernie did it, yet she would believe that Lisa is capable of doing the exact same thing. Shame on you MsMaloof. Bernie also said that Lisa was racist and I think that that might have been what Adrienne was alluding to when she spoke about Lisa’s supposedly commenting on Bernie’s mexican food. I don’t know if Adrienne actually used racist and it was edited out, there did seem to be some disconnect there in what she was saying. If she did use that term I am sure even Andy would cut that out of the clip, Lisa would not let them do that to her reputation, especially and specifically since Adrienne was using gossip in her judgement of lisa

  6. Hi Romo! I hate to dissagree with you but Lisa has sold stories to papers or magazines. Do you remember when Traylor had her melt down in mountains? She had said that when she had gotten back one of the magazines had a report about her weight loss? And when they were eating at Kyles they had talked about how Lisa had a friend who worked at that magazine and she was supposidly feeding them stories. Now just once might not be true but several times it has been brought up about her leaking things to magazines. Not just on the show but on other reality show sites. I kind of stopped beleiving her when found out that she knew ahead of time that Cedric was coming to her opening. She had a heads up from bravo. They had the emails that were sent to Cedrics manager and bravo had the times he was suppose to show up and other arrangements they had set up for them. Aide now she really surprised every one with her one on one with Lisa. She I think treats her workers like people instead of Lisas way. I think that Lisa has made several rude remarks about Aides chef. The way Aide was so upset(and you rarely see that with her) Lisa said something really bad and it wasnt only the chef who heard it was other friends there. Lisa seemed very defensive and I think that she said those things but didnt feel like it was his right to get upset about it. Because you know he is just a chef……I dont think Lisa sells the stories for the money. I dont think she needs it. Its something else. Like she is trying to hurt someone or get back at them. Boy I was really amazed by the whole confentation between the two of them. What a crock when Lisa acted like she didnt know the chef guy. I mean how many times had she gone to there house for dinner or whatever? Sorry went on and on I was just peeved about the whole show and all the poopoo and the fake behavior.

    • Sorry – I disagree. It was brought up that she was friends with the editor of Us weekly and russell suspected she was feeding them stories. I believe Russell got this from Taylor. The stories about Taylor came out because she stretched and posed in a string bikini for photographers after starving herself.

      Also I believe the emails released by Cedric implicated the producer, not Lisa. I think linking all of these things together is reaching a bit.

      I believe there is one major piece of factual evidence that makes it highly unlikely Lisa is selling stories….. She is flippin’ rich! Really rich. She spent more on those empty gift boxes (wedding invites) than the tabloids pay.

      • Agreeing with you again blondie. No one needed to sell a story about a$$wipes weight loss… need only to look at her…..heck, I could write a story about her weight loss myself.

        As far as Cedric coming….we already know that Bravo springs these things on all the housewives (think the miced person at the fashion show NJ). They do it hoping to bring the drama.

        And yes, she is far to wealthy to stoop too selling stories to smut mags.

          • you mean the same site that they claimed Lisa sold a story to? Radaronline?

            Maybe Taylor can whip up one of those crow recipes for Adrienne….. plastic wench

        • I feel like Russel and Traylor leaked the weight loss story. It was all a sick ploy to sell those herbal diet pills they blamed the weight loss on. Click posted the actual link to that weight loss pill on here one time and sickeningly Traylor’s weight loss was used in the actual ad.

          • I think it was Taylor as well and she was the one gossiping and framing lisa for it. You could tell when Lisa got the email that she was confused, but once again when she asked her dear friend Kyle about it, Kyle kept her mouth shut, Maybe Kyle was leaking info to the press, she acts guilty when it is brought up.

            • Kyle seems to be enjoying the attacks on Lisa way too much….I hated the way she didn’t like the “way” Lisa was apologizing….so rude! Kyle seems to take pleasure in seeing Lisa get hurt…She’s a mean girl and she is in High School, while Lisa is out there trying earn a living!!

            • Not only do i think Taylor sold the stories I think she sent the Emails and the Text she claims she got from Russell All she had to do is access his Cell phone and send the text then later show it to Lisa and start a BOOHOO fest funny how that text didnt seem to stop her from enjoying her Birthday week with Russell or was it a Bd Month and why would he plan so many celebrations if he thought she was a f-ing whore

            • So true lisa…and if she didn’t send them to herself we have no idea what precipitated the text that called her a pschotic bitch etc. He!!, she IS a psychotic bitch….the majority of commenters have said the same thing so why wouldn’t her husband think that too? He would know her better than anyone….I’d love to know what prompted him to send that.

              Also, I bet she didnt actually let Lisa read the text for herself bc it might have said why he was mad at her. No one sends a text like that without some provocation…..I’m guessing she read it to her and edited out the parts about why he was so upset

            • Maybe it was at the point that Russell realized Taylor was behind everything that was going on about him being abusive towards her.

      • Not only that Lisa in incredibly rich, I’m sure she and her staff see/hear many things in the restaurants that need to be kept confidential. Why would someone like that even risk the chance of ruining their reputation for money they don’t need? If anyone was desperate for money on the show, I’d say it’s Taylor. Did anyone notice how she said Russell could have been the “love of her life”? In the beginning, she said their marriage was a “business partnership” and feared he’d exchange her for a younger wife.

        • I’m glad you brought that up, what a strange thing to say about the man that you married, Yet, after his death she wanted to hug is dead body and loved him dearly and the next breath she is claiming how horribly he abused her.

  7. This is what Adrienne tweeted before the show started… Get over it already!

    “My way of joking is to tell the truth. That’s the funniest joke in the world.” – Muhammad Ali. See you in a few! xoxoA
    10 hours ago via web

    • I hope Adrienne knows that people who saw her attacking lisa over second hand gossip realize that every time she opens her mouth she sounds petty and is losing points with viewers. As adament as she was at the white party that Taylor knew about the threatening email to camille on the show last night she still had to backtrack and suck up to taylor saying she was more of less forced into doing it by Russell, She didn’t say that at the white party.

      • I hope so too gail. Lisa – 1, Adrienne – 0
        Adrienne’s attempts to discredit Lisa backfired. People can see the truth and the truth is that Adrienne is a card carrying member of the mean girls club

    • Especially saying something like he couldn’t compete with a woman in reference to kissing. YUCK!!!! That is a VERY strange comment.

  8. Adrienne is really starting to come across as a jealous, bitter and desperate woman. I mean it’s just oozing out of her. I’m seeing really deplorable behavior out of all of them, except Lisa, Camille and Brandi.

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