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Kyle Richards, head honcho at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has blocked SH on twitter!

Kyle says that SH is “mean”… 

Well… SH has collected the tweets from the past few days between @kylerichards18 and SH…

So, SH readers… YOU read them and decide who is being “mean” here!

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards… “I don’t care about your idiotic wedding photos, Lisa… someone’s being MEAN… to ME… on twitter!  If you were a REAL friend, you would care!”

Apparently, Kyle permits a couple of chicks calling themselves “@kylerichards180″  talk for her and do her dirty work on twitter!   These chicks are very impressed with Kyle because Kyle bought them a hamburger (after they bought 20 copies of her novel)…

…and because Kyle shoved a bag of burgers at them, they “know” Kyle and can speak for her.

Apparently, Kyle did not like the re-posting on SH of her in-depth Dr. Drew interview… the one where Dr. Drew asked her about a chapter in her book and she had no idea what Dr. Drew was talking about!

And then Kyle complained that being on TV is hard!

And ALL this calling SH names tweeting between @KyleRichards18 (…and her twitter thugs) and SH came about because a girl in Boca who wanted to write an article for her school newspaper…

…had her tweet to Kyle buried amongst the mountain of tweets Kyle receives. SH saw the request and brought it to Kyle’s attention 

SH simply tried to help a young girl get her tweet read by Kyle… for some reason SH thought the “young girl” was young!  And NOT a HS senior!

NOTE:  SH tweeted the HS girl asking about her experience with Kyle at the book signing… and also tweeted Kyle asking Kyle if the girl was excited to get some of her time… Neither the girl nor Kyle responded.   Hmmm… did Kyle tell the girl to not talk to SH??

There were other HS girls who went to Kyle’s book signing… ON THEIR OWN!  A very lovely SH reader… who attends HS… wrote about HER experience with Kyle…and included her photo… here.

Like the adage goes… “No good deed…”

 LizardLipLickin’ Kyle Richards…

In spite of Kyle banning SH from twitter… SH will continue to speak about Kyle… and the fact that she HERSELF says that she is adopted…

and that she is married…

Kyle Richards and MUmansky…

… to John Turturro…  (who is only doing a totally-beneath-him  Bravo “reality” show because his sure-fire hit of a sitcom, “40 Cloves of Garlic” bombed after airing on TBS ONE time!).

                                         John Turturro… “I’d rather be doing one-man, one-act skits in a subway at 4 am than playing Kyle’s husband…but that Bravo contract is brutal!  I’m stuck!  Do I LOOK happy???”

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    • The most fascinating thing to me about the SH/vile kyle exchange is that out of allll the info/posts on SH, kyle Isnt concerned with shafts fake abuse, randys interview, mmr lawsuit, or anything she could “set the record straight” on– nope. Vile Kyle only cares about HERSELF being called “Man Hands”! Of course, me me me i can make everything about meeeeeee.

  1. I’ve always wondered why it’s okay for “Moe” to whore himself on RHOBH, yet when Simon did it on RHONY it wasn’t okay. Wassupwitdat? Also, is it just me, or does Kyle seem to be using her husband & daughters as selling points on RHOBH? She doesn’t want us to really know the “true” her, so she keeps stickin the lil 4 year old (leaving kids names out of it) in front of the camera… what’s that called? Oh ya, smokescreens!!!

    • C’mon Jane you cant compare Simon to Mario, I mean Simon was just creepy and really wanted to be a housewife. Kyles USP is her marriage and being a mom – it redeems her from all her cattiness. Kyle knows how to play this game inside out she is savvy, she has an abundance of experience. I hope she doesnt go to town on Lisa at the reunion because if she does I think she will loose at lot of ‘fans’. (hate that word).

      • How does being a mom and being married redeem her? She’s not that saavy, just desperate to be a “star” again, and hires PR people who try to be savvy for her. She was a child star, and doesn’t quite come off as Einstein.

        • It redeems her because it shows her softer side, it shows her deep love for her family and the viewers make that connection with her – without that her cattiness would be very much at the forefront.

