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313 comments on “FOR ALL SH READERS: ENJOY!!!

  1. Geez ..what a pain to get back in here ! Know it’s not Ms SH’s fault..sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do !

      • Clearly people are off their meds today, One of them attacked me on twitter and when i wouldnt play along she called me names and said I was blocked..Like its some kind of insult she blocked me I dont care i havent spoken a word to this person. I guess she thought id be mad she blocked me.
        Clearly MRS SH you have struck a nerve with these thiefs

        • lisa: Thank you for making a stand! I am truly appreciative. For now, I am abiding by counsel… they can say whatever they want. Let it continue. Not one of them has a brain or enough bucks for a retainer fee! LOL!!! SH

          • I basically told her if she had a issue she needed to take it up with you and stop dragging people into it I told her she was being immature with her name calling.
            I have never not once spoken to her or about her she is clearly cruising your TL and harrassing those on it.

            • I have a few of them after me too. They are totally serious! Wish everyone would clear the bs from their eyes and ears and grow up! Time to get back to the funny! But first, we have BevHills reunion tonight… we gets to watch Shana squirm! Lol
              Where all our regs at? Don’t let the trolls get ya! :o (that’s troll face)

              • ROMO, I’m here. Does that count? Daytona is like only 3 weeks away…Go Jeffrey #24…love, love, love, you, and ROMO too.

              • Of course you count! You’re my gir! What’s up with ames taking her cat pic down? :-)
                Also, we need more cowbell!
                MP, that be a cue (ahem)

              • I had to create another wordpress account from my phone and dont have that pic on my sim card. This is my dog and his footprints on the beach- which has been mafe into an Inspirational poster:) im currently stuck in moderation pergatory for reasons unknown.

              • That’s your puppy? Awe… (I could barely see him.) Your dog and cat are currently in a tie for cutest ever! I bet they have fights over it. Lol

              • Man, making a new wordpress sign-in was a lot of work and my long, thoughtful comment was not copied! Ugh. Feels like writing a paper in 1995.

  2. This comment is for the longtime posters of SH who are now MIA due to this stupid twitter fiasco and it’s fallout. It is disturbing to me to see any of you align yourselves with CP and some others and you know who I mean. While your intial common interest and comments on this site were in the hope that getting out as much info as possible to show what a lying sack of poop Shaft is, those of you who were fans of this site have just aligned yourself with people who have other motives in mind. Those motives are to continue to talk smack about SH and you are being used under the quise of just wanting to out Shaft’s lies. It is very disappointing to me that intelligent and interesting posters on here let themselves get caught up in this mess or helped to fuel the fire .
    I have read ALL the twitter comments, regarding this fiasco over the last few days. I was just waiting for the s**t to hit the fan, and not with any glee but sadness. Some which , yes , are not posted on this site. This whole issue between real fans of Ms SH and what they wanted to do ,should have been handled in a better way. Ms SH was rightly entitled by the wording of the tweets to question if her material was poached. I am not going to argue the point about TL’s , as yes others can create one. But it was stated in one of these tweets that they copied SH’s or some of it. That is wrong !
    Now ..because some long time posters here felt “chastized” or upset by SH questioning their intentions, they have jumped on the “I hate or she’s nuts, she lost her mind,etc.” bandwagon. And then you help support and create the “Paranoid Housewives” blogspot ?? For real ladies ???
    Another irony.. that witch and what she gets away with, which united people who saw the injustice to the children and family who loved Russell , flawed as he might have been , is also what is dividing some good people in wanting the truth being exposed. Don’t let yourself be used **, ***, and others to make this point.

    • AMEN I was not happy to recieve nasty tweets this morning by these so called “MRS SH HATERS” i am not in this other then I support MRS SH because she is not the one calling them beavers and asking them for pictures of meaty vah jays jays. I tweeted Mrs SH to ask her simply had she seen the tweets from a poster now that convo is posted on the PARANIODHOISEWIVES Site and lead to someone who obviously didnt take her meds today to tweet me and try and bring me into this fight i asked her siomply to take her issues up with Mrs SH and leave me out of it which lead to more nasty name calling.
      I agree with with Kas if you have aligned yourself with those lunatics YOU ARE WRONG.

