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Brandi Glanville:

This is Brandi’s ENTIRE post…

Finally, the wedding episode! Well kitty cats, I actually really enjoyed this episode. It was lovely to sit back, relax and be thoroughly entertained because I wasn’t in it! Phew. This girl needed a week off. It was fabulous to see two young, beautiful people get married and start an amazing adventure. I am by no means a scorned ex-wife and think marriage is the most wonderful of all experiences. You could see how very much in love these kids are and it was heart-warming to witness (even through the TV).

I’ve had many people ask me why I wasn’t at the wedding. At the time,  Lisa and I weren’t as close and I had never spent any time with Pandy. I wasn’t expecting an invitation and, honestly, I wasn’t the least bit bothered not to receive one.

Back to the wedding: I loved when Ken said he wasn’t giving Pandora away but sharing her. That brought tears to my eyes. While it is always about the bride on her wedding day, I thought Pandy’s gift to her mom to wear matching tiaras was very touching and it didn’t upstage her in the slightest.

I send the very best of wishes to the beautiful couple.

As for Taylor,  you all know its my policy to rarely discuss Taylor and Russell. So I will only say that it was great to see the women come together to support Taylor. My heart goes out to all of those grieving.

(NOTE:  Was totally unaware of Brandi’s policy!)

Adrienne Maloof:

Speaking of starting their lives, I’m also hoping for the best for Taylor  and her daughter as they move forward. While she was ready to move on from her marriage, Russell’s suicide was obviously still a shock to her, and to everyone else. When we got together at Kyle’s, I was so glad that she made the effort to come. It’s wonderful to have friends when times are good, but it’s essential to have them when times are rough. I think the get-together lifted Taylor’s spirits somewhat. That was one of our best afternoons as a group, and I’m glad you got to see us at a time when we could celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. (Which accomplishments would they be…exactly…, Adrienne?  Interesting that Adrienne refers to Shana’s child as “her daughter” and not her name… distancing much, Adrienne??)

Camille Grammer:

I just think that women bicker, of course, because we’re not all going to agree on everything, but at the end of the day when we really need to be there for one another, we are. That’s what I like about this group of women, they will support each other. They’ve supported me when I was going through my divorce, and we’ll support Taylor through her trying times. At the restaurant Adrienne and I definitely had questions for Taylor, but as she explained things we realized it was time to put that aside and make sure that our friend was OK, for her and her daughters sake. (Note: Why was Camille and Adrienne’s questions edited from this “reality” show? And why was Kim totally taken out?)

Kim not showing up I thought was a combination of things. She was distracted because she was in a new relationship. Her behavior did seem odd, but Kim can be quirky at times, that’s part of her personality. I didn’t spend enough time with her to really know what was going on in her personal life. It’s hard to see the sisters fight. It’s hard to see anybody fight. Emotions get involved. We’re all strong women but we’re all sensitive too. Sometimes we’re misunderstood and sometimes we misunderstand. But I think all of us girls have good intentions, and we do truly care.

Kyle Richards:

“Taylor was clearly at her breaking point. The other women and I really did try to protect her and advise her as best we could. Leaving Russell seemed such an obvious choice to me, however, not everyone has the strength or the courage to leave. At times it seemed our group questioned Taylor and her stories of abuse. However, with time the picture became much clearer. I personally was worried about using the words “domestic violence” or “abuse.” If Russell was capable of the things we were being told, what would he do if we dared to utter those words on camera?

I guess what we have learned this season, is that addiction, domestic violence, and even suicide do not discriminate — no matter where you live, how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive.”

RHOBH Producer RuPaul:

It was a very happy ending to a very troubled season. And I think we all needed some happiness, correct?  (UH…viewers would have appreciated some “reality”… no one cares about Pandorka’s wedding…)

Finally, I received a lot of comments about who should or should not be brought back for Season 3. Everyone has both their fans and their detractors. What you should know is that no decisions have been made. No one has been picked up or let go for a potential Season 3.