    • Moe is better looking which is why every time he is on Ms. Andy drools. And Kyle does put her husband and kids up a lot but then she has nothing else to offer. Lisa and Adrienne have their charities, businesses and kids; Camille’s storyline last year was being a class A bit*h, then the divorce and at the end of Season 2 the new boy toy. Kim’s ongoing problems with alcohol/drugs and being lonely were her storyline both seasons. No need to talk more about Taylor and her BS. Kyle’s only storyline is being a controlling bit*h with her family (kids, hubby and sister). Her failed attempt at a charity gala was laughable. Except for being the sister of Kim and Kathy, she wouldn’t be on this show at all.

    • I dunno what you’d have wrt to Kyle’s story line if you took away Taylor, Kim and her family. Truly that baffles me.
      I do not subscribe to this thought but I think that the general public find Mauricio attractive and Simon the opposite. Hence the double standard.

    • because Simon was creepy and in everyones face and Mauricio is cute and basically stays off to the side not selling himself( other than a few references to his real estate).

      • Yeah, simon got in the middle of fights and relationships- yelled at his wife’s friends, dressed like a clown to get attention, and wouldnt let alex attend any events without him stuck to her side (so he was in every shot). When kyle gossips to Mo, he throws up dueces and says he has to work and when he sees her mean girl antIcs, instead of egging her on ala simon, he says, “thats not my wife. That behavior is uncharacteristic of her…”zzzz

  2. Screw Kyle! Just put up a pic of her MAN HANDS. The one with the big ol’ rings on them. Who is she anyways…to start crap with MS.SH? She’s like the most hated housewife ever. You’d think she’d like to change bloggers opinion of her…if not…then she still has MAN HANDS!

  3. Well, you do call her ManHands. That’s mean. Yeah, she’s obnoxious and rude, but twittering someone several times in a row who you disparage daily bc of a high school news article is also rude and obnoxious. Not to mention being a buttinski. You were the one who started the drama, not ManHands. I don’t know why you posted this; it just makes you look petty.

    • ManHands is not mean. Stubby is mean, and she is stubby and has ManHands. Is there a rule on how many times you can twitter someone, and how do you butt in on twitter, isn’t that the point? lol

      • @catonhottinroof
        Yeah, I think that’s how Twitter works. I’m not a fan of Kyle anymore. I liked her a lot Season1 up until the limo and it’s been downhill ever since. Yeah, she’s mean. But this whole post was asking “who is doing the mean tweeting?”. Maybe if the site owner said “look I started a mini Twitter fight with Kyle and tried to get under her skin”, it would make more sense and I could appreciate the honesty. But, like someone else pointed out, she was just goading her and egging her on bc of one tweet from a high school girl who never even responded. I think this post is on the petty side.

        • Jason – I think this is a silly post. I don’t think anyone is trying to start any wars. I think it was all sorta funny and silly. Some might say petty and that’s fine. I find it mildly entertaining. The whole young girl back up team behind Kyle is purdy funny to me. I appreciate silliness. I don’t expect everyone else to.
          I’d rather chuckle at this then focus on how much that woman irks me. :)

          • Again, if the site owner would have posted “look at me at stirring the pot! (or beating the eggs) i would have found it humorous. Oh well. We can agree to disagree. I’ve spent more thought on this than i like. What interested me the most was the Kyle admits that she reads is familiar with this site. With all the damning evidence posted here about Taylor Armstrong, it’s very strange that she still sticks up for her.





        • “Chris”: Interesting! My photos have been on the SH masthead since beginning this site. Quite a few SH readers have found and seen my photos and can describe me. Unfortunately, as I discovered the not-so-nice entities on the intrawebby, I had to take them down. So, you missed them!

          Yes… every word you have said is true! Oh… you forgot to throw in that I am 400 lbs. I am quite proud of that fact… as I am working on breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for being the heaviest woman in the world!!! Right now, I have a robotic hand feeding me tubs of cream cheese while I write this!

          Thank YOU for reading SH!! SH

        • Whoa! Your post is quite hypocritical. Also, the cap lock and certain phrases makes me think you are Cosmopogus, or whatever your twitter/twatter handle is, and who posted a very similar response several weeks ago.

          Seriously, if you are that disgusted with this site and its posters, that’s totally fine – just save yourself some angst and don’t read it.

        • One of my favorite things to do on this site is to read comments by people who obviously read this site who say that everyone who reads this site is pathetic and heavy (not sure how that correlation is made). Telling on yourself a little?