    • Very well put, Kas. I haven’t been on much today, As much ugly as was put out there yesterday you would think that would be stopped by now. It’s crazy sad that people will go to the places that they went to yesterday, even sadder if they are still doing it again today..

    • I got a nice email from Ms. SH last night and came by to check in. I hope the above comment isn’t referring to me. My intentions were recently questioned by Ms. SH, which was totally misplaced (and I think she knows that now). It was weird and blindsiding enough that I was accused of making MT the butt of some jokes, without a single example given, and only AFTER I “left the room.” Never once had I been asked to clarify a comment or told that I had hurt her feelings. On the other hand, I was the subject of all kinds of personal attacks, including being called “bitch” at least twice, called other names, and told that my IQ was a lie (by Henry)–comments that were never deleted. I didn’t dish personal attacks to my fellow commenters, but I can deal with them. I’m straightforward and opinionated, here and IRL, so it’s par for the course.

      Just to clarify: I’ve never commented on any other gossip site, except for TMZ, and I use the same moniker there. I would NEVER engage in these weird fricken online wars, or whatever this is that’s being described. You don’t take information from “friends” and use that against them, even if you get in a fight: That’s my belief. Ms. SH is a real person and has real work product to protect. For the time that I’ve been here, she’s been a “friend” and that, alone, deserves respect. Using her site for entertainment and then misusing her content like that, is wrong. If it’s not referring to me, great. I don’t even want to know who it is; I don’t care and I don’t want to dignify them by name.

      We all came here to have fun, and to BE fun, right? None of us are friends IRL; we all just interact on the Internet. Well–this is NOT “fun.” This is nuts.

      • Just quickly off the top of my head you teased my multiple times about my like of vp. You gave a brokeback mountain quote and another one insinuating that I had a over affection for her You also mocked my welcoming people to the site. You may think they were fun or funny, I however did not.

        • What!? Where? I’m pretty sure I don’t even know a single Brokeback Mountain quote. If I hit a nerve, why not mention it at the time? Clearly, it was a complete misunderstanding because I always thought nothing but good things about you. I liked your adorable little girl pic, and thought we were mutually friendly. Your comments about me, after I “took a break,” blew me away. Is that really how you are: don’t talk TO people, but talk ABOUT them? I liked VP a lot, and was one of the few who stuck up for her after the “hacking” fisasco. Remember Ms. SH getting annoyed with my “She just had a moment” comment? Then some kook’s rant was posted here right after that and I asked, “Was it VP?” Someone said, no, and I said, “Good.” I felt bad for her, and I also enjoyed our psychology banter.

          • I’m glad to see you have come back and given us a reprieve. I for on see you as an asset on this sight. I find at times we are all a little too sensitive and take things the wrong way. I think it would be easier if we took for granted no harm was meant. If no one has said it yet if only for the information you gather and share with us (always quick and amazing) makes this a more interesting place. I vote for a big group hug and a do over!
            You say what you mean in a very clear cut and passionate matter and have never felt it was directed at anyone except an comment. I enjoy MP and your banter and have laughed daily at the exchanges. Feeling were hurt and for that I’m sorry. I hope you visit again often.

            • I dig you so much, Cyn. :) Thank you for saying that. I certainly understand “misunderstanding” and just plain “having a bad day.” I get that Ms. SH has been under attack and that never feels good. It can also make one overly-sensitive to perceived threats. Ms. SH, I still have your back and wouldn’t cheat on you–for whatever that’s worth. ;)

              I have used this site as more than entertainment, myself. When I used it as escape at the holidays, I went a little off the rails and had to rein myself in. It was a safe way to release frustration and anxiety: better than cussing someone out, IRL. I don’t intend to get that engaged again, even though I never thought that I insulted anyone except for, possibly, the horrible HWs subjects and mean trolls. I communicate the way I like to be communicated with; it’s not everyone’s style and that’s okay. I can’t apologize for what I wasn’t aware of, but I can have a peaceful spirit toward the SH regulars.