NOTE:  Well, isn’t that USUALLY how the casting procedure goes, RuPaul???

Dana Wilkey:

 Lisa and I are not that close so that’s why I wasn’t at the wedding, but I’m happy for her anyway. I thought Ken and Lisa were really cute about the whole thing. I’m glad the season ended on a happy note, and let me just say it has been an absolute ball getting to know the ladies and the fans this season.

 Dana Wilkey… (Prediction:  Dana’s gettin’ da Bravo boot…)

On that note, even the people who hate me have been entertaining so know that I feel blessed to have had this experience. I’m going through a lot of changes in my life some of which you will hear about at the reunion. So no matter what happens next season, and believe me anything can happen in the world of reality. . .let’s keep in touch!

NOTE:  Dana’s “changes”… I predict will be:  Dana is no longer engaged and will not have that castle wedding.

For AlienShapeShifterPamDana…

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100 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Brandi Glanville, Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, Dana Wilkey, Dave Rupel… Bravo Blogs…

  1. She is so silly, did she really think we cared about why she wasn’t at the wedding? Dana you don’t matter and We Don’t Care ! Have fun watching next season on TV, just like you did most of this season. Dana has been really nasty on twitter lately. She even made a comment about her getting 2 percent of votes for the poll last night when Lisa and Brandi were on WWHL. she broke it down into air time and thought she did ok. Ummmmm keep on thinking Dana. We Don’t Care.

        • I think Kim called her that because, possibly, she knew Dana Plato, and did not want to call Dana by the name “Dana” because she liked Dana Plato and perhaps did not care for PamDana, and didn’t want to sully the name or disrespect the dead by calling someone she didn’t like by that name. That’s my personal whackadoo theory, anyway.

          • I think she called her Pam because that is probably Dana’s real name instead of her reality show name :)

  2. kittykat7811 Erin Hogan
    @Danawilkey Hey Dana can please fill me in on what happened with You n Brandi . Thanx
    5 hours ago in reply to ↑

    Dana Wilkey @kittykat7811 I’ll blog about Brandi and I on in a week under BS Alert. I need time to digest it. xx
    1 hour ago via web (Everybody hold your breath in anticipation. She might be so mad at not being asked back, she’ll blab.)

      • Who is going to be the guinea piggy and actually sign in to her get your dana wilkey fix. Ick , just typing it makes my fingers numb, I wouldn’t ever do it before because I didn’t want her to think I cared enough about her to enter her kingdump.

      • Well, I am confused now. I always thought it was jack and I are going here there wherever. I know that you don’t start with I and jack or me and jack. Why is it jack and me? I am terrible at English, So much for getting through my master’s degree, I’m never gonna make it if I can’t get the basics!

        • “I’ll blog about Brandi and I” ====> “I’ll blog about I” versus “I’ll blog about me” ====> The latter is correct so it’s “I’ll blog about Brandi and me.”

          Because if you take out “Brandi and,” then the correct one would be “me,” not “I.”

          “Jack and I are going here” ====> “I (am) going here” versus “Me (am) going here” ====> The former is correct so it’s “Jack and I are going here.”

          If you take out “Jack and,” then the correct one would be “I,” not “me.”

          It helps to take out the other person’s name and the word “and” and then see which one fits better, “I” or “me.”

          • Thank you as I said to another I felt as though I learned nothing in grade school. I appreciate the lessons anne.

        • A Masters! Didn’t you notice the grammatical edits along the way?
          I’ll blog about Brandi, I’ll blog about me. I’ll blog about Brandi and me.
          Jack is going, I am going. Jack and I are going.