        • Why on earth would someone even use the term “man meaty v*gina” let alone inquire about a picture of one. Wtf after lol. Haha

          • Good point. I am sure they are ashamed of themselves in real life and have to adopt an on screen character to hide inside. Once you get past the off the charts creep factor, it’s tragic

    • If you think Ms SH is mean for calling some reality show person “manhands”, then you must think Kyle is the devil incarnate for the way she treated her very own sister over and over again.
      Horrible woman.

  4. Good grief. Well, Kyle if you don’t want people to write about how mean you are, maybe you need to get off television, oh, and stop being mean. Pointing out her “man hands” is kind compared to some of the things Kyle has said and done. Mean was how Kyle treated Brandi during their first meeting, and Brandi was on crutches. Mean was how Kyle treated Brandi on game night. Mean is going on national television and saying horrible things about a man who was in so much pain he couldn’t take another breath. I could go on for days listing how stumpy has been horrible, but I’m having a good night and don’t want to ruin it. haha She is right behind Taylor on the disgust-o-meter.

    • It is so easy to carried up in all the drama and forget that a poor mother is trying to grieve the loss of her son. I think it is very tasteless on Kyle’s behalf to make assumptions about Russell’s death when promoting a book, she could politely decline to answer any questions about him in respect to his family.

      • Actually she wasn’t caught up in any drama, she was trying to absolve Bravo of any responsibility in causing Russell’s distress. I know Bravo did not kill Russell, but for Kyle to say Russell was only distraught because of finances was ridiculous, and tasteless doesn’t begin to cover it with me.

      • Kyle can’t do that because if it isn’t about Kyle, it is about Kyle’s opinion which she starts giving and ends up by circling it around back to her. Did you see in the video when she is being interviewed and her sister Kathy is mentioned and how her daughters were another pair of famous sisters, the woman hardly got the last words out and Kyle jumped in saying I have four daughters.,

      • Exactly Gertie, if Kyle had one ounce of respect for herself, or as a mother, she should be able to understand, that what she has done in the last two weeks–discussing Russell and the allegations should be off limits if nothing else but out of respect for his remaining children and Russells, parents, sister and friends. It is clear when Kyle speaks about Russell, there is no remorse, she is void of any emotion. I will never have sympathy for this woman. Maybe this is why Tayliar and Kyle are such a good friends- it is all about the money, they are narcissistic and desperate for attention- no moral compass exist with these two gals.

    • None of us has said anything near as evil Kyle Richards. Keep in mind, this woman has for MONTHS attacked a deceased man!!!!! That is about as low as a person can go in my opinion and she is doing it on national TV, not just to some close friends. I despise her and her ugly man hands and lizard licking lips!!!!

  5. I tweeted Kyle a couple of hours ago. I asked her if she ever thought about the pain she was causing Russell Armstrong’s mother bashing her son on national tv. She has not tweeted me back for some reason… I thought for sure this “mother of four” would at least tweet back an acknowledgement of support or condolence for Russell’s mother. .

      • Hi BSL, brought a big smile to my face to see you again. Yes, I am getting worked up. Probably need to call it night night before I share any more of my opinions, lol…. The boys-Riley and Jax are doing fine, they are the sweetest boys in the world!. I am proud of myself, tonight, I learned to twitter, whoo hoo… will probably get blocked within 24 hrs, lol

        • hahaha! Well, try not to get kicked off in the first 24 hrs, maybe the second 24 hrs would be okay. Definitely don’t get worked up. I do agree with Gertie that your tweet was a good question. Hug the little guys and recalibrate to a happy spot. I’m glad to see you here, too.

  6. I wouldn’t be nice to someone who called me man hands. Period.
    Call her a snake, judge her character but making fun of physical appearances is the lowest form of bullying.
    We know Kyle can be insecure about her looks, she says it herself, so why would you taunt her hands some more? I think its to be mean… Am i wrong in thinking this?