              If I’m needed for any projects, I’ll do what I can to help. But the current high-drama atmosphere is overwhelming for me right now and I have to save my mental energy for RL. I’m not feeling it right now. BTW, where’s MP?

              Oh . . . there IS one thing. I’ll try to find it in a bit. On the Dr. Sophy post . . . he BS’d you guys on the “mandated reporter” law.

              • Mrs. Burbs, i have no idea whats going on and to what everyone is speaking. I personally consider you a regular, a fave, a breath of fresh insight. Ive not witnessed any mean-spiritedness from you to any regulars and am shocked to hear of this misunderstanding. I know sometimes my sarcasm hasnt been read as i thought i wrote and sometimes people have perceived a slight when none was intended. I hope MyT you guys can hash it out… This place is fun when everyones in good spirits and we need to get back there somehow. <3 to i both.

              • Hey, Ames! Thanks! I know I’ve witnessed your being misunderstood too! I feel the same about you though–always clicked with you–and I didn’t *get* it when someone accused you of insensitivity; I never read you that way.

          • I hope you stick around to….if only for me to drool over your cupcake avitar
            Ok not just for that.

          • MsSub, I’m glad to see you back. I didn’t see what happened in which you decided to leave, but I am glad you’re back. I enjoy reading your insightful posts and love your sense of humor! I do not post much because its a pain on my phone (the hubs hogs the laptop all night) but I do try to keep up. I purposely look for your comments. Anyway, I am glad you decided not to leave permanently!

            • I don’t know what I’d did for this to get all the way up here…sorry ’bout that…

              Btw, is everyone in moderation purgatory, or just me? lol

            • Hi, HD! Thank you. :) It’s not worth bringing others into; I want all the regulars to feel comfortable here. I need to keep this stuff a little more balanced too; I let myself get sucked in and give it too much mental energy sometimes. Will try to keep it more light and entertaining. I think everyone goes through purgatory right now; I do, anyway. And I saw some other mentions of it.

          • I’m not requesting an apology from anyone, even though there have been a lot of personal attacks on me, directly and behind my back; I’d rather move on. It is the responsibility of the “hurt” individual to speak up and ask for clarification, or give the benefit of the doubt before accusing them of ill intent. Isn’t that fair?

            • You aren’t quite grasping the concept. It is your sense of humor. What you think is funny is to mock others like you did me. Mock the housewives. That is what this is for. Instead you jump on commenters and refuse to own up to any of it. It cannot be everyone else’s collective fault for feeling that way all the time.
              I didn’t want to get into it, but you thought I was making something up. I wasn’t. Why say anything any of those times? I’m sorry you don’t remember, but I do. I can research these issues if it’ll make you feel beter.

              • It’s cool. I’ll step on out then. Apparently this is all my fault for being sensitive. Here ya go, erreyone!

              • Wth?! Don’t you leave woman! You are not wrong and this isn’t about you being too sensitive. There was nothing wrong with voicing your hurt feelings. Let things settle. Go your separate ways for awhile. It may be awkward. Right now might not be the best time to talk about it. Just my two cents.

              • I asked you to show me an example and that I would apologize. I’m trying to address it as you asked. I’m not going to be here much anyway, so please hang around. You have longer ties here than I do.

              • Welcome back, MsS. I hesitated to post because I agree that stepping back is the best idea. I do like both you and MyT. Forgive me for giving an example — my intent is not to fuel the fire but hopefully promote understanding, and I do think MyT deserves this support. On one occasion you called someone (a HW, I believe) a psychiatric diagnosis (I don’t remember which one) as a humorous insult. MyT called you on it along with a few other posters. At first you were unapologetic and defensive, but very quickly rethought your position and posted an apology. I thought the whole exchange was beautiful (the learning — the apology) and posted so. At some point later (next day, next week? I don’t post that often) you did it again, maybe a different term but the same idea. I was surprised. I don’t think you meant any harm, but if you had already been called on that offense, I can understand people stewing rather than confronting. I thought maybe it was just me since no one said anything. Maybe I was wrong. Next time I will show you and everyone else the respect of calling you out on it immediately (you can obviously take it). I’ve unintentionally crossed the line in my posts on occasion and have been appropriately called on it, too. I think I learn (I hope).
                BTW, I am speaking in support of MyT, but not for her; I do not know if this was one of her examples, but if it was, I can understand her not wanting to go through it again.