  3. Dana’s explanation on twitter for her 2 percent of the votes:

    summermainst Pam Cornelius
    by Danawilkey@
    @Danawilkey @BravoAndy Wow, Dana is tied with the star of the show!! And “one” of them got a lot more than 2% airtime! #Congrats
    23 Jan

    Danawilkey Dana Wilkey
    @KyleRichards18 @BravoAndy I think they should have done the vote when you were on #weirdodds
    23 Jan

    Danawilkey Dana Wilkey
    @DanaWilkeyFans @masSTEPH @BrandiGlanville its old…
    23 Jan

    Danawilkey Dana Wilkey
    @AshleyOrdecki I’m not on enough to ever win or even make the poll, but I appreciate your effort xx
    23 Jan

    Danawilkey Dana Wilkey
    2% equals 2 min per episode math makes sense. @BravoAndy
    23 Jan

    • @ gail – Thanks for the tweet posts.

      I find it funny how Pam thinks the first tweet is something good

      “summermainst Pam Cornelius
      by Danawilkey@
      @Danawilkey @BravoAndy Wow, Dana is tied with the star of the show!! And “one” of them got a lot more than 2% airtime! #Congrats
      23 Jan”

      So, how is tying with the most hated housewife a good thing? LOL. I mean if she’s saying she only had 2% airtime, then her 2% must have been really bad for viewers to hold her on the same par as the worst housewife on the show! That means her 2% must have made viewers really dislike her!

      • Dana and Taylor got 2% each of the vote. Dana voted for herself and Taylor voted for herself. That probably makes up the 2% :)

  4. Can imagine the ribbing her millionaire fiance had to endure after his associates caught a site at what he was marrying! In the land of beautiful people a million can buy much better and more poised….so sorry. but its true in LA and the land of Beverly.

    • I agree pPh…I alway found that world to be so visually oriented. You don’t walk anywhere….even if the place you are going to is 2 blocks away you would get into your fancy sports car and arrive in fashion. Dana never had that polished feel to her even with all of her toys. You really need to know how to “put on the dog” at all the times if your going to play in that pond.

  5. Actually Dana’s votes-to-airtime ratio theory makes Traylor’s showing that much more pathetic since she was on about 125% of the time and only got 2% of the vote. Forrest Gump said it best: “Pathetic is as pathetic does.”

  6. Does anyone hate Dana? She rode in on Taylor Armstrong’s lips and hopefully will ride out with them. I was surprised She and Taylor tied at 2 percent. What does that say about Taylor’s fan base. Either it is very small or they can’t afford cell phones (Books or appearance fees too!)

    • Dana was asked by taylor and Brandi was asked by Adrienne if I remember correctly. Maybe taylor thought she would not have to “pay” her anymore for her “event planning” fees.

  7. Totally off topic, but Bernie The Insult Chef explained on Facebook what was going on/happened between him and Lisa:

    Bernie Guzman
    ‎@Alicia Berman Davies
    ALL SEASON LISA HAS BEEN “TWEETING” saying the CHEF was being disrespectful. (Nevermind a dog at the DINNER TABLE & EATING & DRINKING OUT OF THE GLASSES) YOU DIDNT SEE “HER DOG” eat off the plates.
    What she doesnt say, is how this “fued” between her and i has been going on waaaaaaay before the show.
    lisa doesnt like people that dont like her, so she tries to get rid of them….
    lisa forgets,not everyone LOVES HER,thats why at kyles book signing the crowd was ready to “SHANK HER” AND SHE RAN OUT AFTER 2 MINUTES.
    She posed for a pic, tweeted it & was chased out by KYLES FANS.
    what she doesnt say, Adrienne & Paul..asked ken & lisa to sit & talk it out with me..they refused.YET, they called & insisted they tell their chef to keep his mouth shut. Adrienne told lisa, why is it that you can make remarks & no one else can. Americans have freedom of speech.He is simply reacting to you..