      • How is he wrong?
        And what does when he gets housewives have anything to do with this? Anyone in the world can get an episode with 48 hours on the Internet,

    • At HouseHusband, in a normal world I would have to agree with you. The problem is that we are dealing with a “mean girl” (Kyle). She does not think twice about degrading her sister in a group setting so she can feel supior and empowered. Kyle also verbablly attacked Brandi while she was on crutches – the new girl. The new girl only expressed her opinion, nothing more or nothing less. Kyle has jumped on the Bravo Band Wagon to destroy a deceased man’s character in order to profit from his death. And this was a man she did not really know all that well. I have a pet name for Kyle- Bravo’s “witch”. I would rather use the word that rhymes with witch but we are not allowed to curse on Ms SH site and I respect her fules :o) So bottom line, this woman is a mean girl and the only way to play with a mean girl is to play mean back!!!

      • Let’s not forget Kyle made fun of Brandi’s physical appearance – her nipples. Whether you agree with her showing them or not, Kyle had no right to make fun of her because of them.

          • The thing about Kyle teasing Brandi is that it is JEALOUSY loud and clear!! Plus Brandi is hot and the nipples issue is more to do with her don’t-give-a-shit ways and Kyle being threatened by that.

    • I have pretty similar hands to Kyle myself and I wouldn’t like to be called man hands but then again I call our prime minister ‘dish face’ so does that make me a bully?

        • Her relationship with her sister is not ‘perfection’… I don’t think she considers herself perfect at all…

        • I would rather be dropped on a desert island (with my macbook) than ever agree to sell my soul to a ‘reality show’, so if you dont mind SH please change that question mark after NO to an exclamation mark! Thanks in advance.

      • It wouldn’t bother me if some strangers on the Internet were saying I had manhands, or saggy boobs, these people aren’t important in my life, so I really wouldn’t pay any attention to them. I also would never go on national television and expect people to only say kind things about me. She should know people are going to point out and criticize every flaw, and even flaws that don’t exist. I’m not sure what the current prime minister looks like, I would have to go check, but “dish face” doesn’t sound too bad. haha

      • Dishface! OMG, I’m laughing my patootie off over here! OK, is that dishface as in Chinet? And, why haven’t I seen any commercials anymore lately for paper plates?

    • HouseHusband…Are you serious? Kyle has lived a charmed life, and we found her fault…ugly, stubby man hands? And this bothers you? Oh well, get over it. Yeah, I feel really bad that Kyle might be insecure…NOT!!! Then she should stay off tv. Ever seen Megan Foxes thumbs?

      • Clickclick….Megan Fox’s thumbs LOL Hahahaha. I don’t really care about Kyle that much. Depends what you think a charmed life is? I wouldn’t want her life… not for me. Some of her cash? Perhaps but not her “charmed life”… AS for her hands ‘whatever’ i just think that her actions (mean girl behaviour) speaks for itself (LOUDLY, YIKES) and is more worthy of slamming then her hands.

    • Normally I would agree with you about not making fun of someone’s appearance but with Kyle it is a matter of what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Kyle has trash talked other women’s appearance on the show, not the other RH but others such as Brandi. I’m still annoyed by Kyle’s using a laser pointer on Brandi’s chest/nipples during the Malibu party. That is something a 12 yr old boy would do for heaven’s sake. Then there are the countless other nasty comments Kyle makes about her sister and others, including Lisa supposedly her good friend. Kyle probably picks on other women’s appearance b/c she is so insecure about her own appearance and that is how bullies deal with their insecurities. It seems only fair if Kyle is called out on her appearance or bullied, as they say payback if a bit&ch.

      • I think kyle used the laser pointer on brandi’s boobs bc that was the only way she could take the attention away from her. Couldnt knock the beach house, food, drinks or entertainment so she says, “its a wedge and no bra party!” She defends her spiteful aggression as “her sense of humor” (which we dont ‘get’) whilst Mo is saying, “thats not the real kyle- that behavior in uncharacteristic of her personality.” Which is it? Either way, she’s terribly jealous, scary heathers evil, and has zero accountability, responsibility or self-awareness.

        • Ooooh, love the Heather reference! Yeah, Mo and Kyle can’t get their stories straight. She is always giving horribly insincere apologies or making excuses for her behavior but then just goes on doing it. Mo’s “that’s not the real Kyle” shows how embarrassed he is by her behavior but he is such a wuss what is he going to do?

  7. I agree with you all. I am just being devils advocate. I do think that Kyle is a ‘mean girl’… By the way just because i am from where i am from does not mean that i can’t be up to date on what goes on in HW’s land. Just saying’.