              • Okay, thank you for taking the time for that comment. Makes sense. I remember clarifying and apologizing for my seemingly-insensitive use of a clinical term. Do you know how many people here have ASKED me to give my “armchair diagnosis” though? If I was entertaining one person, I guess I was making another unhappy–unintentionally and unknowingly though. Yes, I can take corrections and an occasional “You are quite the bitch.” I can’t answer to some of the other stuff though, because I don’t recall anything like it and I think that someone may have thought a comment was meant for them that wasn’t. Or was playing along with them, and got misinterpreted.

              • I just don’t like being talked down to by someone who has a superior knowledge of info. It makes me feel stoopid.

              • Yes, MT is one of those whose presence would be missed tremendously, the kind of poster that makes a site a pleasant place.

              • been trying to comment to ya mt. but its awaiting moderation since I included a video for ya. Please dont go.

              • MT, I really am quite fond of you. Every time I see your adorable little girl face, I light up inside. You are one of the original reasons why I feel so welcome here.

              • Noooo dont go, mp! You brought the honey badger in my life!! What can we do to make this right/better??? I come here to enjoy allll of your insights and humor and dont want to break up:(

              • Thank you aunt fannie. I wish you were MY aunt fannie!
                I just can’t take it, but if everyone else wants what she’s bringing to this site, then I’ll step down. Nothing is gonna make her get it. I give up.

              • You’re asking people to choose sides; I’m not. I think there’s room for everyone, and everyone should take responsibility for their own words and feelings–alone. I don’t have a problem being here with you. You have a right to be here, you’re valuable and liked a lot. I said I would apologize for anything that you brought to my attention. I also explained my true intentions, that I would never have intentionally hurt you. You won’t accept anything less than having me gone. Why?

              • I am with YourAuntFannie, MT. You have been here for a looooonngg time and you are plenty hearted, just as YourAuntFannie wrote…written in caps to emphasize how true it is! It is easy to respond to posts and comments that you like and ignore which is distasteful to you. You can start now. Okay? Mwah!

              • Exactly Mythunker, Just comment to whom and what you’d like too. Everyone is not going to like everyone else. If someone rubs you the wrong way…Ignore them.

              • Why does anyone have to go??? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I understand feelings were hurt. I think it can be settled without a permanent exit. Please. You are both very well liked and I would hate to see either of you gone.

              • Please notice that NO ONE who has shown kindness toward me, has said anything unfavorable to anyone else. Instigating discord does nothing to help anyone.

              • MT, please don’t tell me what I’m grasping or not; I find that offensive. My sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea; the same can be said about my opinions of others; that’s life and it’s great. Saying “everyone else” is unfair and inaccurate, so I won’t argue with that.

                Absolutely–if there’s anything from the past that you’d like to ask me about, I’ll answer. And I will ABSOLUTELY apologize for anything that was rude toward you (I don’t know why I’d be rude when I liked you though). But you cannot project your interpretation on me and call it MY intent; they’re two different things. If I offend you in any way, I ask for the courtesy of calling it out then and not slamming me way later, when you think I’m not reading.

              • Honestly, I am very new at posting comments here and I just want to say that I happen to like both of you , you have both entertained me with your intelligence and witty humor. I want to be able to have both of you as my friend.

              • MyT I hope to see you back tonight. I have an extra glow in the dark, million dollar lollipop holder just for you! Alls we need is Mr Peepers… :-)

              • I would hate to see you leave. I think you contribute to this site as well. We are all so different and that is what makes it so interesting to read this site. I think we all just need a do over and start again fresh. You’ve expressed your feelings and that makes all the difference. No one here intentionally hurts. Everyone’s feeling are valid.