    Anything that happens, is between LISA vanderpump & CHEF BERNIE.not Adrienne.
    LISA VANDERPUMP DRAGS ADRIENNE IN EVERYTHING,she will not deal with the hired help.yes, she said this….
    the reason why i finally decided to really fire back at LISA, this season.
    Like i told ANDY, our country is at war & people are dying to protect our freedom.
    AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN,I will not let anyone from another country TREAT ME LIKE IM 2ND CLASS IN MY OWN COUNTRY.
    HONESTLY,that would be disrespectful to the men & women who have died for this very privilage i have as an American citizen.
    thats why last week She had a sudden case of Amnesia, When i went to the door at SUR…she didnt know how to respond when i confronted her at the door.
    she was waiting for me and was looking to be the VICTIM. I chose the high road.
    I KNOW THIS, her hostess told me.
    She thought i would be “a good little worker bee” and get back in the kitchen WHERE I BELONG…So she thought.
    i have worked for kings & queens,presidents,heads of state,movie stars./tv stars-celebrities & i work in their homes. even MARY J. BLEIGE FROM LASTNIGHTS SHOW WITH ANDY. You name it.
    Yet i can’t get along with the “country bumpkin” across the street.
    At the reunion, lisa tried to “lipsync for her life”…FAILED.
    They kept me away from LISA VANDERPUMP at the reunion,
    because i insisted i only sit next to her so i could look her in the eyes.
    I WAS TOLD lisa vanderpump WAS AFRAID OF ME.
    I was told, thats what she was afraid of…(cliff note version)See More
    LikeUnlike · · 6 hours ago

    • Seriously “shank her”, titch dramatic don’t ya think. Maybe he heard people saying “Shankler” as in Shanka, Shana, Shaftster. He didn’t confront her at the front door of SUR either. Somebody shove him in the oven, set it on high and kindly forget about him. If he worked for Kings,Queens, presidents, heads of state, movie stars/ tv stars, celebrities, he obviously didn’t work there long and I can understand why. Why in the world would Andy bring Adrienne’s chef out at the reunion is beyond me.

    • Why did he go to SUR if he hates her so much? Was that a confrontation that he did at the door? It appeared to me that he was kissing her azz.
      Enough already Bernie; you’re embarrassing yourself.

      • Sorry Bernie is just trying to get his 15 mins of fame I dont believe a word he spews

        I like Lisa She seems to treat her help fine from what we have seen so far
        she even offered her shoes to the Housekeeper at the wedding.

        Take a big gulp of STFU bernie You are “the hired help” you are no star just a star wanna be

        • Um not an elitist by any means. But if I hired someone to work for me as my employee or even significant contract worker I would expect, no insist, that they treat my guests with respect whether they liked them or not, period. I would never ask them to work out their issues with a guest of mine, that is such horseshit and I don’t believe either Adrienne or Paul would make that request. I can understand why he was offended at Lisa and Ken letting Giggy eat/drink from table, it was gross but Adrienne and Paul didn’t seem to have an issue, they could have invited Lisa and made it clear that Giggy wasn’t welcome. Obviously Giggy wasn’t seen (or did I miss it) eating at the table at Pandora’s wedding so Lisa does have the ability to actually treat Giggy like a dog when it suits her.

          Bernie is just an ass who got more camera face time by acting like an ass rather than the face time he got for being a chef? Hmmmm, maybe he has a new career in mind “Asshole to the Rich and Famous”.

          • Most Accomplished Chef’s are arrogant drama queens. The company I started with my Ex was all about dealing with Chef’s around the world, trust me an accomplished Chef in any country is a pain. I have actually had one of them track me down and had me escorted to dinner after I politely refused the invitation. They are legends in their own minds.

        • Damn Right ladies, and if Adrienne really had any class, she would have not let bernie get air time to put any of the ladies down, but then Again, Having money doesnt mean you have class and to me Adrienne just has money and Lisa is the epitome of class…with money!!!

        • And Lisa knew who he was and why he was there….that’s why she pretended to not know him…..she knew, she knew… was all done for the cameras sake….and I thought that everyone at the SUR Opening was INVITED?? Was bernie another BRAVO-INSPIRED INVITE LIKE CEDRIC WAS??