    I love Brandi and think she is my favourite on Beverly Hills and Kyle was totally horrid to her.

    As for Taylor and Russell drama… Hmmm. They both signed up. He was a grown man. I don’t agree with Taylor handling the situation the way she has and i think she def pumps up the stories but something f***ed up was going on there for both of them and desperation for the Bev Hills lifestyle got the better of both of them and sadly killed Russell.

    • I wonder if we are going to have to put up with Taylor doing a media run to promote her book too – they all certainly draw out the process. Where u from HH?

      • Australia… I think she should have not done the book or at least waited a long time. Her desperation is so apparent. Its so f***ing sad. I really hope she doesn’t come back for another season… I don’t even hate her that much as some so evidently do on this site but seriously, she needs some time out.

        • I agree. I am from UK so I have to watch the shows online the next day. But I really want to see the reunion so while everyone is posting on this site about it I wont have seen it :( I am looking forward to the OC housewives who never really seem to do that much harm.

    • Now you are getting it Househusband…. we are just really tired of Kyle’s bad behavior and maybe in a sort of Freudorian way, giving her a tastIe of her own medicine. I wouldnt feel too sorry for her, she is making a ton of money being mean to her family, innocent Brandi and poor deceased Russell. She is so egotistical, she will never feel any remorse for her actions. Just this morning, she was telling Good Morning Americal how confident she is as a woman…

    • What ever comes out of Taylor’s mouth, all you have to do is think the opposite if you want the truth. She is very good at turning everything around to the opposite…It was she who had a history of physical abuse and now everyone says Russell was abusive even though no one saw any evidence of it. She can make other “believe” what their eyes don’t tell them. Taylor carefully staged this horrible Russell storyline where she pours out her heart to anyone who will listen her about how horrid her marriage is. Re-watch the first season and you will see just how methodical she was from the very beginning.

      • So very true steview! and after telling the truth about Taylor… much love to you and yours :) :)

        Going off for a little while…she you soon!!!!!!

  8. On a lighter note..ahemmm…. love the Turturro comparison !! Hilarious …. which is the.point of this site to some extent …keeping it fun. Just sayin’ ;~)

  9. Has Kyle met herself? The word mean isn’t strong enough to describe her. Brandi was was right on at Game Night and so was Allison D about her. Kyle is on a reality show. Fair game! Btw, if she wasn’t such a house stealing, sociopathic best friend havin, split doin, says she does it all when her ladysitter really does claimer, lizard lip licker, WhyTH is she friends with Faye Resnick anyway it drives me crazy does it anyone elser, hangin with the orange creeper and treated her sister so inappropriately and revealed things so private that’s unforgivable and way more mean-er… Then she wouldn’t have people talking about her in the first place. It’s just stoopid for her to block MsSH on twitter, but whatever Kyle. You know it all!

    • I was suspicious about Kyle in season one… She constantly feels threatened and that is what makes her combative and unattractive… She is very insecure… she really does follow her own advice and “FAKES IT TILL SHE MAKES IT”… Although its a temporary tactic.

  10. At the signing, all you got was a “hi -name here-, how are you?” then the staff took a picture with whatever device you gave them (phone/camera/whatever) and you were kind of rushed to leave since there were many people in line. You had about 10 seconds with Kyle. I’m about 99.99% sure Alexia didn’t get the 5 minute interview opportunity based on my experience, though I’m sure everyone would have come to that conclusion regardless. :) Funny that they didn’t respond.

    • Sounds like a really superficial, crappy experience. What’s the point except to have “I met a celebrity, I’m so cool now!” bragging rights? It would likely have been wonderful and enlightening if she gave a talk before it — did she?

      I met a best-selling author once but at least she gave a 45-minute talk about how she created her latest novel, and there was a really great Q&A because everyone knew the characters and places in Philadelphia, where her protaganist (and she) is from. A former governor who wrote a memoir also did the same thing at my local B&N; gave a talk, had a Q&A. Those book-signings are really the best because you learn and interact with others. Then you get your book signed.