              • MT, I missed the fireworks, but just want to say I started reading this site months ago and have always enjoyed your comments along with all the other “original” posters like click, aom, who, romo and of course madepiley. Don’t let other people drive you away from that original community of support and enjoyment.

              • Hi, Ms. S! Are you back to interact for good? Hope all is well with you and your family.
                I was fervently hoping for your expertise regarding plagiarism, the other day.

              • Aw, hi, Robin! I have to do a better job of keeping this in balance. I think I caught a glimpse of the plagiarism question, today. ? They can’t use someone else’s copyrighted material, passed off as their own; to do so would subject them to statutory damages that wouldn’t even have to be proven by Ms. SH. The thieves may be under the impression that because Ms. SH doesn’t have commercial sponsors, that she has no “damages” from copyright infringement–and they would be mistaken. However–if they make substantial changes to the material, or gather it from public or published records, they may not be committing copyright infringement; they may just be A-HOLES.

              • Wow! Thank you, as always. So glad you came back after a bit of a break. Know what? We all needs breaks from everything in our lives — a respite brings back balance and lessens anxiety.

                Now, back to this issue at hand: I believe that even though snippets of info were sprayed out there in the internet caves and other places, it is SH’s resulting tapestry — knitting it all together in a proprietary and distinctive work — that allows her to own it. Am I correct? If I did a poor job of explaining that, I apologize!

              • Robin, I haven’t seen what they’ve stolen, so I don’t know what my opinion is. It’s often difficult to prove. Did you know about J. Seinfeld’s child-bride stealing her entire book, “Deceptively Delicious” from The Sneaky Chef? Missy, The Sneaky Chef, lost her case against the Seinfelds, due to some teeny-weeny differences between the two books. And that jackwagon, JS, personally defamed Missy too. It was really sad.

              • awww Thank you Ms Sub. I have missed my SH time last few days and and very disturbed about what is going on with the TL stuff. We all know how much work went into that and then to see this tift also going on drains my funny a bit. I enjoy both yall. My mom is still visiting and so I am just doing a quick drive by. Got so much drama drama going on I might even watch that BH reunion tonight so i have another reason to get pist off. :)

  3. I love MS.SH and her site…I can defend her here, but I am blocked or in moderation on most sites. Since some people believe we are one and the same.

    • I do to, Once someone uses the language and acts like they are they lose creditabilty
      Mrs SH is not calling them nasty names and being petty She clearly has the creditabilty here.

      CC is all those Kitties in your pics up for adoption?

  4. Okay I finally got the hang of this..I had to make a new email because my other one is acting strange…anyways, SH don’t let them bother you. They are very strange “women”. I’m in college and I don’t act like this, neither do my friends.

  5. OK, I am experimenting here. I hope I still have my purple monster thingy that I’ve grown to love.
    Ms. SH, I don’t tweet, but I did post in support of you on one of those new crazy sites. People have some crazy ideas about what copyright infringement is and isn’t. As a high school English teacher, I guess I am surprised that I am surprised. It’s amazing what students claim to not know is plagiarism.
    I hope, once enough time has passed, that you might consider creating a housewife parody on these twitter wars. I lack the creativity, but I am casting a couple of housewives as twitterers in my head. Too soon for the humor?

    • I have a question, totally aside! As an English teacher, do you teach kids how to stop saying “like” every other word? It is so rampant and very annoying. They sound completely illiterate. How do you handle it?

      • First, Don’t let them hang around KooKooKelly. Do you remember when Jill called her out on that? The only reason she doesn’t type it in, because that would be, LIKE, to many letters or LIKE, to many words.

        • Its also very very outdated. So KooKooKelly needs to know she is dating herself with that. As far as the youguns doing it its like a stall tactic. Like “um” is when giving a speech. Personally my pet peeve is “whatever” Not only stooopid but disrespectful.

          • Hey, MP! So glad to see your beautiful, smiling face is intact through this new WordPress thingie! I am actually really grooving on my new expanded name! I thought long and hard about it. I actually saw one of my namesakes today — oddly. A male robin was hopping about near my office window; he was quite robust and I found out why. He quickly found and ate a worm. With those mad skillz no wonder he’s fat! But — robins are not supposed to be changin’ round these NJ parts in the depths of winter. Why didn’t he fly away? Maybe he IS my friendly neighborhood robin!