          • @ Mary – I agree with you. Lisa KNEW who Bernie was. He’s been a recurring character on the show, and Lisa acknowledges that she watches the show. Also, she’s been to Adrienne’s when Bernie was there cooking for her and the other women.

    • @ Mattyzaurus – Thanks for the post. Very informative!

      I agree with Bernie’s assessment of Lisa and how she deals with people, especially those she considers her inferior. She’s been in the mean girls’ club against Kim & Brandi; she treats her house employees poorly, imo; and again, imo, the reason why she’s fine and dandy with Taylor is because they’re birds of a flock.

        • D list Lisa can dish it out, but she sure cannot take it. She can make disparaging edgy remarks, but others may not reciprocate.

          • Yea well let me tell ya something notbuyingit, If and when Lisa does or did make a remark at least she says it to their faces and she owns it, unlike the rest of them, especially Adrienne and Kyle, who are to cowardly that they always have to say or do their underhanded, mean spirited, jealousy geered BS behind everyones back. And then when they are confronted they try to say in that little “kitty-cat” voice, “Oh I really didnt mean it that way”……Get off Lisa sweet-pea, You aint gonna win here!!!

            • Win? Sweet pea? You can like Lisa, I don’t call you out for it. It just so happens that I do not like her, I respect your opinion, but you are really taking this Lisa thing way too seriously.

            • Unfortuneatly, it is hard to convey tone when one is submitting comments, posts, and e-mails on the computer, but I assure you although it looks like I’m ranting and raving that is not the case!

            • I like Bernie! I like his wit and familial relationship he has with Paul & Adrienne. They seem like an average family in an unaverage lifestyle. Adrienne nor Paul seem to put on airs and I would think Lisa should be able to give as good as she gets but also not make inappropriate comments to her neighbors’ staff. Lisa is the type of person, it seems, to throw comments out with a caveat of “just joking” if someone is offended!

          • @ notbuyingit – You’re absolutely right. She can’t take it at all. She thinks it should be a one-way street when she bad mouths somebody. She’s a lifelong member of the mean girls’ club. That’s why she’s comfortable being Taylor’s new BFF, as much as Vyle is.

          • @ notbuyingit – Also, if the shoe was on the other foot, Lisa would not be able to tolerate it.

            IF the situation were reversed, and it was at Lisa’s own “high end party,” let’s say at SUR… and Adrienne came in, took a look at around and started complaining about the food, the chef, whatever else, in front of Lisa’s important guests & her employees, esp. those related to the kitchen, HOW WOULD LISA REACT?

            Imo, there’s no way in hell Lisa would bear that for one second. She would take it as a personal insult against herself.

            Anyhoo, Lisa, now you know. Don’t go to someone else’s party and complain about it WHILE YOU’RE STILL THERE. DUH….

    • I love Bernie the Bitter and Angry Chef. Well, I like to watch him interact with these people, would never want to meet him or eat his new line of Bitter and Angry Frozen Meals by Stouffers (I made that up, don’t sue me Stouffers).

      Anyway, I think the way one treats “the help” is pretty telling. On some level we are all “the help” and a little politeness goes a long way. But maybe the Golden Rule isn’t taught in England so Lisa never learned that others might just treat her the way she treats them.

      • @ AngryOldman – I think you’re right about how it’s telling how one treats “the help.”

        Like Dear Abby said “Class is how comfortable you make the other person feel”.

        Another saying from someone else: “The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”

        • Well, just to play devil’s advocate here, when Brandi came in SUR and her ex’s girlfriend was there, Lisa made the girl leave and maybe it was kind of silly but she offered her maid to wear her shoes at the wedding and lets face it a pair of Lisa’s Loubs cost more than most peoples monthly salary. I don’t think she is perfect, but I do think she is very exacting, it comes of rude sometimes for sure but I think she is also nice. I think LuAnn on RHNY chastising Bethany for introducing herself to the chaffeur was much snootier than Lisa not liking Bernie.