  11. Do you all get it that Kyle is an insecure, mean, evil mess because she is the lowest of the three Richards sisters and they are from one of the most shady,low-rent, and nasty families in California history. Their half sister, Cathy was trained by their mother(try Goggling Big Kathy Richards) to marry up and somehow bagged a Hilton. She then gave us Paris who she hired a publicist for when she was about 11, as she was so eager to find fame and fortune for her girls. Poor Kim supported her family as a pretty successful child actor so that left Kyle. She was not a successful child actress although she tried and when she met her second husband Mauricio, he was eager to gain access in the real estate world and was very happy to get on board with the Hiltons and join their real estate business. Over the years whenever Paris would be in the tabloid press it was Kyle who would speak for her and much like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard her love for being on camera was scary. Somehow being the least famous in a family obsessed with the spotlight was a bitter pill to swallow so when the Housewives came calling im sure she not only would have thrown Kim under the bus but her kids and Mauricio as well. She is beaming from all the attention after dacades on the underbelly of life in Beverly Hills (see Faye Resnick)
    It is hard to remember that there was a time when Kris Jenner was best known as the D-List friend of Nicole Brown Simpson and Paris’s porno had not yet been made. Kyle is really awful and im so over her and Taylor.

  12. I don’t like the fact that both Kyle and Kim point at people! That is rude and low-classy, did their mother not teach them that? You can point at inanimate objects, but not people.

  13. Kyle, you have choosen to be on a reality show; you leave yourself exposed and that goes for everyone on REALITY TV! Kyle what we see on TV is you being mean and your sister wacked out of her mind; I am sorry but that’s that!!! You have admitted on several occassions you were on the wrong the way you treated Brandi when you first met her! So suck it up My Buttercup!!!

  14. To get back on topic, unfortunately, in this particular twitter exchange Kyle comes across as pretty normal whilst SH comes across as a boorish,meddling and pathetic fool.

  15. You crack me up Ms. SH. Kyle’s gotta put everything into perspective here. How’d you like to have a gorilla forehead like Teresa and have EVERYBODY remarking on that? Or have testicles like Caroline Manzo? You only have man hands, a slight flaw in an otherwise beautiful package, so lighten up. Have a sense of humour, you signed up for public scrutiny. How about the insult we feel, knowing you wrote a book about bullshit and you think Taylor is “nice.” Oh, yeah, she is a real sweetheart.

    • She doesn’t only have manhands. She’s chunky, short, has facial whiskers (especially on HD), a voice like a drag queen, no sense of style, and she’s botoxed from here til next week. Additionally, some people claim to love her hair but I think it’s haglike/witchy and it makes her look even older

        • I couldn’t help but notice; that 5 o’clock shadow on Cousin It is hard to miss!
          I’ve got it too and I know it can be seen in pictures sometimes. I can’t believe somebody close to her (though they probably all secretly enjoy it) doesn’t advise her to dress differently for her body type. Those batwing blouses do her no favors.

  16. I hate to say it, but looks like Ms. SH is looking for a mini twitter war in order to gain additional “fans” and hits.

    I have to say I have read your blog for quite some time but I am losing interest. Report the facts, just the facts, and forget about childish name calling. Ms SH may think she is doing well, but she is losing a fan base because of the immaturity by many in the posting.

    I doubt this message will stay online, but please Ms. SH you got a good thing going. Grow up and watch the site soar.

    • GG: No, there was no twitter war and there will be no twitter war! But, let’s get the facts straight… ALL of the tweets were not posted… the tweets where Kyle and Kyle180 totally went after SH…the tweets that a simple question was asked and totally ignored. This post was not a twitter war…

      Furthermore, what the hell do you care if SH gets more “hits” or “fans?” SH is losing “fan base?” LOL…real numbers prove otherwise.

      You seem awfully interested in the inner workings of a site… there are plenty of other HWs sites which might find your critiques useful and where you might get your “interest” back.

      Since this is your very FIRST comment on SH, perhaps you are not aware that there are just under 3,000 posts on SH…yeah, I’m sure you’ve read every one of them. TFC!! SH

      • I have started to fade in and out on this website because the housewives are starting to bore me. Kind of hoping you start writing about another reality show and keep this fan base. Your posts combined with readers comments always give me a good chuckle.

    • I’m not getting that at all, GG. MsSH is going to lose fans and they are going to go where, to a sub par site that posts random HW info based on heresay? Alright! Sometimes those other sights have great info; the scoop they stole from SH. But you have to wait to get it 3 days later. No thanks! No watered down, story stealing sites for me, but you have fun! MsSH has a great sense of humor a quick wit and is very intelligent. Perhaps that gets lost on some.