            /sorry for the long-windedness here…

            • Hi Robin… Not only am I a biker chick, I am also a geeky bird watcher… Through my many bird books, I learned it is a misconception that Robins are the first sign of spring. They actually do not migrate and stay all year round. Especially here in NJ…we’re loaded with them!

              • Hi, right back atcha, groovy lady! Thanks so much for this info; I love it when y’all teach me new things. I think you’re nearby, in the next county over. I swear, though, I see so many more of these feathered buddies in the springtime, from about March on through the autumn. So where are our little friends hiding out?

              • Wherever the food is! I get a lot of them in my backyard because I have tons of berry shrubs (mostly holly) and some fruit trees…they eat mostly bugs and worms in the warm months but they eat berries/small fruits when their preference is not available…

              • Aha! I have no berry bushes nearby, that must explain it. But that worm was obviously available! You are so awesome for sharing this info with me! Thanks!

          • Hi Ya made piley, so happy to see ya back! I have missed you, and as you can see SO MANY of your friends missed you too! :) I havent been on here as much as I used to be, so I am slowly catching up. How’s your son G doing and hows it going with your mom?

            I’m sorry for the ( Inquire) I wanted to know so much about how you are doing and I know thats nobodys buisness but your’s!, and if you want to share… you will or wont :) just know i have been thinkin about ya!

  6. This whole fight sucks, I love me some SH and I like some of the peeps involved. So, I kiss you both on the head, ask that you fight nice and hoping this is a big misunderstanding and thank you SH for not being like another person who would make us choose sides.

  7. I’m confused as heck. Im not going to pretend like I know what is going on either lol.
    One thing I will call out is Click/cat and Made Piley, that is getting old hearing that you two and MS SH are one and the same lol. SH is a busy woman keeping with all these persona’s lol. Um is there a MR. SH who pays the bills MS SH because with all these identities you got going I don’t know how you have time to breathe during the day. I have seen all 3 of you on here during the day. YOu have got mad skillz if you can blog, comment as two other people and moderate, tweet and do everything else in between. I admire you, I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time.

    • I never started that stuff. It’s been going around about me and MS.SH for a long time. I think even before summer…or during the summer. I don’t tell people to come on here and say that. You can ask MS.SH. She knows. She knows who they are also, as I know some sites. MS.SH knows that too. This rumor is on other blogs, and sometimes people choose to bring the nonsense here.

    • That cracks me up when people say that. All three of us are fabulous in our own way but very very different. Long time readers know that Click loves kitty cats and NASCAR. Ms SH shops at Nieman Marcus and has never stepped foot in Walmart. And I am the one country girl that has the poprocks in the backdoor incident. But I gotta be me

  8. I for one have no intention of “picking” a side. How about ya’ll agree to disagree or disagree to agree to disagree or arghhhhhh.. see what I mean, it gets dumb after awhile. I like both of ya’ll. If it can’t be worked out, ignore each other and everyone else should put their matches away and stop trying to re-light the fire..everybody take a chill pill.. how about we all stick to commenting on what’s posted by SH. ;-)

  9. Ms.S, the thread was getting too skinny up there, no reply room. I do keenly remember that case; thanks for the reference!

  10. Hi SH!
    I believe these people are simply just jealous rats that have nothing better to do. They can also be aligned with people that do not like the honesty of your site. Most of all, I think people hate when a mirror is held to their face and they do not like what they see. Instead of changing themselves they blame the mirror. I have learned that sometimes you simply have to be like the HONEY BADGER.

    From my personal experience I have found this site insightful, comical, and revealing. SH had opportunities to exploit information on people, yet she held to her ethics. that in itself speaks volumes. I could say she could take all the attacks as compliments(people just being jealous and some attacking the mirror)-however, it can take a personal toll on ones self. Right or wrong it can hurt at times. SH-today sending you BIG HUGS! Remember those other rats are just trying to nibble at the big cheese. Have a wonderful day!

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