    • @ Mattyzaurus – Also, I like the fact that Paul, Adrienne, and Bernie offered to talk it out with Lisa & Ken like mature adults. Instead, Lisa refused. Can’t say that a truce wasn’t offered.

    • “… lisa doesnt like people that dont like her…”
      Because, as we all know, usually we love people that don’t like us.
      Bottom line, no matter how famous the chef, in this instance he’s a hired employee.

    • OMFG. So, in summary: Lisa doesn’t give Bernie the time of day, speaks her opinion of his food, so Bernie goes all self-important and histrionic. Mm, kay. His envy of Lisa is palpable and he seems just . . . unstable.

      • There’s that and the fact that this whole bs scandal has distracted us from Taylor and her being a lying psycho demon.

      • This. Why does a chef have a ton of head shots? I think he’s looking to extend his 15 minutes and he knows that Lisa is the most popular. Having a feud with her will bring him lots of attention. I would have rather he had the feud with the merry widow.

    • I would give this piece of unsolicited advice to Bernie, as well: If he’s going to write his anti-Lisa Manifesto for the public to read, he desperately needs to take advantage of the myriad educational opportunities available to proud US citizens such as himself. If his cooking is anything like his English and Civics, I see why Lisa had a complaint about the food. He’s too arrogant to consider the possibility that he’s ignorant and self-embarrassing. The names he drops aren’t even spelled correctly! There’s no “talking it out” with a sixth-grade emotional IQ and commensurate vocabulary.

      • Lisa shouldn’t complain about the food too much. She should be working on improving what is being served at SUR. A lot of people are complaining about it on Yelp, and the service, apparently.

    • Get back in the kitchen where you belong Bernie. You have been rude all season and who cares what you think.

  8. I am sorry, I am just a lowly worker bee, and I babysit after work for my bosses friends…I know my place. I would never insult one of their guests, even if they made a negative comment about me…….and they would never stand for their employee making negative comments.

    I think he is way out of line, and if he said something negative to the kings friend even if that person didn’t like something he made,…he would be fired.
    Only someone like Adrienne Bravo and Bernie’s flare for the dramatic lets this keep on going.

    • I’m not on Bernie’s or Lisa’s side really. Bernie doesn’t phase me, unlike some of the other “ladies”. I think what he’s doing is unprofessional, then again, if you made comments about me, I’d defend myself regardless who you are or what position you hold in life. So, I dunno. I just figured it’d be worth posting here. :)

    • The thing is Lisa insulted Bernie in front of his coworkers and Adrienne’s guests. That was wrong of her. If she had criticism to say about Bernie at Adrienne’s party, then she should have brought it up alone with Adrienne or just not say it at all.

      As far as I can tell, Lisa doesn’t know her boundaries. If she thinks ‘servants’ should only be seen and not heard from, then she should know that you don’t insult ‘servants’ in front of the hostess’ guests & the other ‘servants.’

      It works both ways. If she thinks ‘servants’ have a special responsibility to hold their tongues about statements said against them by her, then she has a special responsibility too, which is not to say those things in the first place in front of a crowd that wasn’t even her own party.

        • @ notbuyingit – I think ur right. She must think it’s her world and the rest of us are just living in it.

      • Did you see Lisa’s reaction to her housekeeper? “You’re beautiful! Why don’t you dress like this sll the time? You need higher heels.” I bet that Roseanne now has a stylist, courtesy of Lisa.

        • Same question I have here mssuburbia, was it ever written or said that that was def. the reason why Bernie has a hard on for Lisa!!!

          • I read just a bit ago that it was about her showing up to a party late and most of the food was gone and what was left was cold. Then she also mentioned not liking one of the dishes, but seriously who loves everything anyone serves,

    • for everyone who is wonderfully grammar oriented…sorry about the last post. Lots of possessive errors because I type while I am on the phone with people and am not really paying attention.