  17. No, I do love the wit and humor when I see it. It’s the silly name calling that is a turn off. The way I see it, if a new post doesn’t warrant anything more than name calling replies such as man-hands, etc.; perhaps maybe, just maybe, we can address the topic from a different angle.

    You know……intelligent discussion instead of the high school behavior that so many poster hate about Kyle, Kim, etc. We are doing EXACTLY what we hate about others. Pot, meet kettle.

    • Intelligent discussion? You do realize this is a site about reality TV don’t you? If saying Kyle has man hands is the worst thing said about Kyle she should consider herself very lucky. Most people read and post on these sites for entertainment, people need to lighten up.

  18. Here on Earth, So when MS.SH and I disagree, we argue with each other. “You’re the prettiest!” “No! You’re the prettiest!” “No! You’re prettier than me!” “No! Everyone says you’re the prettiest!”

    • cc/mc: NO… YOU’RE the prettiest!!! Now excuse me, ’cause my robotic arms feeding me tubs of cream cheese needs a refill… think I’ll go with quarts of buttered bread pudding with a caramel sauce. Would you like that click?? OMG! I just outed myself as YOU again! LOL!!

      But… you’re the prettiest!!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

  19. I really love the photo of Kyle and Mauricio. So happy and shiny … touched my soul for a bright moment.

    And I live for any bright moment, no matter whence it comes…

  20. Can you tweet from rehab? I thought they took your phone and computer access away. How will (fake) Demi Moore give up huffing and salvia and Red Bull if she spends all her time tweeting bloggers?

  21. Agreed Electra – this was a ridiculous posting by SH. Oh by the way, it is well known that clickclick/mycat is in fact SH. How embarrasing.

  22. Here: YES! Click is me!!! Oh, wait… I think click is Becky today! Why would that be embarrassing?? Are you embarrassed, click? Oh, wait a sec… I mean, “Are YOU embarrassed, SH?” Oh, wait… who the hell am I today??? Oh… will the “embarrassment” never end??? Oh, the humanity!!! BECKY!!!! LOL!!!

    I totally forgot to add the fact that I am also Randy! Yes, I wrote ALL the questions AND answers to the Randy Edwards Q&A on December 31! Yes… I AM Randy Edwards! AND… don’t forget…Kyle’s ADOPTED!!! SH

  23. Here on Earth – Reading comprehension is a good thing. It is most certainly not “well known” that they are the same person, it is a running joke that posters like you make this claim. Repeating misinformation doesn’t make it factual.

  24. MsSH is a cat? I wouldn’t say that’s embarrassing. It’s kind of impressive that a cat can manage to tweet, send emails, dig up great HW scoop, type… I mean cats don’t even have thumbs; wow!

  25. Maybe people get confused Ms SH because since you weigh 400 lbs they think you’re actually 2 200 lb people?! Lol

  26. Hell to the NO! I’m not embarrassed! I’m the cat version of Mythunker today. MS.SH, Becky, and Click are off today. Would “Here on Earth” (which is where WE all live) want to be another alter ego? Damn! The cape is at the cleaners. I still have my Wonder Woman wrist bands.

  27. Wait, Sh, i thought u were a mosquito or a net or a tiger (who annoyingly outed themselves by forgetting to change email meow).

  28. cc/mc: Made Piley is mysteriously missing today… pretty sure she was out from SH yesterday, too. Where is she?? More importantly, WHO is she?? I’m thinkin’ that MP is SH! Now, who would YOU be, click… if MP is SH? MP might be the prettiest! LOL!! TFC!! SH

  29. Bubbies: Yeah… that could be the reason! However, I am proud to announce that I now weigh 547 lbs!!! Thank you…I hear the applause! Excuse me… my 38 chocolate banana cream milkshakes need to be drunk! TFC!! SH

  30. I find it hilarious when someone can’t even think up a good insult. It always has to be somebody is fat. Women are always fat and men have little wieners. I am sure you are crushed. haha. I am going to go clean the crumbs off my keyboard.

  31. that’s why I put the video from “Airplane” about I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing l glue but it posted upthread… watch this go upthread

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