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               Kandi Burruss… “Yeah… that ain’t right.. what Shana’s doin’…”

Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is giving her opinion about what’s goin’ on over on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kandi doesn’t agree with Shana writing a book about her marriage to the late Russell Armstrong (RIP)…

“I’m sure that there were problems there, and I sympathize with her,” Burruss said. “But, I mean, you know, there are two sides to every coin and I just don’t feel the need to speak on someone who is not here anymore.

That is just me.”

NOTE:  No, Kandi… it’s not just you!   This coming from a fellow Bravo Housewife speaks volumes.  Let an Atlanta Housewife say what the Beverly Hills Housewives cannot or are not permitted to say.  

Those RHOBH have to stick together, whether they like it or not… until the reunion shows air… and there’s a “lost footage” episode that also has to air BEFORE any of the Beverly Hills Housewives can say anything about their fellow cast mate(s).

Yes… Kandi is saying an awful lot in this under-one-minute little video… probably saying what the RHOBH can’t!!  We hear you Bravo!!

(Thanks to SH reader “BlueIvy”!!)

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  1. I’ll pretend to be Taylor/Shana: I will have to buy my daughter braces. I’m in debt. I have $9k in rent to pay. I’m a single mom. I want to tell my story of abuse. I’m misunderstood. I’m throwing a birthday party. I…I….I…..

      • I would like to know how she can afford a nanny and an assistant! And lawyers (cause we know they aren’t cheap!)

        • I think I saw an add posted on Craigslist that said NEEDING a “big papa/ or mama” to buy me clothes, a car, pay my rent, pay for my nanny, & give me $, lots of $! If interested please contact Shana Lynnette Hughs Sipes Taylor Ford Armstrong Kennedy…

  2. About time, kudos to you Kandi for having the integrity to be forthright with your opinion. Too bad Mandy does not have your moral compass. Bravo has crossed a line that is beyond disgusting.

  3. You go girl Kandi…I still like you…get over all the sex toys and sex talk…be a mom and a superb recording artist. Kandi is turning into a no scrub for me…if she doesn’t lay off all the sex stuff.

    • I cant get past the sex talk with Kandi either, it’s just too disturbing for me to watch especially with her mother. I have actually stopped watching this show not just because of her but I cant listen to Ne Ne it is like nails on a chalkboard

  4. Yay. This made me like Kandi even more. A “real housewife” with a brain, being honest and maybe not 100% politically correct by Bravo standards. Go Kandi!

  5. & By that I mean Trailor Trash Shana Hughes Ford Armstrong is a huge liar & don’t no one believe her bullshit especially since the real horrible stuff came out after the dead guy became the dead guy. She is a class less grifter & liar that Taylor! It is so obvious.

  6. I love Kandi and I love the ATL housewives. Now Kandi, that is class, not speaking ill of the dead. I am so tireddddddddddddd of Taylor and her story. It goes on and on and on…

    I’m was really surprised when Kandi decided to have a sex talk radio show (Kandi Koated Nights), and I actually listened to a couple of times. Not really my speed, and never gave it a second thought. Now when, she decided to promote her sex toy line on the show…I was somewhat disgusted. I just don’t see the connection. Kandi? She seems somewhat modest to me. Is she a freak in the sheets? Is she a nasty girl? Or is it a business move? All about that green.

    Now, I could see Kim all over this, she dresses the part, mistress, sex kitten, etc, but when she was on “Kandi Koated Nights” she acted like a prude. Go figure…

  7. Kandi is not authentic when it comes to all the sex stuff.Its strikes me as weird and off the mark. She is all about making the paper. She’s always hawking products and expand her KANDI KOATED BRAND!! Its overkill though…

    Kandi is best when it comes to the music. I love watching her work with other artists… If you are going to talk sex, then you must have sex and be open about your own sex life. She is very secretive… to the point its not authentic.

    After this statement Kandi will probably be looked down upon the Bravo executives who want to forget/sweep under the rug all the nasty stuff Taylor/Russell stuff and move on. Since she also stopped blogging she is sending out OVER IT signals to Bravo and biting the hand that feeds her.

  8. Kandi is in the right; some people and or cultures believe/feel it is ill, bad, wrong to speak of the dead and even superstitous. Once a person has passed they have met their judgement and we on earth have no longer the rights to pass judgement on them. I feel at this point we will never know the complete truth of Traylor and Russell; it seems some of us have a bad impression of Traylor, the way she has protrayed herself this season and the way she has reacted to the whole event; I don’t know what I would have done in the circumstance (suicide) I know three people who have committed suicide and have my own views; the survivors I knew from these suicides carried alot of pain and guilt; but then again they were not on a reality show.

  9. The difference between Traylor and Kandi?……Kandi knows and understand ethics… the sex toy stuff….I’d call that just taken care of business and pure fun. When you are a successful business woman sometimes deep and personal relationship can be too much work…the sex toys just make a lot of sense.

    • I agree Kandi does know ethics and, I think, just has a good moral compass. I’m not sure the sex toy business has anything to do with being too busy for a deep and personal relationship but I do know that it is a billion dollar industry and if Kandi gets even one percent of it, she will be doing very, very well. Kandi above all else (except for being a mother) is a business woman. She has made millions in the music business and is posed to make more. Speaking out on Taylor’s selling Russell’s suicide and alleged abuse for financial gain just makes me respect her more.