  9. Thanks Matty for the big clue to what the problems between Lisa and Bernie really are. I think Lise is a classy lady when she is dealing with people she thinks of as her equal. For the hired help, that would be another story….people in the restaurant world are very accustomed to bullying staff. Most staff learn quickly how to “work” for the boss. Bernie has a lot of pride which is very understandable. So Lisa’s beef with Adrienne is that Adrienne doesn’t have been control over her staff. Interesting

  10. Ladies what is your facination with Lisa?I think she is a pompous,know it all skank,she treats her husband like crap and her son.One minute she doesn’t like Taylor now she loves her.Give me a break.She walks around with those hideous tight old fashioned dresses and thinks people should bow to her.Kyle treats her like crap andnever once does she confront her.I can’t stand her.

  11. I love this site !
    The one I have a problem with is the POMPOUS, CONDESCENDING ONE DIMENSIONAL ARROGANT witch Lisa. BTW, how many times can you wear the same old dress over and over in two colors pink and pink ?

  12. I am Lisa fan, and I am trying to look at this objectively and see his side because there are two sides to every story but…. honestly. If his complaints are that Lisa is stuck and elitist, (which I am not condoning) you work in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area, is he really that sheltered that Lisa is the first “elitist” he would come into contact with? I would think that he would have encountered that before, and known how to deal with it. I’m pretty sure he had to work his way through the ranks, and probably had to encounter those attitudes at some point and time before he came an executive chef.
    It just seems so strange to me, if Lisa insulted his food for him to have such vitriol against her.

    For a chef I can understand why he is upset(from what I hear chef’s have delicate ego’s) but that is one person’s opinion, get over it. If anything, I think his unprofessional behavior on camera speaks volumes about his character. He was constantly taking digs at her about her throughout the entire season. In my opinion that shows the type of person that he is. He had the perfect opportunity to showcase his food and talent on national tv and maybe get the spinoff he clearly wants, let your food/work do the talking for you, instead he comes across as so bitter and unlikeable. He works for very nice employers, the Maloof’s why not enjoy that instead of obsessing over one person?

    I think that he is clearly reaching for his 15 minutes and does not like the fact that Lisa is a fan favorite and possibly getting a spin off, the viewers, I like to think are pretty smart, and saw through his behavior. I think he doesn’t like the fact that he and Adrienne are getting called out on the way they both behaved this season. Adrienne was in the bottom four of WWHL poll, last season she was in the top three and voted as a fan favorite.

    Also if Lisa was such a monster, wouldn’t a disgruntled employee from Villa Blanca, Sur, or her household staff have come forward by now and complained? She is on a popular reality show some gossip rag would have paid them to dish the dirt in a tell all interview.
    I find it interesting that out of all of them Taylor has her “staff” sign confidentiality waivers, as if she an A-List celeb, if anything I could see her treating people who work her poorly. Lisa’s interactions with the people that work for always are professional and cordial and polite and she gushed over how beautiful Rosia her housekeeper looked at Pandora’s wedding. I think people like Lisa because flaws and all she just seems like a class act and owns it when she says something off color. Compare this to Kim Zolciak who was going through Nanny’s and housekeepers in the first two seasons of ATL like crazy and being obnoxious to boot, I don’t know, I think Bernie is bitter and desperate.
    I really hope that if Adrienne and Bernie were smart they would take the high road and zip it (c/o Kelly Bensimon).
    *Sorry for such a long post*

    • If Lisa DOES get a spin-off about her restaurant…I am sure Bernie’s sour grapes has to do with the fact the HE IS NOT THE CHEF OF SAID RESTAURANT…..there ya go…that’s his animosity in a nutshell…..

      • I thought Bernie had a full time job that he was happy with. Maybe his fb says otherwise. Someone would have to clue me in on that one. I’m sure Adrienne and Paul would also be interested.

        • Well, he does have head shots… But he is crazy pis$ed for realz. Dude called her a racist. Still waiting for him to back up those claims. Pretty serious.
          Lol Soup Nazi

          • Well well well This too (the racist thang) is another recycled storyline from another British woman on RHDC. Kat was not racist and neither is Lisa. She should sue his tiny french balls off.

  13. Also, if Lisa did make racist remarks, that is absolutely inexcusable and terrible. Adrienne, who claims to be so no nonsense, should have banned Lisa from her home if she refused to apologize personally and meet with Bernie and she should have called her out at the reunion immediately, instead she focuses on Lisa calling her shoes a “hoof” seriously?!
    One of your prized employees was at the receiving end of racial remarks and and your main focus/ gripe against is on what she said about your shoes? If Adrienne knows that her employees are hearing remarks that are prejudiced and racist, and making the work environment uncomfortable for them, Lisa does not have to come over to her home, period. If anything I think this makes Adrienne look like even more like a coward, if she knew this and kept inviting Lisa over to her home for events. She uses Bernie as a mouthpiece and doesn’t call her on it
    I have lost even more respect for Adrienne, and clearly she didn’t seem to mind the remarks and poor Bernie’s feelings/Lisa’s prejudiced tirade that much, since she was asking/ complaining about having the Palms casino sponsor Pandora’s Bachelorette party later on in the season, Bernie’s feelings clearly didn’t matter when Adrienne wanted more publicity to promote her business.

      • Sorry my reply was long winded, but I just think that Bernie is on Cedric’s level of being an opportunist/fame whore, and I find it hard to believe that Lisa made those comments judging by Adrienne’s lack of moral outrage until it affected her(business dealings) directly

  14. I do love pencil skirts but not every episode ( Lisa has knocked-knees ), it gives her a weird gait.
    Kyle’s style needs a major overhaul, the dragon sleeves do nothing for her. Thats all

  15. These comments are hysterical! The old Man’s comments about angry and bitter frozen meals is hilarious! I think this comes down to “being the messenger!” Adrienne clearly has VERY bad feelings toward Lisa but she doesn’t want to be the one to verbalize it. Did you see the Reunion clip where Lisa called Adrienne’s new shoe line “Maloof Hoof.” Then when Lisa acted irritated by Adrienne calling her out she said “It’s a little FAT shoe.” That didn’t go over well AT ALL. Also, Andy says on the episode ending that Adrienne is thrilled to have a new neighbor. This means she is thrilled Lisa moved away and is no longer her neighbor. There was some pretty heavy feelings there. But Adrienne somehow got Camille to voluntarily speak up for her against Lisa and Andy said the neighbor comment. Remember back to the infamous airplane trip with Kim where Kim sounded “wasted” on the phone?! Adrienne tried to not say what she was thinking so she let Paul do the talking. Then later at lunch with Kyle Adrienne said “Paul thought she might have been wasted.” She thought it too based on other interviews (Adrienne saying Kyle was in denial) but she didn’t want to be the one who said it. Everybody knows the messenger gets blamed. Adrienne is very angry at Lisa for many reasons. She is just now having a hard time at hiding it. So when Bernie attacks Lisa, it is really Bernie & Adrienne who have issues with the manipulative Lisa.

    • Adriienne is incredible inarticulate as witnessed by her halting, fumbling speaking style. Combine that with zero sense of humor and you have to wonder what the hell Paul is doing with this dim bulb. She should be thanking her lucking stars she was born with a rich daddy.

  16. From Kyle: ” However, with time the picture became much clearer. I personally was worried about using the words “domestic violence” or “abuse.” If Russell was capable of the things we were being told, what would he do if we dared to utter those words on camera?”

    Ok, I am having a hard time with this statement from Kyle. If they were being told by Taylor that Russell was abusing her, hitting her, etc. instead of being afraid of what Russell would do to them, they should have went right to the police! So they were they allowing Taylor to continue to be in danger (allegedly), and Kyle was afraid to say anything because she was afraid of Russell?
    If she was afraid for her safety and if she cared at all about Taylor’s she should have done the right thing and REPORTED IT.

    But, seeing how Kyle deals with major problems and conflicts in her own life (she ignores them), I am not surprised that she would handle it that way.

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