  10. I’m glad she spoke up about it. It’s about time somebody did. …………

    As to the sex toys thing, she is selling dildoes to people. Let’s call it what it is. No worse than what these other idiots are trying to sell us (Kyle & Taylors shiteous books) but I do think they have no shame on RHOA , between that and Marlo, I don’t know……..

  11. While I’m certaintly not a fan of Taylor or her need to assault her late husband over and over again in the press, something about Kandi even commenting on this issue does not set well with me. She, herself, is a woman with too many faces. She states that she had issues in her relationship with her fiance, AJ, when he was alive and she was able to confront those issues in a song (which would have been public for all the world to hear) but once he passed she did not release the song out of respect for AJ (and I truly think she was being respectful to him) but since Kandi is such a behind a person back type of woman, something about her makes me think shady. I say all that, I guess to say, why the HELL didn’t she just say NO COMMENT. Why does she feel her opinion is all of a sudden golden? STFU

  12. Nene! Looks like Wanda,Who Jamie Fox plays in the old show,” In living Color” Kandi, stay away from Nene. she’s trash.

  13. Watching the Hawaii rerun right now and just saw the conversation between Pam and Shana. Shana was telling her that her marriage was over and Pam point-blank asked her “Did YOU leave HIM?” and Shana, without hesitation, emphatically answered in the affirmative. Anyone, and that includes you dr sophy, who doesn’t recognize her as a compulsive liar is terribly ignorant.

  14. Longtime reader, never posted. Love this site. My father took his own life. Hung himself. I found him. My father wasn’t the greatest dad/husband/friend and had lots of issues, but I can’t fathom writing a book about him after his death highlighting his misdeeds. If anything, I feel protective of his memory. I don’t need money or attention that bad to keep up a “poor me” facade. I have focused on the good times; even if there were only a few. I also felt that his suicide was the ULTIMATE apology and act of contrition. Writing a book shows how unfeeling and evil this woman is. If Taylor needs money she should GET A JOB like the rest of us. I pray for her daughter – she is being raised by a sociopath. Furthermore, the worst is yet to come when she gets old enough to read and put this all together. Poor kid. JMO

    • Your post brought me out of lurkdom. I don’t want to get too sentimental, because you know these sites are about snark. But your first hand knowledge and insight are extremely important and thank you for communicating your experience so well. My condolences to you and your father.

      While I’m here – my detest for Taylor runs deep too. First and foremost I’m disgusted by both Taylor and Bravo for prosituting Kennedy. The child clearly has
      no interest about being on TV. Finds it intrusive and should never have been required to participate at her young age. I mean how many times does a child have to hide under the table, stick her tongue out, hide her face, and clam up before adults realize she doesn’t want to be star! (Stupid adults!)

      There is nothing wrong with Kennedy. She doesn’t have autism, nor is a brat as some posters have eluded to. She’s a 5yo child – who god forbid in LaLaLand – doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. Something her mother and Bravo clearly cannot comprehend.

      I also think back to a few divorced dad’s I know whose child was left with the wife and how as soon as they could – they went running to their dad. And now Kennedy doesn’t have a dad to turn too. Where will she turn?

      As far as I’m concerned, since we all know that Taylor won’t do the right thing – Bravo (aka NBC) are directly responsible for making sure that Kennedy has all her needs, wants & proper guidance taken care of. Extreme I know. But they too choose to prostitute this child against her will. Throw her to wolves for judgment and ruined her foundation and childhood. No child should have to overcome those odds.

      As for Kandi – Good on you. (Also tells me that Bravo no longer supports Taylor. A HW on the payroll would never be able to say what she did without their approval & foreknowledge.) As someone who only catches maybe half an episode of RHOA each season – she seems to be a fan favorite and the voice of

      Apologies for the long post – it’s been pent up and festering in me.

      that show. that showA

    • Your post bring tears to my eyes, defsteph. Being protective of his memory shows what a great daughter you are and mature beyond your years. Hugs!

  15. My mother never killed herself, but her need to violently dominate us made living with her very difficult. I did not cry when she died because of all of the pain she put my siblings and myself through. I worry for Kennedy also, because I recognize the same troubled soul in Taylor. Thank you for sharing about your father…I hope you had good people in your life to help you.

    • This is not one of those sites to air my psycho situation, so all I will say is I COMPLETELY understand your position. Many of my posts have stated fear for the safety of Kennedy. Every mention of Kennedy by Taylor is like product placement. When she walked into Kyle’s home Kennedy may as well have been a bag of unwashed potatoes. The little girl’s hair was a rat’s nest and the clothes were just slapped on. She could not wait to get away from Taylor.

  16. Kandi is not trashy just b/c she talks about sex y’all sound like 40 yr old virgins! I agree w/ kandi the book was not the move. Love the new hair she looks fab!

  17. Hey Andy Cohen,
    It would have been awesome if you would’ve rolled this clip at the reunion for Taylor. I would love to see how she reacted to it. Way to miss the drama boat. WWHL sux

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